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Lady Gaga: 'Born This Way' Album Cover Revealed!

Lady Gaga: 'Born This Way' Album Cover Revealed!

Lady Gaga has released the cover art for her upcoming album Born This Way!

The 25-year-old singer tweeted saying, “Attention Little Monsters BIG NEWS; I will unveil the Born This Way album cover at 1am EST tonight. PUT YOUR PAWS UP! #BTWcover.”

The cover art was shot by photographer Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga.

Earlier in the day, Lady Gaga released her second single “Judas” on iTunes. The song has since catapulted to the number one spot on the chart!

Born This Way hits stores on May 23.

Bigger cover art inside…

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75 Responses to “Lady Gaga: 'Born This Way' Album Cover Revealed!”

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  1. 26
    jansen Says:

    I guess………

  2. 27
    Jon Says:

    I am a HUGE Gaga fan and will always support her causes and what she does, but I just dont know about this album cover. It just doesnt make much sense? I get the whole born this way, be happy with who you are, dont chance for anyone, but whats up with a motorcycle? It doesnt make much sense. But then again, maybe it will make sense to us after we hear the rest of the tracks on the album?? Im not sure but I will definately be buying the album still!!! Duuuhhh!
    Little Monsters forever!!!!! Paws up!

  3. 28
    yellow Says:

    Im sure she will release a statement and explain that the motorcycle is a symbol of zooming away through the night with your thoughts when there is nobody to listen to you or something equally random and meaningless.

  4. 29
    Frank Johnson Says:

    Yep . . I totally agree with everyone elses comments. What in the world is Gaga thinking with this cover?! It looks STRAIGHT UP AWFUL! I can’t get over the ugly font . . . why not use the beautiful font used on the Born This Way Single cover art?! Gaga . .. you usually amaze me with your cover art (still can’t get over how beautiful Bad Romance was) but this is pure crap.

    sorry . . the truth hurts . . but this is coming from one of your biggest fans :)

  5. 30
    Roz Says:

    I think she ROCKS! Call me blinded, call me stupid, but I think she looks amazing. I LOVE the cover and i WILL buy this album.
    And if you hate her, you don’t understand her complexity. <3 Little Monster.

  6. 31
    lahfiu Says:

    i am at a loss of words
    i am a devoted monster and this is a horrible cover
    wow i hope she changes it cuz this cover could go down in history as the worst album cover

    i have a feeling ill wake up tomoro and she will put up a diff picture and say this was a joke

  7. 32
    onyx Says:

    shes NOW TOO GOOD to make A REAL GOOD BAD ASS COVER LOL nice try maybe next album will be better or WORSE LMFAO I LOVE how ppl are disliking her CUZ OF CYCLEGAGA XD

  8. 33
    EffULadyCaCA Says:


  9. 34
    Cody Says:

    Wait, I think I get it, remember when Gaga was accused of being a man when the pictures of her on a motorcycle were released? Maybe this is her being touch and cheek about it. Just a theory. What do u think? I know she’s not stupid and would just release such a random image for her album cover for nothing.

  10. 35
    Cody Says:

    Wait guys, I think I get it! Remember when pictures of Gaga were released of her getting off a motorcycle and they accused her of being a man. I think this is her being tongue and cheek about it. Just a theory. Gaga isn’t stupid and wouldn’t release such a random image for her album cover just for kicks.

  11. 36
    EO Says:

    I hope that motorcycle crashes

  12. 37
    Emma Says:

    This is the first time i have been dissepointed at gaga, this album atwork is ugly and the font is rugly too, her previous albums cover have been amazing, cant she use the BTW single cover instead i like it soo much better.

    Born This Way was ok song, and Judas is not so good, what happen to Gaga, her previous music was amazing, poker face, bad romance, i am worried.

  13. 38
    Annie Says:

    This old witch oughta be boiled in oil.

  14. 39
    lovebrit Says:

    what a flop

  15. 40
    D. C. Says:

    Britney Spears has updated her Femme Fatale album cover in response to Gaga’s Born This Way album cover: See it here: ->

  16. 41
    Ehm Says:

    I’m so sick of her. The novelty of it is over. She keeps doing the same thing over and over again. And her latest single is a really bad attempt at recreating bad romance. If she wants to stay relevant she should go away for a while and develop something fresh and new. She’s not reinventing herself, it’s more like recycling now.

  17. 42
    Lona Says:

    This is ugly, badly designed, silly, and it better be a joke! Don’t start trying to explain what this silly image means, it got no meaning whatsoever, it’s pure stupidness, so please brainwashed fans just stop being stupid. She must be kidding! an ugly judas song followed by an ugly image. Does not seem like it’s gonna be a Gaga year! I’m glad that JLo and Britney made huge come back.

  18. 43
    Kieran Says:

    awful ! im a massive GaGa fan, but this is so cheesy and tacky , it just brings the whole album down, disappointed ! :( but i cant wait to hear the album ! :D

  19. 44
    sarah Says:

    That has really put me off buying it now.

  20. 45
    Lakas Says:

    there is no meaning behind this…all i see is ****
    **** behind her album cover, behind her new music…it’s just not good

  21. 46
    :) Says:

    @D. C.: hahaha that was funny. I like brits better lol.

  22. 47
    Mllef Says:

    Oh my god I can’t stop laughing.

  23. 48
    Sassy Says:

    She is just trying WAY TOO HARD. Her voice is beautiful. Enough with the antics, please. Just sing already!

  24. 49
    Ilana Schryer Says:

    Design this cover so I like this….

  25. 50
    Kee Says:

    @Daniel: I totally agree! i dont get why all the haters must constantly waste their time commenting! if thei true gaga fans, then they should love and respect everything gaga does!

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