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Alessandra Ambrosio: Coachella Cutie!

Alessandra Ambrosio: Coachella Cutie!

Alessandra Ambrosio takes a break on the lawn during the first day of the Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model sported a bohemian chic look as she enjoyed the music at the festival with some friends and her fiance Jamie Mazur.

Earlier in the week, Alessandra treated herself to some spa treatments at the Beverly Hills Hot Springs Medical Center after celebrating her birthday over the weekend in Las Vegas.

15+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying the music festival…

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alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 01
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 02
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 03
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 04
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 05
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 06
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 07
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 08
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 09
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 10
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 11
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 12
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 13
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 14
alessandra ambrosio coachella cutie 15

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  • ofan

    shes so cute

  • hilary

    i think she looks beautiful but looks VERY skinny to me, Adriana Lima is prettier and hotter.

  • BEAN

    Oh she looks so beautiful in that photo.

  • k


  • brandon

    @hilary: have u seen lima lately? looks like a big quarterback. she has a fug bloated face with crooked teeth. she has nothing on Ale!



  • lillian

    she is very manly and overrated.


    No Lima looks just like a Hamster. Ale is beautiful and that is why she has more jobs.

  • hilary

    wait a minute….Ale looks so skeletal to me and that is just my opinion Adriana to me is more beautiful she did gained a lot wait because her pregancy but she ate whatever she wanted this girl to me looks like she needs to eat a burger come on people.

  • samantha

    that’s true though, Ale is gorgeous but she really thin these days while Adriana looked a little heavy but is more beautiful than the other models, Adriana’s eyes are breathtaking.

  • Dieter

    She looks like 25 !!! I love the full round ass of hers !!!!

  • She’s pretty

  • blegh

    @samantha: wow this is why no one like Adriana fans! they are 12 year old fansgirls. Go look at her than, lmao. Ale is much more gorgeous to many people, DEAL WITH IT. Adriana’s eyes are pretty I agree. I feel like if it weren’t for her eyes not as many would be fooled into thinking she were all that. Give her brown eyes and she becomes rather blah in the face. I dont like her chipmunk cheeks and I prefer straight teeth on my models and she has no neck. She looks like she is straining or sucking in her stomach in all her pictures. Totally constipated or something.

  • meg

    fake hippies

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I don’t like crap nothing

  • Lyla Says

    Adriana is far more popular and beautiful than Alessandra.

    Check out google trends to back it up:

    Adriana is also not a famewhore like Alessandra.

  • Lyla Says
  • Alexandra

    @brandon: No, that would be your girlfriend who is FUGLY!

  • Alexandra

    @meg: So I suppose you’re a real hippie then?

  • Alexandra

    @brandon: No, that would be a description of your girlfriend you idiot. Adriana is stunning.

  • Angela

    Another contrived “hippie” outfit. Not as bad as Vanessa H. at least

  • kathy

    @blegh: you are blind as hell Adriana is called a goddess honey and shw wasn’t a Maybelline spokesmodel for no reason,admit it Adriana is more beautiful than Alessandra who is an attention whore like some just said here and you don’t see Adriana tweeting and that’s because she is real classy lady who likes to live her life very private.

  • Rachel

    ALE is very pretty too but looks very masculine some times, Adriana is way HOTTER than any pretty women out there
    check ADRIANA out thats ‘s BEAUTY

  • meg

    @Alexandra: I live in the mountains and wear patchouli oil and I’m burning marijauna scented incense as i type.

  • meg

    I forgot to add my music selection. Jimi hendrix is playing .

  • lexi

    Shes gorgeous…but i agree with everyone who said Adriana is far more beautiful!

  • bree

    Love Ale and Adriana! They are both beautiful and sexy <3

  • aa

    yes thats why Adraina is so low on askmen lists and ale beats her every time, lmao. Adriana WAS hot. She is fug now. bad model etc…

  • fuggei

    WOW Adriana fan trolls Go away! Ale is gorgeous and you don’t have to put her down just to bring adriana up. Not everyone loves Adriana. Sometimes she is borderline adult film star-ish. I guess if you like that look….Ale looks more like a model in the face and body. Adriana is a really boring model who can only do sexy stuff. Ale can do Vogue Nippon,Dolce&Gabbana and much more. Adriana is just like Bar Refaeli,Irina Shayk,Heidi Klum,Brooklyn Decker…only can do sexy stuff and not many people respect her in the fashion world…

  • oh

    If Adriana is so hot than why aren’t her hamster candids posted here?
    Google trends is irrelevant. That is only popularity. We all know Adirana is popular. (online) different from famous.

    I am sure porn stars are also very high on google trends as well. They are very popular online also. (for you know what)

  • PL

    Most Men (l95%) like Dirrrty, Vampy,Skanky look that like Adriana, that is why she is very popular online. She is like a porn star. Men love skanky.

  • DariaFTW

    Alessandra and Adriana are both boring overrated panty models only good for one thing. I prefer real inspiring,natural models like Daria Werbowy. Now she is a REAL model.

  • LOL!!!!

    You people who fight over who is more beautiful, Alles. or Adriana are morons. Who the f. cares???

  • anonymous

    my goodness..BOTH Adriana and Alessandra are beautiful in different ways. is it really needed to put either woman down? I agree that Alessandra comes off more “hollywood”, meaning she likes the attention/publicity she receives and is more self absorbed IN COMPARISON to Adriana. that does not mean she is conceited…but who knows? i have never met her and probably never will. people on here say Alessandra is too skinny, Adriana is not skinny enough….then what exactly do they have to look like to satisfy your perception? Some people are skinny and some people are not that skinny. They are both beautiful either way. Stop putting them down. No one is perfect. I agree that Adriana looks “too sexy” in photos sometimes, don’t get me wrong, I love her personality and think she is one of the most beautiful woman inside and out. But as far as modeling goes, i don’t think she understands it is an art…and not always about alluding sex appeal. Compare her to Natalia Vodianova, Gisele Bundchen etc. She is not that great of a model in pictures. Her pictures come off too sexy sometimes meaning that if it weren’t because she is a classy person and because the pictures’ background is a beach or something for Victoria’s Secret, i would have guessed it was a picture for Playboy. It IS possible to be in lingerie without making the picture look like it belongs in a Men’s Magazine. Look at pictures of Gisele, even the new VS Angel Candice Swanepoel (very good model). As for Alessandra, she is slightly better than Adriana and i agree her that when she poses she is able to pull of high fashion better…it’s not because Adriana is “uglier” as some people on here say…it’s because Alessandra is able to tone down her sex appeal when needed. However, I wouldnt say she is a good model because if you look at her poses say on Vogue Brazil, Spain etc. her pose seems not “ready”…as if it were captured by the camera when she wasn’t exactly ready to take a picture yet. Also, she sometimes poses as if the picture is about her…again alluding her sex appeal. Gisele Bundchen, highest paid model in the world, said that modeling is an art and should be looked at from a 3rd person perspective…the model is embodying something else…and they are selling products not themselves. She said and if they aren’t selling products, then they have to pose as if it were a form of art…not alluding sex appeal…otherwise they would just be GLAMOUR models like playmates not HIGH FASHION models. sorry this is so long…

  • jes

    Damn she is beautiful! i love her!

  • CC

    She looks so sweet… All the VS’s angels are perffect! Each has their own beauty, you guys can’t compare Ale to Lima.
    But i love Ale the most.

  • twifan

    she looks alot like kristen stewart