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Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens wears her favorite hat to this year’s Coachella Music Festival held on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, who wore the same floppy hat at last year’s Coachella, was spotted hanging out with Josh Hutcherson and some friends at this year’s musical event.

In addition to the top musical acts, such as Cee Lo Green, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire, this year’s event attracted other celebrities as well. Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Greene, and Kate Bosworth were also spotted at the festival.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Illesteva “Leonard 2″ sunglasses and Wkshp‘s Sioux Falls Armhole Top.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens keeping it cool at Coachella with Josh Hutcherson

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  • Lyla

    The theresa palmer thing has been proven to be untrue. Zac did not cheat on V. If anything, it’s looking more and more like she cheated on him with Josh. Even if she didn’t actually cheat, it seems that Josh may have been the catalyst for the break up, with V realizing that maybe she should expand her horizons some. I read somewhere though, that she did the breaking up because she wanted to be with Josh. Zac tried and tried to fix things, but could not. I read that, but don’t know if it’s true.

  • LMAO

    @Lyla: And THAT my dear, is a pile of poop. The TP thing was NOT proven to be untrue. You Zac shippers keep saying that…..I have YET to see where it’s “proven”. And don’t even go there with V. That girl was NOTHING but devoted to her guy…..she is and was just good friends with Josh through out filming. Don’t give us that crap.

  • zac-is-wack

    Lyla: Theresa denied that hookup but you couldn’t tell if she lied because of the hatred she got from the fans. There was no denial from the Douche side. Nothing was proven untrue. If anything, I bet that was sooooooooo true.
    That time Zac wass trying to get back with Vanessa at NC, and they met several times in LA prior to Vanessa going out of town again for work. And the next thing Zac did was hook up with that girl. Now, tell me who cheated!

  • Deb

    @LMAO: @zac-is-wack:
    Neither of you (and none of us) knows what happened in NC. It had already been reported that they had broken up. Perhaps they were trying to fix things, but they didn’t. The TP story may be true, but we also do not know what went on privately btwn them. We do not know if they hooked up. Whatever, Z and V were split by then, so Zac did not cheat.

  • HaterSucks

    Agreed. Plus, it just seems too coincidental….too convenient that these two “friends” are being seen EVERYWHERE together ALL THE TIME.

  • Lillian

    You know, it doesn’t even make sense that Zac would hook up with someone in public if he and Vanessa were still together. When cheaters cheat, they do so secretly, so they don’t get caught. They don’t flaunt it for everyone to see. C’mon people. Use a little common sense.

  • Haters Suck!(original)

    stop stealing my name how many times do i gotta tell you come up with your own.
    you keep telling yourself what makes you feel better about your little “golden boy” but it aint gonna change the fact that i think hes a cheat.

  • VanFan

    I never thought of it that way, but you do make a good point. It would be obvious that if Zac did something that terrible, he would risk losing lots of fans. Most of his fans are women, and women hate cheaters. So, why would Zac risk it? Yeah, i agree. You don’t cheat in public for all to see.

  • HaterSucks

    @Haters Suck!(original):
    S c r e w you. I don’t know what u r talking about. I did not steal your name, so back off a – hole. It’s a free country.

  • Lyla

    “When cheaters cheat, they do so secretly”

    That’s correct……..just like Vanessa did with Josh while filming together. They didn’t come out until long after the break up had been announced.

  • Deb

    @Haters Suck!(original):
    Who cares what you think? I sure don’t. I just consider the source.

  • Haters Suck!(original)

    well f*ck you too ya little b!tch.
    obviously you care or you wouldn’t have bothered

  • jane

    Ok now my turn @fan i have to agree with u but do you think that zac and vanessa are the type to cheat i mean they have been together for so long as of 5 years..zac stood by vanessa when her pics were out and vanessa also stood by zac and its not all of a sudden that they will realise that distance is tearing them apart maybe all the instances that u mentioned when they were apart from each other may have added to everything aggravating their situation. I mean every body in a good relationship tries to compromise.Moreover we have known that zac and vanessa have proved to be different from other couples, most of the time the hookups are PR stunts that are done to promote a movie e.g liam and miley and all the jen anniston h√łokups and many others we have no idea of .Also if z and v were seen hanging out together speculations will start thinking they are together etc. U don’t know maybe they talk to each other in their alone time.Whatever the paps capture thats just 1% of their lives and then media makes up so many rumours which we take seriously.And then even in our personal lives when we also hang out with a person of opposite sex so many gossips start which sound so absurd, things which have not happened at all in schools and colleges coz that has happened with me and i am sure many others .If such is the plight of commeners then these are world famous celebs.Also i have to agree with lauren this time coz i never thought she could come up with something like that coz she is too busy slaming z one day and another day v no offence meant lauren u r free to write i actually enjoy ur posts .So even i think they grew apart and also the distance thing coz i don’t like to give into rumours .Well thats just my opinion everybody is making there’s as u can see and strongly feel it was MUTUAL.But of course thats just my opinion everybody will not agree of course.

  • jane

    And also their breakup was announced in dec.Did anybody hear about all these rumours abt zac and vanessa before that -not so whatever cause was there that had nothing to do with cheating. And later v said they were figuring things out which means they are on a break trying to sort things…doesn’t mean they were committed .They were spending time with other people friends and family,learing to stay apart from each other since they have been together for so long , after that maybe they talked privately and agreed to go their separate ways and then the tp thing happened which seems too media spiced up and we all know zac is very private person. I mean paps have got pics of a lot of celebs but not zac at coachella.And it sounds hilarious that zac would do whatever E reported in front of everybody and get branded as a cheater .Also tp and zac had been friends and media spiced up everything if at all the tp incident happened which has not been confirmed coz different people were saying different things. Well thats what i feel at least.

  • florence

    @jane: But yet we have NEVER seen a photo of zac with TP is so called friend that he has known for a long time. But as soon as the TP story broke he never denied anything about it only she did as usual efron kept his mouth shut, and has done so far leaving Vanessa to deal with all the questions about them from the pap’s. What did he do go into hiding for a month and now only comes out once in a blue moon.

    What some efron fans don;t like is that the spotlight has been taken off their ‘ golden boy’ and is now on Vanessa and I say so what, he has been made to fel like he is something so special in hollywood that, a stud with his stupid wink and grin that he does and then people complian about Vanessa when she is smiling, but when he does it it’s something special, don’t think so.

    To me Vanessa was always more open about the relactionship and showed him more affection then he did her in public it was only the last 12months of their time together he wanted people to see him being the perefect boyfriend and come out with all the slushy comments that he did, but if he ever got asked the marriage question you could see the fear in his face.

    Yes he stood by Vanessa in the first photo scandal, but she has also put up with a hell of a lot of crap from him with all his bragging and praising his co-star’s, that can’t have been easy, at times he has said many insensative things treating them and Vanessa like a joke, well maybe she do had enough of that. He has a LOT of growing up to do.

    And to me it’s just top much of a fluke that they were supposindly working things out and everything was fine then bam the TP story broke and that was it no more Zanessa. But you know what she seems a dam site happier and carefree now then she ever did with efron.

  • fan

    @jane. Us fans may never know whether there were any unfaithfulness between Zac and Vanessa. It’s all pure speculation from all of us, the media press, and all the gossip rumors. It could started from twitters or twitters of their friends. However, in any case, it is non of our business but theirs to sort out. The only thing I hope for is that both Vanessa and Zac can reunited, at least, as friends. Both Vanessa and Zac are good people and equally talented actors, and they came together in audition as no name stars. They have combine forces and made their names as household stars. During their times as a couple, you could see and tell that they really care and support each other. The two of them were their own support systems for emotional needs, frustrations, stress, express joy and laugher, comforting, etc. Both were going through the growing pains and survivals as Hollywood stars in the entertainment industries business. I feel both Vanessa and Zac are lose without each other. Zac knows that Vanessa is a person that will always keep all his deepest secrets confidencial. Even now, you don’t see Vanessa bad mouthing or saying anything negative things about Zac in any of her interviews. I am sure Zac will do the same. I really hope that these two will reunited, at least, as friends. I hope that they will be able to work together and film a non-musical movie together. I know actors can work together professionally, but if being close friends that will bring out more chemistry to the film and make it real good. I only seen the two in HSM series that made a cheesy movie looks good, and I would like to see if these two could make a real serious romance movie (drama, thriller, action, rom-com, etc.) that caters to audiences of age 18 years old and over.

    Hopefully their break is not harsh to each other at all. And hopefully time will heal both of them.

  • ricarda

    vanessa has versatile facial features, can be very feminine at times, but in these photos manly.
    there is nothing wrong with her outfit to suit the occasion :)

  • tree

    They have finally revealed the Blond that Zac was with the night he was drinking tequila in the VIP room. Her name is Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria Secret Model. If the story the source is telling is true then Zac, IN MY OPINION, is a man whore.

  • mia

    OMG. really? -_____- i cannot believe josh is actually dating this girl. god,i hate her,she’s a very sucky actress. her last movie was really bad for god’s sake. i just hope its an act for theri upcoming movie together. BUT. i can’t wait to see him in The Hunger Games! :D

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