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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth spend some more time together during the second day of the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 16) in Indio, Calif.

The couple were joined by a group of friends as they made their way to the next performance.

Earlier in the day, Kate, 28, was spotted chatting with friend and stylist Cher Coulter.

The day before, the happy couple enjoyed day one of the festival as they went to see the Kings of Leon.

Kate was also seen making her way to the PUMA Social house along with David Arquette, Eddie Murphy and others!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Topshop shirt, Current/Elliott shorts, and Isabel Marant shoes. She finished her look with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth at Coachella…

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 01
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 02
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 03
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 04
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 05
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 06
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 07
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 08
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 09
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 10
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 11
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 12
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 13

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  • Di

    Omg, a narrative we’re supposed to BUY. *face palm*

  • Rachel()
    Please tell me that’s not “Jewelmint…um..uh…jewelry”. Looks like Kate and Cher bought a friendship bracelet making kit and had the stellar idea of making a necklace instead! Or maybe they went to summer camp and signed up for a super fun craft class?

  • Sandy

    I even prefer BAG and Megan Fox than this couple. I love Alex, but not w Kate. She’s possessive and clingy.

  • Rochelle


    But BAG and Megan Fox act like a couple in love. I first heard of Megan Fox via Dlisted as she was pictured grabbing BAG’s junk at a lunch date they went on together. 3 years later they are now married.

  • No_Famewhore_Lovers_Allowed

    @tami: @Skarsgard wannabe:

    Thanks, SWB. Tami, I do not like to think of Khate dressed …..going there makes me more nauseous.. I’ll say the only positive thing she had going was a cuteness and nice body in Blue Crush. After that, the drugs, anorexia and procedures have left looking haggard and 10+ older looking than she is. For someone at an outdoor festival, she has a awful lot of makeup on. This is the type of venue for maybe powder, tinted lip gloss and a light coat of waterproof mascara…she looks like a circus clown with too much blush in some shots.

    I feel bad that there seem to be no shots of Skars having a good time like when he was at WOW. He looks irritated and disinterested in the shots. Well, he got himself into the whatever and hopefully it will end soon. Funny that all the Swedes that seem to be in town and not one came to Coachella? Odd.


    Yeah, Trolls …No _ FameWhore _Lovers is one of my minions ( like you people like to say)….nothing like college students with computers and a lots of time on their hands to mess with fools like you.

    Laters, taking the minions out to eat…they’ll be back later to mess with the trolls.

  • takeofftheblinders

    @Camille: That was TPF who made the flipping comment, I think YUKU got it confused

  • Actually..

    @hannah2: Actually, in America black is a term for people of African decent. African American is a bit confusing because it then doesn’t give people who recently emigrated to America a title. So black is just a short hand term for someone who has dark skin and is descended from people from Africa.

    In America we call people from India Indians, Arabs are Arabs, Iranians are Persians, and Native Americans are Native Americas. We don’t just use the term black as a catch all for people with dark skin. At least not here in Northern California. If you called any of my Indian friends black you would get yelled at (at the very least).

  • Marissa

    Her hair looks like Rod Stewart from the 80′s or Vince Neil from Motley Crue. She is gross. A fashion icon???? Puhlease!!! She looks ridiculous wearing the clothes she wears. She is not 18!

  • Bebe2

    @hannah2: Unless you are a black person ,how can you tell me what is racist and what is not? We dare not say “dark skinned: because there are over 30 different hues of the black race. So Hannah until you are a black person and have walked in their shoes, please don’t comment, I am well aware that there is life outside the USofA. Please stick to what you know and do best, bashing Kate, not trying to tell another black person what they should or should not be called, Thank You.

  • The Truth

    lol look at all you jealous ugly catty b*tches

    you will NEVER get A. Skarsgard so quit your dreaming you morons

    Kate Bosworth WINS

  • tami

    @The Truth: your comment says more about you then anyone here, sweetheart. :)

  • Freedom

    oh hell just drop her already. this charade is making me tired… i don’t ever know what to say about this anymore, it’s just frustrating to watch this sh*t

  • Buy the Epic Love Story

    Get a free Tackymint piece.

  • Rachel()

    @Bebe2: Omg! Why is this conversation still going on? You wanna know how to divide races and make racially diverse ppl uncomfortable around each other? Call everything someone says racist, whether they intend it to be derogatory or not!! Congratulations, you’re doing a great job in your plan to make white, caucasion, European American, or ‘light skinned folk’ so afraid of coming off as a RACIST that they completely stop speaking to black, African American, or ‘dark skinned people’. News flash: black people aren’t actually black, not every “African American” is from Africa or America, and you “politically correct” people are doing both the black and white race a disservice. Words aren’t as important as intent. I really don’t think that the person who made the original post was trying to be racist. If she was, then she’s a tool. If everyone’s done self-righteously arguing over political correctness can we please get back to the important task of examining why AS continues to associate w/ that unsettling creature?

  • Ladybug

    @Actually..: Interestingly, here in my Midwestern backwater, the Native Americans I know will call themselves Indian. But only in private and outsiders don’t get to call them that.

  • Ladybug

    @Rachel(): I think I love you :)

  • Actually

    @Ladybug: lol. I’ll believe it. I always say that I’m my Asian group of friend’s token white/blonde friend, but was really offended when I went to my friend’s birthday party and this guy came up and kept asking me “How does it feel to be in the minority now?” umm, great. I hadn’t really noticed until just now.

    Sorry for the late commentary, I was late for joining the tread. And I agree I don’t think that the op was being racist. I was a bit offended until she said she wasn’t from the States and she meant no harm. It was a simple lost in translation moment. I just felt a need to correct her when she lashed back saying that Americas were wrong for lumping in all people who weren’t white into the catch all term of black. I just wanted to explain why people were offended at first. The issue Americans take with calling someone the dark skinned one is that to us it reads as “I can’t even tell what continent that person/his or her family is originally from because everyone who isn’t white looks the same to me”. Obviously that’s not how it reads in England, so I let it go.

    And yes I see the irony of her calling Americans insensitive for not respecting other cultures when our/my issue was that she wasn’t respecting other people’s histories. And then the argument starting up that she wasn’t respecting us. And now arguing over that. Let’s all just laugh at ourselves and let it go, after all none of us are perfect. (I know I’m laughing at it all myself.)

  • Really?

    @Buy the Epic Love Story: Never free – 50% off with $ .02 to charity for a limited time only.

  • Rachel()

    @Ladybug: Aww. = )

  • Mike

    What a wonderful couple.

  • Cafélady

    @Ladybug #85 **Her dress Friday was cute. The boots with shorts look I don’t understand period. Especially when you’re going to be walking/standing most of the time.**

    well, seems like it was hot there…so I understand, if someone wants to wear “light clothes” in that case…but anyhow, I have not to like it… the shoes were ok, because on an event like this open air festival sandals are mostly not a good idea, so I find it understandable to wear some boots…but her dress yesterday was very much better (in my book)…I liked it…

  • chelle

    @more pics coachella day 1: Wow!! Could she pose any harder in those pictures? Funny how AS was only in the first couple …..btw my 14 year old neice actually has shorts like that ….she looks cute. Hole looks like shes working for her ticket home.

  • new tweet

    Alexander Skarsgard at @LACOSTELIVE party. It’s so hot, his arms are glistening w sweat. Gf Kate Bosworth headed back to LA 4 work already half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    also found this comment on Celebitchy –

    I am actually attending Coachella this weekend and have VIP tickets as well. I have probably run into Alex and Kate at least 3 times already. Alex is always trying to get away from the pap’s, and he drags Kate away. I nearly ran into him one time coming in through the
    entrance. Also, Kate looks incredibly skinny in real life, but I’m sure her standing next to Alex doesn’t help the comparison!

  • Ladybug

    @Cafélady: Hot during the day, cooler at night, so a bit of a packing problem, wear comfy, sturdy sandals during the day and bring socks in bag to throw on when cooler? Not being a fashionista, that’s what I’d do.

  • Rachel()

    @new tweet: Links? Please!

  • Doreen

    Kate has to start work on her new movie. Good riddance, now Alex can actually have some fun at Coachella.

  • Ladybug

    @Doreen: Kate has a job?

  • Di

    When is that Tweet actually from? I thought that party was yesterday afternoon. Also, the same feed for Lacoste Live (or whatever) mentioned something about being glad to have @justjared there, so maybe that is why posts have seemed slower in spite of a busy weekend for celebrity photogs!

  • Di

    @Ladybug: Unfortunately. “Big Sur”, a Jack Kerouac adaptation with Josh Lucas and another Dude Whose Name I Don’t Recognize. How does this keep happening?

  • Doreen


    Surprisingly yes. Her movie with Josh Lucas has started production I guess. She`ll probably have the usual 10 lines in it and JJ will post about it non stop.

  • Camille


    JJ is there, the tweets are his. He`s creaming his pants because Alex keeps lifting his shirt to wipe sweat off his face. Hope we get some pics of him without the useless sidekick.

  • Camille

    LOL ok, so apparently my comments are awaiting moderation. I guess JJ doesn`t want his twitter advertised but he`s ok with everyone else`s?

  • Di

    @Camille: LOL @ “keeps lifting his shirt to wipe his sweat”. Of COURSE he does. BTW, did you get to see the “searching for booze in the empty cups” pics? Clicking through Day 1 pics in sequence and really fast is super funny. *sigh* You know, sometimes the biggest reason I look forward to work on Mondays is getting to a computer with a faster Internet connection and a bigger screen. I hope we get some pics that will make us all very happy tomorrow morning! Good night!

  • Cafélady

    @Ladybug well…fashionista or not, I have no problem with that dress, she can wear whatever she wants – but like I said before, I have not to like it…and I think a festival isn’t a fashion show…so…
    but I can understand if people think she wants to be a fashionista or they suppose that she insists(?) on that (that she is it)…that this people criticize her dress-choices…for me is only important; do I like a dress or not (don’t mind whether the dress is “high-fashion” or not)…but it’s ok if some people think otherwise about that…

  • Camille


    Ha! Doesn`t surprise me. Poor bugger has to get sh*tfaced just to get through the day with that bony clinger. I`d be knocking them back too.

  • Cafélady

    @Ladybug #175 ..well…fashionista or not, I have no problem with that dress, she can wear whatever she wants – but like I said before, I have not to like it…and I think a festival isn’t a fashion show…so…
    but I can understand if people think she wants to be a fashionista or they suppose that she insists(?) on that (that she is it)…that this people criticize her dress-choices…for me is only important; do I like a dress or not (don’t mind whether the dress is “high-fashion” or not)…but it’s ok if some people think otherwise about that…

  • Cafélady

    @Ladybug sorry, for the double post…

  • Jessie

    “Oh Kate Bosworth is definitely a cokehead“. LOL nice tweet.

  • kristen

    wow, those legs! amazing!

  • bonita

    I loved the black dress Kate wore the first day. The flag t-shirt was from Top Shop. I like that she wears lots of things from Top Shop and H&M. She’s not married to designer wear altho she makes whatever she wears look like expensive designer pieces. I also thought it was cute that AS wore the Sweden shirt and she wore the American flag. Kind of a cute statement whether it was intentional or not.

  • @189

    The “Dude who’s name” you don’t recognize is Jean-Marc Barr. A brilliant actor who does many Lars Von Trier films. Kate is the female lead opposite Jean-Marc and Josh Lucas. It’s about a very dark period in Jack Kerouac’s life. Should be very interesting.

  • Jessie

    Pics of Alex at the Lacoste party. Looks like he doesn`t mind touching girls that aren`t KB. Haha! He does look pretty sweaty. Dude, put some shorts on next time instead of jeans.

  • kiki

    I like to think the uber hot Alessandra Ambrosio (VS Angel, & all-around wet dream) stalked Coachella in hopes of pressing herself up against Alexander. Now, THEY would make one hot couple. Yes, it might be uncomfortable to know they’d roll around butt-naked together, but I prefer that imagine to the one bosworth presents. A Viking should NOT have sex with a Skipper doll! (imagine the look on bosworth’s face if she came face-to-face with an Alessandra flirting with Hot (or not) sex aside, the point isn’t bosworth’s looks or style, friends, or non-talent. The issue is with her walking thru the world as if it revolves around her, and treating all like shit. She’s got to be front and center of attention…a syndrome many only-children fall prey to. She couldnt even let her friend flirt with the bartender on Friday. bosworth had to have the guys attention(go back and check out the pics again) Also, more evidence of Alexander’s misery is on -a few more pics from Saturday.

  • Jessie

    Close of up him and Kiki Dunst. Too bad Skars didn`t get with her.

  • Jessie

    Looks like he enjoyed Malin Akerman`s company too.

  • Jessie
  • Rachel()

    @Jessie: Now Malin’s beautiful. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together. Kirsten would be better than KB too. She’s like a healthier, younger looking, smarter version of Kate, but w/ talent…and a career…and, she doesn’t shove ugly pasted together jewelry down our throats. Needless to say, think she’d be an upgrade!

  • Blackcat99

    @Jessie: Wow! He looks so much happier and relaxed without the life sucker Oh!I mean Kate around.I feel more chemistry between Alex and these two women than with Kate.Lucky Girls!

  • Jessie

    Alex went from the Lacoste party to Coachella with JJ! WTF? So people still don`t believe there`s and arrangement hey?
    Jared wasn’t lying when he said ASkars was in the backseat. They’re here together!!!!!!! *dying* #coachella