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Ashton Kutcher Gives Demi Moore Post-Its, Not Diamonds

Ashton Kutcher Gives Demi Moore Post-Its, Not Diamonds

Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore arrive at LAX airport on a flight from New York on Friday (April 15) in Los Angeles.

The couple has been promoting their organization DNA’s fight against child sex slavery. The night before, they attended the launch party for their “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign.

While appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight together, Demi said that Ashton gives her post-it notes as gifts instead of diamonds.

“If you go to our house, I have post-it notes placed in various locations all with messages of encouragement or love or just thought,” Demi said. “Some have been there seven years.”

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21 Responses to “Ashton Kutcher Gives Demi Moore Post-Its, Not Diamonds”

  1. 1
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    That’s so sweet! It’s not like she needs diamonds any way!!

  2. 2
    Chels Says:

    yea thats amazing cause she cud jsut buy her own diamonds

  3. 3
    rhonda Says:

    fighting child slavery with a “launch party” ???? come on,

  4. 4
    A Says:

    “Real men don’t buy girls” is such a bizarre campaign it makes one wonder…These shame tactics do not work on pedophiles, they do not care if they are viewed as “real men” or not, these “men” (and I use that term loosely) cannot be rehabilitated, you can’t cure a pedophile and history has shown us that time and time again, they get “cured” and get back into the real world and molest/rape yet another innocent child.
    it’s sickening and this campaign actually mocks victims of pedophilia as if it’s as easy as using shame tactics, try chopping off their dicks, something that actually might work! To look on the bright side, at most this campaign will bring awareness which is always good but I don’t like how it has been “packaged” for lack of better words.
    That’s all.

  5. 5
    joe Says:

    People are just Envy and full of jealousy. Demi Moore is the best mother to her three daughters, she bared all the pains and is truly with them thru thick and thin of life.
    Ashton Kutcher is a caring gentleman towards his stepdaughters.
    The difference of age (15 years) really touched my heart. Age does not play a major role in love, as they say, “Love is Blind. ” Love is a feeling that comes from within and only the rear ones obtain this true, unselfish love.
    Good to know that they have been deeply in love for the last 8 years and wish their love continue to bloom.
    I sincerely wish them a happy marriage life now and forever….

  6. 6
    Arielle Says:

    Demi is so gorgeous.

  7. 7
    ohmy Says:

    post-its because the old hag is losing her memory, the best thing Ashton can do for her is write things on sticky notes for her to remember..hahaha

  8. 8
    rhonda Says:

    these are the same people who will celebrate cop killers and campaign for rehabilitation for the pedifile.

  9. 9
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Go go no good evil

  10. 10
    marq Says:

    Val Kilmer and Izabella Miko weren’t exactly romancing the stone in Double Identity (2009), where they deglamorized the diamond cartel a bit, and more than probably made DeBeers and the Oppenheimer family, indirectly, wince some in shame. Even still, synthetic diamonds and blood diamonds are able to coattail on DeBeers’ spectacularly successful marketing campaign for winning a girl’s heart. Kudos to that success.

    Punk’d secret-perpetrator Ashton Kutcher, quite unexpectedly, actually did finally gain my respect, by helping showcase Natalie Portman’s effulgent sexiness in No Strings Attached (2011).

    Still, if it’s a viable way to a girl’s heart, then by all means, diamonds by hook or crook. And/or Post-Its, where applicable.

    Kutcher and Moore would do well to remember that age-of-consent laws are also a form of slavery. It’s a two-edged sword. It becomes a moral panic, a crusade. Just look at F.G.M., or stoning young girls or “honor killing”.

    Universal economic opportunity mitigates against exploitation and war, and disease and famine. G.E. was paid billions for popularizing what is now apparently Kutcher’s and Moore’s war, but G.E. has apparently since undergone metanoia is now giving back much of the money:

  11. 11
    Karlee Says:

    Maybe they should stay home and write post it notes instead of insulting REAL victims with their insane Real Men Dont Buy Girls campaign. Going for laughs with such a serious serious issue means these people have absolutely no idea what they are doing! Ask a parent who has lost a child to this and see if they find ANY aspect funny! The comments on their site talk mainly about how FUNNY these ads are. The message is lost in their overblown egos!

  12. 12
    Karlee Says:

    @rhonda: I agree.these people have no idea what they are doing. They have every social worker in Canada red lining! Parties..humor have no place with such a serious issue! They need to get a real job and stop insulting REAL victims!

  13. 13

    #8 RHONDA

  14. 14
    marq Says:

    Look at even just one of the latest victims of this unholy war:

  15. 15
    lena Says:

    i know that asthon is a terrible actor …… but he is so dam hot !!! demi you lucky b***

  16. 16
    S28 Says:

    joe@ Best mother that why her 17 year old was at Coachella over the weekend, bikini top, smoking a cigarette and showing off a tattoo on her hip; Tallulah has no shame she was not even trying to hide the fact that she smoking which means she been doing it for a while. Maybe Demi needs to spend more time at home with her kids then vacationing with her boy toy husband. Their hearts are in the right place but these people have no idea what they are doing and should just raise money/awareness for already existing legitimate charities instead of starting their own charities.

  17. 17
    april Says:

    To Ashton,I prefer to say TONY,who is SUPER-HANDSOME!!! simt sa rid cu pofta de una singura….

  18. 18
    Mik Says:

    Old has gone and new life has been given to them by God. Do not interfere in their lives. Her mother knows to take care of her own children. I wish Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher may more Blessings to be showered upon them. I suggest Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will have talk on an Awareness on ABORTION. I wish them a very Happy Marriage Life.

  19. 19
    Mia Says:

    Why is she covering her face like that? And why is she trying to act as if their relationship is soo amazing?
    I mean if your love and you have a great thing, don’t talk about it. Why should you? To prove anything?
    Post-its are not lovely or romantic, it’s just I don’t have any inspiration for a great gift of anything, so I’ll give you this what I thought about so you will like it anyway.
    They won’t last very long, you’ll see.

  20. 20
    jillyro Says:

    Demi is really starting to look like Ashton’s mother or his older sister as she approaches 50, she looks good, but compared to her younger husband, her looks are starting to catch up to her age.

  21. 21
    Hoodiezz Says:

    Love it.

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