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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: LAX Lovebirds

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: LAX Lovebirds

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen arrive at LAX airport for a flight out of town on Sunday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actors went through security and were both selected to go through the TSA’s controversial full body scanners.

Over the weekend, Rachel and Hayden went bike riding around Studio City.

Rachel was also spotted taking her pup for a walk near her place in Los Feliz!

FYI: Hayden is wearing a Burberry coat.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen taking off from LAX…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen lax 02
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  • amy

    I thought they broke up?!

  • Jamie


  • LOLZ

    Off to Canada for his birthday tomorrow. Then back in time for the Tribeca Film Festival. Gee…who knew? LOL

  • Lorraine Connor

    I’m glad Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are together again and in a happy relationship after all these years.
    My husband and I are just really open and honest with each other. We tell each other everything that goes on and everything that we’re feeling everyday, and we’re just really there for each other.
    I think my husband taught me a lot about inner beauty and confidence in myself. I’m voluptuous but I don’t really feel pretty ever, without makeup. He looks beyond all of that. He’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus. I feel better—so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.

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  • Valeria

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  • Letisha Malcolm

    i pity them

  • Carey

    Good chance it’s NY to the Tribecca Film Festival she has to promote the ice cream add and she was said to be attending it. Guess he tagged along for the ride for his bday.

    Seems they are not as private now as we were to believe guess RB made it clear she wants press attention. Deja Vu here from last year and the Met Ball is around the corner as well.

  • LOLZ

    Prolly Canada first…they have the passports out.

  • Jamie

    I’m excited to read what all the hayden-fans girls are going to say about this one. He was just bringing her to the airport as a friend? Or..these pictures are photoshopped? No denying it now girlies. Rachel is Hayden’s girl. Go cry to yourself.

  • Yo-Landi

    I thought they said it was seriously over, over and OVER?! WTH those celebrities don’t know when their asses are filled.

  • SammiSweetheat

    Where ever they’re going they are staying for awhile, they got a lot of bags!


    Seriously. Find a good psychiatrist and see her regularly.

  • Carey

    @ LOLZ

    Almost anyone now days who owns a passport uses it even for domestic travel. I have all the time it’s easier for the security people view passport then a license. Why would anyone want to go 1 day to Canada then be in NY by the day after that is more or less a waste unless he is staying in Canada and she is going to NY own her own. didn’t seem he dropped her off or was going elsewhere. But once through the security who knows who went where. Pretty sure you’ll have the twitter folks on giving anyone a recap in time.

    This is more staged then anything see her pose on the escalator and HC playing the bag boy again. WTF does he live in those ugly ass jeans it’s as if he never washes them. Guess the privacy had to come out of retirement for RB’s benefit now. It’s a matter of how long will he put up with being exposed for her account.

  • reverse profiling

    Reverse profiling to show that we have a “fair”, “nondiscriminatory” attitude at the airports is a joke. The airports need to screen the most likely troublemakers, not twentysomething starlets. Absurd, and a blatant waste of our tax dollars.

  • tia

    Yeah, the lowlives who work at the airports have an excuse to power trip on rich white people.

  • tia

    Yeah, the lowlives who work at the airports have an excuse to power trip on rich white people.

  • Fandango

    Take notice he doesn’t have any ticket in his hand, also no passport, but he is carrying her handbag along with her larger bag. I know there is a carry on limit I think the pillow exceeds it. Also she is smiling up a storm, he is not even cracking a grin for the press. She poses and waves gee me thinks agent is earning his keep. I’m sure the twitter patrol groupies will make sure people hear that they saw them, provided they are still traveling together if he made a flight with her.

  • LOLZ

    On another site he does have his passport, so they did go somewhere together (unfortunately)

  • Sun


  • Valeria
  • lmfao!

    Don’t you love how celebs try to be discreeet and hide that they are celebs by wearing hats and sunglasses indoors? SO desperate for attention. They may as well carry little flags that say, “I’m famous, take my picture!”

  • I dunno

    I think them lowlife airport workers wanted just wanted a nudie shot of this chick.

  • I dunno

    I think them lowlife airport workers wanted just wanted a nudie shot of this chick.

  • the truth.

    You all know that rachel is not going to canda. She don’t go there anymore. Maybe he is going home. But she’s not. She could have took another flight another time. When she come back home she wil be alone. I think that’s her bags anyway.@amy: Yes they are its just she wanted to be seen wth him at the airport. And make people assume that she went to canada with him with and she didn’t JJ you need to stop saying that they are lovers when they don’t li look like it in these pics.She just want to have picture taken because everyone didn’t see her in the pictures together satirday. Rachel just jealous that’s all.He’snot coming back home wth rachel.

  • kate

    Well, you wondered what Hayden would be doing for his birhday, now you know–he’s spending it with Rachel! Not surprising, especially since they were apart on her birthday last year. There is a photo on another site of Hayden in the scan machine with his passport and boarding pass in it, it looks just like Rachel’s. Many people on the other thead wanted photos of them together, now you have them. They admitted being together last month when they denied the break up, so eventually they had to show up again together. Making excuses for them not to be together is kind of lame, after 4 years, and being back together for about 6 months now. Maybe they won’t last, but they are together now.

  • maya

    my lovely girl she’s so mignonne if i were a boy i will date her she’s so sweet i just can’t stop loving her more and more she’s so modest and adorable, they look so sweet together hope they’ll stay together ^^

  • kate

    Well, some wanted to know what Hayden was doing for his birthday, now you know–he’s spending it with Rachel! Not surprising, since they were apart on her birhday last August. There is a photo on another site of Hayden in the body scan machine holding his passport and boarding pass above his head, it looks just like Rachel’s. People wanted photos of Hayden and Rachel, now you have them. They admitted they were together last month when they denied the breakup rumour, so they had to turn up together eventually. Making excuses for them not being together now, especially after 4 years, is kind of lame. They may not last , but they are together now.

  • RBHC

    YAY! i`m so happy for them :DD they look so cute together, i saw on another site him giving her a cute little smile, he can`t help it he`s in love with her! she`s just the most adorable thing on earth, <33 i love them both. & good luck to them. CHEERS<3

  • maya

    hayden is soooooo sexy OMG rachel please don’t let him leave you look gorgeous together

  • maya

    i agree with you RBHC rachel is the most sweetest persone in the world love herrrrr

  • MandiLu

    They are such a sweet couple, it’s nice seeing a couple actually last for so long and still look as in love as ever. @RBHC: I saw that photo, too. So adorably cute!

  • Scorpio 16

    Actually, this makes me happy to see this. I felt bad. I admit I did not like them as a couple at first and did not like her. I heard a lot of bad things from other people and some friends of mine too and pushing the Natalie Portman thing. I’m no longer friends with those PPL. Now..That I can view this from my own eye’s I do love them as a couple. They have grown on me and glad to see they may be possibly getting back together.

  • annie

    rachel has traveled to toronto to see hayden,many times this year. i am not a rb lover but these two r back together and happy so just wish hc happiness.

  • ATLQueen

    They’ve been together since November. Before that it was a number of years. Are we REALLY still talking about ‘they are together’.

  • lexy hates bilson

    WOW!! The paps can’t miss this big STAR can they??Guess she wanted to make sure she and Hayden were spotted TOGETHER!! One minute she’s head to toe covered up – looking like an idiot walking around an airport with a straw hat and sunglasses – then she’s posing?? I guess Hayden’s holding all her crap!!
    They are probably going to Canada! He wouldn’t go to her movie premieres why would he go to see her ice cream commercial??

  • Carey

    Another site said they were going to NYC for Tribecca that was pretty much a was expected. Doesn’t matter how long people are together many are a couple for almost half their lives then call if off. Some are on today off the next. These two love the idea of press games so play away they are not going far in Hollywood anyway. Guess this is all RB really has is just media tipping and HC unemployed.

  • Full Body Screening

    They will see Hayden’s tiny little nads! LOL

    Rachel must be a saint (*cough* NOT!) or a shallow twill to put up with his womanizing and psychopathic mood swings!

    I hope they marry and soon!

  • screwed

    Happy B-Day JOBLESS Hayden!

  • samantha

    i´m so glad they´re meant to be…i really like this couple

  • shadowy

    Yaaawwwnnn…. NOTHING will change as its long been “tested” already; on or off or vice versa or whatever… they’re still will be or they’re already are… “”doomed, crashed & trashed”".
    Damn sure as well that their desperate toilet careers also speaks for itself till the end of time – trust & believe.

  • Peck

    I don’t usually like any hollywood-celeb couple, but I really like these two together. They seem really down to earth and both are completely gorgeous. Hope they get married in the future and have cute little kiddies. (:

  • SammiSweetheat

    @the truth.: ???? I don’t know if you’re just stupid, or if you’re that obsessively jealous of Rachel you have to make up lies to make yourself feel better. Honey get some help or find a hobby, you are ridiculous.

  • periwinkle

    So I’d see that this is some sort of a “saving face” photo-ops after that other day’s obviously leaked (that it’s absolutely & genuinely a) photo-ops… that the paps are following them on a highway reaaally?!) toppled & all over again, w/ JJ’s “fairytale” intros.
    To be far more accurate than that..
    Happy B-Day to… “No-One-WantsTo Hire-You-Now-&-No-Matter-How-Many-Times-You-Changed-Your-Agent”… Hayden!

  • Valeria
  • just saying,

    back together or not,

    some things never change he still looks so happy to be with her,
    and still walking so far in front of her (again)

    how many times have we seen this before?

  • just saying,

    this is where she is,
    in the pictures as of yet no sign of hc,
    maybe he went to canada alone?

  • S

    Nope, they are both in New York City.

  • kate

    There are photos of both of them at JFK airport from last night on another site now, and it says that they tried not to be photographed together again. Not sure why they do that, but there is a very cute photo of Hayden smiling at Rachel from the LA X photos on one of Rachel’s fan sites. It is a cute photo, too, Rachel is looking at him, you only see the back of her head.

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Hayden! What is the big deal if Hayden and Rachel are both in New York City? Did you really expect him to not spend his birthday with his girlfriend? They were only officially broken up from August to the end of October, then that Youtube video showed up. They broke their engagement in June, but apparently were not happy apart. They have been together for years, its time to stop being surprised when they are together. Time will tell what happens utilmately, but wishing Hayden well in his choice of girlfriend is the mature thing to do, instead of complaining about what you can’t change.