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Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!

Leonardo DiCaprio hides his face with his hat while making a phone call on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor spent the day at the Coachella Music Festival, enjoying the first day of performances at the annual concert.

Also spotted at the festival: Kellan Lutz with BFF Dickey Doo, Brittany Snow, Teresa Palmer, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, and many others!

Earlier in the month, Leo went back to work on his upcoming movie J. Edgar after arriving back in the states following a commercial shoot in Paris for a Chinese telecommunications company.

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103 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!”

  1. 1
    Irena Says:

    I also hope that Leo drops out of many of the following other projects as it is difficult to follow with so many:
    The Devil in the White City
    Conspiracy of Fools
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Infiltrator
    The Guardians
    The Many Deaths of Barnaby James
    Travis McGee
    Beat the Reaper
    The NeverEnding Story
    Untitled Brian Koppelman and David Levien Project
    Untitled Twilight Zone Project
    Untitled Gucci Biopic
    In Dark Woods
    Brave New World
    Untitled Michael Mann/1930s Noir Project
    The Chancellor Manuscript
    The Low Dweller

  2. 2
    Moses Ashford Says:

Sorry Jared, but after all the recent Leo uproar…I simply couldn’t resist. ☺

  3. 3
    Betty Says:

    He looks hot. wow. His my soul mate…

  4. 4
    nity Says:

    Love Leo and he’s looking great , but I wanted to see his beautiful blue eyes!

  5. 5
    Leo Says:

    woooww there is my favorite actor/party boy/ladies man. get em Leo

  6. 6
    Tellar Says:

    Love Leo! He is so hot! So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men can’t handle a strong woman. I won’t cry for all the hunger in my heart. I’m dying to have a baby. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I want my son(s) to look like him. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter but I’m excited to see what the future brings.

  7. 7
    George Says:

    You guys should read what people have to say about George Clooney and Elisabetta… [people are even crazier talking about Elisabetta and George’s relationship compared to leo and Bar lol.
    They think Elisabetta and george are paying people off and all kinds of nonsense just because they don’t like Elisabetta with George Clooney lol

  8. 8
    so Says:

    So its obvious Leo went to NYC so he could spend some time with Bar who is busy working in NYC ..SHE also tweeted that she’s working today so that’s a fact… so don’t whine and say oh why isn’t Bar at coachella blah blah she said herself she has work to do.

    Plus we saw two different sightings of leo and Bar together in NYC this week. One at starbucks and the other at some person’s job. So the haters can’t even say that leo and Bar didn’t spend time together in NYC because you all saw the sightings of them together. There was even pics of them at JFK together.

    Lukas Haas’s birthday is today… lukas lives in LA so certain leo wouldn’t miss that plus if you guys notice he hasn’t been in LA for like a month

  9. 9
    so Says:

    So its obvious Leo went to NYC so he could spend some time with Bar who is busy working in NYC ..SHE also tweeted that she’s working today so that’s a fact… so don’t whine and say oh why isn’t Bar at coachella blah blah she said herself she has work to do.

    Plus we saw two different sightings of leo and Bar together in NYC this week. One at starbucks and the other at some person’s job. So the haters can’t even say that leo and Bar didn’t spend time together in NYC because you all saw the sightings of them together. There was even pics of them at JFK together.

    Lukas Haas’s birthday is today… lukas lives in LA so certain leo wouldn’t miss that plus if you guys notice he hasn’t been in LA for like a month..

  10. 10
    WhatATool Says:

    celebs come to Coachella to be seen, and he is pretending to hide his huge head behind a baseball cap once again
    Get over yourself Leo

  11. 11
    Sligo lambert ^_______^cute Says:

    Leonardo so cute and sweet ^^

  12. 12
    Mrs. DiCaprio Says:

    @so: hmmm… i have a better theory: they split back in feb so she went to israel to be with her family and friends during that difficult time, them they tried to be together again in paris but bar gave leo an ultimatum so they split again in paris… that´s why they left paris and we didn´t see ONE single pic of they together… back in nyc they did their own things: leo went to washington and bar to miami, them both went back in nyc, bar because she had so “work” to do and leo because he needed some fun in nigth clubs… now she´s in nyc with her brother and assi (?) and leo having fun in la… and… you think about it it´s been almost 45 days since the last pic of them together… sigthings doesn´t seem to be to legit so that doesn´t count… but in case the sight were legit they spend 3 days togethers and 40 apart… true love right???

  13. 13
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Leo is cute and handsome even though he’s mean

  14. 14
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Your are the best your awesom!!

  15. 15
    leo Says:

    Ok so after Leo finished filming Hoover he goes straight to Paris to film his commercial…while leo was filming hoover Bar was in Isreal shooting her own commercial for HUMMUS but after that was done she also went to Paris so she could be with Leo while he was shooting his commercial. We saw pics so we know they were both there.

    THey both leave Paris together and land in JFK airport in NYC together. After that Leo has to go to Washington for the Horatio ceremony and Bar is also busy because she went to Miami for the Summit at sea. At this time Leo starts following the summit on his twitter hehe

    Leo goes back to NYC after his event in DC is over, after Bar’s summit Bar also goes back to NYC. They then were spotted at some person’s place of work together. Twitter is reliable in this sense because all you have to do is check the person’s other tweets to know if they are legit.. in this case they were legit. You can tell when a tweeter is fake such as is the case with Lailaweed who tweeted about some wedding about leo and Bar which was obviously fake seeing as you just have to check the rest of her tweets to know it was nonsense.
    So leo and Bar were spotted together at that person’s job.. not surprising because we knew they were both in NYC.
    Next we get a sighting of leo and Bar at a starbucks in NYC but this wasn’t from twitter it was from cocoperez who have reliable sources when it comes to sightings don’t say it was fake because in no way would they publish it then they had to have had a reliable source. Also this starbucks was only a short walk away from leo’s building in Tribeca… makes sense hehe

    So clearly leo went to NYC so he could spend some time with Bar same thing with Bar who went to Paris to spend some time with leo.

    Seeing as how Bar said herself that she is working today in NYC makes sense why she is there :)
    Leo just recently was spotted at coachella no surprise he is back in LA seeing as how his best friends birthday is today… i’m sure they have a big party planned for him. Also as was said leo has not been in LA in a long while seeing as how he was filming in washington, Arlington, then he went to paris and then Nyc.

    After Bar is done wit her work we don’t know what other plans she has so no one can say for sure. However to the haters who keep saying everyday that they broke up the evidence shows otherwise.

    Someone said that after the summit was over we would hear some sightings of leo and Bar together and we did because they both went back to NYC and spent time togther.

    The fans use way more logic than the haters do

  16. 16
    nity Says:

    I doubt Leo would go to Coachela to appear, he don’t need to appear, he’s an A-list hollywood star, he’s there to enjoy only! And maybe Leo meets his soulmate in Coachela.

  17. 17
    leo Says:

    Also while Bar was at sea for the summit leo went to Juliet club.. he w as spotted with JAY Z aka a married man to a very high profile woman Beyonce. So a married man going to a nightclub without his wife no big deal at all. Just saying this because the haters gets so worked up if leo goes anywhere without Bar.

    So.. Jay z and leo were spotted hanging out at a club. Did they pay attention to the ladies? Nope !! It was said right in the sighting that they paid no attention to them. Jay z is proof that married men or guys in relationships can go out with out their girlfriends/ wife without it being a big deal.

  18. 18
    L Says:

    Does he ever smile?! He needs to get over himself..

  19. 19
    leo Says:

    To the person who keeps complaining why leo hides from the paps when he is with Bar or that he doesn’t show any affecttion….

    I’m sure you all saw the pap pics of lukas and Leo biking last week…. was leo hiding his face with his jacket? You bet he did!!! and was Bar there? Nope yet he still was hiding…. i think by now we all know why leo hides and shows no affecion in photos WE ALL KNOW HE DOESN’T WANT PAPS MAKING MONEY OFF OF HIS PRIVATE LIFE.
    Even those who aren’t fans of his know this… so i’m 100% certain that the people who follow his every move are fully aware of this as well! Those that don’t are just in complete denial.

    :) :) :)

  20. 20
    hmm Says:

    He just got major bonus points for wearing an Oregon State baseball hat!! Go Beavs!

  21. 21
    leo Says:

    Bar’s agent Scott Lipps is also at Coachella. If Bar wasn’t busy with work i’m sure she would have gone… Bar usually goes to these sorts of things with leo but its only when she’s available to ;) This is evident seeing as how when BAR was last in Los Angeles she went to all the parties that were happening and she went with leo… we saw several sightings and sources of this :)

  22. 22
    Cogna Says:

    @nity: Well Im sure she won’t meet a soul mate there but he will probably be gettin some like he always does.

  23. 23
    lizsant Says:

    he is the love of my life…..oh my leo!

  24. 24
    twitter Says:

    Bar follows Ethan Suplee on twitter!! awww that’s cute.. leo and Ethan have been good friends for sooo many years :)

    Also in Bar’s latest tweet she sends a message to luis… that guy also follows leo on twitter!!

  25. 25
    twitter Says:

    Bar follows Ethan Suplee on twitter!! awww that’s cute.. leo and Ethan have been good friends for sooo many years :)

    Also in Bar’s latest tweet she sends a message to luis… that guy also follows leo on twitter!!.

  26. 26
    Leo Says:

    yeah i also noticed both Leo and Bar follow Ethan Suplee

  27. 27
    ew Says:

    @twitter: do we really have to see that ugly name in Leo’s thread? ugh.

  28. 28
    yikes Says:

    Just reading the comments about George and Elisabetta!! They are so weird. They don’t believe that George went to Cabo for New Years because clearly they don’t want to believe that George and Canalis were together vacationing. Thet are trying to say its all lies even though we saw pics of Cindy Crawford with Elisabetta. I know this is not George;s thread but someone posted the link and its pretty interesting the crazyness people come up with.

    Now there is a recent sighting of George and Elisabetta in LOS Angeles and the haters are trying to say its all coincidences and cover ups and that they are paying people off lol.

    If you thought the Bar haters were bad the Elisabetta haters are ten timees worse :o

  29. 29
    oh no Says:

    wow are you guys also fans of Alexander sarswhatever? can any celebrity man date without hate from his fans? lol

  30. 30
    yikes Says:

    lol and the haters call Elisabetta Canalis… Skanknalis.
    They are clearly just jealous that they are not with George Clooney seeing as how they don’t even know Canalis.

    Its just entertaining seeing some of the nonsense people come up with lol

  31. 31
    yikes Says:

    However i realize Haters are nothing new…. just check Gisele’s threads. People say nasty stuff about Gisele and claim Benjamin is not even Tom’s dad… they say Gisele had an affair with Helly Nohmad who is one of Gisele’s best friends. Gisele was seen kissing him in a pic and hanging out alone with helly and her son at a park so the haters have to say something silly about that and start rumours, It;s so ridiculous. They don’t realize that people from the opposite gender can just be friends lol

  32. 32
    self talker Says:

    well it’s the self talker at it again!! LMAO… the desperate one (Barf) needs some more attention and has gotten her self talker buddy to come on JJ and bore us all to death again…
    why are you so desperate to convince everyone that barf and LEO are together huh? what is your MO? why do you care so much??? you are sooooo working for BARF I am 100 percent convinced of that now…

  33. 33
    self talker Says:


    dude, YOU ARE THE ONE who talks all that sh*t about Gisele,,,, YOU ARE THE HATER!!! do you really think you are fooling anyone? cos you aint fooling me “HON”… you psycho, desperate for attention dummy!!

  34. 34
    blah blah blah Says:

    Who cares about haters every single celebrity has haters. Angelina Jolie has some serious haters who say horrible things about her and her relationship with Brad… but she is like the most popular celeb in the world.. it comes with the territory.

    Anyways back to the topis at hand…why is leo always hiding from the paps? Isn’t he used to the attention by now? i swear this dude is always trying to to be super incognito.
    He’s looking better though which is good.

  35. 35
    gooooawayyyy Says:

    um this is Leo’s thread, can’t we not see Barf,George,Elisabetta,Alexander,Gisele, or who ever else’ names??? Leo has a career for himself unlike his gf so so we dont have to see her name attached to his, thank you very much and STOP it!

    Leo looks HOTTTT!

  36. 36
    self talker Says:


    Barfy, is that you??? are you sure you’re working today? it’s funny how now that she has her precious twitter she feels the need to keep everyone informed of all her comings and goings LMAO.. can anyone say desperate and craving for attention??? can anyone say “sad” that she feels she needs for everyone to know who she is dating?? wow, that just blows my mind that someone can be that insecure about themselves!!! !

  37. 37
    George Says:

    I know Canalis doesn’rt really seem to have any fans just alot of haters.
    With Bar yes she’s popular and has haters but she also has lotsssssss of fans. If you go on twitter no one has anything bad to say about Bar they are all supr nice. to her

  38. 38
    self talker Says:

    hey BARF, I thought you said you were working today??? how come your bombarding your “boyfriends” thread with all your spam nonsense??? are you so desperate for attention that you can’t stand the thought of your boyfriend going somewhere without you?? LOL You are one sad girl, you know that??

  39. 39
    Dicap Says:

    @George: Hey self talker its evident you are the same girl. You have to bring up others names constantly in each comment you leave….go away! and you are only making it look like you are the floater traveling from thread to thread bashing, you little social BAR fly. go away.

  40. 40
    playoffs Says:

    The playoffs start very soon.. pretty sure tommorrow! I bet Leo will be there… defintately don’t see him wanting to miss the first game… not sure if its going to be in Los Angeles i think they are playing the Celtics!!

    Cool that today is Lukas’s B-Day! Fun fun fun

  41. 41
    hot Says:

    Leo looks so hot in these pics!!!

  42. 42
    In love Says:

    We just saw a sighting of leo and Bar together at Starbucks only 3 days ago lol

  43. 43
    Leo Says:

    Who else is excited to see leo and Bar become parents? Both of them mentioned how they want kids in the future…. seeing as how they were both such beautiful babies their future kids are bound to be gorgeous!!!

  44. 44
    shameful Says:

    Too bad we can’t see leo’s gorgeous blue eyes in these pics!!! Stop hiding your beauty leo :)

  45. 45
    ewwww Says:


    ewww, those poor kids would be fugly as all hell… Barfy with her small beady eyes and muffin face would totally ruin that whole gene pool LMAO

  46. 46
    @self talker Says:

    oh my, BARFY must be really paying you good for this lil gig you got going here!!!! hmm, I must say, I may want me a piece of that, is she hiring? a little part time gig like this might come in handy for me LOLOLOLOL

  47. 47
    Leoooo Says:

    Anyone see how Barf tweeted a pic of “late night” snacks? EWW that is one of the worst things you can do (late night eating) when you are trying to keep your figure. late night snacking is only for fat so’s. haha Barf is only gonna get fatter and fatter. Poor Leo. :(

  48. 48
    ewwww Says:


    LOL,why am I not surprised.. she’s so desperate, now that she’s got her twitter she is really going to be using that to her advantage… Just watch, every step she takes is going to be on that thing, the days of Leo having his privacy are over, cos that ass face is going to be writing on there everywhere they go… watch, you’ll see LOL yeah, I’m sure Leo will be thrilled by that.

  49. 49
    Anon Says:

    He is so f#k*%n! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50
    JW Says:

    @Leo: um no thanks! No one wants to see her even fatter thank you very much!

  51. 51
    so/leo/twitter Says:

    Here I go again posting the usual nonsense I was told to. I need money again. Who the h*ll cares about my short story summarizing recent events? Probably I have to post this cr*p for the made-up part and only to annoy people who has some taste and cannot stand frumpy. Whoever gives us all this stuff to post should improves his or her vocabulary. So, obvious, we know…etc. all the time. It makes is SO OBVIOUS that it`s the same person posting under different names. But who cares? I`m ready to make a fool out of myself posting all this nonsense as long as I get paid! lol

  52. 52
    crap Says:

    Leo is hot and successful. He needs an equal so they can have something in common other than you know what…..

    Barf is famous for 3 things. Her 2 fun bags + Leo. all other aspects of her SUCK.

  53. 53
    so/leo/twitter Says:

    Here I go again posting the usual nonsense I was told to. I need money again. Who the h*ll cares about my short story summarizing recent events? Probably I have to post this cr*p for the made-up part and only to annoy people who has some taste and cannot stand frumpy. Whoever gives us all this stuff to post should improves his or her vocabulary. So, obvious, we know…etc. all the time. It makes is SO OBVIOUS that it`s the same person posting under different names. But who cares? I`m ready to make a fool out of myself posting all this nonsense as long as I get paid! lol

  54. 54
    Ick Says:

    what is Barf’s version of working? w*oring on a red carpet? w*oring on a yacht? we all know thats the only “work” she does. Don’t get too excited barflies. It’s not like its going to be for something prestigious..LMAO…

    Leo looks so sexy as always. Love that man!

  55. 55
    Lia Says:

    OMG, it’s awful to come to a LEO thread and all you can read is bar, bar, bar. Hey, leo, twitter, whatever, why are you so desperate trying to convince people that they are a great couple? If they are or if they’re not, how can you know?
    who cares about this woman? really? There are thousands out there like her, the reason she’s “famous” that much is Leo, everyone can see this.

  56. 56
    tinkerbell Says:

    i’m glad he’s doing something cool by himself-it reinforces my positive view of him—as much as I sometimes post negative stuff those are really fears about him, rather than certainties—or strong suspicions. I want him to be a cool dude fully capable of loving and being with someone I like,

    I dont care what she is doing, I like music festivals – i used to go to outdoor concerts a lot, but now too busy, i dont read her twitter or care where she is or what she is doing.

  57. 57
    H Says:

    His girlfriend is selfish, Israeli trash. FUUUUCK ISRAEL!

  58. 58
    boom Says:

    “we get a sighting of leo and Bar at a starbucks in NYC ”

    omg really !! and only 6 years together ! what an improvement !! also they were spotted at some persons job ? Wow !

  59. 59
    tinkerbell Says:


    in a word, HELL NO. all babies are spiritually beautiful, but bar had kind of a square lantern face and leo’s head looked like a pea. Before you get into the blond blue eyed aryan thing again, neither of them are blonde, bar never was and he isnt now. To me have children is a great responsibility, you honor the sacred bond by not taking it lightly.
    I wouldnt want bar refaeli for a mother, she’s not very bright and would probably do the same mind f c u k her own mother did to her. I would not my children raised by her and I would not want to be connected legally or biologically in anyway to her crazy family. her one goal in life seems to be to have a baby—something about this really irritates me..there is a lot more to life, Babies are one wonderful choice, but there are others, and most mommies I know do a lot of something else with their lives, both out of financial necessity and / or choice.

    a friend of mine has three kids, but she emigrated from Jamaica, worked in Jordan and Belgium and then the US, put herself through St. Johns for a business degree and was working in a bank when she met her husband, she works in his business now tio keep close tothe younger kids. her oldest daughter was a model, got featured in a few national campaigns-got bored and is studying international law.
    (she speaks fluent french and dutch and is stunning) i think being a mother is wonderful and love kids, but there is more to life for most of us, im just saying, yes this is a little story…tough if you dont like it.

    to me salivating at “How the imaginary baby might look’ is kind of silly without the right kind of partnership and maturity behind it. also premature.

    all i have to say to this idea is yuck. not to any child, they are beautiful regardless of their parents, biut this idea is smarmy and old fashioned.

  60. 60
    ewwww Says:


    say it sister!! I agree with tink all the way. I never trust people who have this mentality of all that matters in life is to have kids and get married. It’s that mentality that gets you in trouble and leads to single mothers struggling to raise their kids and if you think a man will stay with you just because you have kids with him, than you are sooooo dumb… hahahah, that hasn’t worked in all of history, so good luck with that Barfy !!

  61. 61
    tinkerbell Says:

    in case you havent noticed, its damn easy to have a kid. just about any fertile woman can get pregnant any time. there are plenty of “sperm donors” and ways to kill a rabbit.

    its raising it right that is the issue-having a (relatively) safe haven for it and a caring, committed father without any addiction or cheating issues is more important than just having a “pretty” baby. i dont know if leo has these issues or doesnt, but dont have a kid unless your relationship is rock solid and he truly wants to be a daddy and can handle it.

    otherwise you end up like denise richards or brooke mueller or oksana grigorieva—pawning your stereo while you wait for the settlement–or like reese witherspoon who has to deal with the fact her ex just fathered an out of wedlock baby that will be her children’s half sister. or like octomom herself,

  62. 62
    observer Says:

    To the poster/posters who mentioned Jolie and Canalis as being hated because of their connection to their partners, well, sometimes there are valid reasons why these kind of people are not liked by fans other than jealousy. Famous couples who present themselves with class and integrity are liked and praised by the majority of their fans since their relationships look credible and real. On the other hand, someone like Bar and her ilks do not seem convincing at all and they present themselves as desperate women who are craving attention by being correlated to their famous partners. The efforts put in the above posts to defend bar and convince people that they are a couple really shows that there is something wrong in that relationship and enhance the idea of Bar being an attention seeker. If Bar and her assistants think that the fans are only jealous and she is really self-secure with her relationship with Leo, they wouldn’t post all those defences and let those who are jealous, as they claim, be jealous till they explode.

  63. 63
    tinkerbell Says:

    there was a little girl at work yesterday who was just heartbreakingly wonderful—-a cute, skiiny little black girl with a megawatt smile and outgoing, darling personality. she was all over the place but so sweet and cute. I told her I was going to bottler her essence and use it when I’m blu…she was wonderful. I love kids but they are a huge responsibility-the mom was rasiing her alone without a lot of cash and there was a brother too

    all children are desering of love and appreciation-wherever they are.

    “all women are the mother of all children”

    -Rita Marley (she should know, she willingly put bob’s seven other kids on his royalties and I think adopted Rohan -Lauryn Hill’s husban after his dancehall mother deserted him-that’s a real WOMAN if you ask m—to allow your husband’s other children to share in the wealth shows real love for motherhood, children, and the universe)

    also love Josephine Baker and ANgelina Jolie for their rescue adoptions….baker had ten adopted children from all over the world. there are two adoped people from korea in my family–that is real love, real parenting in my honest opinion, as is the lady i met who adopted a korean orphan because she too was adopted early on.

    sorry if you dont like my “short story”– i guess real love is just too much for some people

  64. 64
    exactly Says:


    I agree with you 100%…. well said!!

  65. 65
    exactly Says:


    i love what you said in your post #63 tinker, so true..

  66. 66
    tinkerbell Says:


    i love angelina jolie and brad. it shows sometimes you dont have to play by the “rules” and still come out on top-they look happy and well matche, and I love their “tribe”- i grew up this way myself-my brother is korean…love them together—she got brad pitt from aniston whom i cant stand even though she already had two adopted kids–he snapped right in and manned up and became the daddy to a cambodian and ethiopian orphan–do ihave to tell you how f c u k ed up those places are and how hard their lives would be?

    I love brad pitt for being a REAL MAN- handsome,loving, nurturing, masculine.

    canalis i dont have any feeling about but she dresses and looks like a grown woman–no daisy dukes so at least that doesnt bother me. she doesnt dye her hair, is actually beautiful instead of allegedly

    and yes, i agree totally, if they were really strong together they wouldnt waste their time here—do you see angelina posting on just jared? do you think she cares? she’s too busy volunteerinjg for the UN, getting paid millions to support her tribe and raising six kids witha wonderful man (who would have guessed someone so handsome would be a loving and generous adoptive dad too?)

    wanna bet that’s barfie on the other line—”checking up on him” right–like her assistant adi said she does–he looks thrilled doesnt he !

  67. 67
    observer Says:


    Tinkerbell, most of those celebrities show you the image they want you to believe. If you follow closely, the reality is so much different.

  68. 68
    observer Says:

    Tinkerbell, most of those celebrities have constructed images they try to project it on people but if you look closely, the reality is so remote.

  69. 69
    tinkerbell Says:


    thanks, its nice to have some positive feedback-i was stranded on the last thread with the barf squad…i think they were even playing with the thumb counts of all things.

    if they were really about to get married et all they would just do it like tobe in secret with a few friends. hence I think any marriage rumor you ever see is false. and if he really was steady freddy with her and her “career” was based on something besides him you wouldnt see this,,,,did giesele hire people to come on these threads and defend her? did she have to? they go afgter her and tom all the time but she seems unaffected.

    ever see reps for canalis go wild here…and she really is just another celeb gf too.

    finally, i would bet leonardo himself NEVER reads this, he has his professional reps do it or just figures any hate on barfie is love for him-and he’s partially right and used to it. he’s secure in what he does–he does t need ten cent posters……he gets paid $25 million a film.

    there was only once when I felt it might be him–one of the mexico threads on another site where he was getting slammed for lookiingfat and old..someone fired back with his three oscar noms and a link to inception “the most anticipated film of the year.

    adi said bar doesnt read it because she would kill herslef if she did, I couldnt read it if it was me. but I think Team Barf is on here 24-7.

    I think they do give her feedback- on one of those yacht rides last summer she was getting slammed on TMZ for having a pancake ass–so she started to extremely obviously pose with her bum in the air..i mean really obvious.

    I think that is how it goes. cant prove it to the Warren Commission but I thinik that is how it goes,

    DONT read her twitter. DONT post on her threads. Stay right here with leo!

    i also think she goes somewhere and then adi looks for tweets based on that…..she’s not allowed by team leo to post directly although she wants too, must be frustrating to have a gag order from the “love of your life” that doesnt want you posting pictures of you being together and doesnt want you talking about him publicly…etc…so they have to do it in a sneaky round about way.

  70. 70
    tinkerbell Says:

    @observer: i agree. I’m always trying to find out where the line is……hard to tell here. you really do enter the matrix quite quickly.

  71. 71
    sexy man Says:

    Love Leo! He’s one sexy and talented man.

  72. 72
    Barf's sweat shop Says:

    looks like the Barf employee is thumbing us down again… oh must be such a thrill to work for an attention wh*re like BARFIE LMAO… what a wonderful and fulfilling job that must be for you!!!

  73. 73
    curi2 Says:

    WTF!!I should have expected them to be back after the anonymous poster on the last thread.I love going to concerts and music festivals.I was wondering if anyone I liked was going to show up.
    Sorry to go off topic and no offense really but is this a real name …Dickey Doo?

  74. 74
    tinkerbell Says:


    as mucch as A S S I avran—bar’s new buddy. you noticed about the thumbs right,–usually its for every down they get we get one up…which shows there is only one person posting on their side,that’s why they are doing it.

    you just clear your cache and cookies and hit back browser. but this is a collossal waste of time if you’re not getting paid. and I need my billable hours eleswhere.
    why do they still think they’re getting away with it?

    and why put your PR efforts behind a piddling website like justjared? is it because they cant get in anywhere else?

    perez hilton doesnt even list bar as a celebrity–there’s no jump to. and he doesnt post the usualy media blitz of her walking down the street either. tzipi must have pissed him off or he doesnt take checks.

  75. 75
    tinkerbell Says:

    the funny thing is that i dont even usually do the thumbs….now i am !;)

  76. 76
    tinkerbell Says:

    “you dont really love that girl youre making with now do you
    i know you dont love that girl cause I can see right through you”


  77. 77
    tinkerbell Says:

    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I know what’s happening.
    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I can do anything.

    You don’t really love that girl you make it with now do you?
    I know you don’t love that girl ’cause I can see right through you.

    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I know what’s happening.
    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I can do anything.

    If you go a million miles away I’ll track you down girl.
    Trust me when I say I know the pathway to your heart.

    If you go a million miles away I’ll track you down girl.
    Trust me when I say I know the pathway to your heart.

    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I know what’s happening.
    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I can do anything.

    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I know what’s happening.
    I am, I am, I am superman
    And I can do anything.

  78. 78
    baby Says:

    why is he never with his ugly girlfriend anymore? I never see pics of them together. I guess he is having fun without her like always. Go Leo! don’t settle for that dump.

  79. 79
    Alexandra Says:

    @WhatATool: I would say you are the tool here. Leo doesn’t need to be a fame *****, he is an A lister and one of the greatest actors in Hollywood today. So STFU!

  80. 80
    Pizzario Says:

    Wish Leo would show his Beautiful Face…. Handsome Leo… Nice :)

  81. 81
    @so/leo/twitter Says:

    @so/leo/twitter: And here Tink goes posting all the same nasty nonsense under at least 3 names here!

  82. 82
    bruhaha Says:


    I’ll take Tink over that self talker any day!!

  83. 83
    leave Tink alone Says:

    stop attacking Tink, she’s not the only person who hates Bar, there are a lot of people who can’t stand her, it’s not like it’s just one person.

  84. 84
    bingo Says:

    keep thumbing down BARflies, see if that changes anyone’s opinion about her… it won’t, because she’s a fake user and that’s what users deserve::: Negativity!!! she gets what she deserves!!!

  85. 85
    Rose DeWitt Bukater-Dawson Says:

    Kate Winslet FTW. Bar Refaeli doesn’t fit to be with Leo. I mean, obviously. Kate and Leo MAY seem only to be “just friends.” As referred to the WRITTEN speculations. But try seeing them in a more different angle… Leo has always treated Kate MORE than just his “best friend.” And try also watching the clip from the 2009′s Golden Globes where Kate thanked her co-star in a very deep message put through. Kate and Leo for life, I tell you. COME ON, LEO. Make your move now, before it’s too late! You guys are LITERALLY to death soul mates. D:

  86. 86
    bingo Says:

    @Rose DeWitt Bukater-Dawson:

    i agree with you, she is perfect and lovely… and a real genuine woman… I sometimes wonder too, if they’ve ever been intimate? hmm you never know ..

  87. 87
    bingo Says:

    i think Kate Winslet has been in love with Leo for a long time now. No doubt in my mind about that.

  88. 88
    xXx Says:

    Are they still together ? Dicaprio hates attention so i can’t understand he accepts that she tells her life (and thus his because they live together, in bar’fans dreams) it’s illogical

  89. 89
    mattie Says:

    Big Sigh, still all this paranoid nonsense, I tried to get people to comment on their favourite Leo scenes, but alas, noone wanted to play :( Where are you Lol, Canada Girl, Dr Brown, your coments are always fresh and amusing, seems people here want to feel the hate not the lurve!
    Can the thumbs really be manipulated? I don’t believe that, what would be the point of them if this was true? The Beach was on tv recently, I didn’t like Leo in that at all.

  90. 90
    Anne Says:

    Just read Kate’s latest Vogue interview.She says he’s her “rock” & knows her better than anyone else in the world & was “justifying ” that they hv been only close friends & leo was on phone while the interviewer was taking her interview & said that they are so close coz they have grown up together in the industry.Well,u will never know the kind of relationship they have whether platonic or more.But,they are definitely very close .

  91. 91
    mattie Says:

    @Anne: Now, to me, that would be a match made in heaven, but I would think she would be too much of a strong character for Leo, what do you think?

  92. 92
    Anne Says:

    @mattie I too think that.But this kind of relation for 15 years now is really weird.Leo says he don’t want to get married & kate is single now.Whatever happens ,people will ship them together as long as they live ,like media loves doing that in every ward shows they’ve ever been.Wait until next year’s award season.Both have great projects in their hands & have parallel careers.

  93. 93
    mattie Says:

    @Anne: I’ll wait in anticipation, you know, when I first saw Titanic, I though kate looked too old for him, I thought he looked like a boy next to her, but in Rev. Road, they looked great together, surely, they’ve messed around a little, unless, their love for each other is purely brotherly and sisterly, I suppose she’s visually not his type, but hey, he could grow up a little and look for inner rather than outer beauty… in saying that, I think she is stunning.

  94. 94
    :) Says:

    my god his hands ar huge…

  95. 95
    laura Says:

    there are more pics of him at the festivsl in different clothes with l. haas….there super cute hes texting/smiling at his phone…aw

  96. 96
    laura Says:

    o and also wearing cool chain and bracelets…HOTTIE

  97. 97
    new name Says:

    @laura i saw those pics and realized something that goes to show just how down to earth he is….the man makes 25 mil a pic (and thats just movies he has his toe dipped in many other things) and i noticed in the pic that hes wearing the same tshirt he wore 4 YEARS ago while going somewhere with that girlfriend of his, thats 4 YEARS later and he still years the same t…haha i find this hilarious and admirable on his part i must say!

  98. 98
    tinkerbell Says:


    only used tinkerbell here–I have nothing to hide. so you will just have to deal with the fact that i’m not alone. sorry, i dont even bother hating barf anymore…and what did I say that was so nasty??? if I really want to be nasty boy you would know. i’d stay on HER THREADS and spew.
    i’ve decided to ignore as much as it is possible to. ot looking at her twitter, not looking at anything she does. its all very mediocre and I’m not interested. like seeing my boy without her and having a good time.

  99. 99
    tinkerbell Says:


    none of it was nonsense either and a lot of people agreed with it as well. this is not HER thread–we can post at will. You just dont like me because i have you/her/her posse sussed and cant be fooled easily.
    you dont like my opinion-tough. I could start a full fledged boycott of barfie but its not worth my effort.

    i didnt get her until post 56– page 3. I was working. as you all are so fond of sayiing—JUST DEAL WITH IT !

    bad news for you—I’m working on a medical research study FROM HOME until August. That’s my new gig, unless I get better in terms of MONEY. Gonna be at my personal computer at home ALL DAY LONG
    just like you!

    BUT I am only posting about Leo for the most part have fun with your barfie,

  100. 100
    silly Says:

    I know it`s silly but I had a good laugh during my early morning workout ( NYC area ). I saw the `top cheating zip codes` in New York City on one of the morning shows. #1: Chelsea – Juliet Supper Club. #4: Hell`s Kitchen – I saw a sighting of Leo in Hell`s Kitchen while in town last week. I know it`s silly but it made me laugh…

  101. 101
    silly Says:

    Oh, and that club Avenue ( spotted there last week ) is also in Chelsea.

  102. 102
    Reader Says:

    OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY BABY! Leo Representing the Beavers. That’s what I’m talking about.

  103. 103
    Nicole Says:

    Yeah Leo!!! Whoop whoop. GO BEAVS!!!!

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