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Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens wears her favorite hat to this year’s Coachella Music Festival held on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, who wore the same floppy hat at last year’s Coachella, was spotted hanging out with Josh Hutcherson and some friends at this year’s musical event.

In addition to the top musical acts, such as Cee Lo Green, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire, this year’s event attracted other celebrities as well. Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Greene, and Kate Bosworth were also spotted at the festival.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Illesteva “Leonard 2″ sunglasses and Wkshp’s Sioux Falls Armhole Top.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens keeping it cool at Coachella with Josh Hutcherson

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170 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella with Josh Hutcherson!”

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  1. 126
    llk Says:

    and **** is a girl who sleeps with different guys everynight and that is what zac doing at least of the rumors

  2. 127
    Nicky Says:

    it seems Vanessa loves to show her underwear, she has changed and in some causes not to the best:

  3. 128
    ZANESSA Says:

    @BOJI thanks for clearing everything and i meant no offence just pissed at how people just seem to hate both.For u its easy coz u r more of a v fan but for zanessans its difficult since they have to defend both and also i want to add that zac had always been a humble,down to earth guy who loved vanessa stood by her during her bad times and vanessa has been a loyal gf taking care of him ,being headstrong no matter what came her way.So i think both of them are good people and had been in love with each other for 5 years and also whatever they are doing they are doing AFTER A MUTUAL BREAKUP. So whoever they date now its their choice and i will respect it so should the others.

  4. 129
    ZANESSA Says:

    @ zack is wack pls try writing something constructive and when u are agreeing with BOJI try to follow what he said and save others from ur pathetic rants and also prevent urself from writing bad stuff about people whom u know nothing abt and are also unaware abt ur mere existence now think who is a bigger wack and whatever bad stuff u said..(if u have the brains to)

  5. 130
    go sox Says:

    @ZANESSA: FYI, Boji is an amazing WOMAN. :o)

  6. 131
    maria Says:

    @ZANESSA: FYI, Boji is an amazing WOMAN. :o)@Nicky: Sorry, but that’s just a really silly comment. Most girls who go to concerts in warm weather wear their bikinis, etc under their clothes. I like the cool way she covered hers up for evening. How is that offensive? Is she showing any cleavage? No. Is anything else showing? No. She looks pretty cool to me.

  7. 132
    kerri Says:

    Haters are just lame. Vanessa is wearing a bikin because i imagine it must be very hot. I don’t know why people hate her she is just a ray of sunshine. Also stop bashing Zac don’t hate him because he is gorgeous he can’t help it and he isn’t a bad guy so stop with the hate. Zac and Vanessa both mutually broke up it is sad but that doesn’t mean you have to pick them apart.

  8. 133
    kerri Says:

    I meant bikini i get so worked up that i type really fast.

  9. 134
    kerri Says:

    Wait a minute wasn’t Shelly Buckner from Zac’s show he used to do called Summerland?

  10. 135
    ZANESSA Says:

    @go sox and @maria i am sorry i thought BOJI was a and sorry BOJI hope u didn’t mind.

  11. 136
    kerri Says:

    @Zanessa: I knew that Boji was a girl because most guys don’t care about celeb couples.

  12. 137
    Jean Says:

    how much is she paid to hang with that little boy? I can’t believe he got Peeta. Movie ruined!

  13. 138
    ZANESSA Says:

    @kerri: yeah i am a girl too and miss zanessa. Everything was so quite when both were together but still i luv them both and wish them luck and happiness in whatever they do whoever they date..

  14. 139
    kerri Says:

    I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More pics of Nessa I love her too much. Now all i am after is Zac pics then i am in cloud nine.

  15. 140
    DM Says:


    Yes you’re right Kerri. She had a recurring role in Summerland from the show Zac was in. How interesting that Vanessa hangs out with the friends that has some involvement with Zac either in movies, TV shows or just friends with Zac.
    I’m glad thou that she at least have same friends as Zac. That’s a good thing. The top that Vanessa is wearing looks like the same top that she wore last year at Coachella when she and Zac went. I might be wrong, but I thought I recognized that top.
    Surprise that paps haven’t seen Zac at all at the Festival but they got a lot of Vanessa. Zac knows how to hide from paps. There are so many paps in the Festival I’m sure that not one pics of Zac is seen yet..LOL!!!

  16. 141
    Teddi Says:

    @zac-is-wack: Will you people go get a calendar. Split in December, out with someone else in January is not cheating. ALL HATERS:- Comment on the pictures, not on the lives of people you know nothing about. If you do not like the acting, style whatever of someone, that is your choice, do not ram your choices down other peoples throats. And perhaps both of them should get the benefit of the doubt. Zac haters acuse fans of never believing Zac could do any wrong, and yet they are quite happy for her to hang with Josh. If Zac hung with an actress fom his last film, the haters would be tearing him to pieces, yet V can do no wrong.

  17. 142
    kerri Says:

    Cool there is a video of Nessa at Coachella go to I love Nessa!!!!

  18. 143
    jane Says:

    @Teddi: i have to agree with that besides v confirmed that it was distance that drew them apart and also the fact that haters are so ready to form their own speculations but won’t listen to what vanessa herself said about the breakup.

  19. 144
    kerri Says:

    People want to make up Sh*t and blame Zac or Vanessa but they said they grew apart [which is very sad] but who knows what the future will bring for them maybe they need the time apart and do stuff on their own and then get back together.

  20. 145
    kerri Says:

    Just because you aren’t together right now, doesn’t mean you won’t be together in the future. Love is patient.

  21. 146
    jane Says:

    @naomi if u took a look at the comments u will see that a poster by the name of @!!!!???? Who surely seems to be a vanessa fan bought zac up first and also in another comment and also a few zanessa fans who miss zac and vanessa together so i didn’t get how u are singling out zac’s fans when ur comment should be directed towards everyone and i am a zac fan and stick to zac’s thread and comment there like many others but also there are many celeb posts that i visit including vanessa coz i like her style and rarely comment and i have never trashed her . And i appreciate ur comment for vanessa coz thats really true except the sarcasm u threw for zac
    Also today when i have commented i will just say that vanessa’s outfit looks really cool and hip and i love it .

  22. 147
    LMAO Says:

    @Teddi: The calendar won’t do much good. “Break” in December, “working on things” and seen all over canoodling, and Zac traveling to NC in January to see her does not tell us they are a couple broken up. Then everything changed after the Teresa Palmer incident. Take that for what it’s worth. But THAT is why people feel he “cheated”. Cause we never saw them together again after that incident. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ended everything, including their friendship.

  23. 148
    jane Says:

    @LMAO: and what if zac and vanessa settled everything in b/w them in NC .What if they settled to be just friends after that since v said on ellen that they are friends thats the proof .U have no proof that they are not friends and what happened b/w them just speculations but there is written proof in an interview by vanessa that says it was distance that broke stick instead of making up sh*t stick to facts that would be appreciated and sure that does not require rocket science to understand.

  24. 149
    fan Says:

    @jane…Vanessa’s comment saying “distance” as a reason for their relationship’s break, that was just for the public to hear. Distance was not a problem when Vanessa was in Montreal filming Beastly for 2 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac was filming MAOW in UK for 3 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac was doing MAOW promos in UK and other parts of the country for approximately 1 months. Distance was not a problem when Zac doing all those promos for CSC movie in UK, Australia, Spain, other parts of the country for approximately one month.

    The word “distance” was used to satisfied the medias questioning regarding ending their 5 years relationship. The only people that really know why are Vanessa and Zac, and maybe their families and close friends. Us fans will never knows, which is none of our business anyway because all we are doing is make speculation that may or may not be true. Also any Hollywood couples that broke-up “always” say “we are still friends” just to let the public know that your idols are still good. However, in realities…afterward, you don’t hear or see them hanging around each other or having lunch once in blue moon. Look at Brit and Ryan after they broke-up, you see either of them tweeting about seeing or talking to each other as friend. What about Ashley and Jared M., Ashley’s representatives say they have ended their 2 years relationship and still good friend. When is the last time that Ashley tweeted about talking to her good friend Jared M. For couples that ended their relationship to become friends will take about at least a year or depending how long you relationship lasted. The longer your relationship lasted the longer it will take to overcome the pain and separation which will extend the time of possibilities reunited as friends.

    The last event that Vanessa and Zac attended was the DVD premiere of Ashley. The medias just say they were comfortable and friendly at the same event together. It didn’t sound like they are buddy buddy with each other either. Plus, you haven’t seen or heard of Vanessa and Zac going to lunch together as friend. There were tweets and sightings that Vanessa having meals or shopping with her friends like Brit, Ashley, and Laura New, but no Zac. I think it will be quite sometimes if or when Vanessa and Zac reunite as friends. For now, both will say in medias and press that “we still good friends”. Yeah, I heard that from Ben Aflect and Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Jennifer A., Justin Timberlake and Brit Spears, Jessica Simpson and Nick L., and many more. The only couple that I see that truly are friend is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

    As fans, we can only hope for the best to both Vanessa and Zac.

  25. 150
    lauren Says:

    thank you for saying this, LOL.

    the only ppl who really know what happend between them is their close friends and familes. the fans (more hard core fans) can act like they know the truth when they dont, i wasnt really a fan of either one of them and i think it was just of ” we were together for so long case, we need a break from one another thing” but what do i know, its just a guess.

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