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Emma Watson: 21st Birthday Message to Fans

Emma Watson: 21st Birthday Message to Fans

Emma Watson has shared a new message with fans after her 21st birthday!

“Just a quick message to say thank you for all the Birthday wishes and gifts you’ve sent. I’m continually overwhelmed by the support from you all. It means so much to me, so thank you very much,” Emma wrote, adding, “Turning 21 is a significant occasion for everyone, and it’s proved to be quite a milestone.”

Emma has been keeping busy, working with People Tree, Alberta Ferretti, and Lancome, on top of schoolwork and finishing up work on the Harry Potter franchise.

Next up for Em is The Perks of Being A Wallflower - “I can’t wait to start work on the film, and look forward to new challenges,” she wrote.

FYI: Emma turned 21 on April 15 – happy belated birthday!!

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  • bobbi

    Simply lovely. Happy Birthday Emma!

  • Celia

    Well this is late. She sent this out on Friday (her actual birthday).
    But I wish her a Happy Birthday. Emma’s such a sweetheart. She sends out these videos every year!
    It’s so surreal that’s she’s 21. I’ve literally grown up with her. I was 12 when I first fell in love with the Potter series 12 years ago. I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end.

  • Frozoid

    She should tell her fans not to be college dropouts, like she is.

    Horrible photo of her, by the way.

  • H

    She doesn’t have ANY schoolwork, she’s not in SCHOOL. She is 21 years old! she is a former university student. She DROPPED OUT of university, can you just accept that, Jared?

  • http://IAmRobertHolik Robert Holik

    What is this CATCHIGN UP day for you guys? Saw this video a week ago, and the Nicolas Cage pic a couple of days ago…

  • Jessica

    @Frozoid: She didn’t drop out. She is deferring for about a year (which means she is going back). I’d rather her do well is school and be completely focused instead of doing average. She is smart, beautiful, and grounded. Now, she is focusing on her career and the end of the Harry Potter era. That’s commendable that she is wholeheartedly supporting the Harry Potter franchise until the end.

  • m

    who is this old wooman? Never heard of her.

  • Celia


    She’s going back to school in September. That’s called taking a break not dropping out.

  • Frozoid


    um, Jessica- Claire Danes said the exact same thing when she left Yale- that she was taking time out. May I remind you that she never returned and never graduated.

  • karih

    I turned 30 yesterday and I look much younger than her; she should avoid that kind of haircut!!!

  • Coldplayer

    She looks like someone’s grandma

  • Sam

    Who cares if she is taking time off from Univeristy? So is everybody else!

  • Yepp

    She looks awful.

  • AlrightyThen

    Plenty of people take time off from university. I don’t understand what the big deal is. She seems like a sweet young woman and has a good head on her shoulders. At least she isn’t an addict like Lindsay Lohan.

  • Frozoid

    More people finish college straight through than not.

    As in: Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields. They didn’t take any time off from Yale and Princeton, respectively

  • Frozoid

    Kaz: How are those English lessons coming along?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ok don’t worry go and burned with her =))

  • Halli

    Go back to school.

  • Miranda

    Harry Potter only need one week before the movie is out to promote. Dan and Rupert are both out of England and working on acting roles while promoting Harry Potter at the same time. Emma doesn’t need to drop out of school to promote Harry Potter or to only spend two days filming a Lancome commercial. Maybe she should just say she is failing school and making a quiet exit.

  • Comical

    Emma’s youthfulness is dwindling. She once looked like a 12 year old. Now it would be hard pressed to mistaken her for anything below 30. Her youthful metabolism is slowing down as evident in her puffy face and round body. Her matronly haircut and clothing don’t help either. Cutting her hair was a huge mistake! What little improvement she had from her performance in Harry Potter was eclipsed by the sensation surrounding her hair! How unfortunate! She is not a big enough star to warrant such talk. Now she is known for nothing other than the girl who was lucky enough to be chosen to play a character in Harry Potter, and the girl who chopped off her hair after the role was over to try to get some new acting roles but fail!

  • Joe

    I can only laugh at all these moronic haters. She is so rich that she didn’t have to attend college at all, but she did, because it’s her choice. She has taken a break from college because it’s her life, her choice. People usually go to college to get a good job after graduation, which is not a problem for her. At least she’s not smoking bong or pole dancing or posting nude pictures for cheap publicity. So who are all you f**kers to judge?

  • ljh

    She looks awful short. Really doesnt suit her. Maybe in a photoshoot where everything styled and photographed from the right angles. But otherwise no.

  • ljh

    (short hair)

  • kerri

    Happy Birthday Emma! I love you as hermoine that character is a legend in my book.

  • Gabby


    Or maybe she took a break, because she has so much coming up this year: promoting Deathly Hallows, filming Perks of Being a Wallflower, shooting the Lancome campaign, promoting MWWM, and her other fashion projects…that she didn’t want to have to go back forth from the States to Europe 20 times a year and therefore end up missing weeks of school. Emma loves education and therefore wants to give it her undivided attention. THEREFORE, it makes sense for her to take a semester off and finish up her professional projects, so that she will be able to focus 100% of her attention on school. Emma has said this herself and any person with a BRAIN would be able to recognize it as well. Stop trying to create drama where there is none. Stop being a little ***** just for the heck of it. It’s not cute and it won’t get you anywhere in life. Just sayin’.

  • DamnNatalieYou’re a Crazy Chic

    Natalie didn’t drop a year out when she’s in Harvard while filming and promoting Star Wars, she even missed the premier night of attack of the clones coz of an exam……….

  • Lyla Says

    College dropout!

  • kamikaze

    Has no one here gone to college or is in college right now? I’m still in college but I have friends who have taken 1-2 semesters off and gone back (although I do know people who didn’t go back). Right now if Emma goes back this Fall, she would have only missed one semester. And for some majors, missing a semester wouldn’t be that hard to catch up on. Some majors have requirements that can allow you to graduate 1-2 semesters early if you schedule it right, while others may push you to take Summer classes to graduate in 4 years. Although do people realize that the average is actually now 5 years to get a BA? Also, some people comment that HP Promo would only take a week to do. Do people not realize that HP promo isn’t just the week before the premier where they do all the interviews and whatnot? Other interviews and photoshoots occur a couple months beforehand to be shown around premiere time, plus online extra stuff that is filmed earlier too. This added on to the fact she has the Lancome deal. Really, she doesn’t seem like the type to actually drop out of university, but you can’t really say she has dropped out yet.

  • what’swrong??

    I agree with the more sensible people on here: I would rather watch her defer for a year and then focus on school than to half-ass it. look at James Franco— a lot of good it did him to go to school when he’s making a joke out of it by falling asleep in classes. Emma is smart, and she’s not wasting it just cuz she’s a celeb. I love that about her. and good call, JOE and GABBY— a lot of people are doing worse and still getting jobs so why is it such a big deal she’s taking a year off from school? people are never satisfied. i’m really excited about her projects after HP!!

  • Halli


    James Franco is about to pursue a PHD at Yale. So I’m pretty sure he isnt half-assing it. And Natalie Portman filmed two Star Wars Movies while still attending school full time.

  • marta

    she looks ulgy, like unattractive woman in her 40

  • Celia


    You’re right half of these people are like 12 and have no idea what they’re talking about. I happen to be in college, so I understand COMPLETELY why she took a break. I can barely manage right now and I don’t even have a job. Emma’s got a full-fledge career and was still a full time student. I couldn’t even fathom doing that. I shudder at the thought.

  • Celia


    Natalie Portman went to school during a time when there was no Facebook or twitter. Natalie Portman also wasn’t involved in fashion and wasn’t one of the main characters in Star Wars (just guessing…I’ve never seen it and don’t want to). My point is, you can’t compare Emma’s situation to someone who went to school 10 years ago. Times have changed and we’re talking about two completely different people.

  • Korean FLower

    She looks like SHIIT.
    Who’s mom is that??
    Can she just put the great lengths extensions BACK IN like the rest of the Hollywood white girls

  • Korean FLower

    She looks like SHIIT.
    Who’s mom is that??
    Can she just put the great lengths extensions BACK IN like the rest of the Hollywood white girls

  • Plastic Surgery Santa Barbara

    She looks great with short hair!

  • Frozoid

    College is as college does.

    Natalie Portman and Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields did not take a break. Their careers flourished after they graduated.

  • Jory

    SHE’S SO CUTE <3

  • Jimmy

    I’m not really a great fan of her but I really admire her for showing those Hollywood sluts like Miley, Vanessa and Kristen Stewart how to show some gratefulness to their poor retarded fans.

  • deedar singh

    how r u

  • Ajeet kulhari

    my name Ajeet kulhari. I am big fan emma watson. Harry potter. I am indian

  • HuHaoSen

    Support you!!!!! Emma!!!!! Long beautiful! Hope you can email me!!!! Thank you! My E-mail is!!!!! Get rid of! Hope you can email me!!!!! I appreciate! Thank you!

  • HuHaoSen

    I really like you! But I don’t see you!!!!! Because we are too far away from the country. But still support you!!!!! Emma!!!!! Come on!

  • HuHaoSen

    I really like you! But I don’t see you!!!!! Because we are too far away from the country. But still support you!!!!! Emma!!!!! Come on! Free email me!!!!! Thank you! I wait for you tomorrow the mail!!!!!

  • HuHaoSen

    Wish you a happy birthday to 21 years old, Emma come on, you are the best! If want to thank give I hair mail