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Rachel Bilson: Frequent Flyer

Rachel Bilson: Frequent Flyer

Rachel Bilson carries a pillow and a hat while going to JFK Airport on Monday (April 18) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actor had just flown from Los Angeles to New York City with beau Hayden Christensen on Sunday and had to go through the full body scanners.

Rachel and Hayden have been spotted bike riding around together and also taking her dog for a walk. The couple was first engaged in February 2009, and then subsequently called off the engagement in August 2010.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jess

    why all the pictures of rachel bilson? she’s so boring. leave her alone.

  • Valeria
  • Lyla Says

    Serious question. Where does Bilson get the money to fly around and stuff? She does NOT work because she has no acting talent.

    Where is the money coming from that allows her to go shopping and flying?

    Is it Hayden’s money or residual from The OC, where I see nowhere in re-runs?

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    O00hhhh What is this :S

  • ida

    its his b’da today! Happy Birthday hayden!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Hayden!

    @ Lyla Rachel is in New York City for work now, she has her ice cream commercials coming out at the Tribecka Film festival on the 21st. She gets money working for her INStyle magazine column, and being the Sunglass Hut representative, as well as the magazine covers she does at times, I would imagagine. She did a movie in October, and has a pilot coming out in the fall, as well. She does not act like she has problems with money, at all.

  • carrie

    @Happy Birthday!: what an interesting news! she works!!!! after 3 years to see her face 3 times per week on this site whereas she has no news,this year she works !!!!!!!

    where are the candids with Kate Winslet,Guy Pearce,Christian Bale,Matt Damon….? you know these talented actors who work

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute


  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @carrie: they don’t pay either Jared or the paps to feature them. Only people like Bilson, Isabel Lucas & Kate “look at my boobs” Bosworth do.

  • james

    this was and obviously still is two lackluster actors attempt to stay current by staying together. the next photos of them I wanna see is them leaving acting classes.

  • zzzz

    Answer to carrie : The truly talented actors don’t need to pay Jared or flaunt themselves in ridiculous incognito “don’t look at me I’m not a celeb” hats and sunglassses or tip off the paps. They live low-key lives and rely on their own talent to make them and keep them famous.

  • LOLZ

    The cat and mouse continues. Geez either be together or don’t…why try and stay separate when you land when you left together? Idiots.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well so much for him supporting her career as ice cream spokesmodel! Guess he got laid and went home to his mamma in Canada!! Seems the ice cream company didn’t send a car for her!! She’s looking around like a dummy who’s never been to an airport!!

  • Fandango

    First, this is an ICE CREAM Commercial not some Epic Saga she made. Second, where was HC biking on Saturday? JJ get more info please b/c he never was seen on a bike nor was he seen loading 2 bikes on her car. b/c she was not smart enough to get the correct bike rack plus petty sure she doesn’t bike all that much. Funny how he is now back to being sold along with the commercial actress on her work. He seriously needs to get work soon b/c he is her bag boy again.

  • KC

    @ Lexy #14

    Hayden is in New York City, as well, they were seen at JFK last night, there are photos on another blog of them. #2 Valeria above has the photos of them at JFK, as well. The other blog says they avoided being photographed together at the JFK airport on purpose.

  • Fandango


    Then why bother even flying together if they just want to be avoided it’s her agent who makes these set up encounters. God knows there is no real reason for the paparazzi to even take their photo they are not rolling in the bucks for it. Believe it or not they are not trying to be private, or avoiding the media both need the attention since one of them is not shooting any movies, and the other only has a limited TV pilot. It’s a mute point if they are together or not they are just not that big a deal together or apart. Actually I think HC did better in the fans department when he broke off with RB last May.

  • let them be

    It was Rachel who broke their engagement at the beginning of last June, Hayden was gushing about wanting to get married 3 weeks before the engagement was called off in a Brazil interview.. Rachel is the one saying in interviews she is not ready o get married. I’m sure you are right about both Hayden and Rachel’s fans being happy when they broke up, they became fresh meat for those fans with delusions of meeting them with a purpose in mind. It appears they are happy together, give them a break, maybe things will work out for them.

  • ATLQueen


    Hayden isn’t the one with the issue. It’s crazy people like you who thinks he actually cares about his ‘fan dept’. If he was worried about his pschotic fan department he wouldn’t have been with Rachel for the last four years. The man his happy where he is. Keep in mind it’s you who keeps spewing anger and hate while he’s living it up doing what he wants. So much for what you have to say about rising screaming fan numbers.

  • Fandango


    Doesn’t look like he is living it up being out of work. Never said I cared either way even said it’s a mute point. It’s you who wishes he had more ppl who actually felt they were actors and not some economic drain. Sounds to me you rather kick around the dead horse topics, for what so you can blow your own horn. Blow away! Really you will be fighting alone I don’t feel you will see either of these two with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides, who are you to judge who are crazy fans you are here as often as any formulating your options. Guess you don’t like when ppl call you nuts or crazy or else you would not accuse others of it. If you look ppl are telling you as they see it this isn’t spewing hate just options get the difference straight. As for the man is happy where he is yeah unemployed.

  • whizzer

    They’re be wh*oring it out these coming days and its already Holy week – its like seeing a gaydar Judas & a homely-midget Magdalene together!

  • ATLQueen

    Alright, well tell me something then. How is he able to LIVE without working? He’s obviously getting money from somewhere. He doesn’t need a job. He was a part of one of the worlds largest movie franchises in the freaking world. The moment he touched that movie he knew he would never have to work again. So the joke is still on you. All that other stuff you talking about you can keep cause seriously I don’t care enough to fuss with you about it.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Blake Lively does (d’ real) megabucks brand Chanel… while R. Barkson does a random ice cream for Largerfeld; a no-brainer who’s only got paid to shop at a convenient store. And those who’s missing Mr. Cringetensen on the background; he got so awfully shy now coz he’s still Unemployed and just now serving like a bodyguard/bagboy to this Black Swan’s rip-off/spoof tart.
    I’d say, Mr. Cringetensen should get another agent for the NTH time coz this present agent of his can’t even get him 1 movie that would come into fruition; no matter how long he stays in LA. – a major prob. w/ the agent or more like the hacktor himself?!
    And why wouldn’t everyone would presume that he didn’t need to work or get a job when he changed agent like how many times did all his (just) reported/rumored movies just gun down & buried in flames – go figure the very obvious!

  • aberfitch

    Well since Disney characters (Alice In Wonderland, Snowhite, Sleeping Beauty etc) do come alive in HW these days. Hackden should jump on that Disney bus if a live adaptation of “Pinocchio” would come into offing. He would be a perfect T for that role mainly because he’s consistently wooden on his films &/plus a perennial phony-liar as well.

  • Shy

    Oh Gosh Just Jared you are still taking money from that idiot Rachel Bilson? And you know that you are STILL the only gossip site that posts any info and pics about that Bilson idiot?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why would they arrive at JFK and NOT wanted to be photographed together when they put on a such a huge show at LAX??? And FYI…I’ve flown out of JFK – the paps don’t just hang around – they have to KNOW famous people are showing up!!
    Well let’s see if he steps out and supports the ice cream model on her new career!

  • Kylie

    @lexy hates bilson: How did they PUT ON a huge show, they showed up at the airport then a bunch of paps showed up taking pictures. Once they got to NY they probably just came out seperatly.

  • Kylie

    @Shy: Jared is certainly not the only one that post about Rachel. Go to / / they always posts about her too. Why? Because she’s adorable and COMPLETELY HARMLESS.

  • the truth.

    @Kylie: Hayden went home he’s didn’t go to new york with her. I agree with NO. 26 on that one.Why They was at La airport.Then she wa alone. Why? cause he wasn’t going to New york with her.Jared didn’t know what to say when Hayden didn’t show up with rachel.He should have known not get his hopes up like that. Hayden dump her and went home and jared didn’t want people to think that what hayden did.They thought hayden was going to be with her.And he was not.What a joke.It was a show that both put on. If you say that the pap don’t hang around like that.Then they followed her there. No he is not going to be there.That’s something jared made up. Just because he was in la and at lax.Rachel made herself be with him at the airport. Just for attention.@Kylie: That couldn’t have happen they still would have caught him anyway. Hayden did not go to new york with rachel he went home.It was set up anyway.Jared you can’t make them be together when they are really not.If they was together he would have went to new york with her and he didn’t.Rachel wanted people to think that they was. Rachel followed Hayden to la airport you know she reads this on jared,So the real true came out when she got to new york..And jared it was only one bike.And it was hers She just called the paps to see him to take her bike out are her car. So when that didn’t work about the bike ride what better way to show people that it was true.Rachel did that own purpose and you know this.She used hayden and he went home.And when she got there to new york they find hayden wasn’t with her. jared got mad cause he didn’t get what he want.So he had to make up something for her.Jared she is not a super star she only get parts from friends and get attention from her ex boyfriend.. Who in their right mind do that? Cause that’s what she did. when she could have went to the airport by herself.She haven’t moved on with her life without hayden yet.

  • SammiSweetheat

    @the truth.: why don’t you type a little more

  • Hoodiezz

    I do not care.