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Solange, Selita, & Cassie: Carol's Daughter's New Faces!

Solange, Selita, & Cassie: Carol's Daughter's New Faces!

Solange Knowles, Selita Ebanks, and Cassie are the faces of the Carol’s Daughter‘s new polyethnic ad campaign!

“When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities,” Carol’s Daughter‘s Steve Stoute told WWD. “If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves.”

The ad campaign, along with a complete rebranding of the company’s products, will be released in mid June.

Mary J. Blige, who already has released a fragrance with Carol’s Daughter, will release a new scent in August.

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Credit: WWD
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  • Jake

    Gorgeous ladies!!

  • nkenk

    Being next to those two gorgeous ladies makes Solange look even worse…

  • BEAN

    Solange is so ugly. That is a terrible picture of Cassie, her face looks mashed up. Selita’s hair looks awful. What the hell were they thinking? I get the look they were going for but look deeper than all the airbrushing.

  • BEAN

    @fofotiago: You’re a dumbazz and you know it.

  • ada

    polyethnic ad campaign, wow this campaign ad description is a a MESS

  • fukujama

    Cassie looks old!

  • anonymous

    Call me anythink but black, but they don’t look like anything but black. I guess everyone they encounter they will explain just what ethnicity they are because they all look like no other race but black, none is more stunning than Halle Berry and they should take a page from her and her success in Hollywood, Halle have stated all she had to do was look in the mirror. Black American people 2011 and they still have a modern they plantation mentality. Sad.

  • OhMahGawh

    Nice choices. Each has a different type of African American hair.

  • Hemie

    @anonymous: And what is your definition of black? You say they all look “only black” and yet none of them resemble eachother. I think I’d educate myself about the history of African Americans and what ethnicities make up “being black” if I were you.



  • skskj

    @anonymous: really Halle Berry? She’s the one shying away from her black heritage and shit saying she wished she looked like her mother and having a kid with a white guy.


    It’s so polyethnic that there’s only one race in the ad. I understand that people are from many different races but there are people that are like that that are not just black.

  • Jessi Totally agree! And I’m one of those. I’m not black, but I am spanish, jewish, scandinavian, and english! I think people like me and others too with different mixed races should be considered. Not to be rude but african-american people crave too much attention sometimes.

  • wait

    I wasnt aware Solange was polyethnic….so Beyonce is too I guess?

  • YBBG


    What attention do we crave exactly?

    And what do you want to be included in of which you’re not already a part? SMH

    Anyway, as to this…that picture could use some help. I hope this is just a candid shot and not the actual campaign.

    I don’t quite get the whole “polyethnic” approach… But whatever. It is a marketing strategy.

  • Yo-Landi

    Geez. I give props to Solange for growing her own real hair unlike her famous sister. But it’s true that when it comes to the face…… well, next to those two beauties, she has a long looooong way to go. She’s in no way “ugly” though, now come on! Selita actually looks like Halle Berry, there’s something about her that reminds me of Berry…. maybe the skin tone or the eyes and facial expression. And Cassie, Oh Cassie has the most beautiful bone structure. Her face is simply gorgeous. Too bad about the hair. I feel sad for her, she thought sporting THAT edgy of a hairstyle would have made her “cool” and everybody would have followed her trend. HA! Ok, I give you props, honey for taking that risk. Yet I’d never. I repeat NEVER do something like this. I guess it’d have been a little better if she just shaved it all off and grew it back like the girl behind her….

  • jj


  • Dionne


    You require mental help!

  • Dionne It’s black hair care products, that’s why they have black women in the ad…

  • Ann

    All of these women are mixed…
    Carol’s daughter sells black hair products to nappy black women like me. Next!

  • carry

    big mistake pandering to the “polyethnic” crap. Is there some agenda to dilute/ignore the Black race

  • Jessi

    Dionne – Anyone who cares to call someone else mental needs to grow up and stop being so imature. @YBBG: Excuse me for not being clear – what I meant to say was, the majority of african-amercian people (not saying you just from people i’ve seen and known) have this “woe is me” attitude about how theydon’t get it as good and people don’t treat them the same because their african-american, and truely I think thats a bunch of crap, its just their mind-set. I think the majority of the time they just want attention.

  • TMNox

    @Jessi: You’re second statement is worse than the last! Now, you’re claiming to know the majority of the African American community mentality, which is incredibly absurd! You don’t know me and you don’t know the majority – you’ve just come across a select group of people which you feel have a woe-is-me attitude about the society they have to fight to live in peace and equality everyday. What do you know about the plight of the black person in America? Obviously very little if you feel it’s necessary to trivialize their struggle in this country. Take an African studies class at an accredited university, perhaps you’ll be singing a different tune. You could never know what it’s like to be black in a country that doesn’t want you, respect you, or have a deep interest in what you have to say; no matter who’s the president of the United States. Don’t gas yourself up and think you have it all figured out, it makes you look like the fool, not those who disagree with you.

    This campaign is garbage and I’m appalled they thought that explanation was acceptable. For hundreds of years, African-American genealogy has been crossed with a plethora of other races. This is just a ploy to get light-skinned, ambiguously raced females at the forefront yet again because we have yet to accept those who are darker, to which their racial make-up can’t be denied. Selita and Cassie will always say their Native American, Italian, Spanish – anything before they announce they’re African. If this is a ploy to represent “poly-ethnic” women, why the hell is Solange there? Have you seen her parents?! This is garbage and Carol’s Daughter’s knows it. As a black woman, I’m offended. Considering this is a black hair care line, woman of all black shades should be represented. It’s like saying they don’t want darker skinned women using their hair care line, to which I’ll gladly oblige.

  • Kim

    I agree. I won’t purchase anything from CD again.

  • Edwina

    What I don’t get is the fact that two girls with bone straight hair are advocating a product line that targets people with curls……..and Solange, who is the only one that actually has her hair in her natural state is pushed to the back. I would’ve respected them more if they at least showed the world what their was really like because I’m pretty sure Cassie and Selita weren’t born with that hair texture.