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Catherine Zeta-Jones: There is No Need to Suffer Silently

Catherine Zeta-Jones: There is No Need to Suffer Silently

Catherine Zeta-Jones covers People magazine’s latest issue and discusses her struggle with bipolar II disorder.

“This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them,” the 41-year-old actress told the mag.

“If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it. There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help,” Catherine continued.

For more from Catherine, pick up People, on newsstands Friday (April 22).

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  • Jack Reigert

    I hope she’s okay.

  • klutzy_girl

    Good for her for speaking out and not trying to cover this up!

  • Kerri

    She looks really beautiful on the cover. Stay strong!!!!!! I wonder was her name featured on the list of People magazine’s most beautiful. If not then the people at people magazine are stupid!!!!!

  • Meee

    Anyone think she’s doing this to get all the attention away from her husband and onto her. Also so people will think “oh poor her”! That’s a trait of bi polar people.. attention seeking and manipulative

  • Shawna

    Meee – No. It really isn’t. Obviously you are the one who is attention seeking.

  • watch movie trailer

    I believe she is not so ok, who could be after all she gone true.

  • cubedweller

    I really admire her honesty. Depression is a b!tch. Combine that with trying to raise young children and take care of an ailing husband – that is a rough road. Even with wealth and household help – she has had to be the pillar of the family. Now she’s got to take care of herself for a bit. I wish her the best.

  • Memengwa


    No, those are not characteristics of Bipolar II Disorder. Check your facts.

  • WhiteLatina

    She has had a very rough time lately dealing with her husband’s illness as well as her own.

  • Amber

    Hmm, I question the recent diagnosis. I wonder how she was able to function and have a successful career with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. However, BP II is milder than BP I, so I guess it’s possible. I was diagnosed BP1 in my early 20s, when my manic episode made me completely unstable. Bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed at that age.

    To #3: You are willfully ignorant. Mental illness is a serious problem, and I’m disgusted that you would doubt that.

  • Very sad opinion

    @Meee: This is the perfect example of an opinion that causes people to NOT seek help. People like this, who are not understanding, ignorant to the illness and lack compassion. If someone has cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. it is okay to seek help, but when someone has a mental illness, people like “Meee” cannot understand. Maybe they are afraid to look at their own mental illness.

  • http://j carlota f.

    well said, catherine

  • KC

    The stigma attached to mental illness prevents people from seeking medical treatment. Depression is so misunderstood. The causes and treatments vary along with those who are suffering from the disease. Catherine Zeta-Jones is very brave for coming forward with her illness. It is unfortuante that she will be unfairly judged for her honesty and suffering by some people.

  • Shawna

    @Amber: I don’t think the diagnosis is recent. I haven’t read anything that says that she was recently diagnosed. Her revealing the diagnosis is recent but I’m sure she was diagnosed many years ago. I also have Bipolar II and I would not be functional without my meds. I was diagnosed at age 17 but showed symptoms long before that.

  • Frozoid

    There were photos of her smoking when she was very pregnant.

    And despite her husband’s throat cancer from smoking – she’s STILL smoking.

  • Irena

    Demi Lovato may not be the best teenager role model but I gained some respect for her when she checked into a mental facility and now Catherine Zeta-Jones. I hope more people seek help (if they need it) seeing these two step it up.

  • rhonda

    my mom and dad died within a year of each other. I had my first really good job and tried my best to help with two younger siblings. when your in the middle of the crisis you can fight with all your might and then comes that fall. I feel for Catherine, after my parents died I could barely breath, the stress was just to much. I’m happy that she got help for herself and showed millions of people that we all have our breaking point and its ok to ask for help.

  • Amber

    @Shawna: Well, I thought the people article said the diagnosis was recent, which sounded fishy to me. That’s what I think too, that she was diagnosed years ago, and had to get her meds adjusted due to stress. It’s the much more likely explanation.

  • Mikado

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Rose


    Her article might help people understand someone who lives with pain and mood swing every day of their life. I hope people read her article so they will understand their friends and relatives who suffer with Chronic silent Pain. If you don’t understand her intention just shut up. Some of us do and I have lost lot people who we cared for. If an ordinary person write about bipolar disorder, there is less likely to be lot of attention; her being a celebrity just come to show that silent pain is all of us. Help is there if you need it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Finally People put a truly BEAUTIFUL person on their cover!
    I’m glad she’s come about her illness. Hopefully it will encourage more people to speak about their depression and illness.

  • Hoodiezz

    Good for her.