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Brad Pitt: Brad Grey's Wedding Guest!

Brad Pitt: Brad Grey's Wedding Guest!

Brad Pitt suits up to celebrate Paramount CEO Brad Grey‘s wedding to Cassandra Huysentruyt on Saturday (April 16) in Bel-Air, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor (in David Yurman “Exotics” sunglasses) took his rep, Cynthia Pett-Dante, as his date to the wedding.

Earlier in the week, Brad and Angelina Jolie took in a performance of God of Carnage in L.A.

FYI: The Brads teamed up back in 2002 to form Plan B, a production company, back when Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston. After they split, Brad and Brad moved the company to Paramount Pictures.

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    TO Wheres.da.homewrecking.ho :

  • Play

    Lol,wasnt brad and angle at the play a few days ago,funny how the trolls forget so easily,Those pics with the fans after the play kinda kills the bs about any breakup,but continue,lol

  • g

    She’s acts like she doesnt want to be photographed. I woudnt be surprised if she’s depressed right now.

  • Kimmy

    @Phoebe: hahahahahahahahaha

  • Pitussa is the best


    She will go to Cannes with him.
    They have to sell two movies


  • Brad Grey

    Brad Grey never liked Angelina, he is Brad Pitt’s buddy, he only tolerates Angelina for Brad Pitt. Grey’s wife doesn’t like Angelina either.

  • bdj

    Geez, Hens take a break. Go support Baby Jane and her 15 minutes movie. Ole girl needs ya.

  • Play

    Lol,yeah she really looked depressed at the kungfu panda press junket,lol,not,try again

  • Truth

    @Play: did she look happy to be there? She looked depressed and sick. At least she didn’t let him make her go to this wedding. I really think something is going on with Jolie. I think she realized brad doesn’t love her the way she thought he did. She over romanticized all of her relationships this one included because she’s desperate to have some big love story. I hope she just announces a breakup and gets it over with so she can move on. It’s pretty obvious brad is in party mode even with 6 kids and Angie is in motherhood/save the world mode.

  • LAURA.the hag.STFU


  • A lurker

    Brad looks dapper, a little too casual for the event. He looks handsome as usual.

  • g

    @Play: that was promotion for a movie where she had to smile.


    Suck that up Laura whora

  • bdj
    Video at site

    Back Home- Rebuilding community in the Lower 9th Ward

    Last week I got a chance to be a part of Project New Orleans with Momenta Workshops, and to learn photography and different ways of seeing from some inspiring coaches like Jamie Rose, Chris Usher, and Tom “TA” Smith. My challenge was to produce a multimedia video about Make It Right, Brad Pitt’s non-profit dedicated to building sustainable housing in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. It was a great experience meeting and hearing some of the stories from the residents, and how hopeful they are for the future of New Orleans and the 9th Ward.

  • bdj

    Truth be told, hens are nutty deranged trolls living in the past.

  • kangy

    Cats get such a bad name, they are independent and don’t do tricks for you unlike dogs. X is an old dog lady not a cat lady. Please give us cat ladies a break we are independent and free thinking. Cats would love Angelina and Brad. Mew mew. Nothing against dogs though.

  • Play

    Lol,you people see what you want to see,lol,6 and a half yrs together and the breakup bs is still talked about,see you guys 6 and half yrs from now I am outta here,ciao

  • vodka

    If you go to M4 as much as it looks like from your posts, you can read the articles and find out that Angie is shooting some additional scenes for her movie with actors who came from Europe for that. She has better things to do then show her dress at some wedding just to satisfy craploids and fools like you.

  • http://deleted LAURA



    Dear Sun, because you asked so nicely, I’ll reply:
    I’m not obsessed with ‘Jennifer,’ HOWEVER….
    I am extremely diligent about pointing out what a scheming coattail riding fraud she has been for the last 6 years, stupidly concentrating her efforts on a losing ‘team aniston’ battle w/ the JPs, trying to demonize them, instead of GETTING A LIFE and maybe taking a few acting lessons.
    Her priorities have been 1) running covert actions against the JPs courtesy of her mean queen PR flack Stephen Huvane, 2) fake showmances w/ somewhat famous names to try and ‘compete’ against the JPs legendary love story (I know, it’s so hilarious and pathetic, AS IF…!!) and 3) bending over asss in air in Mexico posing for the papz (that she called), all to get people who buy tabloids to forget about her aging puffy filler face, and focus on her aging male-hormoned induced asss (by the way, a funny aside, Courtney Cox Arqueef, admitted on Howard Stern, when he asked about her ta-ta baring swim in the ocean, that she knew the photogs were on the beach, and she was trying to work it — looks like Manny’s pal, just confirmed what a scheming fraud she is, hahahaha!).
    If Maniston would MOVE ON, for realz — I wouldn’t say word one about her, or ever think about her again, for the simple reason that I find her incredibly stupid, incapable of articulating anything, devoid of personality and talent.
    She was the least pretty and least talented on friends, so why would I (or anyone) care about this woman without the fabric of ‘Brangelina’ that she has woven herself into?!
    I only deign to care now for one significant reason, she is like a leech on the JPs ass and she can’t be shook. She’s had tons of opportunities to nip all of this in the bud, and she refuses to act. She needs her own manufactured ‘I’m ‘poor Jen,’ please hate them for what they did to me, especially Angelina!’ like a fish needs water.
    Hey sun, please let me know when she and her PR flack fall off the assses of the JPs, like the useless ticks they are, and when they stop using drunk profane vile cable wh*res to attack Angelina, and stop using her PR flack’s butt buddies like Rob Shuter to kick the JPs in the head…..
    ….and I’ll stop exposing her for the fake, ugly loser that she is.

  • meg

    Angie is becoming a recluse. while brad is MR hollywood. This relationship is doomed.

  • Dasha

    Damn he’s hot!!

  • Monica

    Mr. Pitt looks so happy, sexy.

  • beverlyhills

    you trolls won’t get a split confirmed till mid june anyway.
    tree of life and kung fu panda both come out 26th may, they won’t want break-up talk then, and it’s angelina’s birthday on 4th june…..

    if brad is really filming world war Z in london, england in july 2011, this will test if angelina goes to europe with brad..if angelina goes to europe, they is not split/break-up

  • Pitussa is the best


    Baby jane bla bla bla

    I sincerely believe that Angelina has a problem

    My Queen Pitussa said it was aye an eating disorder and had to eat at the wedding

  • duh

    @vodka: We all know Angelina is going to be on the tabloids this week. 1. for looking sick at the play and now 2. for not showing up at this wedding.

    Star === Angelina refuses to get help for drug problem
    in touch == Brad doesn’t invite Angelina to the wedding because he wants to hookup with jennifer or one of his other exes.

    of course brad doesn’t mind these tabloid headlines. :)

  • duh

    @beverlyhills: Angelina doesn’t need to pretend to be with brad for panda. panda has a built in fanbase like every other cartoon… she doesn’t even need to promote it if they don’t want her to.

  • beverlyhills


    BS…angelina did a ton of interviews for kung fu panad in cannes 2008..she was in a room with jeffery kezenberg on a chair, and the interviewers came in one by one…

    same will happen this year.

  • Lucy

    Brad Pitt and Brad Grey, two very successful men in their own way. If I have a son, I will name him Brad.

  • Kate

    People get a life……

  • beverlyhills

    angelina even had to promote the KFP DVD in november 2010 for god’s sake (short black dress L.A) no brad at dvd carpet.

  • bdj

    Baby Jane is trip. Stop reading the blogs and you will not get upset, Baby Jane. Stop having your two paid hens spam threads and smear on Angelina Jolie. BP and AJ are living their lives. They do not care about the rags, only paid hens.

  • Pitussa is the best

    pitussa wrote:

    smiley: sickAnd Santa Angelina? was saving the world or she was not invited?
    This manager was not fired?smiley: eyesThe owners of the M4 ( gulli, Bev ) must be sadsmiley: frown
    They never give false informationsmiley: roll

  • bdj

    Baby Jane is a trip and the trolls is the pitts. Stop reading the blogs and you will not get upset, Baby Jane. Stop having your two paid hens spam threads and smear on Angelina Jolie. BP and AJ are living their lives. They do not care about the rags, only paid hens.

  • duh

    @beverlyhills: it was the fist Panda movie and She already did International press for panda 2 a few days ago. You really think they need Angelina to promote Panda 2? Like I said it already has a built in fan base.

  • just sayin

    Brad is so hot.

  • Pitussa is the best


    Your obsession with Jennifer makes you more pathetic

  • bdj

    Hmmm I wrote baby jane. Your obsession with Baby Jane is sick. Now suck it up and get a life.

  • pls

    JLO always dresses to the nine, tries to upstage everyone. Remember what she was wearing at the premiere for CCOBB.

  • beverlyhills


    why did KFP 2 spend all that money on those props and dress the set up with all those laterns and ballons etc? a whole day to promote it????
    angelina will go to cannes to promote kfp to america access hollywood, extra etc etc

    anyway, it doesn’t matter, because brad and angelina are going to cannes, so even if it’s just brad’s TOL, there still will not be allowed break-up talk becasue either one of them will be at cannes 2011.

    like i said, mid-june at the earliset, if at all

  • bdj

    Via Facebook
    The New York Sartorialist
    Finally watched “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Her dress and styling were the most impeccable of any actress I’ve seen in a movie from the past 40 years. We’re going back to Sophia, Audrey, Rita or Grace Kelly since an actress took over the screen in such a way. Had to watch it twice.

  • bdj

    The troll can’t come up with her own name too funny. Beverlyhills might like to promote things on JJB, but she is a fan of BP and AJ. Nice try troll.

  • dianad1968

    This is MHO, but I wish fans didn’t feel the need to defend Brad and Angie’s actions and decisions to these obvious fools. No one knows anything about this family, except that they are very much together, as can be seen by their recent date night, when, by all accounts, they were their usual all-over-each-other selves. So Angie didn’t accompany Brad to a wedding….SO WHAT. It is also obvious that these idiots spouting c*ap have a lot of missing brain cells. They are not worth the time and effort. So let them self-combust in anticipation of the elusive “break up”. It will be more entertainment for us. Like I said, JMO.

  • cook

    …what the world coming to, thumbing down my baby bdj?…knock it off trolls or I’ll be forced to thrash yous…

    …GO SPURS! GO CELTICS…the oldest champions in the play-offs need to get it done for ole times sake…


    I find it interesting that all the men ive seen at the wedding have white shirts on. Whats that about?

  • holy moly

    Hello Mr. Brad eternal hot Pitt..

  • Dul

    Bervelyhills About Wedding


    hi flustered doc
    another Angie & Brad sighting but I did not see them.
    but, they ARE inside.
    tx for all updates.


  • cook


    …I apologize for hurting your feelings last night…please forgive me…

  • beverlyhills


    lol…now that was funny..beverlyhills = FAIL

  • Ellen

    This man seems to get sexier with age.