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Adam Lambert: Facial Hair for 'Sister Act'!

Adam Lambert: Facial Hair for 'Sister Act'!

Adam Lambert shows off his facial hair while hitting the red carpet at the opening night performance of the Broadway musical Sister Act on Wednesday (April 20) at the Broadway Theatre in New York City.

The 29-year-old entertainer was joined by his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at the show, based off the movie of the same name.

Adam just reached one million followers on his Twitter account the other day. Congrats, Adam!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen catching the opening night performance…

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adam lambert facial hair for sister act 01
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 02
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 03
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 04
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 05
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 06
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 07
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 08
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 09
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 10
adam lambert facial hair for sister act 11

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71 Responses to “Adam Lambert: Facial Hair for 'Sister Act'!”

  1. 1
    Debbie222 Says:

    Thank you for posting these great pics of Adam Lambert so quickly. Love his facial hair. Adam keeps surprising us. :)

  2. 2
    Cindy Says:

    Gorgeous as ever!!

  3. 3
    Anom Says:

    eww NO just no! it looks like someone just drew it on with a sharpie!

  4. 4
    LC Says:

    The pics are great!! Thanks Jared

  5. 5
    Melanie Says:

    Damn, he looks hot!!! Facial hair, no facial hair, no denying the gorgeous!

  6. 6
    Theresa Says:

    Adam has not hit the million follower mark yeton twitter. He’s at 995, plus some. @adamlambert Follow him now!

  7. 7
    Kiki Says:

    I’m not quite sure of how I feel about the facial hair, but I do know that Adam will change his look up again soon — he always does! Hope he is having a good time in NYC.

  8. 8
    bad skin problem Says:

    I think he should grow a full beard

  9. 9
    Kirsten Says:

    I never hate on this guy but wtf? lmao

  10. 10
    ck_always Says:

    I’m laughing.

  11. 11
    Vanessa Says:

    Jared…I think they’re more than just pals.

  12. 12
    gio Says:

    ewwwww….can’t he hire a stylist and look like more human than a wax figure???

  13. 13
    annie Says:

    Oh my Adam…so so gorgeous. Thanks for the pictures Jared.

  14. 14
    o geez Says:

    looks as bad as Zac Efrons – she can’t pull it off either…

  15. 15
    kendra Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! SCARY!!!

  16. 16
    Yo-landi Says:

    Am I the only one here who LOVES facial hair on a guy? I usually don’t think he’s that handsome and never even comment on his threads but the facial hair attracted me, it made me to. He looks hot! for once. I’d dress as a man for him here :p

  17. 17
    zizi Says:

    Adam looks HOT! I think he would look better to not wear the eyeliner when he has a goatee tho. It would soften the look more. jmo.

  18. 18
    m Says:

    Thanks for the pics Jared. hope Adam’s has fun in New York.

  19. 19
    Cheryl Says:

    He looks gorgeous.

  20. 20
    kittykat Says:

    don’t get to use to it, he is always changing it up. I heard the show was good, hope him and Sauli enjoyed themselves. Maybe Sauli got some material for his roadshow too. Love them both.

  21. 21
    Zoe Says:

    He looks like George Michael! Wake me up before you go go….

  22. 22
    Daisy Says:

    Adam always have so many different gorgeous looks. I love it!

  23. 23
    swak12 Says:

    love it – he looks great

  24. 24
    Molly Says:

    goshhh its sush a shame he’s gay.. cose hes soooooooo HOT

  25. 25
    Laura Says:

    Adam here is similar to the Spaniard : ) . He may be an excellent partner for Penelope Cruz in new movie. I love it ! ♥

  26. 26
    Jenn Says:

    Wow!! That man is just HOT!!! He always looks so fantastic and the beard makes him even more so.

  27. 27
    spilt_daydreams Says:

    He looks great. Thanks for posting these Jared. :)

    Although I do laugh at ‘his pal’ ;)

  28. 28
    Grey Says:

    Adam is gorgeous!

  29. 29
    Megadel Says:

    damn it !!!he is so hot but this style look him older than his age!(you look to brad pitt too:D)…come on boy change it…

  30. 30
    Halli Says:

    You people need Visine for your eyes!
    This person looks like a rodeo clown with that spray one facial hair and stupid clown makeup. LMAO!

  31. 31
    Mari Guerra Says:

    He doesnt have 1m followers yet!

  32. 32
    Anya Says:

    This pig clearly wishes he was a woman. Don’t understand how a guy can wear eyeliner and mascara and think that that is somehow normal. See a therapist you talentless idiot.

  33. 33
    Alicia Says:

    No matter how Adam looks, or dresses, he always looks beautiful. Stop hating on the beard, at the end of the day, it’s his choice how he looks, and what matters is how he is on the inside, which he is a beautiful person, not how he looks on the outside.
    Thanks for sharing these pics. :)

  34. 34
    maria Says:

    @Anya I bet you have a big list of names you could give him. Your therapists are doing nothing for your anger problem, so sorry for you.

  35. 35
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Adam looks cute bute why he have bared

  36. 36
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Adam u very sweet but go shve

  37. 37
    An Says:

    Adam has beautiful face .what he did in his facelhair

  38. 38
    jilatpepekbusok Says:

    Adam and George Michael should lick each other’s balls!

  39. 39
    brainy box Says:


  40. 40
    Deb Says:

    I like it, Adam can dress anyway he wants, grow long hair, cut it off, shave it, thats his perogative, he is a chameleon, but, he still remains supurbly talented, charasmatic, generous and giving to fans and those less fortunate, and all those other things those of us who really love this guy love him for, so it really doesn’t matter whats on the outside, the inside remains beauitiful.

  41. 41
    BBKING Says:

    RT @adamlambert Just met Patti Labelle. Gagging. I live.

  42. 42
    Layla Says:

    He seems to get bored a lot…
    He is a nice person but needs to SHAVE.

  43. 43
    scratch Says:

    looks like the devil

  44. 44
    noelle Says:

    george michael is here! :) anyway, no matter what he does he always looks good!

  45. 45
    lil Says:

    I like Adam, and I can even see why people might describe him as “cute.” I’ll never see how you can call him “sexy,” though. Just my opinion.

  46. 46
    kat23morg Says:

    people….I swear…As Adam says all the time…really ….seriously…..get over it…..OMG he just grew a goatee and mustache…..give the guy a break…He changes his look all the time…I find it fun and refreshing…as he does…And it does not matter…he is beautiful inside and out….

  47. 47
    kat23morg Says:

    @Anya: -you are the one who needs a therapist…really…i mean you are so worried about what other people look like that you choose to hate on them if they are different than you…you live in a backwards world of stereotypes and homophobic views…wake the hell up….Hate does nothing but generate more hate…hating on people…does it make you feel better….really does it…or does it just make you feel angry…lost…sad….I think you will find life is much better when you get past hate…quit spreading hate…Our world’s problems are caused by hate…

  48. 48
    moxy Says:

    so much fun being an Adam Fan!!! Adam merely grows some facial hair and there is buzz….he is a bonifide star people….haters get over it…we love him for his voice, his humility, his positive energy and spirit…and he is damn hot to boot…something these haters will never get and will never be the object of….so sad for them to run around the internet spewing hate and anger in their useless attempts to turn people off of Adam…pitiful really..

  49. 49
    lah Says:

    Anya, you called Adam a pig (when is the last time you saw a pig with eyeliner?), not normal (who decides what normal is?) and a talentless idiot. What makes him an idot and how do you define talentless? You have every right not to like whomever, but why is the name calling necessary? Also, men have worn makeup including eyeliner for hundreds of years and it has nothing to do with sexuality. If wearing eyeliner defines a person’s sexuality does it mean a woman that wears eyeliner is hetero and a label on all eyeline “caution the wearing of eyeline may change your sexuality”.

  50. 50
    lah Says:

    Last line should read: If wearing eyeliner defines a person’s sexuality then they should put be a label on all eyeliner “caution the wearing of eyeliner may change your sexuality”. Sorry I messed up.

  51. 51
    starla Says:

    @Anya: yes because ALL women want to grow goatees *eyeroll*

  52. 52
    sizzlingsmile Says:

    I love that smokin’ hot and sexy pirate look on Adam, but I am sure it won’t stay for too long. Great to see Sauli with him, they are both gorgeous!

  53. 53
    Anna Z Says:

    LOVE Adam Lambert! <333

  54. 54
    Anya Says:

    your all insane and live in your own delusion worlds. Ask yourselves if this queerbait wasn’t some supposed “celebrity” would he be able to get away with wearing make-up??? NO. You think he’d be able to get a job in the real world?? Hell no. Why? Because it’s wrong and nasty for a guy to be wearing makeup.

  55. 55
    Anya Says:


    yes that’s exactly what I’m saying, no straight normal man wears makeup, you can say otherwise till you’re blue in the face. Quit acting like you see a bunch of heterosexual guys walking around with eyeliner. This kind of weird behavior is only found in the gay community.

  56. 56
    Kaz simply AAmaazin!!!!!!! Says:

    Adam looks like devil

  57. 57
    Anya Says:


    your post has way to much ignorance for me to bother responding to. Get a life and stop worshiping some pseudo celebrity.

  58. 58
    Melissa Says:

    omg it looks fake

  59. 59
    Jory Says:

    Thanks JJ for the lovely pictures once again… FYI Adam still didn’t reach 1 Million followers but soon to be ;D

  60. 60
    Aani Says:

    wow i used to say adam looks miserable with sauli.. now i think even sauli looks miserable with adam .. they look MISERABLE .. they look so unhappy .. he sang about loaded smiles .. i don’t think he can even crack one now .. WOW

  61. 61
    Matt Says:

    How can he have a black beard if he is a red head natural?

  62. 62
    boston61 Says:

    He looks like a big puddle of HIV. Yes, he can sing. Yes, he always looks like an as*hole.

  63. 63

    YES!!! Love it!

  64. 64

    @Anya: SO Anya, in your world who exactly gets to decide who can and cannot wear make-up? You? The government? The Intergalactic Council on the Appropriation of Cosmetics? The teletubbies? What authority are you signifying, or are you the self-appointed God of the matter?

  65. 65
    dgsd Says:

    Adam looks nice here :)

  66. 66
    LC Says:

    wow looking good ;) oh wait, he’s gay? damn…

  67. 67
    Joewoww Says:

    Caught herpies just looking at this pic.. GROOSSS

  68. 68
    lookie Says:

    Auditioning for Jersey shore with that slick new ‘due’?

  69. 69
    graphic designer (male hetero) Says:

    Lambert wears it well.

  70. 70
    must watch Says:

  71. 71
    wtdp Says:

    When is somebody going to put this man in a movie? Please??

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