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Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens wears her favorite hat to this year’s Coachella Music Festival held on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, who wore the same floppy hat at last year’s Coachella, was spotted hanging out with Josh Hutcherson and some friends at this year’s musical event.

In addition to the top musical acts, such as Cee Lo Green, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire, this year’s event attracted other celebrities as well. Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Greene, and Kate Bosworth were also spotted at the festival.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Illesteva “Leonard 2″ sunglasses and Wkshp’s Sioux Falls Armhole Top.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens keeping it cool at Coachella with Josh Hutcherson

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170 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!”

  1. 1
    Mammy Says:

    Wannabe hipster.

  2. 2
    yets Says:

    nice to her again in this event.

  3. 3
    toodles Says:

    I don’t care what she does…all I know is that SHE NEEDS A STYLIST. Somebody please, please get her a stylist. Will not someone think of the CHILDREN?!

  4. 4
    Jenny Says:

    She looks gorgeous. Seems like she had a blast :)

  5. 5
    kami Says:

    vanessa look like a hippy. lol

  6. 6
    lilly Says:

    She is trying really hard.
    Its really pathetic.

  7. 7
    speaktruth Says:

    She’s not dressing for her body type. She’s keeps dressing like she has a more sticklike model body. Don’t get me wrong, I love her curves, and she’s not fat by any means. She’s just not playing them up in a very flattering way. I wish she could more effectively apply her interest in fashion, which she clearly has, to better flatter her amazing figure. I think people would stop harping on her style as much.

  8. 8
    noooooooooooooooooooo Says:

    ugh no, not this coachella thingy again.

    dont want to be bombarded by pics of stupid uneducated celebrities dressed in faux hobo/hipster gear trying to act so cool


  9. 9
    mamie Says:

    once again…..josh looks like a fool trying to be “cool”. That headband is hilarious!

  10. 10
    tucchi Says:

    @speaktruth: HUH? She has a thin body. She isn’t curvy. That is no insult, don’t get me wrong but I’m sick of super thin girls being called skinny.

  11. 11
    lilly Says:

    they are both trying unbelievably hard.
    its quite pathetic.

  12. 12
    eyda Says:

    OMG she looks really bad here, like a dirty gypsy…WTF?!

  13. 13
    kim Says:

    someone should tell these two they are at COACHELLA…NOT WOODSTOCK! they don’t even care about the bands or the music! they just know it is cool to go. sad.

  14. 14
    kim Says:

    @eyda: more like the dirty HO she is.

  15. 15
    BARBARA Says:

    all of you need to grow up! J osh is just a friend, nothing else! the body landuage tells it all, she is not in love with him,i saw alot of pictures, and they are not even sitting, close to each other, and she talking with her friends, Laura neu, and her band and several other friends, and most of the time she was not even noticing him, she was always lookig away from him, and talking to other people, you all need to get it, there just friends thats all, Vanessa and Laura are together, they came together.

  16. 16
    tucchi Says:

    @tucchi: super thin girls being calling curvy, sorry ***

  17. 17
    yellow Says:

    awww arcade fire. canada is doing it big <3

  18. 18
    luula Says:


  19. 19
    luula Says:

    lol no

  20. 20
    Joanna Says:

    haha love her glasses.

  21. 21
    Emilie Says:

    love love love Vanessa…not a fan of those pants though :|
    oh well!

  22. 22
    Kiki Says:

    She’s a cute girl, however her “sense of style” is very poor, and as some of you have stated, she always comes across as “trying” to look cool, rather than being who she is…which ultimately would translate as “cool”.

    The Bohemian/Gypsy “look” has been done. Not a fan of people who think that by dressing differently, weather it’s the “hipster/ goth etc” look, that they are somehow unique or cool, when all they are doing is labelling themselves as nothing but a clone….how original.

  23. 23
    !!!!???? Says:

    For an adult (suppose to be mature individuals) site everyone here seem to be acting like children. Really if you don’t have anything nice to say skip the post and go to the next one.

    Love her syle and love that she’s not afraid to be different.

    Josh might be 18 but if she treats her right who are we to argue. There are adults (and I’m talking about 30+) out there that are just pure A$$ who cheats and disrespect women. None of us know how Z or J treats her behind closed doors, therefore, we should not judge and just respect her choice or decision.

  24. 24
    Kiki Says:

    lol, and ur response truly indicates the mature individual you are.

  25. 25
    Nicky Says:

    @BARBARA: Just a little advice. When you writing the names of the people, write it in correct way. The last name of Laura is New not Neu. I’ve the feeling you come from a german speaking country, because “neu” is the german word for “new”.

  26. 26
    hunny Says:

    My cousin runs a Josh Hutcherson fan site so I’ve learned this:
    According to their own twitters, Laura New, Kim Hidalgo, Kim’s boyfriend, and Shelley Buckner are with Josh and Vanessa. Kim tweeted that she along with her boyfriend, and Laura and Shelley camped out Thursday night at Coachella. There were also more than one sighting that on Friday afternoon Josh and Vanessa came into the venue together.

    Josh’s fans, who by the way don’t like Vanessa, have been repeating stories on their blogs about a couple of cute instances between the two of them at the festival. I’m not saying they are dating. I think they are just friends. They seem to like each other and are having fun. However, I do think they look a little silly.

  27. 27
    Kerri Says:

    NO!!!!!!!!! WHY IS SHE WITH JOSH? I LOVE YOU NESSA BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO LIKE JOSH. I guess she is going out with a 18 year old damn it.

  28. 28
    Who cares ? Says:

    ( I am german , so sorry for my english )
    look at your keyboard and you´ll see that the w is right next to the e , so it might be just a little mistake …

  29. 29
    Megan Says:

    F*ck Off Josh Hutcherson!!!!!! U F*cking 18 year old motherf*cker.

  30. 30
    naomi Says:

    Great to see V having fun with Josh. I’ve missed seeing them together.

    The beautiful thing about all this is that she is being with whom SHE wants to be with and dressing the way SHE wants to dress in her downtime, having great fun and blissfully unaware of all the inconsequential people seating behind their computers staring at her pictures and attempting to pass judgement on what she does and wears in HER own downtime.

    *advice for those choking on sour grapes: If you don’t click on a V thread, you will spare yourself what you don’t want to see and the associated pain. You will also spare the rest of us, your inane comments. Thank you.

    Looking forward to seeing more of both of them in the next couple of days. Love that Josh is spending his downtime chilling with her before the madness of the Hunger Games filming begins. Guys always know the girls that like them for who they are ever before they become famous and not for their looks or fame. The sensible guys never forget that when they hit fame and Josh is def one of the sensible and down to earth ones that don’t begin to buy into their own hype. That is one guy full of substance.

    Hope V got all the details of his audition and how he reacted when he first knew he landed the role and shared her holiday highlights with him. Can’t wait for J2 promo.

  31. 31
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Go goo goooooooooooo

  32. 32
    magda tenšek Says:

    eaven if she is dating him the whole thing wouldnt last cmon you know her
    so …..
    and i still think she is not dating him she is juts friends with him bac offff

  33. 33
    BigJohnson Says:

    Did she think it was a costume party?

  34. 34
    OMG SHUT UP Says:

    ugly ****

  35. 35
    Sun Says:

    does this Hollywood sIut think she’s a hippie? lol

  36. 36
    GIOTA Says:

    bigjohnson you are such a ***** why do you care how she dres its her to care not you girl ok you guys hate a girl you dont even know i make an fight with one and i said to her i hate and she was hating vanessa and then she told me why you hate me you dont even know me . and exactly i dont know her like she does with vanessa and i dont know vanessa either maybe she is but i love her i dont know her personality butt i like her movies you know you cant tell her wgat to do with her life zanessa its over get over it guys you aree freks you hate people you dont know and you care about their lives you dont have life come on do something with your life because iam pretty sure people who come here and inslut celebrities they dont have LIVES AND SHE DIDINT KILL YOUR FATHER TO HATE HER BYE BYE LOSERS

  37. 37
    hgff Says:


  38. 38
    hgff Says:


  39. 39
    hgff Says:


  40. 40
    hgff Says:


  41. 41
    milly Says:

    @hunny: actually its not just josh fans who dislike vanessa to put it nicely everybody except her hsm fans dislike her ..remember how those twilight girls reacted on hearing abt her audition which was a rumour so doesn’t look like a publicity stunt it would just bring josh bad publicity …hope josh and vanessa are just friends for josh’s sake..i liked him in kids are all right.

  42. 42
    va Says:

    she will do anything for publicity even babysitting

  43. 43
    ontd Says:

    for v every publicity is a good publicity

  44. 44
    GO Says:

    @kim: why the heck they would care about the bands not only they think its cool to go but also its acts as a PR stunt to promote that crap journey whatever movie

  45. 45
    Mad Says:

    I am damn sure she must be already sending naked pics to entice josh just like she did with her ex bf of hers…

  46. 46
    popo Says:

    and what your problem with that mad the only ******* here are you and girl i hate hsm but i9 love vanessa

  47. 47
    lmao Says:

    @Megan: don’t blame josh that should be the other way round lol

  48. 48
    llk Says:

    MAD and what your problem with that . girl because you dont even have a boyfriend ***** the only ******* here are you losers

  49. 49
    hgff Says:

    and what your problem if she sent pics oh i know you dont even have a boyfriend the only bitces here are you girls and girl i hate hsm and zac ashley all of them exept corbin and vanessa

  50. 50
    lauren Says:

    does anyone else noticed even IF they are a ”couple” they sure dont act like it? vanessa looks like she’s not giving josh the time of day or care around him?

  51. 51
    maria Says:

    I see all the immature little children are up early and making their silly drive-by comments. FIrst of all, though JJ likes to drum up business with his headlines and comments, these two are just friends. THere is NOTHING that tells us they are anything more. No pics, nothing romantic. Just because they HANG OUT and do things in a GROUP, does NOT mean they are dating. Hello????

    As far as her clothes, Coachella does tend to bring out the “hippie” in people there. They are camping, listening to all kinds of music, and just having fun, like Woodstock was. WHO CARES what they are wearing?? Seriously.

    And those of you who think Vanessa is just there for publicity, or does not know music?? Well, YOU people are nuts, and don’t know a thing about her. Music is a very big part of her life, and I’ll bet she knows most of the bands there.

  52. 52
    oh why Says:


    and why are u here then, are u lost in here or just a random idiot?

  53. 53
    BOJI Says:

    Love Vanessa in her hippie outfit and her accessories are just so appropriate. Fashion is all about recycling, didn’t ya know. Those of you who think Hippies are done, well, they’re making a comeback and Vanessa is a trendsetter for sure.

  54. 54
    serena Says:

    i know her and she told me that she datin josh hutcherson there both my cousin josh hutcherson is really hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  55. 55
    serena Says:

    i know her she told me she datin josh hutcherson there both my cousin josh hutcherson is really hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  56. 56
    proudofzacnessa Says:

    Josh GUM hutcherson again?

    I love her “free” Style
    and love heeeeeeeeeeer so much ^^
    And…where is Zac? not wiht V but Zac with his friends? :(

  57. 57
    magda tenšek Says:

    @lauren accually she is giving him attention i just was on vanessa hudgens org and i was loking though photos and i saw a couple of them with josh AND VANESSA HOLDING HANDS NO LIE JUST LOOK

  58. 58
    Nicky Says:

    ya, it’s true … Josh and Nessa are holding hands at Coachella how cute… haha

  59. 59
    Nicky Says:

    josh and vanessa are holding hands at coachella … how cute …

  60. 60
    lol Says:

    vanessa’s fans are dissing josh they should be happy she found someone like josh when he deserves someone so much better..anyways they look like they are just friends

  61. 61
    lauren Says:

    uh then why would you come on here and say all this personal infoamtion on them?are you serious?

  62. 62
    Soni Says:

    They are friends. Friends can hold hands. I mean come on, Vanessa is 22 and Josh is 18. Zac and Vanessa need to get back together.
    and zac should go to Coachella even if Vanessa is there.

  63. 63
    andi Says:

    I love this look – modern hippie chick – great look for a music festival

  64. 64
    DM Says:

    The pictures of Vanessa and Josh holding hands are probably when they were trying to get inside the festival. Usually people hold hands to get into an event so that they won’t get lost from each other. If you notice Vanessa’s left hand, she is holding her hat and she’s holding Josh’s hand on right. That doesn’t look like anything to me anyway, unless some of you something different.
    If they are romantically involve, then they would be holding hands together after they got into the festival and I just don’t see any pictures of those. It looks like friends that are hanging out together with other bunch of friends and having fun. Unless there is real “proof” that they are involve with each other, then I would say they are just friends.

  65. 65
    Kerri Says:

    This just irritates me why is she holding hands with Josh Hutcherson? Vanessa you shouldn’t rush into a relationship Take your time and be single. You deserve the best. It seems like Josh is just lapping up all the attention he is getting with her i hope he realises she is on the rebound and that she is very vulnerable.

  66. 66
    Kerri Says:

    @Dm: I am sorry but as much as it pains me to say this Zac and Vanessa are over. She is clearly moving on but i can’t do that. I feel if i accept him and Vanessa then i am betraying Zac and what he and Vanessa had. I feel like my heart is riped out of my body.I can’t believe people are accepting Josh so quickly and they have forgotten what Zac and Vanessa had. 5 years is a long time.

  67. 67
    Hanna Says:

    their looks are kinda hippie -.- and i don’t like sometimes the way she dresses, it’s well… not in her favor

  68. 68
    wow Says:

    @kerri ‘josh is lapping up attention’ lol it is vanessa lapping up attention..he is getting a lot of publicity bcoz of hunger games ..vanessa not much her movies have flopped. She doesn’t have any movie except j2….so if anyone is lapping attention its her..and its josh u deserves better not hudgens

  69. 69
    wow Says:

    @kerri ‘josh is lapping up attention’ lol it is vanessa lapping up attention..he is getting a lot of publicity bcoz of hunger games ..vanessa not much her movies have flopped. She doesn’t have any movie except j2….so if anyone is lapping attention its her..and its josh u deserves better not hudgens besides it also seems they r just friends

  70. 70
    !angel! Says:

    @proudofzacnessa: ‘josh GUM hutcherson again? ‘omg u made me laugh .! no offence to josh he seems to be a nice kid and anyways @zacrunning wild tweeted that someone saw him making rounds of the stands with his friends but he is doing a good job of hiding from the paps .Maybe if paps get lucky they might get some pics of zac !

  71. 71
    aly Says:

    @!!!!????: LOSERS!

  72. 72
    DM Says:


    Yes I’m sure that Zac and Vanessa are over, but it doesn’t mean that Josh and Vanessa are dating. Pictures here doesn’t show that. The one picture with them holding hands looks like he was holding her hand to go into the event so not to get lost from one another and other friends. It also looks like he was holding someone else’s hand. He wasn’t holdiing both of Vanessa’s hands. One of her hand was holding her hat.
    Everyone has their opinion and you and I have our own opinion too. We should respect everyone’s opinion as long as our opinion is not hatred against either Zac or Vanessa. That we should both respect them and be happy for now for the two of them. I think that they might need some time apart and maybe if they are meant to be they will be together, but if not, let’s just be happy that Zac and Vanessa gave us 5 wonderful years together. And a lot of them are on you tube that we can watch over and over if we want.
    Zac and Vanessa will not be forgotten by me or whoever are Zanessa fans. Just support them both and not be judgemental on their choices.We might not be happy with their choices but we have to deal with that. Keep Zac and Vanessa in your hearts. Zanessa 4ever!!

  73. 73
    lauren Says:

    Does anyone know where her SUNGLASSES are from??? Thank you!!!

  74. 74
    gracemarie Says:

    @magda tenšek:

    LOOK YOURSELF!!!!!!!

    If you did you would see he is holding another person with his other hand. So much for romance!!! One site zoomed focused the pic so you could clearly see he was holding 2 people’s hands

    According to a poster on another board who is at Coachella – he was leading 2 of the girls through the crowd like any young man trained to be a gentlemen and respect women would do.

    My best friend who is a guy has done countless times for me.

  75. 75
    !angel! Says:

    @DM: ur comment was really heartfelt and sweet and i also think the same as you!

  76. 76
    gracemarie Says:



    On a 17 million dollar budget Beastly has made 27 million and has PRE SALES of that much before it even opens abroad in this town that’s called a hit.

    And let’s see Nylon Cover, Shape Cover, Forbes 12 Breakout Stars, Lopez, Ellen, MTV, Conan, countless newspaper including the LA Times oh yeah she really needs publicity. NOT!!!

    Oh Josh let see “Th Kids Are Alright” critically praised for his performance in a pic nominated for EVERYTHING. The 300 million Journey 1 and now landing one of the biggest roles for actors in Young Hollywood – oh yeah he needs publicity too. NOT!!!!

    Ignorance is a fascinating thing. Why don’t all you teenie boppers go live a bit maybe make some friends – WOW even a guys friend and then come back and see how silly you sounded.

  77. 77
    peggy Says:


    Milly those were the same girls who trashed Robert Pattinson to the ground when he was cast in Twilight so their opinion is invalid at best.

    People simply need to mind their own business. They are friends. And for the record I become a V fan long after HSM which I saw rather late in the game.

  78. 78
    !!!!???? Says:

    It’s just unbelievable reading everyone’s post here. Just … wow!

    She could be donating a kidney to help someone or doing anything with kind or wonderful and there’s still will be people saying it’s all publicity, however, if Zac does it it’s not publicity and praises him. WOW…I just can’t believe how much HATE is out there.

  79. 79
    Angela Says:

    Such a try-hard!! I’m so sick of her smug little face

  80. 80
    wow Says:

    @gracemarie: wow u really lack intelligence since u r making up opinions about anonymous posters whom u know nothing about .,so its u who sound pathetically silly and if u tried to go out of this site u will find that a lot of sites are reporting that vanessa’s movies have not fared well at thd bo ..lets say average but surely sp didn’t do well .And anyways i was replying to a poster that said that’ josh was lapping up attention around v’..and i particulary didn’t mean it …just giving the taste of one’s own medicine and next time if u comment try keeping the comment relevant to the topic instead of throwing stupid personal remarks if u don’t want to be taken as an stupid immature little child not saying u are…and now go back read your comment and see how silly u sounded! And also try keeping your nose in your buisness instead of telling what other posters should do.!

  81. 81
    sam Says:

    it’s crazy how vanessa last year going with zac efron and the same hat…it’s a really freaky now with josh…i think just they’re friends now i don’t know :S i miss zanessa anyway vanessa for me looks so hippy haha but i think she´s gordeous like always

  82. 82
    wow Says:

    And anyways i don’t get why people are bashing josh.He seems to be friends with vanessa…and just having fun with her..

  83. 83
    sim Says:

    @!!!!????: well hate breeds hate ..even zac is getting a lot of hate right now…so until everyone stops hating on every other person it won’t stop..and yeah its true there is a lot of HATE in the world

  84. 84
    saywhaaat Says:

    For a C-list starlet who already has two box office flop in her belt and a semi profitable film (due to low budget) in her belt with a misleading popularity (being #1 in the fanforum female “celebrity” list) she’s really rocking the paparrazi in her partying habit . HEY VANESSA HOW ABOUT GOING TO ACTING CLASSES WHILE YOU STILL HAVE MONEY. Investing in education can have a long payback while partying and fast expensive cars are a short term luxury.

  85. 85
    omg Says:

    @saywhaaat: u really hit that on

  86. 86
    luula Says:

    are you talking about zac efron?

  87. 87
    Kaya Says:


  88. 88
    Kaya Says:

    I see why her and Zac made perfect Coachella accomplices they both tried too hard.

  89. 89
    LMAO Says:

    @luula: I was just going to say the same. Efron is the one with TWO flops, doesn’t do any classes ( Vanessa does), doesn’t do auditions ( Vanessa does), and just bought a pimp mobile.

  90. 90
    naomi Says:

    @saywhaaat: Obviously even free education has not improved your lot, why should she listen to you? You know she exists, she is totally ignorant of your existence. Who is investing in what again?!

    You are behind a laptop looking at her pictures, she is the one with a name recognised globally and building a career for herself. Wherever her career is at, at least she still has one and is relevant enough to land TV slots and magazine covers all over the world and be invited for auditions while you still remain a nobody, an honorary member of the faceless masses.

    Not to deter you at all. Please keep on investing in these comments, they might score you a laugh or two that will keep you in old age and sustain you through tracking V’s career.

  91. 91
    sim Says:

    @LMAO: and efron is the one who gave a box office hit 17 again..maow was a limited release so not a flop only csc flopped but critics liked zac’s performance in all the three movies so he doesn’t need acting classes..he did that when he was a kid along with piano lessons that’s in his biography besides he has two upcoming movies tlo and nye both will be sure hits at the boxoffice plus an action comedy in preproduction.,i understand u are defending vanessa but u surely don’t need to act like an ignorant fool to make v look gud..this what i said hate breeds hate ..i am sure both will have gr8 career ahead

  92. 92
    !angel! Says:

    I seriously don’t get why people come here and start dissing zac and vanessa …which actor hasn’t given a flop ? And also while u all are saying stuff abt z and v try to luk at where your career is going..surely not as better as the two..both are young and are trying to breakout,i am sure both will excel and there is no need to pit the two .They are no way in competition with each other..just because they are exes…peace and love!

  93. 93
    LMAO Says:

    @sim: Honey, even Robert DeNiro and Leo DiCaprio do workshops and such. He has a LONG way to go, as does Vanessa, but at least she reads and auditions. He created his own production company cause he wasn’t getting roles. His acting is forced and rehearsed. He NEEDS classes too.

  94. 94
    James Says:

    wow so many jealous girls on here bashing Vanessa for having good taste in music and taking ‘fashion risks’
    she doesn’t give a f*** what you pathetic haters think of her as she is 100x more successful and talented than you’ll ever be.

  95. 95
    James Says:


    Zac Efron’s acting is about as believable as a 6 foot midget.

  96. 96
    sim Says:

    @LMAO: well my last comment didn’t appear so here i go again -for the record i have never read a critic say that his acting is forced and rehearsed maybe ur personal opinion so thats okay ..but a lot of top critics have said that he surely can act,is charismatic and has potential and would do gud with gud scripts ..and he said in an interview that he is getting roles in which he is shown as cool stud like footloose etc which he is not intrested in doing ..but after that didn’t he landed the lead role in tlo like many other actors like ryan gosling ,channing tatum etc..and nye and now an action comedy in preproduction..these movies have nothing to do with his production company so surely he is getting roles that will attract a mature audience and since u don’t know him try to stick to facts and i am sure he got a production company so that he could play roles which he liked and anyways the people at WB are surely 1000 times experienced than u and me if they gave him a deal..but i will agree with u on one thing both z and v have to go a long way chill

  97. 97
    sim Says:

    @James: weren’t u the one who was bashing all the posters saying they are jealous of vanessa ..surely you are the who is jealous and also zac is 100x time better than you just ur words ..i don’t mean anything

  98. 98
    sim Says:

    @James: didn’t u just comment that girls are bashing v becoz they are lets see u r bashing zac so u r surely jealous of zac and also zac is 100x times better than you in everything..just ur words..i am not saying anything.

  99. 99
    Soni Says:

    I am going to say it again: I love Zac and Vanessa. I just do not see why they broke up. But if Vanessa IS dating Josh, I think she really is lonely. Because come on, HE IS 18!!!! She goes from someone like Zac to someone like Josh? i am not saying that Josh is not a nice guy, I am sure he is, but since I do not know exactly who broke up with whom regarding Zac and Vanessa, I think he is keeping a very low key and out of the public eye, and Vanessa is going hog wild with doing every thing, including supposely dating Josh. I will always support Zac and Vanessa and I am still hoping that sometime down the road those two will find their way back to each other. In the meantime, we, I guess, need to let Vanessa do what she wants and get it all out of her system. Just one thing though, I am sure there is drinking at this event, so Josh must be kinda out of the loop as Vanessa is 22 and drinking liquor.

  100. 100
    Jonesy Says:

    i hate it how when people go to festivals they put on this 60s/70s oh look at me I’m such I die hard hippie act

  101. 101
    BOJI Says:

    Naomi, well said.
    What the efron is going on? Why do we even have to mention his name here? This is a Vanessa thread and he is nowhere in sight. Leave him out of it. And why in heck do we have to run down Josh for being buddies with Vanessa. He happens to be a male and a good friend but that does not make him a “boyfriend”. He’s clean and a talented young actor. Don’t make a platonic relationship into something salacious.
    Envy, jealousy and prejudice doth taint many of your comments on this thread.

  102. 102
    lei Says:

    as Long as Vanessa is Happy then im find.
    i love Zanessa , but Josh is the one who always there for her.

  103. 103
    sim Says:

    i don’t know about others but i like that hippy look..its really COOL….

  104. 104
    naomi Says:


    Thank you my dear, I keep thinking I clicked on the wrong thread as I can only see Vanessa and Josh in these pictures. Why people have to keep bringing up her ex, I have no idea. You would think that now V ‘the loser’ has gone her own way that his fans would stick to his threads and wait for him to become the next Johnny Depp (Duh, the weight dragging him down has been cut loose) and leave us to enjoy the losers: Josh and V.

    Since V has been released to live the loser’s life in full, she’s been so carefree and happy and I have happily returned to enjoy her in full without any rubbish distractions only to keep stumbling over this bitter group that will not allow the girl enjoy her life.

    I wish they would just give it up. As I won’t be caught dead on any thread or site relating to her ex, I wish they would do the same and stick to his threads and actually enjoy him and his activities rather than coming to police V’s actions giving themselves ulcers in the process.

    I wish they’ll understand that they waste their time and energy attacking V. She does not have the capacity for misery, she is too full of life and rooted in a loving family that has given her the legacy of a self-esteem not based on looks or what people think of you. That is the reason she’ll keep surviving all the rubbish people say about her and all the knockbacks she faces.

    Only someone with a strong sense of self can refuse to pander to the likes of PH, take on the chin all the rubbish he writes about her, survive 3 scandals targeted at ruining her career and still celebrate life, refusing to be bitter or resentful, taking the good and the bad, staying loyal to friends and letting everything else roll off her back like sweat.

    PH and others have tried and are now tired. She has defeated them by refusing either to pander or react. the rest of you can take their places and try your bit. You’ll end up the same way while she keeps striding on, living life to the fullest.

    It’s sad and hilarious at the same time to see a young girl with smiles having fun with her friends and contrast that with a group she doesn’t know of their existence sitting behind their computers feeding their ulcers and writing up bitter comments.

    To more pleasant topics:

    Hope we get more pics of V and Josh at Coachella. I for one love to see them having fun and staying balanced. Great kids.

  105. 105
    zac-is-wack Says:

    @naomi: the haters cannot leave vanessa alone. they keep stepping down on her when her “ex” was the one who cheated. that supposedly “clean” guy is the opposite in real life. all that is written about him is hooking up with palmer, beer bonging with that blonde chick or halfway closing vip lounges so he could “privately” canoodle with a different blonde but still being witnessed by concert goers. i mean, with all these stuff written about his partying ways, there’s got to be one item that is true. and that he was the one who cheated because he wants to play around with bimbos.
    so im surprised that this thread is being harassed by those who can’t stand vanessa and josh, the losers, they call them.
    vanessa seems happier than ever to get out of the shadow of her douchy ex. and all the fans of that douchebag should celebrate, maybe with a bottle of tequila that their idol seems to guzzle like a 5000cc engine.

  106. 106
    Kerri Says:

    @Zack-is-wack: Excuse me Zac didn’t cheat on Vanessa. Don’t start that sh*t. You can’t believe everything you hear. You are obviously a person who has lot of hatered so go spread it somewhere else.

  107. 107
    Kerri Says:

    No successful relationship is made easy. Prayer, strength, Forgiveness and trust will help assist you in keeping a solid foundation.

  108. 108
    !angel! Says:

    @naomi: u have to be kidding me u think all these haters are zac’s fans..hell no..this is not just jaredjr where just fans post..a lot of people posting here post on other threads ..and i don’t deny the fact that some maybe zac’s fans but most of them keep to zac’s thread and by the way go and take a look at zac’s thread there are a lot of v’s fans spweing hate, calling him names and what not beside other haters who post on all other threads…and if you went to other sites a loads of people dislike v who have nothing to do with z bcoz of her scandals who think she releases the pics on her own which i surely don’t think so and also haters who hate on u can’t just single out zac’s fans..there are plenty who like v including me .

  109. 109
    !angel! Says:

    @naomi: @naomi: u have to be kidding me u think all these haters are zac’s fans..hell no..this is not just jaredjr where just fans post..a lot of people posting here post on other threads ..and i don’t deny the fact that some maybe zac’s fans but most of them keep to zac’s thread and by the way go and take a look at zac’s thread there are a lot of v’s fans spweing hate, calling him names and what not beside other haters who post on all other threads…and if you went to other sites a loads of people dislike v who have nothing to do with z bcoz of her scandals who think she releases the pics on her own which i surely don’t think so and also haters who hate on u can’t just single out zac’s fans..there are plenty who like v including me .

  110. 110
    !angel! Says:

    @zac-is-wack: u have to be the most obnoxious posters of all time when u r trying to tell people not to hate on v which must be your motive u not only badmouth zac but also his fans..there lots of fans who like both…u simply seem to be full of hatred and nothing else…why not trying posting a good comment abt vanessa instead of trashing zac not only on vanessa’s thread but also zac’s thread…SO GET A LIFE!

  111. 111
    BOJI Says:

    Naomi, honestly, you top the list. Thanks for being so articulate and a staunch fan. Vanessa would be most proud.

  112. 112
    !angel! Says:

    @BOJI: s@naomi: even i appreciate what u said about vanessa being strong and living her life..that was really nice!
    And on another note i really like josh and v although they r not a couple and just friends they seem to be having a good time around each other they luk really cute..

  113. 113
    ZANESSA Says:

    @BOJI: @naomi: @naomi: where were u both when vanessa’s fans were bringing zac up and bashing him to shreds.None of u said this is vanessa’s thread keep out zac don’t bash him. Now one of the posters was trying to defend zac so maybe that got on your nerves..i know a lot of vanessa’s fans who can’t tolerate zac and a lot of zac’s fans who can’t tolerate vanessa.So until both party stop hating on the other this hatred won’t stop..and i feel sorry for the haters coz they are the biggest Losers!! Love Zanessa!! @ kerri i so agree with u specially your second comment

  114. 114

    @BOJI: He gets mentioned because every time I search Zac Efron VANESSA appears. Tell JJ to stop linking every Vanessa post to Zac’s name and I bet the hatred will stop. Until then, it seems a pathetic attempt to keep Vanessa in the spotlight via her former relationship.

  115. 115
    BOJI Says:

    @Zanessa, I will admit that I am more a Vanessa fan but I have just as much respect for Zac as an actor and a person. Extreme fans of both seem to want to do some battle on their threads. I can only do so much. A number of the posters are either too young or just too prejudiced to know better, I’m sorry to say. Besides, I do have other things going on in my life besides sitting here at the laptop.
    @ wicked wench JJ/JJjr admin know that they will get the hits if they mention both names on either’s thread and this has nothing to do with putting Vanessa in the limelight. You know this is what makes me all the more a fan, is because she has a lot of odds against her and yet she’s surviving in this dog eat dog world
    . Firstly, people keeping bringing up her ethnic/asian background like it is something to be sneered at, 2ndly she comes very much from a blue collar hardworking background, 3rdly she didn’t have connections in the entertainment business like some, 4thly some scrupulous took advantage of her youth, naiveness and ignorance. 5thly, she was being crucified like she was a sinner and a fame seeking harlot and yet she showed herself to be a genuine person, loyal and filial to her friends and family respectively. 6thly, she was being put down for her acting and singing but she always tried her darnest to be the best she can. This why I’m rooting for Vanessa like I’ve never rooted for any celebrity in my life.

  116. 116
    yets Says:

    @ Boji thanks for that, 100% true.

  117. 117
    BOJI Says:

    On a foot note, neither does Zac have to be crucified for their split. Nobody knows the real reason and everything has been speculation. It is also unfair to make claims against him without substantiating your grounds for doing so. He really doesn’t deserve it and has been supportive and good to Vanessa during their time together.

  118. 118
    go sox Says:

    @naomi: Thanks, naomi. That was well said.

    I will say, I was a very staunch supporter of Zac and Vanessa, but they have ended their relationship, and it was their choice, for whatever reasons. They are both dealing with this in different ways; Vanessa is surrounding herself with family and close friends, who love and support her, and moving on with her commitments and public events, as she had many with two movies lately. He is hooking up and drinking to his hearts’ content, and looking like he doesn’t give a sh*t, as most guys would handle a break-up. Both are very typical of how differently guys and girls handle this. Personally, I’m glad Vanessa isn’t hooking up or having a series of one-night stands. I’d much rather see her spending time with her FRIENDS, like Laura, Josh, Brittany, Ashley, and her family. When she does start dating again, I’m sure she will keep it very private for a while.

    Anyway, I love how Vanessa is handling her life right now. She is not hiding and sneaking around. She is just living it, and doesn’t care about what people think. If she wants to be friends with Josh, she will be. She obviously is not going to give up a good friendship because it will “look” like they’re dating. She is NOT a shallow person. She would NEVER let Hollywood dictate who she hangs out with or is friends with……she is strong and has amazing character. One of the many things I admire about her. She is “good people”; a good friend, a good sister, a good daughter, a good co-star, a good heart, and an amazingly good spirit. And that’s all on the inside.

  119. 119
    kerri Says:

    @Boji: Great comment.

  120. 120
    kerri Says:

    Does anyone know the names of the people Nessa was with?

  121. 121
    BOJI Says:

    Oh,and I meant to say unscrupulous people who took advantage of her in the business, like that music producer and lawyer who didn’t care 2 hoots about her in their professional capacity, only how much they could milk her for all she was worth.

  122. 122
    maria Says:

    @kerri: She is with Laura New, Shelley Buckner, Kim Hidalgo and her BF, and Josh. And I’m sure she met up with other friends while there too.

  123. 123
    zac-is-wack Says:

    @BOJI: nice comment but i won’t go as far as saying that you admire that douche. anyways, let’s wait when the smoke clears and soon enough we will know who cheated.
    these zac “ninja” fans won’y believe anything that their idol is capable of. but who cares now. let zac be the tequila zac and the one-night-stand zac, now. he;s into that stage, and he was hinting in past interviews that he was missing on these activities. now that is what he gets. who cares.
    but let vanessa enjoy her life now, with family, friends, and josh. i hope she doesn’t get back with zac. as they saym one a cheat always a ….,

  124. 124
    zac-is-wack Says:

    @BOJI: nice comment but i won’t go as far as saying that you admire that douche. anyways, let’s wait when the smoke clears and soon enough we will know who cheated.
    these zac “ninja” fans won’t believe anything that their idol is capable of. but who cares now. let zac be the tequila zac and the one-night-stand zac, now. he;s into that stage, and he was hinting in past interviews that he was missing on these activities. now that is what he gets. who cares.
    but let vanessa enjoy her life now, with family, friends, and josh. i hope she doesn’t get back with zac. as they say, onCe a cheat always a ….,

  125. 125
    zac-is-wack Says:

    @BOJI: nice comment but i won’T go as far as saying that you admire that douche. anyways, let’s wait when the smoke clears and soon enough we will know who cheated.
    these zac “ninja” fans won’t believe anything that their idol is capable of. but who cares now. let zac be the tequila zac and the one-night-stand zac, now. he;s into that stage, and he was hinting in past interviews that he was missing on these activities. now that is what he gets. who cares.
    but let vanessa enjoy her life now, with family, friends, and josh. i hope she doesn’t get back with zac. as they say, onCe a cheat always a ….,

  126. 126
    llk Says:

    and **** is a girl who sleeps with different guys everynight and that is what zac doing at least of the rumors

  127. 127
    Nicky Says:

    it seems Vanessa loves to show her underwear, she has changed and in some causes not to the best:

  128. 128
    ZANESSA Says:

    @BOJI thanks for clearing everything and i meant no offence just pissed at how people just seem to hate both.For u its easy coz u r more of a v fan but for zanessans its difficult since they have to defend both and also i want to add that zac had always been a humble,down to earth guy who loved vanessa stood by her during her bad times and vanessa has been a loyal gf taking care of him ,being headstrong no matter what came her way.So i think both of them are good people and had been in love with each other for 5 years and also whatever they are doing they are doing AFTER A MUTUAL BREAKUP. So whoever they date now its their choice and i will respect it so should the others.

  129. 129
    ZANESSA Says:

    @ zack is wack pls try writing something constructive and when u are agreeing with BOJI try to follow what he said and save others from ur pathetic rants and also prevent urself from writing bad stuff about people whom u know nothing abt and are also unaware abt ur mere existence now think who is a bigger wack and whatever bad stuff u said..(if u have the brains to)

  130. 130
    go sox Says:

    @ZANESSA: FYI, Boji is an amazing WOMAN. :o)

  131. 131
    maria Says:

    @ZANESSA: FYI, Boji is an amazing WOMAN. :o)@Nicky: Sorry, but that’s just a really silly comment. Most girls who go to concerts in warm weather wear their bikinis, etc under their clothes. I like the cool way she covered hers up for evening. How is that offensive? Is she showing any cleavage? No. Is anything else showing? No. She looks pretty cool to me.

  132. 132
    kerri Says:

    Haters are just lame. Vanessa is wearing a bikin because i imagine it must be very hot. I don’t know why people hate her she is just a ray of sunshine. Also stop bashing Zac don’t hate him because he is gorgeous he can’t help it and he isn’t a bad guy so stop with the hate. Zac and Vanessa both mutually broke up it is sad but that doesn’t mean you have to pick them apart.

  133. 133
    kerri Says:

    I meant bikini i get so worked up that i type really fast.

  134. 134
    kerri Says:

    Wait a minute wasn’t Shelly Buckner from Zac’s show he used to do called Summerland?

  135. 135
    ZANESSA Says:

    @go sox and @maria i am sorry i thought BOJI was a and sorry BOJI hope u didn’t mind.

  136. 136
    kerri Says:

    @Zanessa: I knew that Boji was a girl because most guys don’t care about celeb couples.

  137. 137
    Jean Says:

    how much is she paid to hang with that little boy? I can’t believe he got Peeta. Movie ruined!

  138. 138
    ZANESSA Says:

    @kerri: yeah i am a girl too and miss zanessa. Everything was so quite when both were together but still i luv them both and wish them luck and happiness in whatever they do whoever they date..

  139. 139
    kerri Says:

    I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More pics of Nessa I love her too much. Now all i am after is Zac pics then i am in cloud nine.

  140. 140
    DM Says:


    Yes you’re right Kerri. She had a recurring role in Summerland from the show Zac was in. How interesting that Vanessa hangs out with the friends that has some involvement with Zac either in movies, TV shows or just friends with Zac.
    I’m glad thou that she at least have same friends as Zac. That’s a good thing. The top that Vanessa is wearing looks like the same top that she wore last year at Coachella when she and Zac went. I might be wrong, but I thought I recognized that top.
    Surprise that paps haven’t seen Zac at all at the Festival but they got a lot of Vanessa. Zac knows how to hide from paps. There are so many paps in the Festival I’m sure that not one pics of Zac is seen yet..LOL!!!

  141. 141
    Teddi Says:

    @zac-is-wack: Will you people go get a calendar. Split in December, out with someone else in January is not cheating. ALL HATERS:- Comment on the pictures, not on the lives of people you know nothing about. If you do not like the acting, style whatever of someone, that is your choice, do not ram your choices down other peoples throats. And perhaps both of them should get the benefit of the doubt. Zac haters acuse fans of never believing Zac could do any wrong, and yet they are quite happy for her to hang with Josh. If Zac hung with an actress fom his last film, the haters would be tearing him to pieces, yet V can do no wrong.

  142. 142
    kerri Says:

    Cool there is a video of Nessa at Coachella go to I love Nessa!!!!

  143. 143
    jane Says:

    @Teddi: i have to agree with that besides v confirmed that it was distance that drew them apart and also the fact that haters are so ready to form their own speculations but won’t listen to what vanessa herself said about the breakup.

  144. 144
    kerri Says:

    People want to make up Sh*t and blame Zac or Vanessa but they said they grew apart [which is very sad] but who knows what the future will bring for them maybe they need the time apart and do stuff on their own and then get back together.

  145. 145
    kerri Says:

    Just because you aren’t together right now, doesn’t mean you won’t be together in the future. Love is patient.

  146. 146
    jane Says:

    @naomi if u took a look at the comments u will see that a poster by the name of @!!!!???? Who surely seems to be a vanessa fan bought zac up first and also in another comment and also a few zanessa fans who miss zac and vanessa together so i didn’t get how u are singling out zac’s fans when ur comment should be directed towards everyone and i am a zac fan and stick to zac’s thread and comment there like many others but also there are many celeb posts that i visit including vanessa coz i like her style and rarely comment and i have never trashed her . And i appreciate ur comment for vanessa coz thats really true except the sarcasm u threw for zac
    Also today when i have commented i will just say that vanessa’s outfit looks really cool and hip and i love it .

  147. 147
    LMAO Says:

    @Teddi: The calendar won’t do much good. “Break” in December, “working on things” and seen all over canoodling, and Zac traveling to NC in January to see her does not tell us they are a couple broken up. Then everything changed after the Teresa Palmer incident. Take that for what it’s worth. But THAT is why people feel he “cheated”. Cause we never saw them together again after that incident. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ended everything, including their friendship.

  148. 148
    jane Says:

    @LMAO: and what if zac and vanessa settled everything in b/w them in NC .What if they settled to be just friends after that since v said on ellen that they are friends thats the proof .U have no proof that they are not friends and what happened b/w them just speculations but there is written proof in an interview by vanessa that says it was distance that broke stick instead of making up sh*t stick to facts that would be appreciated and sure that does not require rocket science to understand.

  149. 149
    fan Says:

    @jane…Vanessa’s comment saying “distance” as a reason for their relationship’s break, that was just for the public to hear. Distance was not a problem when Vanessa was in Montreal filming Beastly for 2 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac was filming MAOW in UK for 3 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac was doing MAOW promos in UK and other parts of the country for approximately 1 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac doing all those promos for CSC movie in UK, Australia, Spain, other parts of the country for approximately one month.

    The word “distance” was used to satisfied the medias questioning regarding ending their 5 years relationship. The only people that really know why are Vanessa and Zac, and maybe their families and close friends. Us fans will never knows, which is none of our business anyway because all we are doing is make speculation that may or may not be true. Also any Hollywood couples that broke-up “always” say “we are still friends” just to let the public know that your idols are still good. However, in realities…afterward, you don’t hear or see them hanging around each other or having lunch once in blue moon. Look at Brit and Ryan after they broke-up, you see either of them tweeting about seeing or talking to each other as friend. What about Ashley and Jared M., Ashley’s representatives say they have ended their 2 years relationship and still good friend. When is the last time that Ashley tweeted about talking to her good friend Jared M. For couples that ended their relationship to become friends will take about at least a year or depending how long you relationship lasted. The longer your relationship lasted the longer it will take to overcome the pain and separation which will extend the time of possibilities reunited as friends.

    The last event that Vanessa and Zac attended was the DVD premiere of Ashley. The medias just say they were comfortable and friendly at the same event together. It didn’t sound like they are buddy buddy with each other either. Plus, you haven’t seen or heard of Vanessa and Zac going to lunch together as friend. There were tweets and sightings that Vanessa having meals or shopping with her friends like Brit, Ashley, and Laura New, but no Zac. I think it will be quite sometimes if or when Vanessa and Zac reunite as friends. For now, both will say in medias and press that “we still good friends”. Yeah, I heard that from Ben Aflect and Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Jennifer A., Justin Timberlake and Brit Spears, Jessica Simpson and Nick L., and many more. The only couple that I see that truly are friend is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

    As fans, we can only hope for the best to both Vanessa and Zac.

  150. 150
    lauren Says:

    thank you for saying this, LOL.

    the only ppl who really know what happend between them is their close friends and familes. the fans (more hard core fans) can act like they know the truth when they dont, i wasnt really a fan of either one of them and i think it was just of ” we were together for so long case, we need a break from one another thing” but what do i know, its just a guess.

  151. 151
    Lyla Says:

    The theresa palmer thing has been proven to be untrue. Zac did not cheat on V. If anything, it’s looking more and more like she cheated on him with Josh. Even if she didn’t actually cheat, it seems that Josh may have been the catalyst for the break up, with V realizing that maybe she should expand her horizons some. I read somewhere though, that she did the breaking up because she wanted to be with Josh. Zac tried and tried to fix things, but could not. I read that, but don’t know if it’s true.

  152. 152
    LMAO Says:

    @Lyla: And THAT my dear, is a pile of poop. The TP thing was NOT proven to be untrue. You Zac shippers keep saying that…..I have YET to see where it’s “proven”. And don’t even go there with V. That girl was NOTHING but devoted to her guy…..she is and was just good friends with Josh through out filming. Don’t give us that crap.

  153. 153
    zac-is-wack Says:

    Lyla: Theresa denied that hookup but you couldn’t tell if she lied because of the hatred she got from the fans. There was no denial from the Douche side. Nothing was proven untrue. If anything, I bet that was sooooooooo true.
    That time Zac wass trying to get back with Vanessa at NC, and they met several times in LA prior to Vanessa going out of town again for work. And the next thing Zac did was hook up with that girl. Now, tell me who cheated!

  154. 154
    Deb Says:

    @LMAO: @zac-is-wack:
    Neither of you (and none of us) knows what happened in NC. It had already been reported that they had broken up. Perhaps they were trying to fix things, but they didn’t. The TP story may be true, but we also do not know what went on privately btwn them. We do not know if they hooked up. Whatever, Z and V were split by then, so Zac did not cheat.

  155. 155
    HaterSucks Says:

    Agreed. Plus, it just seems too coincidental….too convenient that these two “friends” are being seen EVERYWHERE together ALL THE TIME.

  156. 156
    Lillian Says:

    You know, it doesn’t even make sense that Zac would hook up with someone in public if he and Vanessa were still together. When cheaters cheat, they do so secretly, so they don’t get caught. They don’t flaunt it for everyone to see. C’mon people. Use a little common sense.

  157. 157
    Haters Suck!(original) Says:

    stop stealing my name how many times do i gotta tell you come up with your own.
    you keep telling yourself what makes you feel better about your little “golden boy” but it aint gonna change the fact that i think hes a cheat.

  158. 158
    VanFan Says:

    I never thought of it that way, but you do make a good point. It would be obvious that if Zac did something that terrible, he would risk losing lots of fans. Most of his fans are women, and women hate cheaters. So, why would Zac risk it? Yeah, i agree. You don’t cheat in public for all to see.

  159. 159
    HaterSucks Says:

    @Haters Suck!(original):
    S c r e w you. I don’t know what u r talking about. I did not steal your name, so back off a – hole. It’s a free country.

  160. 160
    Lyla Says:

    “When cheaters cheat, they do so secretly”

    That’s correct……..just like Vanessa did with Josh while filming together. They didn’t come out until long after the break up had been announced.

  161. 161
    Deb Says:

    @Haters Suck!(original):
    Who cares what you think? I sure don’t. I just consider the source.

  162. 162
    Haters Suck!(original) Says:

    well f*ck you too ya little b!tch.
    obviously you care or you wouldn’t have bothered

  163. 163
    jane Says:

    Ok now my turn @fan i have to agree with u but do you think that zac and vanessa are the type to cheat i mean they have been together for so long as of 5 years..zac stood by vanessa when her pics were out and vanessa also stood by zac and its not all of a sudden that they will realise that distance is tearing them apart maybe all the instances that u mentioned when they were apart from each other may have added to everything aggravating their situation. I mean every body in a good relationship tries to compromise.Moreover we have known that zac and vanessa have proved to be different from other couples, most of the time the hookups are PR stunts that are done to promote a movie e.g liam and miley and all the jen anniston høokups and many others we have no idea of .Also if z and v were seen hanging out together speculations will start thinking they are together etc. U don’t know maybe they talk to each other in their alone time.Whatever the paps capture thats just 1% of their lives and then media makes up so many rumours which we take seriously.And then even in our personal lives when we also hang out with a person of opposite sex so many gossips start which sound so absurd, things which have not happened at all in schools and colleges coz that has happened with me and i am sure many others .If such is the plight of commeners then these are world famous celebs.Also i have to agree with lauren this time coz i never thought she could come up with something like that coz she is too busy slaming z one day and another day v no offence meant lauren u r free to write i actually enjoy ur posts .So even i think they grew apart and also the distance thing coz i don’t like to give into rumours .Well thats just my opinion everybody is making there’s as u can see and strongly feel it was MUTUAL.But of course thats just my opinion everybody will not agree of course.

  164. 164
    jane Says:

    And also their breakup was announced in dec.Did anybody hear about all these rumours abt zac and vanessa before that -not so whatever cause was there that had nothing to do with cheating. And later v said they were figuring things out which means they are on a break trying to sort things…doesn’t mean they were committed .They were spending time with other people friends and family,learing to stay apart from each other since they have been together for so long , after that maybe they talked privately and agreed to go their separate ways and then the tp thing happened which seems too media spiced up and we all know zac is very private person. I mean paps have got pics of a lot of celebs but not zac at coachella.And it sounds hilarious that zac would do whatever E reported in front of everybody and get branded as a cheater .Also tp and zac had been friends and media spiced up everything if at all the tp incident happened which has not been confirmed coz different people were saying different things. Well thats what i feel at least.

  165. 165
    florence Says:

    @jane: But yet we have NEVER seen a photo of zac with TP is so called friend that he has known for a long time. But as soon as the TP story broke he never denied anything about it only she did as usual efron kept his mouth shut, and has done so far leaving Vanessa to deal with all the questions about them from the pap’s. What did he do go into hiding for a month and now only comes out once in a blue moon.

    What some efron fans don;t like is that the spotlight has been taken off their ‘ golden boy’ and is now on Vanessa and I say so what, he has been made to fel like he is something so special in hollywood that, a stud with his stupid wink and grin that he does and then people complian about Vanessa when she is smiling, but when he does it it’s something special, don’t think so.

    To me Vanessa was always more open about the relactionship and showed him more affection then he did her in public it was only the last 12months of their time together he wanted people to see him being the perefect boyfriend and come out with all the slushy comments that he did, but if he ever got asked the marriage question you could see the fear in his face.

    Yes he stood by Vanessa in the first photo scandal, but she has also put up with a hell of a lot of crap from him with all his bragging and praising his co-star’s, that can’t have been easy, at times he has said many insensative things treating them and Vanessa like a joke, well maybe she do had enough of that. He has a LOT of growing up to do.

    And to me it’s just top much of a fluke that they were supposindly working things out and everything was fine then bam the TP story broke and that was it no more Zanessa. But you know what she seems a dam site happier and carefree now then she ever did with efron.

  166. 166
    fan Says:

    @jane. Us fans may never know whether there were any unfaithfulness between Zac and Vanessa. It’s all pure speculation from all of us, the media press, and all the gossip rumors. It could started from twitters or twitters of their friends. However, in any case, it is non of our business but theirs to sort out. The only thing I hope for is that both Vanessa and Zac can reunited, at least, as friends. Both Vanessa and Zac are good people and equally talented actors, and they came together in audition as no name stars. They have combine forces and made their names as household stars. During their times as a couple, you could see and tell that they really care and support each other. The two of them were their own support systems for emotional needs, frustrations, stress, express joy and laugher, comforting, etc. Both were going through the growing pains and survivals as Hollywood stars in the entertainment industries business. I feel both Vanessa and Zac are lose without each other. Zac knows that Vanessa is a person that will always keep all his deepest secrets confidencial. Even now, you don’t see Vanessa bad mouthing or saying anything negative things about Zac in any of her interviews. I am sure Zac will do the same. I really hope that these two will reunited, at least, as friends. I hope that they will be able to work together and film a non-musical movie together. I know actors can work together professionally, but if being close friends that will bring out more chemistry to the film and make it real good. I only seen the two in HSM series that made a cheesy movie looks good, and I would like to see if these two could make a real serious romance movie (drama, thriller, action, rom-com, etc.) that caters to audiences of age 18 years old and over.

    Hopefully their break is not harsh to each other at all. And hopefully time will heal both of them.

  167. 167
    ricarda Says:

    vanessa has versatile facial features, can be very feminine at times, but in these photos manly.
    there is nothing wrong with her outfit to suit the occasion :)

  168. 168
    tree Says:

    They have finally revealed the Blond that Zac was with the night he was drinking tequila in the VIP room. Her name is Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria Secret Model. If the story the source is telling is true then Zac, IN MY OPINION, is a man *****.

  169. 169
    mia Says:

    OMG. really? -_____- i cannot believe josh is actually dating this girl. god,i hate her,she’s a very sucky actress. her last movie was really bad for god’s sake. i just hope its an act for theri upcoming movie together. BUT. i can’t wait to see him in The Hunger Games! :D

  170. 170
    listube - online music player Says:

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