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Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler hits the set of his new movie, Playing The Field, on Tuesday (April 19) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by his co-star, Dennis Quaid, and several kids who played members of a boys’ soccer team.

Earlier in the month, Gerry arrived in Shreveport to get to work.

Gerard‘s character is a former pro soccer player who coaches his son’s soccer team to try and bond with him…but he’s got to dodge romantic advances from soccer moms!

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gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 01
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 02
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 03
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 04
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 05

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Veronique

    He is looking pretty darn cute!!!

    Why aren’t there more men with his sex appeal and charm around?

  • Sharp


  • Swansong

    His MOOBIES are ENORMOUS! They are almost as big as his honker of a nose. This man is considered attractive?????????


  • redOctober

    Well done JJ! ; D

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hahahaha happy

  • oldbutnotdead

    Love the shot of the two men smiling at the little boy.

  • rampant

    Beauty is a concept that eludes the feeble-minded.

  • Eve

    I’m just wondering if he can “bend it” like Beckham!

  • Eve

    I’m really excited about him doing this movie with this cast! A lot of big name heavy hitters!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute


  • cubedweller

    Great pics – thanks JJ! A new thread is most welcome.
    Dennis looks great – what is he now, mid-50′s? Loved him since “The Right Stuff”.

  • Eve

    He and Gerry could be related! I never noticed it before, especially the hair.

  • Eve

    Who’s the best pilot you ever saw?? LOL! I especially loved the scene where his wife and the other wives are all talking about their fears of their husbands dangerous jobs and she looks out of the window and he holds up a charred weenie! She looses it!

  • heather

    Butler is just so da/mned cute. His smile just blows me away. Can’t see it and not smile myself!

  • Swansong

    @Eve: He and Gerry could be related! I never noticed it before, especially the hair.

    He looks more like Randy Quaid than Dennis Quaid.

    Gerry’s hair looks dirty and unwashed and he is too lazy to shave. Hygiene is not important to him.


  • xyzee
  • xyzee

    @heather: I know what you mean. I’ll catch myself doing the same thing. I look at some great photo of him, and I’m sitting here at the computer with a silly grin. Looking at Butler can be very therapeutic for ails you.

  • BeachComber

    I see Gerry’s hair dilemma. With LA’s high humidity his mop head of wavy hair is outa control. Yet more hair styling product will give it a greasy look. Grrrrrr.

    BTW those pictures make his legs appear shorter don’t they. Is Adidas a sporsor of the film? Gerry is wearing its clothes so it’s reasonable to expect some monetary compensation don’t you think.

  • Poppy

    @xyzee: Zeta-Jones is looking a little rough in those photos. But she looks happy enough.

  • Natalie

    Well hello there Gorgeous George .
    These pics are definitely worth the wait.He’s looking great,love the smile…he look’s really happy.

  • realitycheck

    Dumbfounding to see both GB and Dennis in one picture!

  • curious cat

    Can’t believe I got in on the first page here. Yes, a new thread is REALLY welcome. But what’s with all the thumbs down already over people saying innocuous comments? Who cares if his hair is long and windblown here? Cheers, all.

  • Weber from Brazil

    He’s lot some pounds
    looks pretty good here *-*
    I’d do him easily lol

  • Weber from Brazil


  • curious cat

    Forgot to mention I neutralized some thumbs. Let’s start off civil! Yes, GB looks good, Dennis looks good, Zeta-Jones looks good, but she too is starting show to some age. It happens to the best of us! :) Happy week everyone.

  • BeachComber

    @realitycheck: Dumbfounding is the word I was searhing for. Two Alpha males clashing on screen. Something to look forward to. Catherine’s outfit looks pretty sexy. Probably purposefully so to entrap George.

  • dmp

    Great pics . . . lookin’ good G!

  • Hoodie

    Have to see the movie.

  • xyzee
  • realitycheck


    You got that right!!

  • Verklept

    #3 You take the moniker Swansong but everybody knows you’re a sock. The real Swansong is a lovely person and a dedicated Gerry fan. I think you need to get a life you freaken creeper. Go back under the rock you crawled out of.

  • Eve

    Zeta-Jones looks wonderful to me! She’s been through hell and back with Michael and he’s not out of the woods until he’s gone past the five year survival period. That’s the marker for cancer being in true remission.

    I’d like to see her and Gerry in a love scene!

  • Eve

    Handsome as ever but I wish he’d beef up a bit more really. He doesn’t have to be Leonidas but Mike Chadway or Terry Sheridan maybe! LOL!

  • just floored

    Goodness, the hotness that is Gerard Butler. Look at that photo with the smile … and the hair … If you’re a woman and that doesn’t get your motor running you must be dead. LOL

  • Eve

    Remember that scene of him walking down the Irish road in PSILY? Hubba! Love that scene and the movie!

  • Eve

    When I see that smile, I get the sensation like…the best foot massage I’ve ever had! It certainly can cure what ails ya!

  • rampant

    Mindnumbing, incessant chatter of the ever present twit.

  • heidi

    And we have to wait how long to see this movie? It’s going to be an excruciating wait. Oh, well, on to MGP and Coriolanus. But PTF really looks like a good time.
    Shout out to Kyrie from the other thread. Sorry about what happened.

  • Eve


    Probably not. I don’t put much stock in tweets. People can say anything.

  • Eve




    there 41 posts so far and Eve has 10 of them
    25% of the thread is the twit.

  • Eve

    No, I think I’m wrong….I think it’s “Who’s the best DAMN pilot you ever saw!”


    make that 27% of the thread

  • Tinka

    YAWN! Who cares about either one of these guys? Gerard Butler is soooo OVER. And Quaid has only made crap movies the past 7 years.

  • Eve

    Shall we mark it at post #43? LOL!

  • Eve

    You have to admit though, the names are getting more… creative!

    So when is PTF suppose to come out. Next year sometime?


    where is psychb or manny to shut the twit up? 32%

  • Paisley

    Mm mm mm Gerry…lookin’ mighty fine!

  • ????

    This Kris Goldenburg on twitter is now saying that her friend spoke to Gerry when he was with this “Kate” and has taken two pics.However when she tried to upload them and send them to the Russian fans,suprise suprise it didn’t work.I still think she’s making it all up as she goes along-question is why would you waste the time?Surely she has better things to do in life than try and wined up people in another country on a Gerry Butler fan site.

  • Kirichenko

    Dennis looks like a used car salesman in that ugly brownish suit.