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Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens wears her favorite hat to this year’s Coachella Music Festival held on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, who wore the same floppy hat at last year’s Coachella, was spotted hanging out with Josh Hutcherson and some friends at this year’s musical event.

In addition to the top musical acts, such as Cee Lo Green, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire, this year’s event attracted other celebrities as well. Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Greene, and Kate Bosworth were also spotted at the festival.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Illesteva “Leonard 2″ sunglasses and Wkshp‘s Sioux Falls Armhole Top.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens keeping it cool at Coachella with Josh Hutcherson

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  • maria

    I see all the immature little children are up early and making their silly drive-by comments. FIrst of all, though JJ likes to drum up business with his headlines and comments, these two are just friends. THere is NOTHING that tells us they are anything more. No pics, nothing romantic. Just because they HANG OUT and do things in a GROUP, does NOT mean they are dating. Hello????

    As far as her clothes, Coachella does tend to bring out the “hippie” in people there. They are camping, listening to all kinds of music, and just having fun, like Woodstock was. WHO CARES what they are wearing?? Seriously.

    And those of you who think Vanessa is just there for publicity, or does not know music?? Well, YOU people are nuts, and don’t know a thing about her. Music is a very big part of her life, and I’ll bet she knows most of the bands there.

  • oh why


    and why are u here then, are u lost in here or just a random idiot?

  • BOJI

    Love Vanessa in her hippie outfit and her accessories are just so appropriate. Fashion is all about recycling, didn’t ya know. Those of you who think Hippies are done, well, they’re making a comeback and Vanessa is a trendsetter for sure.

  • http://youtube serena

    i know her and she told me that she datin josh hutcherson there both my cousin josh hutcherson is really hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • http://youtube serena

    i know her she told me she datin josh hutcherson there both my cousin josh hutcherson is really hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • proudofzacnessa

    Josh GUM hutcherson again?

    I love her “free” Style
    and love heeeeeeeeeeer so much ^^
    And…where is Zac? not wiht V but Zac with his friends? :(

  • magda tenšek

    @lauren accually she is giving him attention i just was on vanessa hudgens org and i was loking though photos and i saw a couple of them with josh AND VANESSA HOLDING HANDS NO LIE JUST LOOK

  • Nicky

    ya, it’s true … Josh and Nessa are holding hands at Coachella how cute… haha

  • Nicky

    josh and vanessa are holding hands at coachella … how cute …

  • lol

    vanessa’s fans are dissing josh they should be happy she found someone like josh when he deserves someone so much better..anyways they look like they are just friends

  • lauren

    uh then why would you come on here and say all this personal infoamtion on them?are you serious?

  • Soni

    They are friends. Friends can hold hands. I mean come on, Vanessa is 22 and Josh is 18. Zac and Vanessa need to get back together.
    and zac should go to Coachella even if Vanessa is there.

  • andi

    I love this look – modern hippie chick – great look for a music festival

  • DM

    The pictures of Vanessa and Josh holding hands are probably when they were trying to get inside the festival. Usually people hold hands to get into an event so that they won’t get lost from each other. If you notice Vanessa’s left hand, she is holding her hat and she’s holding Josh’s hand on right. That doesn’t look like anything to me anyway, unless some of you something different.
    If they are romantically involve, then they would be holding hands together after they got into the festival and I just don’t see any pictures of those. It looks like friends that are hanging out together with other bunch of friends and having fun. Unless there is real “proof” that they are involve with each other, then I would say they are just friends.

  • Kerri

    This just irritates me why is she holding hands with Josh Hutcherson? Vanessa you shouldn’t rush into a relationship Take your time and be single. You deserve the best. It seems like Josh is just lapping up all the attention he is getting with her i hope he realises she is on the rebound and that she is very vulnerable.

  • Kerri

    @Dm: I am sorry but as much as it pains me to say this Zac and Vanessa are over. She is clearly moving on but i can’t do that. I feel if i accept him and Vanessa then i am betraying Zac and what he and Vanessa had. I feel like my heart is riped out of my body.I can’t believe people are accepting Josh so quickly and they have forgotten what Zac and Vanessa had. 5 years is a long time.

  • Hanna

    their looks are kinda hippie -.- and i don’t like sometimes the way she dresses, it’s well… not in her favor

  • wow

    @kerri ‘josh is lapping up attention’ lol it is vanessa lapping up attention..he is getting a lot of publicity bcoz of hunger games ..vanessa not much her movies have flopped. She doesn’t have any movie except j2….so if anyone is lapping attention its her..and its josh u deserves better not hudgens

  • wow

    @kerri ‘josh is lapping up attention’ lol it is vanessa lapping up attention..he is getting a lot of publicity bcoz of hunger games ..vanessa not much her movies have flopped. She doesn’t have any movie except j2….so if anyone is lapping attention its her..and its josh u deserves better not hudgens besides it also seems they r just friends

  • !angel!

    @proudofzacnessa: ‘josh GUM hutcherson again? ‘omg u made me laugh .! no offence to josh he seems to be a nice kid and anyways @zacrunning wild tweeted that someone saw him making rounds of the stands with his friends but he is doing a good job of hiding from the paps .Maybe if paps get lucky they might get some pics of zac !

  • aly

    @!!!!????: LOSERS!

  • DM


    Yes I’m sure that Zac and Vanessa are over, but it doesn’t mean that Josh and Vanessa are dating. Pictures here doesn’t show that. The one picture with them holding hands looks like he was holding her hand to go into the event so not to get lost from one another and other friends. It also looks like he was holding someone else’s hand. He wasn’t holdiing both of Vanessa’s hands. One of her hand was holding her hat.
    Everyone has their opinion and you and I have our own opinion too. We should respect everyone’s opinion as long as our opinion is not hatred against either Zac or Vanessa. That we should both respect them and be happy for now for the two of them. I think that they might need some time apart and maybe if they are meant to be they will be together, but if not, let’s just be happy that Zac and Vanessa gave us 5 wonderful years together. And a lot of them are on you tube that we can watch over and over if we want.
    Zac and Vanessa will not be forgotten by me or whoever are Zanessa fans. Just support them both and not be judgemental on their choices.We might not be happy with their choices but we have to deal with that. Keep Zac and Vanessa in your hearts. Zanessa 4ever!!

  • lauren

    Does anyone know where her SUNGLASSES are from??? Thank you!!!

  • gracemarie

    @magda tenšek:

    LOOK YOURSELF!!!!!!!

    If you did you would see he is holding another person with his other hand. So much for romance!!! One site zoomed focused the pic so you could clearly see he was holding 2 people’s hands

    According to a poster on another board who is at Coachella – he was leading 2 of the girls through the crowd like any young man trained to be a gentlemen and respect women would do.

    My best friend who is a guy has done countless times for me.

  • !angel!

    @DM: ur comment was really heartfelt and sweet and i also think the same as you!

  • gracemarie



    On a 17 million dollar budget Beastly has made 27 million and has PRE SALES of that much before it even opens abroad in this town that’s called a hit.

    And let’s see Nylon Cover, Shape Cover, Forbes 12 Breakout Stars, Lopez, Ellen, MTV, Conan, countless newspaper including the LA Times oh yeah she really needs publicity. NOT!!!

    Oh Josh let see “Th Kids Are Alright” critically praised for his performance in a pic nominated for EVERYTHING. The 300 million Journey 1 and now landing one of the biggest roles for actors in Young Hollywood – oh yeah he needs publicity too. NOT!!!!

    Ignorance is a fascinating thing. Why don’t all you teenie boppers go live a bit maybe make some friends – WOW even a guys friend and then come back and see how silly you sounded.

  • peggy


    Milly those were the same girls who trashed Robert Pattinson to the ground when he was cast in Twilight so their opinion is invalid at best.

    People simply need to mind their own business. They are friends. And for the record I become a V fan long after HSM which I saw rather late in the game.

  • !!!!????

    It’s just unbelievable reading everyone’s post here. Just … wow!

    She could be donating a kidney to help someone or doing anything with kind or wonderful and there’s still will be people saying it’s all publicity, however, if Zac does it it’s not publicity and praises him. WOW…I just can’t believe how much HATE is out there.

  • Angela

    Such a try-hard!! I’m so sick of her smug little face

  • wow

    @gracemarie: wow u really lack intelligence since u r making up opinions about anonymous posters whom u know nothing about .,so its u who sound pathetically silly and if u tried to go out of this site u will find that a lot of sites are reporting that vanessa’s movies have not fared well at thd bo ..lets say average but surely sp didn’t do well .And anyways i was replying to a poster that said that’ josh was lapping up attention around v’..and i particulary didn’t mean it …just giving the taste of one’s own medicine and next time if u comment try keeping the comment relevant to the topic instead of throwing stupid personal remarks if u don’t want to be taken as an stupid immature little child not saying u are…and now go back read your comment and see how silly u sounded! And also try keeping your nose in your buisness instead of telling what other posters should do.!

  • sam

    it’s crazy how vanessa last year going with zac efron and the same hat…it’s a really freaky now with josh…i think just they’re friends now i don’t know :S i miss zanessa anyway vanessa for me looks so hippy haha but i think she´s gordeous like always

  • wow

    And anyways i don’t get why people are bashing josh.He seems to be friends with vanessa…and just having fun with her..

  • sim

    @!!!!????: well hate breeds hate ..even zac is getting a lot of hate right now…so until everyone stops hating on every other person it won’t stop..and yeah its true there is a lot of HATE in the world

  • saywhaaat

    For a C-list starlet who already has two box office flop in her belt and a semi profitable film (due to low budget) in her belt with a misleading popularity (being #1 in the fanforum female “celebrity” list) she’s really rocking the paparrazi in her partying habit . HEY VANESSA HOW ABOUT GOING TO ACTING CLASSES WHILE YOU STILL HAVE MONEY. Investing in education can have a long payback while partying and fast expensive cars are a short term luxury.

  • omg

    @saywhaaat: u really hit that on

  • luula

    are you talking about zac efron?

  • Kaya


  • Kaya

    I see why her and Zac made perfect Coachella accomplices they both tried too hard.

  • LMAO

    @luula: I was just going to say the same. Efron is the one with TWO flops, doesn’t do any classes ( Vanessa does), doesn’t do auditions ( Vanessa does), and just bought a pimp mobile.

  • naomi

    @saywhaaat: Obviously even free education has not improved your lot, why should she listen to you? You know she exists, she is totally ignorant of your existence. Who is investing in what again?!

    You are behind a laptop looking at her pictures, she is the one with a name recognised globally and building a career for herself. Wherever her career is at, at least she still has one and is relevant enough to land TV slots and magazine covers all over the world and be invited for auditions while you still remain a nobody, an honorary member of the faceless masses.

    Not to deter you at all. Please keep on investing in these comments, they might score you a laugh or two that will keep you in old age and sustain you through tracking V’s career.

  • sim

    @LMAO: and efron is the one who gave a box office hit 17 again..maow was a limited release so not a flop only csc flopped but critics liked zac’s performance in all the three movies so he doesn’t need acting classes..he did that when he was a kid along with piano lessons that’s in his biography besides he has two upcoming movies tlo and nye both will be sure hits at the boxoffice plus an action comedy in preproduction.,i understand u are defending vanessa but u surely don’t need to act like an ignorant fool to make v look gud..this what i said hate breeds hate ..i am sure both will have gr8 career ahead

  • !angel!

    I seriously don’t get why people come here and start dissing zac and vanessa …which actor hasn’t given a flop ? And also while u all are saying stuff abt z and v try to luk at where your career is going..surely not as better as the two..both are young and are trying to breakout,i am sure both will excel and there is no need to pit the two .They are no way in competition with each other..just because they are exes…peace and love!

  • LMAO

    @sim: Honey, even Robert DeNiro and Leo DiCaprio do workshops and such. He has a LONG way to go, as does Vanessa, but at least she reads and auditions. He created his own production company cause he wasn’t getting roles. His acting is forced and rehearsed. He NEEDS classes too.

  • James

    wow so many jealous girls on here bashing Vanessa for having good taste in music and taking ‘fashion risks’
    she doesn’t give a f*** what you pathetic haters think of her as she is 100x more successful and talented than you’ll ever be.

  • James


    Zac Efron’s acting is about as believable as a 6 foot midget.

  • sim

    @LMAO: well my last comment didn’t appear so here i go again -for the record i have never read a critic say that his acting is forced and rehearsed maybe ur personal opinion so thats okay ..but a lot of top critics have said that he surely can act,is charismatic and has potential and would do gud with gud scripts ..and he said in an interview that he is getting roles in which he is shown as cool stud like footloose etc which he is not intrested in doing ..but after that didn’t he landed the lead role in tlo like many other actors like ryan gosling ,channing tatum etc..and nye and now an action comedy in preproduction..these movies have nothing to do with his production company so surely he is getting roles that will attract a mature audience and since u don’t know him try to stick to facts and i am sure he got a production company so that he could play roles which he liked and anyways the people at WB are surely 1000 times experienced than u and me if they gave him a deal..but i will agree with u on one thing both z and v have to go a long way chill

  • sim

    @James: weren’t u the one who was bashing all the posters saying they are jealous of vanessa ..surely you are the who is jealous and also zac is 100x time better than you just ur words ..i don’t mean anything

  • sim

    @James: didn’t u just comment that girls are bashing v becoz they are lets see u r bashing zac so u r surely jealous of zac and also zac is 100x times better than you in everything..just ur words..i am not saying anything.

  • Soni

    I am going to say it again: I love Zac and Vanessa. I just do not see why they broke up. But if Vanessa IS dating Josh, I think she really is lonely. Because come on, HE IS 18!!!! She goes from someone like Zac to someone like Josh? i am not saying that Josh is not a nice guy, I am sure he is, but since I do not know exactly who broke up with whom regarding Zac and Vanessa, I think he is keeping a very low key and out of the public eye, and Vanessa is going hog wild with doing every thing, including supposely dating Josh. I will always support Zac and Vanessa and I am still hoping that sometime down the road those two will find their way back to each other. In the meantime, we, I guess, need to let Vanessa do what she wants and get it all out of her system. Just one thing though, I am sure there is drinking at this event, so Josh must be kinda out of the loop as Vanessa is 22 and drinking liquor.

  • Jonesy

    i hate it how when people go to festivals they put on this 60s/70s oh look at me I’m such I die hard hippie act