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Alexander Skarsgard: Coachella with Jared Followill!

Alexander Skarsgard: Coachella with Jared Followill!

Alexander Skarsgard crouches down and wraps his arm around Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill during the third and final day of the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 17) in Indio, Calif.

The 34-year-old True Blood hunk also rubbed shoulders with one of Jared‘s good friends, Nick Brown, the lead vocalist/guitarist from the Nashville-based rock band Mona.

Pictured below is Jared wearing light-up shades that were given to him by Rihanna at the A|X Armani Exchange and 944 magazine Neon Carnival held at the Tradition Aviation base. Also pictured is Jared at the KoL after-party on Friday night (April 15), hosted by British fashion brand AllSaints.

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  • Millie Followhore

    Good Lord save me! There could not be two hotter men in one photo.

  • Millie Followhore

    P.S. Just Jared should upload the bigger version on the main image of them both, in big for us!!

  • He’s such a pu55y

    Smiling and having fun. :) That’s how I like him,
    But, don’t forget he doesn’t dumb the useless. So, I’ll copy paste, the reason of my name.

    He IS a pu55y:

    * More than a year of going to places with her (relationship?)
    * They went to Sweden
    * Big man can’t walk beside her.
    * Coward actor looks embarassed (can’t he at least pretend), but he doesn’t end it.
    * Tall swedish needs booze to… everything.
    * Sweet boyfriend doesn’t help her with her fu(keed up health.
    * Scandinavian freethinker sure chose a weak and dummy girlfriend.

  • John

    um, Jared is HOT!!!

  • Liz

    You know, he always looks happier with his guy friends than with his girlfriend!

  • Di

    They both look like dorks in that picture. I love them very much.

  • He’s such a pu55y

    Other thing is, I don’t like how in the media, the woman is always the bad and we ignore the guy part on the case.
    So, I’ll must say (damn! Am I about to say somethins a little nice about the Bos?) Kate sucks at acting and she has something that make her no-likable, maybe her smugness.
    But she’s not totally usless, she keeps trying to become an icon style (a new job, for her. the acting career is agonizing for years) and she does that crappymint stuff. You have to give her that. I won’t deny she uses the easy way to keep in the media. But apparently she’s relentless.
    Plus it must be painfully hard for her to even walk without energy… oh, the rumour about the whith powder…

    She’s a shame for the gir-power, buy at least she tries.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Not hot or cute look at his face more

  • layla

    they are sexy!!!

    jared you look adorable with alex, way to go. i love you so much more than piggy hilton.


    Glad he had a good time once the parasite left.

  • Di

    And pics of Kate topless on set in 3, 2, 1…

  • Arielle

    Jared Followill is SEXY. The best looking KOL member if you ask me.

  • Jessica

    Happy Alex – no stage 5 clinger
    Sad Alex – stage 5 clinger hanging on to belt loop.

    Can’t they just relase SD and get it over with?. It was going to be a hard sell with her in it anyway!!

    FREE ALEX!!!!! LOL

  • hmmm

    “Alexander Skarsgard CROUCHES DOWN and wraps his arm around Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill” ok let’s not exaggerate jared is not that short.
    but he is looking cute

  • Sallie

    these two are sooo hot

  • Mel

    @He’s such a pu55y:

    LOL. You’re throwing insults at him anonymously 6n the internet so who is the’ pu55y’, here?

    If their relationship bothers you so much and if you don’t find in him any redeemable quality maybe you should stop following his career? Just a thought.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    I love how JJ doesn’t mention KB at all in this post. Way to go JJ. Please keep that up, wont you. All of his fans and there are many would really, really love you and keep coming onto your site, unlike KB’s 3 fans. I know she pays you and gives you a phony friendship, but wouldn’t you want to do the right thing and who knows, maybe AS would be a friend for real (you never know), I am only saying.
    Also, I love how in the picture of him and TKOL that was taken the first night, it was just AS and the band no KB and when the guys in the band made a comment, it was something really nice and funny about AS. You would think since an unnamed party guest (Cher) told JJ that they were all lovely dovey holding hands she would be in the photo smiling away with her smug, the world is mine face, but I guess she was still with the bartender.

  • Camille

    What a rip for JJ to crop the pic of Jared Followill and take Alex out of it. Why not put the whole picture in there? Alex looks happy, but tired and probably a little boozy. LOL! I’m glad he had a good time without his stage 5 clinger. I hope he partied with KOL and got to have a good time afterall. Also, Jared Followill is smokin hot too. Rowr!

  • Camille

    KB must be grinding her teeth knowing that Alex partied without her and got more photos taken. I’m sure we’ll get updates about her new movie, just like we had DAILY updates on BFF. Seriously, that was a disgusting amount of overkill.

  • Marianne

    Jared kind of reminds me of Jason Segal…

  • danielik25

    Our lovely DrunkSkars is back!

  • Millie Followhore

    I know this is only going to get some negative comments, but I happen to really like Kate Bosworth. Y’all should see her in 21. She’s good in that film. What someone does with their relationship is truly none of your business.

  • ciara

    and when did they kiss???

  • Tanter

    Alex looks insanely like Stellan here :O

  • you did?

    @Millie Followhore: I saw that movie and thought she was totally flat. Sturgess made it interesting. I hated Lois Lane as well. So she’s not too great on that front in my book. Back to Skarsgard – he looks way happier without her and has more fun, so not sure what that says other than what’s missing…

  • Lauren

    They’d be a hot couple, I’m shipping them! Jarexander!

  • Becca

    ahahahaha Jarexander nice one!
    but you know what…I really liked how Alex and Malin looked together, they should hook-up…mwahahaha

  • Unknown

    I think she should stay with her husband.

  • little m

    so, here is the trick: when they were together there are the pics of drinking,walking arund and drinking again. The moment she left, there are reports: “During the pool party, Alex was seen dancing, jokingly swaying his hips, and having a great time with friends.” Well… I hope she’ll do sth really stupid or annoying soon b/c I’m almost sorry for her…

  • Blackcat99

    I know I’m going to get a lot of hate.But, I’ve got to say it.His body language with men is a lot stronger than with women.Show me a photo of him hanging on a woman like that.Can I say he’s gay with 100% accuracy ? No.Would I care if he was? A Big NO!I would rather see him with a man and happy than with the life sucking Kate and miserable.It does not matter to me because in my fantasies he is whoever I want him to be.I am not so unrealistic to believe that one day we will meet and fall in love.I am a fan who thinks he has a lot of talent an potential.Plus,I think he is SO HOT!Maybe I’m wrong and he likes both! I just hate seeing him with someone makes him so miserable and is just using him to further her agenda.

  • tami

    In that picture of Alexander hanging off of Jared Followill, he really does look like Stellen.

  • the real seriously

    Can I point out one thing here? This guy claims that he hates to be papped in private and yet here he is hanging off JJ. Where does he think JJ gets all those candids of him? From the paps he claims to hate. Anyone see him for what he is?…………Anyone?……………

  • Di

    @Blackcat99: I’m not gonna lie, I kinda saw the same thing in this pic. I still agree with people who said he would have come out in Sweden if he were gay or bi. I also think he’s always affectionate with his guy friends, he’s more touchy-feely than a lot of people. Probably because he grew up in a place where no one was going to assume he was gay for hugging his friends. It looks weird to us Americans because no matter how open-minded we think we are, there is still a built-in conservatism. We are a country where someone thought it was a good idea to re-release a PG-13 version of The King’s Speech without all the f-words and other explatives in it. We are a country essentially founded by Puritans, too. I also think if he were gay and trying to hide it, his body language with men would be way more awkward and less comfortable when he’s being photographed. With men, he can just be a guy. With women, it’s probably like “is she maybe nuts or what does she want from me?” Because come on, he KNOWS what he looks like… I dunno, just my thoughts.

  • Di

    And maybe any guys’ advances are easier to shut down than some women he might meet on the LA scene!

  • Di

    @the real seriously: Also, Coachella is hardly private. Celebrities with and without talent ALL know that. If he invited JJ to one of his lunches at Joan’s or his next grocery run, THEN I’d be calling him more on his PR crap. Parties like this are also the best place to have these pictures taken in order to satisfy fans and PR obligations, so you have a better shot at people leaving you alone on your own time. Okay. Back to work for me!

  • Cafélady

    @the real seriously …well, so far I know (and I read a lot of interviews with him) he never claimed any time that he HATES paparazzi…he always explained that he only felt just uncomfortable with their celeb-hunting and this whole pap-thing (situation) in US (in one interview I remember he said that being popular or a celeb in Europe is not the same like in US and have not the same degree of interest of the media like there, and I think he’s right)…

    @Blackcat99 May be it’s another thing for him to hanging on a guy (like in that pic) then doing the same with any woman…because in the second case most of the people would instantly think that the woman at his side (in a pic like that) is his “new gf”, right? Especially, in case of pics with other actresses or female celebs and him. So I can imagine that he prefers to have a little more distance to a woman which will be photographed with him…and to the first point; in Europe is this sort of behave with guys not unusual, not like in the US…personal I find it funny if one can see pic’s like that and then all people saying that these two or one of them in the pics must be gay, of course….*eye roll*

  • Blackcat99

    @Di: I agree that has crossed my mind.If he was Gay it would be known in Sweden by this point.But, something just goes off in my head.I guess you could call it intuition.I might be totally wrong.But, his face totally changes when pictured talking with a man verses talking with a woman.He is more animated with men.Maybe he is just more reserved with women.It does not matter to me one way or another,I’m still be a big fan either way.

  • Lory

    He looked pretty comfortable with K. Dunst and Malik, tbh. Especially with Kristin. I think he’s simply not afraid of physical contact, like most American actors.

  • Lory

    He looked pretty comfortable with K. Dunst and Malik, tbh. Especially with Kristin. I think he’s simply not afraid of physical contact, like most American actors.

  • Bibi

    They both look HOT!!!

    More proof: Alex is more happy without Kate Bosworth.

  • HesANiceGuy

    @Lory: This…. he is very comfortable with himself. Has been known to give fans hugs, kisses, etc. He is a very affectionate person by nature wit his friends. I think the only reason he isn’t like that with KB at this point is because he keeps his relationships (as in romances) private, something he learned from his Dad. Also… at this point, he knows the paps have to be DYING to get the money shot of the two of them, so why give it to ‘em? :o)

  • Doreen

    Alex looks so funny there, I love drunk Skars! He looks like so much fun to hang out with.

  • Really?

    @HesANiceGuy: What is a money shot? They’ve been photographed holding hands in Sweden. Arms around each other at Coachella. Her sitting on his lap in Sweden. Do we need naked in a bed? The last time any affection was shown in a photo was last summer and even then, barely. I just don’t get what they would be trying to avoid that hasn’t been done?

  • Dieter

    This trainwreck doen’t deserve Kate’s !!!!

  • Kam

    Are these two dating?

  • Peanut Gallery

    Ahhhh, the last gift from Coachella……….

  • justme

    @Blackcat99: I’m not going to give you any hate:) I just wanted to say that if you’ve ever been to Sweden and stayed for any length of time you would see that there is almost a shift in power there. It’s kind of like role reversal! Women are strong and independent, and men are very in touch with their feelings, it’s taught practically from birth! You are more likely to see a father pushing a carriage and caring for the children than a mother, they don’t really see a separation of the sexes there, there’s no real assignment of duties by gender. Men there form the same kind of bond you see among women here, there’s nothing gay about it, just honest feelings of friendship and support. I’d recommend anyone who criticizes Alex to take some time to read up on or better yet visit Sweden. It’s an amazing place to be, if you can afford it.

  • jensie445

    Jared looks gross! Alex makes him look like the fugly stepbrother. I use to like KOL tons, they suck now and Jared hanging and hooking up with all the little Disney girls makes him a poser and really creepy.

  • I don’t get it either

    @HesANiceGuy: Look, I know you defend him because you met him for a few minutes, and I think he’s a good person too, but that “relationships private” thing doesn’t hold water. He can be private – he doesn’t need to talk about it – but either be totally separate ala Paltrow and Martin and never be seen together or just act normal when out and not like he has a protection order against her. Doesn’t mean he has to lay out any details, talk about it answer any questions, but just stop acting like there is anything TO see. We’re all commenting here because he looks so freaking miserable half the time with her or blank-faced, but get him away from her for five minutes and he’s a party all unto himself. Something is not right there. And #43 is right, we’ve seen them together, albeit half-hearted so what is the money shot exactly? I don’t buy it. Seems like a silly game they play or the alternative is that he really dislikes her as much as he seems to most of the time.

  • Really?

    @I don’t get it either: What she said!