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Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!

Leonardo DiCaprio hides his face with his hat while making a phone call on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor spent the day at the Coachella Music Festival, enjoying the first day of performances at the annual concert.

Also spotted at the festival: Kellan Lutz with BFF Dickey Doo, Brittany Snow, Teresa Palmer, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, and many others!

Earlier in the month, Leo went back to work on his upcoming movie J. Edgar after arriving back in the states following a commercial shoot in Paris for a Chinese telecommunications company.

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103 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival!”

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  1. 51
    so/leo/twitter Says:

    Here I go again posting the usual nonsense I was told to. I need money again. Who the h*ll cares about my short story summarizing recent events? Probably I have to post this cr*p for the made-up part and only to annoy people who has some taste and cannot stand frumpy. Whoever gives us all this stuff to post should improves his or her vocabulary. So, obvious, we know…etc. all the time. It makes is SO OBVIOUS that it`s the same person posting under different names. But who cares? I`m ready to make a fool out of myself posting all this nonsense as long as I get paid! lol

  2. 52
    crap Says:

    Leo is hot and successful. He needs an equal so they can have something in common other than you know what…..

    Barf is famous for 3 things. Her 2 fun bags + Leo. all other aspects of her SUCK.

  3. 53
    so/leo/twitter Says:

    Here I go again posting the usual nonsense I was told to. I need money again. Who the h*ll cares about my short story summarizing recent events? Probably I have to post this cr*p for the made-up part and only to annoy people who has some taste and cannot stand frumpy. Whoever gives us all this stuff to post should improves his or her vocabulary. So, obvious, we know…etc. all the time. It makes is SO OBVIOUS that it`s the same person posting under different names. But who cares? I`m ready to make a fool out of myself posting all this nonsense as long as I get paid! lol

  4. 54
    Ick Says:

    what is Barf’s version of working? w*oring on a red carpet? w*oring on a yacht? we all know thats the only “work” she does. Don’t get too excited barflies. It’s not like its going to be for something prestigious..LMAO…

    Leo looks so sexy as always. Love that man!

  5. 55
    Lia Says:

    OMG, it’s awful to come to a LEO thread and all you can read is bar, bar, bar. Hey, leo, twitter, whatever, why are you so desperate trying to convince people that they are a great couple? If they are or if they’re not, how can you know?
    who cares about this woman? really? There are thousands out there like her, the reason she’s “famous” that much is Leo, everyone can see this.

  6. 56
    tinkerbell Says:

    i’m glad he’s doing something cool by himself-it reinforces my positive view of him—as much as I sometimes post negative stuff those are really fears about him, rather than certainties—or strong suspicions. I want him to be a cool dude fully capable of loving and being with someone I like,

    I dont care what she is doing, I like music festivals – i used to go to outdoor concerts a lot, but now too busy, i dont read her twitter or care where she is or what she is doing.

  7. 57
    H Says:

    His girlfriend is selfish, Israeli trash. FUUUUCK ISRAEL!

  8. 58
    boom Says:

    “we get a sighting of leo and Bar at a starbucks in NYC ”

    omg really !! and only 6 years together ! what an improvement !! also they were spotted at some persons job ? Wow !

  9. 59
    tinkerbell Says:


    in a word, HELL NO. all babies are spiritually beautiful, but bar had kind of a square lantern face and leo’s head looked like a pea. Before you get into the blond blue eyed aryan thing again, neither of them are blonde, bar never was and he isnt now. To me have children is a great responsibility, you honor the sacred bond by not taking it lightly.
    I wouldnt want bar refaeli for a mother, she’s not very bright and would probably do the same mind f c u k her own mother did to her. I would not my children raised by her and I would not want to be connected legally or biologically in anyway to her crazy family. her one goal in life seems to be to have a baby—something about this really irritates me..there is a lot more to life, Babies are one wonderful choice, but there are others, and most mommies I know do a lot of something else with their lives, both out of financial necessity and / or choice.

    a friend of mine has three kids, but she emigrated from Jamaica, worked in Jordan and Belgium and then the US, put herself through St. Johns for a business degree and was working in a bank when she met her husband, she works in his business now tio keep close tothe younger kids. her oldest daughter was a model, got featured in a few national campaigns-got bored and is studying international law.
    (she speaks fluent french and dutch and is stunning) i think being a mother is wonderful and love kids, but there is more to life for most of us, im just saying, yes this is a little story…tough if you dont like it.

    to me salivating at “How the imaginary baby might look’ is kind of silly without the right kind of partnership and maturity behind it. also premature.

    all i have to say to this idea is yuck. not to any child, they are beautiful regardless of their parents, biut this idea is smarmy and old fashioned.

  10. 60
    ewwww Says:


    say it sister!! I agree with tink all the way. I never trust people who have this mentality of all that matters in life is to have kids and get married. It’s that mentality that gets you in trouble and leads to single mothers struggling to raise their kids and if you think a man will stay with you just because you have kids with him, than you are sooooo dumb… hahahah, that hasn’t worked in all of history, so good luck with that Barfy !!

  11. 61
    tinkerbell Says:

    in case you havent noticed, its damn easy to have a kid. just about any fertile woman can get pregnant any time. there are plenty of “sperm donors” and ways to kill a rabbit.

    its raising it right that is the issue-having a (relatively) safe haven for it and a caring, committed father without any addiction or cheating issues is more important than just having a “pretty” baby. i dont know if leo has these issues or doesnt, but dont have a kid unless your relationship is rock solid and he truly wants to be a daddy and can handle it.

    otherwise you end up like denise richards or brooke mueller or oksana grigorieva—pawning your stereo while you wait for the settlement–or like reese witherspoon who has to deal with the fact her ex just fathered an out of wedlock baby that will be her children’s half sister. or like octomom herself,

  12. 62
    observer Says:

    To the poster/posters who mentioned Jolie and Canalis as being hated because of their connection to their partners, well, sometimes there are valid reasons why these kind of people are not liked by fans other than jealousy. Famous couples who present themselves with class and integrity are liked and praised by the majority of their fans since their relationships look credible and real. On the other hand, someone like Bar and her ilks do not seem convincing at all and they present themselves as desperate women who are craving attention by being correlated to their famous partners. The efforts put in the above posts to defend bar and convince people that they are a couple really shows that there is something wrong in that relationship and enhance the idea of Bar being an attention seeker. If Bar and her assistants think that the fans are only jealous and she is really self-secure with her relationship with Leo, they wouldn’t post all those defences and let those who are jealous, as they claim, be jealous till they explode.

  13. 63
    tinkerbell Says:

    there was a little girl at work yesterday who was just heartbreakingly wonderful—-a cute, skiiny little black girl with a megawatt smile and outgoing, darling personality. she was all over the place but so sweet and cute. I told her I was going to bottler her essence and use it when I’m blu…she was wonderful. I love kids but they are a huge responsibility-the mom was rasiing her alone without a lot of cash and there was a brother too

    all children are desering of love and appreciation-wherever they are.

    “all women are the mother of all children”

    -Rita Marley (she should know, she willingly put bob’s seven other kids on his royalties and I think adopted Rohan -Lauryn Hill’s husban after his dancehall mother deserted him-that’s a real WOMAN if you ask m—to allow your husband’s other children to share in the wealth shows real love for motherhood, children, and the universe)

    also love Josephine Baker and ANgelina Jolie for their rescue adoptions….baker had ten adopted children from all over the world. there are two adoped people from korea in my family–that is real love, real parenting in my honest opinion, as is the lady i met who adopted a korean orphan because she too was adopted early on.

    sorry if you dont like my “short story”– i guess real love is just too much for some people

  14. 64
    exactly Says:


    I agree with you 100%…. well said!!

  15. 65
    exactly Says:


    i love what you said in your post #63 tinker, so true..

  16. 66
    tinkerbell Says:


    i love angelina jolie and brad. it shows sometimes you dont have to play by the “rules” and still come out on top-they look happy and well matche, and I love their “tribe”- i grew up this way myself-my brother is korean…love them together—she got brad pitt from aniston whom i cant stand even though she already had two adopted kids–he snapped right in and manned up and became the daddy to a cambodian and ethiopian orphan–do ihave to tell you how f c u k ed up those places are and how hard their lives would be?

    I love brad pitt for being a REAL MAN- handsome,loving, nurturing, masculine.

    canalis i dont have any feeling about but she dresses and looks like a grown woman–no daisy dukes so at least that doesnt bother me. she doesnt dye her hair, is actually beautiful instead of allegedly

    and yes, i agree totally, if they were really strong together they wouldnt waste their time here—do you see angelina posting on just jared? do you think she cares? she’s too busy volunteerinjg for the UN, getting paid millions to support her tribe and raising six kids witha wonderful man (who would have guessed someone so handsome would be a loving and generous adoptive dad too?)

    wanna bet that’s barfie on the other line—”checking up on him” right–like her assistant adi said she does–he looks thrilled doesnt he !

  17. 67
    observer Says:


    Tinkerbell, most of those celebrities show you the image they want you to believe. If you follow closely, the reality is so much different.

  18. 68
    observer Says:

    Tinkerbell, most of those celebrities have constructed images they try to project it on people but if you look closely, the reality is so remote.

  19. 69
    tinkerbell Says:


    thanks, its nice to have some positive feedback-i was stranded on the last thread with the barf squad…i think they were even playing with the thumb counts of all things.

    if they were really about to get married et all they would just do it like tobe in secret with a few friends. hence I think any marriage rumor you ever see is false. and if he really was steady freddy with her and her “career” was based on something besides him you wouldnt see this,,,,did giesele hire people to come on these threads and defend her? did she have to? they go afgter her and tom all the time but she seems unaffected.

    ever see reps for canalis go wild here…and she really is just another celeb gf too.

    finally, i would bet leonardo himself NEVER reads this, he has his professional reps do it or just figures any hate on barfie is love for him-and he’s partially right and used to it. he’s secure in what he does–he does t need ten cent posters……he gets paid $25 million a film.

    there was only once when I felt it might be him–one of the mexico threads on another site where he was getting slammed for lookiingfat and old..someone fired back with his three oscar noms and a link to inception “the most anticipated film of the year.

    adi said bar doesnt read it because she would kill herslef if she did, I couldnt read it if it was me. but I think Team Barf is on here 24-7.

    I think they do give her feedback- on one of those yacht rides last summer she was getting slammed on TMZ for having a pancake ass–so she started to extremely obviously pose with her bum in the air..i mean really obvious.

    I think that is how it goes. cant prove it to the Warren Commission but I thinik that is how it goes,

    DONT read her twitter. DONT post on her threads. Stay right here with leo!

    i also think she goes somewhere and then adi looks for tweets based on that…..she’s not allowed by team leo to post directly although she wants too, must be frustrating to have a gag order from the “love of your life” that doesnt want you posting pictures of you being together and doesnt want you talking about him publicly…etc…so they have to do it in a sneaky round about way.

  20. 70
    tinkerbell Says:

    @observer: i agree. I’m always trying to find out where the line is……hard to tell here. you really do enter the matrix quite quickly.

  21. 71
    sexy man Says:

    Love Leo! He’s one sexy and talented man.

  22. 72
    Barf's sweat shop Says:

    looks like the Barf employee is thumbing us down again… oh must be such a thrill to work for an attention wh*re like BARFIE LMAO… what a wonderful and fulfilling job that must be for you!!!

  23. 73
    curi2 Says:

    WTF!!I should have expected them to be back after the anonymous poster on the last thread.I love going to concerts and music festivals.I was wondering if anyone I liked was going to show up.
    Sorry to go off topic and no offense really but is this a real name …Dickey Doo?

  24. 74
    tinkerbell Says:


    as mucch as A S S I avran—bar’s new buddy. you noticed about the thumbs right,–usually its for every down they get we get one up…which shows there is only one person posting on their side,that’s why they are doing it.

    you just clear your cache and cookies and hit back browser. but this is a collossal waste of time if you’re not getting paid. and I need my billable hours eleswhere.
    why do they still think they’re getting away with it?

    and why put your PR efforts behind a piddling website like justjared? is it because they cant get in anywhere else?

    perez hilton doesnt even list bar as a celebrity–there’s no jump to. and he doesnt post the usualy media blitz of her walking down the street either. tzipi must have pissed him off or he doesnt take checks.

  25. 75
    tinkerbell Says:

    the funny thing is that i dont even usually do the thumbs….now i am !;)

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