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Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio and best bud Lukas Haas take in the scene at Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 16) in Indio, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor wore a Beastie Boys shirt to the star studded music fest.

Leo also was spotted making a phone call as he checked out the first day of performances during Coachella.

Leo and his Titanic co-star, Kate Winslet, were recently voted the most romantic on-screen couple of all time in a popular vote from ABC News and People magazine.

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Credit: Dome/Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Tellar Calcagno

    Love Leo! He is so hot! So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men can’t handle a strong woman. I won’t cry for all the hunger in my heart. I’m dying to have a baby. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I want my son(s) to look like him. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter but I’m excited to see what the future brings.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Leonardo looks so handsome! :D

  • Ashley Leggatt

    I hope that Leo drops out of many of the following projects as it is difficult to follow with so many:
    The Devil in the White City
    Conspiracy of Fools
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Infiltrator
    The Guardians
    The Many Deaths of Barnaby James
    Travis McGee
    Beat the Reaper
    The NeverEnding Story
    Untitled Brian Koppelman and David Levien Project
    Untitled Twilight Zone Project
    Untitled Gucci Biopic
    In Dark Woods
    Brave New World
    Untitled Michael Mann/1930s Noir Project
    The Chancellor Manuscript
    The Low Dweller

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Leonardo so cute and sweet he just adorable

  • Carla Börjesson

    Leo is just so cute and gorgeous!
    treated myself to a thai massage today and am still giggling over the female masseuse’s major fascination by my BIG beautiful butt hahha… It’s mesmerising!
    Heading to a party at Coachella tonight wearing my new hot dress for a beer in the sun! :)

  • The game

    Leo so hat and handsome

  • Matt

    @Carla Börjesson:

    ha ha ha, did she offer you a “happy ending’!!!!

  • Sligo and kaz stupid!!!

    Leo form hollywood ebhahahaha

  • Fun Dicaprio

    I Love just leo

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I love 3 only in hollywood,
    leo dicaprio, candice and Irina,

  • h


  • a

    loooooooooool lukas haas is a joke

  • Aviator

    these are really cute pics…. F*ck you to #12, you are rude!!

  • boom

    i think lukas is hot. even leo cant make him look bad :)

  • carrie

    oMG JJ found a famous people for the site and not a famewhore à la Bilson/Lucas/Greene

  • kerri

    Leo Should dump that Bar chick and get with Kate Winslet.

  • a treat

    Jared, gosh , two new sets of pix of sexy Leo in two days , thanks !

    I love the two gals. Sat was Lukas’ 35th birthday . Happy Birthday, Lukas .

  • a treat

    Sorry, typo, meant two PALS :) :)

  • XYZ

    Wow, the lovers are 2gether again?

  • let the music play

    making a phone call, Jared ?

    have you never clued in yet that Leo does the fake phone call routine to hide his face ???

  • Dasha

    Handsome and so talented, yes that’s Leo<3

  • tinkerbell

    he looks so groovy and cute here…love to see him out without the appurtenance (br) and like the bracelets and BB shirt—I love the beasties, always did the rocked the house at Tibetan Freedom–love daft punk’s remake of intergalactic…also have loved Paul’s Boutique since 1988 when it came out. saw them at The Building in 1992–
    (defunct manhttan club)

    tellar calcagno,,, could you post that on eharmony not here???

    also wish I was there !!!!!!!

    not bothering to hide here—does he really do that fake phone call to hide his face? interesting

    MORE LEO please no BAR we arent posting on her threads anymore–in any case I’m not, I dont like her so why bother,

  • tinkerbell

    @Ashley Leggatt: ashley stop posting this nonsense. everyone knows that some projs will go through, some wont, leo is the most in-demand actor in HW because he can guarantee box office for the suits and quality for the artistes, its been like that since titanic—the suits wanted matthew mcco aughey and cameron wanted billy crudup, ethan hawke or steven dorf…leo was the compromise, the total package with looks and talent…

    some of these will drop away and some more will get added–its a case of hurry up and waste, but stop posting the same nonsense.

  • tinkerbell

    @Tellar Calcagno:

    get some help then but stop posting on his his threads, seriously, I am sympathetic but there are better places to vent dahling.

    i am glad they have been friends for decades…shows leo is a loyal person who can/will keep friends that long.

    and no, they are not lovers, just male friends. some people have the same buddies for ever. leave luke alone. he’s the musician, probably he wanted to go,

  • tinkerbell

    if you want a kid that looks like him find some dude at some bar with a sort of resemblance and go for it. This IS crazy but if it makes you happy…

  • crazeeegrl

    wow he looks so handsome. young and thinner. Nice leo!

  • Scorpio 16

    Still cute!

  • L


  • Amanda

    Kate & leo voted the most romantic couple of all time!!Woww!Ahead of Gable-Leigh & Bogart-Bergman.Well,they should be proud.Who can forget that memorable clip of Titanic at this year’s oscars for its 11 oscar achievement along with Gone with the wind!

  • let the music play


    yes, the phone routine makes it less obvious that he is not giving the paparazzi their desired clear shot ; clever lad.

    re: your comments to post #3;well said.

  • Al

    I wonder who he went to go see.

  • new name

    i posted this on the las tthread about this tshirt…look at 1.35 on this video its the same tshirt haha….. @laura i saw those pics and realized something that goes to show just how down to earth he is….the man makes 25 mil a pic (and thats just movies he has his toe dipped in many other things) and i noticed in the pic that hes wearing the same tshirt he wore 4 YEARS ago while going somewhere with that girlfriend of his, thats 4 YEARS later and he still years the same t…haha i find this hilarious and admirable on his part i must say!

  • LA ROCKS love this pic SUPER hot… hes representing LA with the hand signals YAAAAA haha

  • LA ROCKS huh who knew these two were buds…..once again leo representin wth the ‘west coast’ sign :D LOVE HIM

  • LA ROCKS huh who knew these two were buds…..once again leo representin wth the ‘west coast’ sign :D LOVE HIM

  • laura

    jared u missed out on the suuuper cute pics of him texting/smiling at his phone AD ORABLE……these will suffice tho!

  • K

    love the chain and the bracelets mmmmmm WHAT I WOULDNT DO…….

  • Sidewinder

    wow he looks like he is have a great time standing there like a cold statue ,

  • curious george

    just a thought, doesnt the myth go that the size of a mans peen is from his thumb to the tip of his index finger?? LA ROCKS pic just reminded me of it hehe and if its true than WOWZERS leo thats impressive :D

  • l

    @Sidewinder: Go to hell! Leo doesn’t look like a cold statue!

  • @laura

    I have seen photos of him texting but not `smiling at his phone`. Can you post the link to that one, please? Thanks.

  • Laura = Barf

    oh PUHLEEEZ LMAO… that person posting as Laura is Barfie herself wishing Leo had texted her desperate wish Barfie LOLOLOL
    I bet Leo got some last night and it wasn’t from YOU…hahahahaha

  • #32

    and u SEARCHED for THAT link???????? o wow! woman! you are CCCCRAZZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!………. i mean SERIOUS crazy…… who does THAT?????………. looking for links on youtube and pasting the exact TME?????…………….o you have lost it man!!!!!!……… and i am just repeating myself YET again!!!!!!!!…………. oh! i just feel like throwing up….. STOP IT BARFIE / HERFLIES…… just STOP it!!!!!……. you guys are unbelievable…… and ewwww!!!! sick…….. Leo my-man you need special and TONS of prayers to save you from the one named BAR…….. o boy o boy o boy!

  • @laura

    my comment is awaiting moderation….. yes! i have 2 accounts JJ…… moderate all u want……
    which pics? @laura…… c’mon!!!!!! give it a rest…… i saw the pics too…. and he definitely wasn’t smilin…… u need glasses……. or just need to go back on MEDICATION woman…….. we can’t take bar but salute to Leo!……. lmao…… hahahahaha…….

  • laura

    yes u are right i am bar, how ever did u find me out? i come here often and post things because i have nothing better to do its not as if im already dating leo and see/talk to him everyday so i have to come on just jared on look at pics of where he is and what hes doing. IM JUST SOOOO DESPERATE……my god girl grow the f#uck UP! ppl here say whoever posts anything about bar or leo and bars relationship is either bar or self her management or a family member, GET REAL do u reallly think your that important that they’d bother their azz doing so…if so i admire ur confidence and self assurance but will also say ur completly delusional. anyway thats my spiel, sorry for the rant all u normal ppl but im so SICK of ppl here making up crap. and fyi #42 im from england so yaaa not bar sorry. dumbf#ck.

  • new name

    @43 i posted that link and what the HELL are you talking about??…..

  • new name

    @43 yes i searched for the link to prove my point about the shirt……whats YOUR point……

  • Laura = Barf

    Yes Laura, I mean BARFY, you are desperate and you don’t have anything better to do, that’s why you opened a twitter account to let the whole world know how important you think you are LMAO… like we care what you do with your life. Yes, you do have a lot of time on your hands because you never work, so I’m sure you have PLENTY of time to come on the internet and bore us all to death trying to convince us how important you are to Leo… I’m sure he was texting away at one of his many girls he has on the side LMAO!!!

  • laura

    #48 hahahha my god its mind boggling how sad u are….u do realize your making yourself look like a pathetic idiot right? i amost feel sorry for you….belive me i am NOT bar, nor do i know or have even me her im just a leo fan plain and simple. what ar u exacttyl like why do you come jst out of interest?

  • @laura


    actually, it’s mind boggling how SAD YOU are, that’s whats really sad. You are the one who sounds ridiculous talking about Leo texting and smiling at his phone. We’ve heard that from the BARF camp like a zillion times and it still makes me laugh and pity you guys… It’s sad that this is what you have to resort to in order to keep Ms. Barfola relevant.. yep, that’s what I call sad!!!