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Megan Fox Receives Apology from Mickey Rourke

Megan Fox Receives Apology from Mickey Rourke

Megan Fox heads to Marmalade Cafe with a gal pal on Tuesday (April 11) at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Mickey Rourke, who worked with the 24-year-old actress in Passion Play, recently apologized for bashing the film and smirking when talking about Megan.

“When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a sh-tty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter,” he told NY Mag.

“[Passion Play director] Mitch [Glazer] is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don’t know why I said that stupid sh-t. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad,” Mickey added.

20+ pictures inside of Megan Fox at Marmalade Cafe…

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megan fox marmalade cafe 01
megan fox marmalade cafe 02
megan fox marmalade cafe 03
megan fox marmalade cafe 04
megan fox marmalade cafe 05
megan fox marmalade cafe 06
megan fox marmalade cafe 07
megan fox marmalade cafe 08
megan fox marmalade cafe 09
megan fox marmalade cafe 10
megan fox marmalade cafe 11
megan fox marmalade cafe 12
megan fox marmalade cafe 13
megan fox marmalade cafe 14
megan fox marmalade cafe 15
megan fox marmalade cafe 16
megan fox marmalade cafe 17
megan fox marmalade cafe 18
megan fox marmalade cafe 19
megan fox marmalade cafe 20
megan fox marmalade cafe 21
megan fox marmalade cafe 22
megan fox marmalade cafe 23
megan fox marmalade cafe 24

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  • Maddie

    … she is perfection.

  • minnie


  • kl

    Megan is a beautiful stunning girl but it makes me sad that everyone worships this fake/obviously beautiful aesthetic and girls who look natural or have maybe a small flaw on face like a bigger nose, or something get called ugly and all kinds of mean names. I happed to appreciate Megan’s perfect look and the unique beauties; thats all Im saying. I am glad not all women look like Megan, or other Playboy types. It would be a really boring place if so.

  • http://justjared eric

    GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!! BRIAN IS A VERY MAN.

  • steph

    well this sounds like a sincere apology…NOT!


    this is a cute look on her. I think she looks better when she’s out and about (in sweats, little to no makeup) than when she’s really done up on the red carpet.


    tattoo almost gone? Hope she ate something. a girlfriend? She doesn’t look trashy here either


    Jared was this today? April 19th

  • minnie

    she seem friendly!

  • Andie

    The girl pal is Megan’s sister, Kristie.

  • spongerobert

    she looks very pretty here.

  • Ayy Kidd

    Not to be rude but I didn’t think she had friends, I mean we never see her photographed with anyone but Brian and Casius, we used to see her with Shia occasionally when she was in Transformers but evidently that friendship has fizzled out, and if this is her sister I thinks its a bit sad she doesnt have a friend who isn’t related to her

  • Sammy

    He said those mean things about her because she would not sleep with him

  • jasmine

    @Ayy Kidd: It is sad, but didn’t she say in some interview that she has a lot of anxiety issues? That makes it hard to meet people.
    Either way, even with all the work on her face recently, she still looks pretty. And I also noticed that her Marilyn tattoo looks faded, like someone already pointed out. Fingers crossed that she’s having it lasered off slowly. That thing is just too tacky!

  • Halli

    She made a friend!

  • Megan

    Irrelevant nobody.

  • Gabby

    WTF is she doing to her face?! She looks like a completely different person! And that person ain’t cute.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Go plastic fake i think she need sleep in street coz her eyes to small

  • Moi

    She still looks pretty by normal standards, but a far cry from how attractive she used to be. Also, also that woman with her is probably an assistant or something… she doesn’t have friends lol

  • meglover

    i read that was her sister? is it really…?

  • viola

    she is not alluring that’s her charisma no career

  • YG


    I’m gonna take a wild guess an say she’s still a million times prettier than every girl on this site including YOU

  • Andie

    That’s not her friend or assistant. That’s her sister Kristie. The FANS know. Just do a research. It’s the same woman.

  • zephon

    Oh mikey we know what you really meant – its alright dude you told the truth.

  • Sean

    You can see her club thumbs in a few of these pics. Hahaha

  • Meee

    That other girl looks huge next to Megan, even though in reality she’s probably fit/healthy. I want to be as tiny as Megan but I’m 5’6. Never eating again

  • Cora

    Mickey Rourke does not owe Megan an apology.

  • Ella

    She’s obviously still beautiful, but she really needs to stop messing with her face. She looks a bit too plastic now.

  • carla

    She was once so pretty. Too bad she screwed up her face. It always looks swollen and those puffy lips are hideous on her. Shame she messed with her face.

  • anon


    I understand anxiety and I understand how it can shape one’s perception of one’s self but it is still a shame that Meagan let that beautiful face of hers go under the knife. She’ll pay for it as she ages as she is paying for it now; the scene of crime where she robbed her face of its glory.

  • Robert

    @kl: She’s had he lips done, her nose done as well as her boobs. Are you sure she’s not fake? It doesn’t take a genius to see it either.

  • A

    She’s already stated that she has no friends!

  • Rambling Rose

    Beautiful woman. Elegant and sexy. Great body.

  • me

    3 nose jobs, botox, lip plumping, chemical peels (no more freckles), veneers, jaw augmentation, cheek implants, mini brow lift, boob job. She’s as plastic as they come. i don’t know how people can find an obviously plastic woman so attractive. Sure before her surgeries and after her first set of work in 2007 she was “flawless”, but now she’s gone waaaaaaaaaay overboard. i don’t think she even realizes it.

  • plastic surgery santa barbara

    She looks like shes one of the better than average looking girls at your usual highschool. Nothing too spectacular.

  • hello

    She’s very pretty, but i wonder how much percent of her beauty is real, not plastic. ;)

  • Samm

    ok people! How do you really convince yourself she’s not pretty?! She’s gorgeous on the red carpet and is clearly gorgeous when she is doing day to day stuff! Leave her alone and Mickey Rorke’s carreer isn’t exactly booming right now either. He did the wrestler (which was the first time I have EVER heard of him) and than this…that’s kinda it

  • Bambia

    i didnt even recognize her.
    but shes really pretty ^_^ !
    i think she looks the best when dressed down and casual :D

  • Sun

    her sister is pretty too

  • misha

    haha bittchesss keep hating on megan.
    she makes money, unlike you low lives hating.

    shes gorgeous. your ugly and jealous.

  • anon


    I guess you didn’t bother reading most of the comments here. The consensus seems to be, she is less attractive with all the work she has had done to herself and was a natural beauty before all that. In fact she WAS gorgeous. Lord, were it possible Meagan and anyone with “issues” would be better off getting “character surgery”. But you can’t do that. The nearest thing is psychotherapy and that takes way too long and requires work. I guess in this highly technical world we believe we can always turn to technology to quick fix what ails us. Eventually it will be our undoing. I don’t hate Meagan. I liked that she was a bit outrageous. Maybe the comparisons to Angelina Jolie got to her. But as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • Christian

    Megan Fox gets a lot of crap from people for virtually no reason, other than the fact that’s she’s naturally beautiful and gets picked to pieces from girls with self esteem issues.

  • Hoodiezz


  • olivia

    idk why so many sites are saying this, but that isnt her sister… i know her sister, she was my guidance counsler at fort pierce central high in florida. her name was kristi branim fox & she looked a lot different then this. unless she got pale, gained a little bit of weight & got a tattoo, i guarantee this is just megan’s friend. this is megans real sister;

  • Isaac Daniel Shoff

    Come on Mickey, must weapologize for everything.

  • Isaac Daniel Shoff

    Come on Mickey must we apologize for everything