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Rachel Bilson: My Foot Hasn't Grown Since I Was 13!

Rachel Bilson: My Foot Hasn't Grown Since I Was 13!

Rachel Bilson takes her pet pooch for a walk around her home on Friday (April 15) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress has been keeping her dog’s hair pretty shaggy since she took him for a haircut late last year.

Rachel recently opened up to OK magazine about her obsession with shoes.

“I have a problem because I keep all my shoes from when I was 13. My foot hasn’t grown, so I still have shoes from when I was 13,” Rachel said.

FYI: Rachel is wearing “Jimmy Jimmy” shorts in Tigerlily by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson walking her dog…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson walks the dog 01
rachel bilson walks the dog 02
rachel bilson walks the dog 03
rachel bilson walks the dog 04
rachel bilson walks the dog 05
rachel bilson walks the dog 06
rachel bilson walks the dog 07
rachel bilson walks the dog 08
rachel bilson walks the dog 09
rachel bilson walks the dog 10
rachel bilson walks the dog 11

Photos: Limelightpics, Fame Pictures
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  • Kerri

    WOW!!!!!! HER DOG IS HUGE!!!!!!!!

  • Kerri


  • Carey

    Good her shoe size matches her mentality she acts more like a 13 year old then a almost 30 year old. That isnt the same dog she owned from years ago wonder who the dog really belongs to.

  • Yo-Landi

    Wow, from when she was 13?! O.O Okay……. Damn it. That has to be the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.

  • chatty cathy

    I can’t believe that there are that many paps in L.A. that some would be interested in pursuing a non-entity like this. Come on paps, how about some A-listers for a change, you can do better than this.

    Hope Jared gets a discount on d-listers.

  • aclineo

    I want that dog!!!

  • ck

    Shouldn’t it be her “feet” haven’t grown? foot grew, and the other stayed the same? ;)

    Yea..I’m a stickler :P

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    She always sick

  • lauren

    Jeez justjared, this girls publicity team must be paying for your mortgage or something, because i can not for the life of me think of why else she, along with others – *Ahem* Bar “im a ‘model’ but can’t get employed unless my boyfriend who’s conveniently and A-lister and knows the right people gets me a job” Rafaeli, isabel lucas – are consistently shoved down our throats.

    The o.c ended in 2007, and the only thing she’s done since then is that shit film with her closeted boyfriend.

    She’s so far beyond irrelevant, i almost feel sorry for her, until i see her arrogant, smug, self important face on websites and in interviews on red carpets events for shitty premieres and pretentious hollywood parties.

    and CK i agree, it should be ‘feet’, unless its just the one foot that’s stayed the same size and the others continued to grow?
    THAT would be embarrassing!

  • lilly

    Most peoples feet haven’t grown since they were preteens unless the have major growth spurts. I had a size 8 shoe at thirteen and was 5’4 now I am 5’11 with a size 8 shoe.

    It is kinda sad this girl has nothing to talk about besides how her feet haven’t grown since she was 13.

  • Pepto

    That’s because like someone else said, her shoe size is her mentality. Ol’ Hayden must be a closet perv/freak if he gets off on being with a 13 year old trapped in the saggy midget body of this chick. I can’t imagine what it must be like to get it on with someone with the mind of a 13 year old. Nor do I wish to. Ugh.

  • Ugh!

    That’s not the only thing that hasn’t grown. Her brain cells haven’t either…

  • Carey

    The woman is so irrelevant why does JJ even bother I know she wants ppl to believe this pilot will launch her career again. More ppl do not even care about this woman enough to give her much attention anymore. All she likes to do is insinuate she is still seeing this on/off man who gives a f*ck really he isn’t working just walking around LA, Press out each and every Magazine fashion report advice she thinks she is qualified to do as if she is Coco Chanel. Then throws some quote to JJ so he can advertise this in his posts what to make her look intelligent yeah now that is some visual there I would so not want to see. She should be acting her age not acting like a 13 year old when will this woman actually grow up drag queens show more style then this woman.

  • Halli

    That dog isn’t huge.
    Rachel is just a midget.

  • From Paris with Love

    “my saddlebags on the other hand…”

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL!!! Her ACTING abilities and TALENT have not grown either!! Perhaps she doesn’t take the dog to the groomer b/c the groomer wants her to PAY!! He doesn’t care if she calls herself a celeb – he wants CASH!

  • wicked

    work for your dog

  • Scorpio16

    Lexy please talk to me…..

  • ReneeLyssa

    Now Spider or VOR do not start that sh** again!
    I mean REALLY??!!!

  • ReneeLyssa

    Now Spider or AKA Voice of Reason (VOR) do not start your shit again!
    Please be my friend!


    Please Randy talk to me!! (416) 802-7968. Remember my huge boobs!

  • Voice of Reason

    You know Scorpion16 aka LadyPurple you’re making yourself obvious with the blue highlights and taking on other peoples names from Imdb board to prove what? You’re lonely I know the Lakers season is almost over so you need attention try your sport fansite oh I forgot you were blocked off for cyberbulling. Do you really think throwing names around is helping you please shows how desperate and immature you are.

  • Voice of reason

    Actually the real one..thanks #22 for using my name, no idea what is going on but heck I have an open policy if anyone wants to PM at IMDB feel free to do so.
    This is the first time I’ve posted in a Rachel thread for months–Laureen I think someone is having a go at you and the person ain’t me.

  • Scorpio 16

    Listen bitch! You just gave yourself away VONR by comming on here and posting 5 seconds after I put this up! I was not the first blue highlighted Scorpio that posted. So…You are the lonely one without no man and still lusting over Hayden from his Goosebumps days and how old are Spider?? You’re like 50 and pre menopausal if not going through menopause. You have no man in your life and do not expect children. You will die an old maid! HA HA!! I have been married 17 years and you jealous is why you stalk me bitch! Leave me alone! Randy Charles Morin is creep and he bans people all the time. You would have be banned first week posting on there Spider and you dumb stupid idiot, If, you know anything about basketball the playoffs are about to start! Basketball is not over with yet. Get a life and get a man and get your ass off the boards lusting over a man you will never have. At this rate you are never going to pop out babies. How sad are U?? Also…You never answered the question bitch?? How come Rachel and Hayden are not married like you predicted??? Please do tell!

  • Virgo17

    LOL ^ i laughed so hard reading your post. yes, all the women here are 50 and above. old miserable hags, always whinning and moaning about something they`ll never get. btw rachel rules ^-^

  • Scorpio 16

    No dude!! I’m actually 42. I would not want you and don’t want Hayden either. I just called out here and Rachel is cute and do wish her the best and gosh!! Her dog??!! Is that Murman Thurman?? He got HUGE!! He’s cute! I did say I have been married 17 years to a hottie so, I’m taken. Go get try to get Hayden gurls! HA HA!

  • Rachel ridding her dog

    Check this :LOL ridiculous plain Jane handling her dog as a must have accessory?!

  • Rachel riding her dog

    Check this :LOL ridiculous plain Jane handling her dog as a must have accessory?!

  • LOLZ

    @Rachel riding her dog:

    hahaha…Hi Ho Silver Awayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Judy

    I love Rachel, she’s so pretty ♥

  • chris23

    That is too funny!! Wonder why JJ didn’t post that pic?? At least that’s something we can laugh about. LOL.

    Geez, she’s short. Having near stumps for legs is so unattractive. Yikes!

  • gilmorie

    Another STUPID comment/s from this EXTREMELY STUPID little woman!
    No wonder during the heydays of her/their fauxmance; the hacktor/stoner looking bf/fiance would only see her (w/ photo-ops) after every 3 months or so…

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Neither did mine, until I had two children. Have a child. You foot will grow.

  • deshaun

    I’m seeing TWO DOGS at the same time…

  • leni

    i have the same dog, only mine is only 4 1/2 month old, so he’s still pretty “little” ( about 30 pounds!). Obama has one too. They are adorable dogs

  • miulannnn


  • ATLQueen


    It’s so funny how you always say you don’t comment at JJ much. My observation is that you seem to visit any chance you get though. You always seem to catch a post whenever it’s directed at you. If you don’t want anyone to think you don’t come up in here, don’t say nothing. Just saying.

  • Scorpio 16

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    Okay..That is not Murman Thurman. Rachel has a 3rd dog! More power to her I guess. It looks to be an Old English Bulldog.

  • Scorpio 16

    Sorry!! I meant to say her huge dog looks to be an Old English Sheepdog and not Bulldog. It is a Sheepdog breed for sure. My shoe size never changed either since, I was 13. Once, a person get’s their height the shoe size should stay the same. Rachel probably hit her height at 13 too and stayed where she is at. She’s fine. Nothing abnormal about her. Her height and weight or normal or looks to be normal and right for her. That is the last comment unless…Spider comes back in and I have to show her who’s boss. I would have not been even on here if, Spider was not pretending to be. *SMH* I’m bored and I’m done!

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  • Bridie

    *LOL* It’s like the DOG is taking HER for a walk and not the other way round.

  • Bridie

    *LOL* It looks as if the DOG is taking HER for a walk – and not the other way round.