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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth spend some more time together during the second day of the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 16) in Indio, Calif.

The couple were joined by a group of friends as they made their way to the next performance.

Earlier in the day, Kate, 28, was spotted chatting with friend and stylist Cher Coulter.

The day before, the happy couple enjoyed day one of the festival as they went to see the Kings of Leon.

Kate was also seen making her way to the PUMA Social house along with David Arquette, Eddie Murphy and others!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Topshop shirt, Current/Elliott shorts, and Isabel Marant shoes. She finished her look with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth at Coachella…

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 01
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 02
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 03
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 04
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 05
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 06
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 07
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 08
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 09
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 10
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 11
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 12
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 13

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  • Camille


    You know I wondered that myself. If KB does spend hours picking out what to wear and we all know Cher packed a box full of sh*tmint to take with her. Then she’d be spending a lot of time consulting with Cher about it. I can’t imagine Alex would want to be around for that.

  • Camille


    She doesn’t look that happy, that’s for sure.

    LOL, ok the Yuku girls are totally making sh*t up. One of them said that someone on here made a comment about Alex flipping off KB, and now they’re starting to bash everyone here about it. Uh, I just read through the comments and can’t see a single one that says Alex is giving KB the finger. What the h*ll is wrong with these chicks?

  • Camille

    Oh and again Alex and KB are the first post on here for Coachella news. Sounds about right.

  • tPF

    Isopix has images of Alex cooling off at a mister. He is drunk and heated and it appears he is flipping someone off. Yuku only post pictures to benefit their deluded dream of Kate and Alex being happy together.

  • Camille


    If that’s the one where he’s pushing up his glasses, then it’s not flipping anyone off because he’s using his index finger and not his middle one. Unless there’s another pic? If so, I haven’t seen it. Can you post?

  • Blackcat99

    Damn!She looks NASTY!Loaded up with Tackymint and flashing disgusting side boob flashes.Those shorts are so short I’m afraid her nasty ****** is going to fall out.The boobs were bad enough! I am sure as HELL I do not want to see that. I’m sorry but those legs are not healthy looking..Stick with the dresses or wear pants PLEASE!

    Where are the pictures of them holding hands and being lovey dovey?Alex walks ahead of her as usual and those aren’t looks of love I see.He looks like a man who wants to be anywhere but there.Same old same old! I do not see any great romance here!

  • Tanter

    I love it when fans of his say that it must suck to have paps after you all the time. As if it’s surprising WHEN HE IS DATING A WOMAN WHO CATERS THE PAPS ALL THE TIME. I mean seriously. It’s hardly a mystery how it goes down. Her stylist even tweeted that they were preparing her outfits. She knows the paps will be there. She wants the paps to take her picture – and more importantly pictures of HIM with her. It’s not rocket science people – it’s a famewhore in action..

  • tPF


    I will spell it out for you……pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger sticking straight up on glasses, and index finger bent and going behind middle finger.

  • hannah2

    Again, using the term dark skinned is not racist. Only americans think that. It is a common descriptive term in England and the rest of Europe and the world. Lumping all dark skinned people into the category of “black” is racist, not the other way around. IT IS DESCRIPTIVE, like saying someone has blonde hair. Geeze, there is life outside of the US.

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    At this point, i’m embarrassed for both of them. The outfit Kate has on should not require a stylist to put together, Every mall in America has teens walking around looking like that, she could just consult her local senior high school- i’m embarrassed for the stylist, too. If he’s going to do this event with her, he may as well drop the tense body language. He almost looks like a bigger douche than she does. They have a movie to promote but he doesn’t have to be there. If Kate could drop out of a charity event to flash Mexico, he could have come up with an excuse not to be there. They could’ve just proven their togetherness at lunch on Joan’s patio or something, it’s always worked before.

  • seeshay

    he looks good. she looks …OK. I’ve seen worse. I hope he’s enjoying the music but honestly neither of them look very happy. She looks happier in Mexico shots with Cher. he looks happier when alone or with friends. I just hope he gets through this year without any major drama.

  • @Gisele Bundchen#21

    You have a serious problem. . . .
    On to more pleasant things, I love Kate’s outfit and I think she looks wonderful. It’s so cute she wore a t-shirt w/ an American flag on it and Alex wore a Swedish t-shirt. I wonder if they did that on purpose. Cute.
    Can’t wait to see pictures from the Mulberry party. I’m sure that’s when she worked with a stylist as Mulberry would sent outfits to Cher for Kate to consider. They did the same for Kirsten and any other celebs they invited.

  • YvetteW

    @skarsgard wannabe – This! Maybe she needs a stylist to dress like a teenager because she is almost 30 years old. In a minute she will look like the mother who is too excited that she can fit her daughter’s clothes. As for him, well, he ought to realize that as the guy in the Jewel mint ad he is supposed to look enamored by the girl in the bedazzling jewelry. Maybe his agent didn’t explain the gig sufficiently…

  • vampcountyfan

    Love love love the idea of Askars/Taylor Swift hook-up. She’s 21, and probably a little more of a grown up than he is in some ways.

  • renee

    Kate’s doing a film with Jean-Marc Barr! I love him. I’ll definitely see that movie.

  • Kiki

    @Skarsgard wannabe:

    How do you know that he doesn’t have to be there? If their publicist says to him: “Look, Straw Dogs is a hard movie to sell, we need to get as much publicity as we can. Here’s what we need you to do.” And then shove Skeleton on his face (sorry for the bad image), does anybody really think he has a choice? He’s no Tom Hanks, he’s only beginning his carrer in Hollywood movies. He has to go along with the plan.

    Hopefully he will be free after SD premiere because he’s obviously not happy.

  • oh Please

    How old are some of you? Hating on a girl because she’s beautiful and with your heartthrob. Shame on you if you’re older than 14 but behaving like mean girls in elementary school! Do you have any idea what a joke you are to sane people?!

  • little m

    I honestly believed in this SD promotion thing, but I don’t anymore. If that was it, I think he, as he is an actor FGS, would play his part way better. His mortified or simply totally unemotional face is unprofessional for set up scene. I have no idea what it is about. If it wasn’t JJ I would suspect, that they picked the worst pics of him, but, it doesn’t make any sense. Unless Merrick is right in #71: “Seems like they have some narrative to push. Maybe it’s poor Khate with drunk inattentive, mean bf “b/c really – there must be some other pics! However,I don’t think it was a fight between them, he could even shout at her or to her, b/c it was probably very loud around them. During normal coversation everybody makes different faces. One is for sure: he is not smiling, he doesn’t look like having fun or be relaxed like he should in such fest.
    Anyway, he has got his anchor again!

  • chelle

    A@oh Please: Again and for the millionth and a half time ….most people here have not liked her way before AS came into the picture. She is a talentless freak who sucks the life out of anything she breathes on. I don’t care how “beautiful “someone is on the outside …it. takes a truely ugly person to blow off a childrens charity so all the world can see your emaciated tits. Now it’s time for her to show off her free designer clothes at this sham of a music festival …..REALLY BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!! I HOPE I CAN BE JUST LIKE HER WHEN I GROW UP!!!!

  • pose=hard

    @@Gisele Bundchen#21: That party (Mulberry) already happened. No pics of Kate or Cher. Doesn’t look like they went. and #117 – who says he’s our heartthrob? That’s the only reason to think Bosworth is an idiot? Keep on thinking that.

  • little m

    See, I have no idea if those two (actors from TVD) are a couple or not
    but they look just normal, like anyone in music fest or other outing with friends – no PDA but also no bored, sad, worried or indifferent. Just NORMAL.

  • JEN


    IKR ,
    the ones that actually see through her fake schtick are the only sane ones. Most of the people that do have been on to this life sucking parasite since she dated OB. None of this crap is new to us, if anything it’s gotten worse. She’s been at this game for years, stepping it up with each boyfriend. She has this sick need for attention, and she doesn’t care who it hurts in the process, as long as she gets it. Kate Bosworth is a demented famewh0re.

  • world of $h1t

    @WoS Forum:

    Don’t join WoS = World of Sickos. It’s a nest of the looneys :O

  • Merrick

    Trollhere @ 04/17/2011 at 10:19 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -23

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Aww…the haters are all excited cause Askars doesn’t look happy or maybe they fought. But if people fight there is makeup sex. that’s what yall can’t stand. He’s hittin it and likin it!


  • FAN

    Honestly, who knows what is going on between these two. They certainly don’t look happy but it could be the paps, the heat or just the way the pics were taken at the time. I don’t like KB but I just can’t see people going to this much trouble for a movie that was made two years ago. SD is not going to be a big money maker no matter what anyone does. If it was about promotion, he would make an appearance together but I doubt they’d spend the whole weekend together. It is weird but I think everyone reads too much into it. Only time will tell.

  • Rachel()

    @latam2012: Posting over and over again doesn’t make the first post sound any less stupid.

  • FAN

    I just don’t get these two. They certainly don’t look happy but it could be the paps, the heat, or just the way the pic was taken at the time. That pic that everyone says he’s yelling at here just looks like he’s saying a specific word so his mouth looks like that. I don’t like KB but I really can’t see people going to this much trouble for a movie that was made two years ago. SD is never going to be a big money maker no matter what anyone does. If they we’re just about making an appearance together, they wouldn’t spend the whole weekend together. I mean really, who else has put in two years to promote a mediocre movie at best. I hope I’m wrong. I think they’re a couple that has ups and downs like anyone else. I hope I’m wrong. Only time will tell.

  • okay

    make up sex with a bag of unhealthy bones…….yeah I am just rithing with envy over here

  • AnnmarieZ

    If it is the paps making him miserable, why go to this event??? You could see any of these bands on there own so why bother??? Free beer?? I don’t get it at all?? If it is not the paps making him miserable than it must be her?? But why?????? So weird.

  • BigJohnson

    She so hot, love the shorts! Makes me all tingly inside.

  • who cares?

    i think she must have issues with her feet since she never wears anything but boots that cover them up!

  • Rachel()

    @AnnmarieZ: I would totally go to Coachella. Yeah he could see all the bands on their own, but since he actually works, how would he have time? I wouldn’t. This is a much better planned outing than lunch at Joan’s. AS can see bands he likes(loud bands that drown out KB’s whining) and he can get completely wasted(also drowning out KB’s whining).

  • ForCryingOutLoud

    Their relationship has nothing to do with PR for SD or anything else. Get over it!

  • tami

    @ForCryingOutLoud: then that makes his behavior towards kate even more pathetic.

  • Sallie

    I can’t see the pics in isopix…..I can’t create an account…the page doesn’t open completely…someone knows another page where I can find this pics?

  • Camille


    Wow, no need to be totally rude about it. That wasn’t even the picture I was mentioning because there was another one. Still, I don’t think he was flipping off KB, as the Yuku nuts implied, she wasn’t even in those shots. Besides, NOBODY here said that he was, and they specifically stated someone here had said that so they’re sull of sh*t.

  • Camille

    Oh and apparently we’re all stupid because we believed the fighting tweet and not the one that said they were in love from the day before. *giant eyeroll* I’m sure you can appear to be having a decent time one day and then have a fight the next, that doesn’t seem weird to me. Good grief.

  • JEN


    I don’t understand how people can’t see there is something seriously wrong with this “relationship”. They do not act like a normal couple. What once may have started as a normal relationship has turned into nothing more than a platform for her to showcase herself on. I think she cares more about what as “Alex the TB Stud” he can bring by association rather than him as “Alex the person”. At the same time I don’t condone what he does because he’s a big boy and could have gotten out of this mess anytime he wanted to. I believe he continues to put up with her famewh0ring because he gets publicity from it as well. He’s just not on the same pathetic level as she is. Everyday is a famewh0ring day for her.

    I do believe this thing will burn itself out. She’s going to use him up until she thinks she can’t get anything else out of him, and then move onto the next hot thing in Hollywood. Then the whole cycle is going to start again, while Alex is left trying to fix his dried up career all because he couldn’t/didn’t want to tell that little pariah to get lost. He’s the only one that’s going to suffer in the end. You wait and see.

  • shoegal

    i love how under the pics of kate bosworth there’s a link that says get the look. oh can i please? moccasin booties, shorts with pockets hanging out and a trashy t-shirt. does the stringy hair and waft of desperation come with that? or do those cost extra?

  • Doreen

    I’m starting to think that other friend of hers took those Mexico pictures. She isn’t in any of the ones that got uploaded, only Kate and Cher are. The only time we knew she was there is from Cher posting different pictures than what went out to the gossip sites. Does anyone else have this suspicion as well?

  • more pics coachella day 2
  • Merrick


    is he cheating or beating her? kate doesn’t look unhappy at all. you looneys always say she can’t act so she can’t play happy lol they may fight but ah the makeup sex is sure worth it *drools*

  • more pics coachella day 2
  • tami

    @Merrick: looney? wtf. i’m not even a kate fan. i was talking about his grumpy behavior when he is around her. do you have to be combative with everyone?

  • more pics coachella day 1
  • The Spin

    !@oh Please:

    How old are you? Hating on fans that you don’t know because they don’t agree with you. Shame on you if you’re older than 14 but behaving like a mean girl in elementary school! Do you have any idea what a joke you are to sane, opinionated people that refuse to be one of your Lemmings?!@oh Please:

  • more pics coachella day 2
  • Skarsgard wannabe

    That’s not the real Merrick who does strongly defend her position but also provides links and wouldn’t talk about makeup sex between AS & KB or say that they look like a real couple. There is a poster who uses/steals her moniker to post under on almost every thread, best to ignore it and it will get bored and stop.
    I get the desperate need the producers have to recoup $$ from Straw Dogs. Don’t know who was “smart” enough to greenlight that project in the first place. It was never going to be a moneymaking project because it’s not about a superhero and with a graphic rape scene it isn’t family or date friendly at all. I totally expected him to show up at Coachella with her. I guess i’m just so over the whole thing that everything about them makes me roll my eyes. Having typed that out, I realize it’s best to leave the posting to people who give a sh!t one way or the other now. I’ll be lurking though because with the exception of the “ya’ll are fat, jealous girls” posters, everyone on this thread has some sharp wit & interesting pov’s.

  • tami

    @Skarsgard wannabe: ah, that makes sense. the make up sex comment was kind of weird coming from her. i should have known it was an imposter. lol.

  • Di

    Lol, go look at the pics from Day 1 linked in comment 145. Click through them really fast and tell me it doesn’t look like he’s looking for the last precious drops of the booze in all of the empty cups in front of them on the bar. Poor, dumb boy… If there is a narrative we’re supposed to by here–he’s not treating her right, poor Kate, etc.–I have a feeling he might be blindsided by it. That’s not to say he’s not aware of being photographed and possibly being set up for photographs, but I wonder if he will be surprised at how he is represented when all this business is said and done.