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Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler hits the set of his new movie, Playing The Field, on Tuesday (April 19) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by his co-star, Dennis Quaid, and several kids who played members of a boys’ soccer team.

Earlier in the month, Gerry arrived in Shreveport to get to work.

Gerard‘s character is a former pro soccer player who coaches his son’s soccer team to try and bond with him…but he’s got to dodge romantic advances from soccer moms!

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gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 02
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gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 04
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 05

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# 1
Veronique @ 04/20/2011 at 2:02 pm

He is looking pretty darn cute!!!

Why aren’t there more men with his sex appeal and charm around?

# 2


# 3

His MOOBIES are ENORMOUS! They are almost as big as his honker of a nose. This man is considered attractive?????????


# 4
redOctober @ 04/20/2011 at 2:07 pm

Well done JJ! ; D

# 6
oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 2:13 pm

Love the shot of the two men smiling at the little boy.

# 7

Beauty is a concept that eludes the feeble-minded.

# 8

I’m just wondering if he can “bend it” like Beckham!

# 9

I’m really excited about him doing this movie with this cast! A lot of big name heavy hitters!

cubedweller @ 04/20/2011 at 2:25 pm

Great pics – thanks JJ! A new thread is most welcome.
Dennis looks great – what is he now, mid-50′s? Loved him since “The Right Stuff”.

He and Gerry could be related! I never noticed it before, especially the hair.

Who’s the best pilot you ever saw?? LOL! I especially loved the scene where his wife and the other wives are all talking about their fears of their husbands dangerous jobs and she looks out of the window and he holds up a charred weenie! She looses it!

Butler is just so da/mned cute. His smile just blows me away. Can’t see it and not smile myself!

@Eve: He and Gerry could be related! I never noticed it before, especially the hair.

He looks more like Randy Quaid than Dennis Quaid.

Gerry’s hair looks dirty and unwashed and he is too lazy to shave. Hygiene is not important to him.


@heather: I know what you mean. I’ll catch myself doing the same thing. I look at some great photo of him, and I’m sitting here at the computer with a silly grin. Looking at Butler can be very therapeutic for ails you.

BeachComber @ 04/20/2011 at 2:43 pm

I see Gerry’s hair dilemma. With LA’s high humidity his mop head of wavy hair is outa control. Yet more hair styling product will give it a greasy look. Grrrrrr.

BTW those pictures make his legs appear shorter don’t they. Is Adidas a sporsor of the film? Gerry is wearing its clothes so it’s reasonable to expect some monetary compensation don’t you think.

@xyzee: Zeta-Jones is looking a little rough in those photos. But she looks happy enough.

Well hello there Gorgeous George .
These pics are definitely worth the wait.He’s looking great,love the smile…he look’s really happy.

realitycheck @ 04/20/2011 at 2:51 pm

Dumbfounding to see both GB and Dennis in one picture!

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 2:52 pm

Can’t believe I got in on the first page here. Yes, a new thread is REALLY welcome. But what’s with all the thumbs down already over people saying innocuous comments? Who cares if his hair is long and windblown here? Cheers, all.

He’s lot some pounds
looks pretty good here *-*
I’d do him easily lol

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 2:55 pm

Forgot to mention I neutralized some thumbs. Let’s start off civil! Yes, GB looks good, Dennis looks good, Zeta-Jones looks good, but she too is starting show to some age. It happens to the best of us! :) Happy week everyone.

BeachComber @ 04/20/2011 at 3:00 pm

@realitycheck: Dumbfounding is the word I was searhing for. Two Alpha males clashing on screen. Something to look forward to. Catherine’s outfit looks pretty sexy. Probably purposefully so to entrap George.

Great pics . . . lookin’ good G!

Have to see the movie.

realitycheck @ 04/20/2011 at 3:39 pm


You got that right!!

#3 You take the moniker Swansong but everybody knows you’re a sock. The real Swansong is a lovely person and a dedicated Gerry fan. I think you need to get a life you freaken creeper. Go back under the rock you crawled out of.

Zeta-Jones looks wonderful to me! She’s been through hell and back with Michael and he’s not out of the woods until he’s gone past the five year survival period. That’s the marker for cancer being in true remission.

I’d like to see her and Gerry in a love scene!

Handsome as ever but I wish he’d beef up a bit more really. He doesn’t have to be Leonidas but Mike Chadway or Terry Sheridan maybe! LOL!

just floored @ 04/20/2011 at 4:04 pm

Goodness, the hotness that is Gerard Butler. Look at that photo with the smile … and the hair … If you’re a woman and that doesn’t get your motor running you must be dead. LOL

Remember that scene of him walking down the Irish road in PSILY? Hubba! Love that scene and the movie!

When I see that smile, I get the sensation like…the best foot massage I’ve ever had! It certainly can cure what ails ya!

Mindnumbing, incessant chatter of the ever present twit.

And we have to wait how long to see this movie? It’s going to be an excruciating wait. Oh, well, on to MGP and Coriolanus. But PTF really looks like a good time.
Shout out to Kyrie from the other thread. Sorry about what happened.


Probably not. I don’t put much stock in tweets. People can say anything.

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/20/2011 at 4:45 pm

there 41 posts so far and Eve has 10 of them
25% of the thread is the twit.

No, I think I’m wrong….I think it’s “Who’s the best DAMN pilot you ever saw!”

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/20/2011 at 4:48 pm

make that 27% of the thread

YAWN! Who cares about either one of these guys? Gerard Butler is soooo OVER. And Quaid has only made crap movies the past 7 years.

Shall we mark it at post #43? LOL!

You have to admit though, the names are getting more… creative!

So when is PTF suppose to come out. Next year sometime?

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/20/2011 at 4:56 pm

where is psychb or manny to shut the twit up? 32%

Mm mm mm Gerry…lookin’ mighty fine!

This Kris Goldenburg on twitter is now saying that her friend spoke to Gerry when he was with this “Kate” and has taken two pics.However when she tried to upload them and send them to the Russian fans,suprise suprise it didn’t work.I still think she’s making it all up as she goes along-question is why would you waste the time?Surely she has better things to do in life than try and wined up people in another country on a Gerry Butler fan site.

Kirichenko @ 04/20/2011 at 5:05 pm

Dennis looks like a used car salesman in that ugly brownish suit.

So it looks like because of the weather perhaps, that the filming may stretch out a bit longer, particularly with a Holiday in there. It was 91 degrees yesterday in Shreveport. Lot’s of storms in the area too. Hoping the wild fires around Dallas get contained! They say a million acres has already burned.

@EVEr ANNOYING: Don’t summon phychob, she is the most annoying of them all.

justsayin'too @ 04/20/2011 at 5:17 pm

GB looks good but I agree he needs to gain a little weight back. He looks good with more muscle.


“This Kris Goldenburg on twitter is now saying that her friend spoke to Gerry when he was with this “Kate” and has taken two pics.However when she tried to upload them and send them to the Russian fans,suprise suprise it didn’t work.I still think she’s making it all up as she goes along-question is why would you waste the time?Surely she has better things to do in life than try and wined up people in another country on a Gerry Butler fan site.”

Someone has obviously discovered that the fan sites read and recopy a lot of tweets. Like I said, I don’t put a lot of stock in what people tweet for this reason. There’s some very unstable individuals out there and I’ve noticed it particularly in the past few days. I’m doubting there is any thing to them. Isn’t CZJ called Kate? Besides if the tweeter is just posting about Gerry, that’s a dead giveaway right there.

Instructor said @ 04/20/2011 at 5:19 pm

@please: I second that! And oh take that Manny out of here too.

Talking head

A person whose talk is empty and pretentious.

(Modern Language Association (MLA)


“GB looks good but I agree he needs to gain a little weight back. He looks good with more muscle.”

My fear is that he’s loosing so much weight, he’s starting to loose muscle mass. Hoping the look is just for the movie and by the time he starts work on Mavericks, he’ll beef back up a bit.

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/20/2011 at 5:32 pm

does Eve have a job?
when will she shut up?
i’d take psychob and manny over her annoying whining anytime.

Did anyone notice there was 1762 posts on the old thread? Gawwwlee! Is that a record or what?? Think this one will get that many? Gerry’s a very popular lad! Flying monkeys be damned! LOL!

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/20/2011 at 5:38 pm

i get it. eve is a teenager and fresh home from school. where are her parents? go do your homework eve and quit using jj as your twitter account.

Finally, It seems like forever since I have seen any new pics of THE MAN. He is absolutely gorgeous.

nice head of hair but like him with short hair much better, more manly

I like the shorter hair too, even though he looks good either way. I have never been a fan of long hair on a man. They tend to not take care of it as they should.

The Noise In The Walls @ 04/20/2011 at 6:44 pm

Looking Good Gerry!!..Love the soccer (football) attire!!

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:08 pm


1762 posts is not a record. GB threads have sometimes had well over 2,000. Another star (singer) had a thread I read with over 5,000 posts, and they were actually mostly interesting. A veritable book.

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:10 pm


In the TV world there is another meaing. A close up shot of one person talking.

@Eve: He does a lot of bending……….just ask Ronnie, Ariel, Nick, Freddy and Applebob…..let me see who is his gay male on set assistant for this film.

@curious cat:

…we are not in the TV world …so my statement stands directed to the poster talking to itself.

@please: Like anyone cares what you think. Choose a moniker and stick with it, add something to the discussions and find away to get help with your anger management issues. Even Eve is playing nice on this thread where as you can’t seem to focus on anything except Manny.

I feel sorry for them. If it was in the 90′s and humid it must have been miserable. Playing soccer in those conditions suck.

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:22 pm

Hello There, that is a nice picture and one I never saw before!

Hey, posters, in this movie he seems to be playing an aging, perhaps washed up? athlete with long hair. So what? He is bound to look messy on the field. Why is the way he wears his hair even an issue, when it’s different for just about every movie he’s in? The man is a movie actor, in case you forgot!

Too bad we can’t even go three pages without name calling, bashing and bickering, This thread has already gone to the (distaff) dogs!!!

Brittany in KANSAS @ 04/20/2011 at 7:23 pm

No its a fake account.
The person who killed the last thread was EVE and nutjob – the whole girl who started off as “I Know” a few threads ago.
It was said that these two women had sex with pigs and family members?? Disgusting.
LOL I may be from the midwest but I am not white trash llike those posters. Don’t even associate with those types!
Gerard looks so handsome. Sigh! Do you think he’d date a redhead? LOL

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:26 pm

@Brittany in KANSAS:

:) Is your name really Brittany? Do you have green eyes? Heroines in romantic novels seem to have names like Brittany and often have red hair and green eyes. I feel sure GB would date someone like that. :) :)

I think Gerry would still be sexy no matter what he weighed! He’s just one of those people who exude sex appeal. It isn’t necessarily anything to do withi outter looks.

Rod Stewart made a good point the other day in an interview. He was asked what he thought sexy was in a woman. He said that he had been out with some of the most stunningly beautiful women on the planet and it was not about their looks. He said he sat at a table one time with a woman that had chiseled features, knock out body and had no sex appeal whatsoever. It’s something that comes from within.

Maybe that’s why Gerry hasn’t found the right one yet. He hasn’t found anyone that matches his own sex appeal. He goes for the looks, etc., but they might leave him flat. The boy might be surprised when one day a woman comes along that knocks his socks off and she’s not what he expected.

Corina with Green Eyes @ 04/20/2011 at 7:29 pm

I am sure Gerard can’t wait to get out of the South. Full of hicks and that southern thing (shudders). Trailer parks, red necks.
Ew ever see the Walmart photos?? That is what he is facing in Shreveport!
He will go running screaming back to LA.
A Shreveport ’10′ is a ’4′ in LA, the land of beautiful women.
Even funnier: A Canadian ’10′ is a ’2′ in LA. Canadians are so sub-par.

Brittany in KANSAS @ 04/20/2011 at 7:32 pm

@curious cat:
Argh :)
I have the red hair but my eyes are brownish green hazel which makes them look like they match my hair color.
Unfortunately the only way I can tan these days is with the fake stuff.
We redheads age fast bc of sun intolerance so I try and stay out of it opting for the tanning stuff VS models used that Tyra Banks talked about she loved and works on all skin tones.
I can dream!! I am 31 though, maybe too old for the G Man!

Why do some people come on here and if they can’t bad mouth a poster, they pick on a city or a state? What the heck is wrong with people? I’m sure it’s just to see if they can get somebody riled up. I feel sorry for people like that. They’re nothing but bullies and I don’t like bullies. No I don’t. LOL!

@Brittany in KANSAS:

Brittany, beauty is more then hair and eye color and the ability to tan. It starts on the inside. You sound like a person who may need to start there and work your way outward.

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:43 pm


Very true for all of us. We can’t always predict what will snow us.

@She’s Baaaack: Babe, no one believes you are two different people. Except maybe yourself. Get back on your meds and maybe you will get out of that blindrage you have over something so innocuous as a gossip site. I have never seen you say one thing about Gerry good or bad, you focus on the posters, especially Manny. But maybe they will ban you again you seem not to be able to post without eventually threatening people.

Yeah I’m suuuure you really feel that way. “Inner Beauty”???
You are one of the first people to badmouth the women Gerard dates in terms of their “looks” – what about THEIR “inner beauty”???
You dummies here talk out of both sides of your asssses and it makes you all look as stupid as you are – starting with your ring-leader in stupidity, Eve.

redOctober @ 04/20/2011 at 7:48 pm

@curious cat:
English is the primary language on these boards.
Thanks in advance.

@curious cat:
That sounds like something Swansong would say..
“Heroines in novels?”
Are you 60???? So-called romance/smut novels are read by lonely women age 50 and over.

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 7:53 pm


I apologize if I stepped on your tail. Guess I misconstrued your comment and missed a post, assumed someone had asked the definition of “talking head.” People here do sometimes ask what terms and words mean. I was just offering an alternate one. YOU may not be in the TV world, but GB certainly has been, so the context seemed appropriate.

Comes in all sizes and shapes.
fight amongst yourselves then.

Kris Goldengurg @ 04/20/2011 at 7:58 pm


Giggling at the twitter comment but OMG you are counting her posts??? Well at least we know we can skip one third of the thread. :P
BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I just got home from work. Just because others find Eve’s constant posting annoying you can’t blame it on me.
Butler is looking mighty s*xy rocking this look. This ought to be fun to see Dennis and Gerry in this movie. Quaid was outstanding in The Big Easy.

I haven’t been here long and I have already had my “run ins” with a few, gotten my nose bloodied, including encounters with Manny and PsychoB and what seems to be a few followers, but I sense an almost rabid hatred of those two! Wow! What the heck did they do so bad before I got here? Or do I even want to know? Really in all fairness, they’re not as bad as some I’ve encountered but that doesn’t negate the fact that they do have their quirks, LOL. Unless they are the ones hiding behind other names, live and let live. Let them have their say. Let’s see if they or anyone can without knocking someone else in the process.

I give most the benefit of the doubt unless they’re just mean people. Let’s all just try to get along with no name calling, berating or bullying. Think that’s possible? We’ll see.

@Amy R.:

“So-called romance/smut novels are read by lonely women age 50 and over.”

LOL! No my dear, they are WRITTEN by women aged fifty and older, women who have a lot of wisdom and knowledge about romance, particularly sex. So do you plan on living past fifty? I feel so sorry for anyone with your attitude! It’s going to be a rough road for you when you get older I’m afraid.


“You are one of the first people to badmouth the women Gerard dates”

I think all of the women, that I am aware of, that Gerry has dated are beautiful. I don’t know enough about them to judge whether they have the inner beauty or not to match the outside. I think you have me confused with someone else, sweetie.

@Kris Goldengurg:

You misspelled your own name, luv. It’s “Goldenburg”. LOL.

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 8:34 pm

@Brittany in KANSAS:

I hear ya. You sound as if hair, eyes and skin match perfectly. I was a redhead ( light auburn) as a kid, had a somehow rather dark sullen look with dark brown eyes in spite of the hair and in spite of fair skin, what I calll sullen skin (light but not pink in tone.) By the time I was grown, I had turned brunette and like to say my Native American side asserted itself!

Reminds me that in elementary school a teacher (I have no idea if she knew what she was talking about) told us some Native Americans were especially attracted to redheads, even more than the blondes they had also never seen before European migration, that the red color had some spiritual or superstitious signficance for them. (Fire, maybe? I dunno.) And that they regularly kidnapped redhaired women and girls to bring that element into the tribe. Maybe fact, maybe fable.

Not that my mother was kidnapped, nor my grandmother or anyone I know of in the lineage. But yes, the skin that goes with red hair doesn’t do sun well. I live in the subtropics and had my first tiny skin cancer (not a really deadly type) appear recently. The surgeon said this is probably damage done 20 or 30 years ago just now showing up, and that I can probably expect more. Ugh. Wear your sunscreen everybody!

Where I live I was amazed to discover the existence of Japanese redheads, the product of long ago integration between Japanese and Russians. I’ve seen a few and at first thought the hair was dyed. Not. The shade is almost indescribable, like soot-black coals with embers still glowing in them.

Now I expect to get a gazillion thumbs down as this is way off the topic of the thread and will most likely bore everyone to tears. But I found your comment amusing and am just trying to be a bit light hearted here. People surely do discuss at length what “type” GB prefers, and I agree with Eve, if he ever does settle down, it could be with any “type” at all. One never knows where and when Eros will strike!

curious cat @ 04/20/2011 at 8:41 pm


Come on, Eve. You know nothing about Brittany from Kansas. How would you know if she needs to work on her inner self? IMO she was being tongue-in-cheek about her looks and whether GB would date a redhead? I replied in kind, facetiously, tongue in cheek, all in fun.

I know this is a bit off topic but does anyone here watch Dancing With The Stars? I have to admit, besides my crush on Gerry, I just love Maksim C.! He’s hot! He and Kirstie are cute together. I think he might have a little bit of a crush on her! LOL!

@wait a minute:
LMAO… yeah I’m waiting for the hubby to get out of the shower and then off to dinner at the Porcupine Grill. Then we will be home in time for him to see the Lakers game. Do you want to know what time I project we go to bed now???
Sorry I didn’t check my itinerary with you. *rolling eyes*

@curious cat:

I’m responding to this statement she made. You must have gotten a different interpretation of it then I did.


The person who killed the last thread was EVE and nutjob – the whole girl who started off as “I Know” a few threads ago.
It was said that these two women had sex with pigs and family members?? Disgusting.
LOL I may be from the midwest but I am not white trash llike those posters. Don’t even associate with those types!”


I’m sorry but she seems a bit hostile to me and a bit, shall we say, superficial. In fact, I’m not really sure what she’s saying in that first sentence. The rest of it is just low rent.

nice leggs gerry looking nice love the hair love the weight love the shorts love the whole look dont care how he looks just love him and all u haters can leave now!!!!

redOctober @ 04/20/2011 at 8:56 pm

Playing …

I see my twin was visiting again…

ta-ta sweety!


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! Simmer down there now, hun! No one here hates Gerry! Well, most of us anyway. We all love him same as you. We are all entitled to our opinions here, Kelly, just like you so no one will be leaving. Not even the haters. Hell, they like it here almost better then the…..what was the name……phannies!

I just can’t wait to see some of Gerry’s moves out on the field! Then there’s the surfing movie! Is there anything the man can’t do?

I get the distinct feeling that somebody just hovers around this thread, morning, noon and night just to play with the thumbs! LOL! Now that’s a claim to fame! Must be exhausting work! But then I’m usually using all of fingers on here and they only need the one.

By the way, is that the same Porcupine Grill in Salt Lake City?? I think I’ve been there!


“Giggling at the twitter comment but OMG you are counting her posts??? Well at least we know we can skip one third of the thread. :P
BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I just got home from work. Just because others find Eve’s constant posting annoying you can’t blame it on me.”


Yes they can…..I only do it for your benefit! Smooches!

I say we elect Manny banany queen of the thread tonight! It will be such a big surprise to her when she gets back from din din with hub hub! After all, isn’t that what she’s shooting for? Let’s see, now who could we appoint her lady in waiting! LOL!

Cute video! I still like the short look better.

Hi ‘nutjob’ i see you found your way into this thread!!
Now see your way out.
And no, I am far from the blonde in the UK you keep posting to and are jealous of, I am assuming.
You need to find another hobby and then go hang yourself.
You are the only one who brings up race in every single goddamnnn thread – no one else does – because no one else cares.
It is more fun seeing you get told off in every thread by everyone because you contribute nothing and ruin every discussion. You sound bitter, harsh and ignorant.
Like someone said of you a couple threads ago: stupid.
Don’t blame the world (blondes in UK, Gerard’s exotics, the uncle who raped you) because you are failure in life.
Wipe the frycook grease off your apron and take a homestudy course. You too can make more than 30,000 a year.

‘EVE’ IS ‘WOW’….among others.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 10:30 pm

Gerard could be Randy Quaid’s twin brother.
*breaks wind*
Oops! Cabbage….

Hollywood Playgirl @ 04/20/2011 at 10:31 pm

disgusting. why share that?

Do you think Maksim had a quickie with kirstie? I mean she’s old and fat as hell but……

Brittany in KANSAS @ 04/20/2011 at 10:51 pm

@curious cat oh and no! My real name…well, I go by Torri, none
of you guys are using your real names. LOL
@Eve sorry but I love myself, I just like improvements like all women. Whats wrong with that??? I hate people who act like doing my hair and putting on makeup means “i hate myself” or have some issues. Um, no. Ive been a blonde and had black hair once too.
@WOW what are you talking about? I wish I lived in the UK. Huh? You need to handle your own fights and don’t pull other posters into them! Manny, and everyone else are all over you!! Shame on you!
@Kate I am ignoring weirdos on this site from now on, but thanks. Good post.
@Spyware I so need to get that!! LOL :)

justsayin'too @ 04/20/2011 at 11:00 pm

Just Ignorant- the name says it all! You are delusional too! Please take your meds for your multiple poster personality disorder, it is getting really old! And my husband is into bodybuilding as I am and he has a great muscular body thank you! Glad you are so interested in my life.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 11:26 pm

@Eve: I think there were 8000 plus on the one before that…?

oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 11:36 pm

@oldbutnotdead: Sorry guys, I assume most of you know the way I write and that this one is not my style…fairly juvenile, so I assume this a young male.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 11:37 pm

@Hollywood Playgirl: Not me, as I am sure you know, as you are probably the same poster.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/20/2011 at 11:47 pm

@Hollywood Playgirl: Usually the young males come out to play and be disgusting much later in the week, on the weekends, and late at night, on yet another dateless night. This one just arrived a little earlier than usual.

hahhahaha you farrted and you blame everyone else girls always do taht shiiiit

Meg Fox is starting to look like that ugly poster child for vampires trannssexual Dita Von Teese.

Post pics of your bodybuiilder hubby!!
Thatd be nice to see a real body instead of Gerard’s flapitude

Kris Goldengurg @ 04/21/2011 at 12:00 am

No I didn’t. Did you read my bio, fool??
its gurg not burg. eat it!

Kris Goldengurg @ 04/21/2011 at 12:01 am


PRO FACE PAINTER @ 04/21/2011 at 12:05 am

Hi all – working and living in Minn as a face painter!
I do childrens’s parties etc, can do smilies animals and even body paint (sexy!)
so if you need someone with my skills and you are in the MInn area:
the facepainter@ yahoo. com :)
Also a Gerard fan he is scrumptious!
I guess I will let you guys get back to your infighting, name-calling and passing of gas?

Nice photos to come home to. Thanks Cora, xyzee, redO and everybody else who brings us this smorgasbord of Butler.
I agree with those who hate having to wait so long to see this movie. Darn. I could gestate a baby in that amount of time. While I’m excited to see Coriolanus and MGP, for some reason, this one is what I’m really waiting for. Maybe it’s that image up top with the smile that keeps on giving.

I’m waiting. Something is messed up here.

Who else is setting their clock for 4 am on 4/29/11? Lame. I know. But I’ll be there.

if only the royals in days of old looked like Butler. All the romantic novels about the days of old would not be so romantic if we knew what they really looked like. All those death masks in the Tower museum will kill your dreams. Sorry. Not a Butler or Zeta-Jones in sight.

@Corina with Green Eyes: Do you have any idea how many models and beauty queens are from the south, not to mention movie stars?

Observation @ 04/21/2011 at 1:31 am

You sound worried. And no he isn’t dating Hilary in fact he has women all over the United states
and the private board found out that he has a restraining order on Hilary.
Are you OK??? You sound like you have major issues.
Maybe it comes from living in Canada. I am so happy I don’t live there.

Observation @ 04/21/2011 at 1:38 am

By the way…why are you being so mean to people that don’t know?
Aw…no one to keep you company?
I have never heard of any posters of any racial denomination on this board give a crap if Gerard dates a white girl. Only if Gerard dates someone that isn’t Caucasian like we are.
You are acting like a fool and its embarrassing. I havent heard someone talk like you in my life. You can’t control who Gerard dates, I can’t so what is wrong with you??
Are you just mad that Gerard is not paying attention to his fans?
Explain yourself before we all just have you banned.
You are playing with karma…people like you have very bad things happen to them and their families.
People like you should kill themselves and do the human race a service. Please do.
And your stats are wrong. Incest occurs in our race more.
This is he last time any of us will address you because it is easy for you to say things to people in this world while hiding behind a keyboard, coward.

@Just Ignorant
I wasnt talking to you you dumb cuunt.
Fuuck off out of the conversation.
(you are the same person)

GERARD HAS A RESTRAINING ORDER on that Hilary Rowland girl? What happened? Did she stalk him on set?
Do tell please! You two spill it!
:-) Hilary was also on this board dissing a few other girls he dated a few threads ago!!! She was really mean to a Corina girl was going to have her banned or arrested!
She starts posting weird stuff whenever one of the old posters mentions that Gerard is banging someone!
I felt sorry for Gerard!! Look what he has to deal with :(
Gerard has so many women! He is like a guys hero LOL!!! He should have stayed with laurie though she was perfect for him!!
Scary on the Canadian Model restraining order news!!
Tell us more! :)

pigbearman @ 04/21/2011 at 2:13 am

looks smelly

@148 – hello again my lovely twin, next time you post use a clean language ant try a different name.
The color is blue – thank God. I know I will be thumbs down but his legs made me laugh, Gerry – raise your socks to you knees, be professional

TheDoctorIsIn @ 04/21/2011 at 2:45 am

I recommend that several of you start dosing with Haldol until the voices stop (you know who you and your multiple personalities are). That is all.

It seems we have a fake posing as a fake. The person posting as “Kris Goldengurg” on JJ is not the tweeter. If she was she would have known that Kris corrected the spelling of her name in her bio two days ago. It is back to “Kris Goldenburg” and has been since Tuesday.

As to the original fake, Kris Goldenburg, the account is bogus. Don’t bother with it. I saw the account when she opened it and was watching her initial tweets in real time. I won’t bother you with the details but there were a lot of weird things going on with that account when it first appeared and it made me suspicious right from the beginning.
I also think this person may be lurking on JJ as she seemed to be responding to posts here. I posted that she spelled her name wrong in the bio, I checked back and she corrected it. Natalie posted that there is a “Kate” in PTF, I checked back and Kris came up with a story about a tall brunette who was specifically off set. We would post something here and she would immediately respond on her twitter. Russian fans approached Kris on her twitter account and she instantly came up with a story of Kate landing in Moscow. Now she has Kate magically reappearing in S’port, she claims she has pictures of her, but surprise, surprise she’s having trouble transmitting them. There were many more red flags but you get the gist.
My initial thought when I saw this account was it was a prank – a JJ troll trying to cause trouble. But I’ve changed my mind on this. I actually suspect this woman is unwell and may have a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality. In other words, I think this may be a mental illness issue, rather than a mean-spirited person trying to panic Gerry’s fans. The best thing is to ignore her, but I know people won’t. She is doing this very publicly so she will get the attention she is seeking. I can’t control that. All I can do is caution people against believing anything she writes if you choose to read it. I was watching when this account opened and everything about it was “off” from the start.

@Cora: I always appreciate your links but maybe next time it would be better not to post links to twitter accounts that might couse problems here. I wanted to write you earlier if it was really necessary to post here her twitter link. It’s crazy here without this twitter. Just a thought.

This is the perfect film for Gerry. Whenever his name is mentioned, it conjures the image of kicking balls.

@she: I’m sorry but withholding the link would have been useless. This woman’s tweets were all over twitter. It was a matter of minutes before it was going to land on the fan sites. There was no suppressing this. Believe me, there is information that I’ve found that I’ve withheld from JJ. But the info was out of the way, not easily found, and so it’s feasible to keep people from finding out about it by withholding it. There is info I’ve found that was too private or problematic and I have kept it off JJ. I do not post everything I find.
Unfortunately, this twitter account was impossible to suppress. As I said in my very first sentence, of my very first post, “I am loath to post this but it will inevitably get circulated”. At the time, I thought the best thing to do was to post the tweets, BUT post them with the additional information that there were anomalies with the account, point some of those anomalies out, so people would know right from the start it could be fake. I did that in my first two posts. It was better to post it and make sure people knew there was a problem with it, than wait for the tweets to circulate all over Bulterdom WITHOUT the additional information that the account was suspect. It would have been much worse to just sit back and let these tweets circulate without any forewarning about the problems I was observing. And believe me these tweets were going to land on JJ one way or the other. These tweets were everywhere. I do not have the power to suppress someone’s twitter account. All I can do is make sure people have all the info I can give them to assess this information as objectively as possible.

YAY Gerry @ 04/21/2011 at 4:27 am

Bwahahahaha!! Welcome back Sir Oy :)

@Cora: I guess that you are more experienced than me on this matter. The storms that circles Gerry are so crazy.

@she: I honestly and sincerely empathise with your desire to keep things as peaceful here as possible, and that is the reason I started posting updates. I remember what happened when we hit a dry spell during MGP. The horrible 8000 post thread was born, and in the dearth of news, the posts became atrociously hate-filled. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the JJ threads about Gerard have ever been the same since. A light-heartedness and sense of playfulness got sucked right out during that time and it’s never returned. I was hoping that if these threads could at least be broken up with some news, no matter how peripheral, it would help keep some of the real poison at bay.
I don’t have to post a thing I find. I only do it to try to keep the peace when new threads are scarce. I’m honestly trying to keep everyone happy. For example, last night I posted tweets of a crew member complaining in her tweets about the shoot, so I very deliberately made sure I followed up with a crew member that was happy with it. I try to provide a balance of negative and positive as much as I can. As I also mentioned, I am also withholding some info – photos and information that are too private or highly provocative without any proof of its credibility. I can do that when it’s buried somewhere and is unlikely to get circulated. But an entire twitter account dedicated to chronicling Gerry’s “girlfriend” was a train barrelling out of the station. There was going to be no stopping it.
Unfortunately this tweeter, Kris, is out there with the cyber equivalent of a bull horn and there is going to be no shutting her up any time soon. The best thing is to admit this is going on, but also be open about our suspicions. Then each fan can decide for themselves if they are going to continue reading her claims or not.

Hotness!! oh my

oldfurniture @ 04/21/2011 at 6:15 am

Can’t help it, he looks absolutely handsome!

I’m living in the wrong country!

@Cora: I like your posts and yes you don’t have to do that. I have to tell you that it’s a little strange that someone will take responsibility over Gerry’s gossip site and try as you do to provide a balance of negative and positive as much as you can. But as I said before I appreciate that you do that because I don’t have the time and patience to look after his moves.

My son bought last week the book “how to be a pirate”, that’s the sequel of How to Train Your Dragon. In the beginning of the book there is a short introduction with the book’s characters. That’s what is written about Stoick the Vast, pay attantion to what’s written in the bracket :
Stoick the Vast – Hiccup’s dad and chief of the hooligan’s tribe (tough but dumb). I didn’t changed a word swear to God.

@Hollywood Playgirl: That’s not oldbutnotdead. I’ve read her posts, replied to them and been replied to in return and she’s a very nice person. No way would she start saying crap like that. This was written by an imposter.

gossiphound @ 04/21/2011 at 9:21 am

@well: Inbreeding.

gossiphound @ 04/21/2011 at 9:33 am

The tweeter in question has not posted since yesterday I ‘ll bet because she’s been unable to produce photos she says her girlfriend has of Gerry and this mystery woman and/or she realized the jig is up. I figured as much.

OMG how did you get that web shot of Eve? ROTFLMAO… She’s been quiet, did she get dumped at the pound? :)))))))
“kicking balls” *crying because of laughing*
@Cora – as always thanks to our little cub reporter. *mwah*

From FB:

Cindy Creekmore Giesen
shooting a movie where I play soccer mom who gets to stare at gerard butler and think he is hot. they have me in very unattractive orgile sweater set. also in scene- uma thurman, jessica biel. catherine zita jones, and dennis quaid. today I like being an actor
7 minutes ago via BlackBerry

i hate you amerricans! it’s call football not soccer.

gossiphound @ 04/21/2011 at 11:29 am

Both words are valid and because we have grid iron football, which is still more popular here than soccer though soccer is gaining, we call it soccer so as not to get the two confused and Aussies called rugby footy to make things even more confusing.

If you take close note, even many UK and European sports news sites use the term “soccer” in reference to “football”.

Perhaps you can blame Mary Queen of Scots for the dual terms.

gossiphound @ 04/21/2011 at 11:32 am

Here being North America. Canadians called it soccer too guess you hate Canadians too.

You all need to stop rehashing this crap with the tweeter! You’re just giving in legs! In fact, it’s probably some disgruntled person here who feels she’s loosing her power. Speaking of that….

There’s Manny banany?

Since she mentioned “dumped at the pound”, I’ll bet she’s one of those who would do that in a heart beat if it suited her. That is so revealing about someone like her, isn’t it or worse, just dump the poor thing out somewhere. Too bad there isn’t a pound where common badmouthing, bullies can be dumped! Now that would be more useful! LOL!

Goodday everyone!


” Here being North America. Canadians called it soccer too guess you hate Canadians too.”


LOL! Good point!

Yes, I believe there would be too much confusion if we called both games “football”. But as far as anyone hating Americans. People need to stop with the “hate”. Hate is an inward emotion and it will only eat away at your heart until you can see nothing but hate. I see hate is already a primary element in many people who frequent this site.

Love, love, love, people!

You yes. An animal never. :)

EVEr ANNOYING @ 04/21/2011 at 12:47 pm

stats update:
eve has 22% posts
avg -9/comment
1 post hidden


You love me but animals never? I already knew that, Manny banany! LOL!


I’m hoping that Gerry gets to use his beautiful accent in this flick! I’ve missed that in the last couple of films.

I had heard that CZJ was playing a reporter but by some of the pix I’ve been seeing, looks like she’s playing one of the Moms sitting in the stands, curlers in hair and using one of those little portable fans! Do soccer moms really do that?

curious cat @ 04/21/2011 at 12:50 pm

@Amy R.:

On your comment, on my comment, about heroines in romance novels:

They are clearly written for young women and sometimes BY young women. I don’t know who actually reads them, but I don’t.

As for “Are you 60?” And what if I were? What if I am 30, or40, or 50 or 70? Is being a certain age a crime? Do people have to be of a certain age to post here? If you didn’t get that I was having a tongue-in-cheek exchange with Brittany in Kansas by now, you never will. I spelled it out once for Eve.

The mystery continues. This was posted by a regular at GALS early this morning:
“I have a fan picture too, he’s with a woman called Kate. (P.A she thinks?) I dont know but he looks really cute… I’ll see if she’ll let me post it and get right back to you!!”



“stats update:
eve has 22% posts
avg -9/comment
1 post hidden


You all are going to a lot of trouble here for little ol’ me! So let the post be hidden! MAKES IT EVEN MORE INTERESTING TO PEOPLE TO CLICK ON IT TO SEE! LOLOL!


You’re still counting posts??? I think we can all see she is annoying without taking the time to count. :)))
If it is at GALS it can’t be true. LMAO…
Zeta Jones looks fab. Here are more piccies…

I see JJ cleaned a little house last night and removed some of the nasty. Someone’s lost all her friends.

nanenanebooboo – are you 6?
want everyone to see she is a spammer.

Last part of my comment was directed to EVEr ANNOYING.
Should say, “Do you want everyone to see she is a spammer?”

If there is even the hint that the picture is of him with a love interest, I doubt that GALS will put it up. If it is a love interest and it’s serious, they will. Gerry and his women!


Last part of my comment was directed to EVEr ANNOYING.
Should say, “Do you want everyone to see she is a spammer?”


Banany, why don’t you give it a rest! This must be very distracting for you and your buds.

Shew, just run away now, before someone drops a house on your head!

And rightfully so. Awwwww the air is a little easier to breathe around here now.
Going for a run with my dogs. Thanks for sending 10 minutes of sunshine before the next storm Cali girl. :)

curious cat @ 04/21/2011 at 1:25 pm


Hardly a reason to hate Americans, friend. There are better reasons thatn that!

gossiphound gave a good answer. Aussies call soccer soccer too. To Aussies rugby is football or “footie” and what Americans call football Aussies call “gridiron” to distinguish the sports. Who cares? You say toMAYto, I say toMAHto and all that. What do you call a drink made by whipping up milk and ice cream? A shake? A frappe? Where I grew up we called that drink a cabinet. Don’t ask me why. Cabinets are furniture you store things in. :) ;) LOLO.

Is that what you call someone when you’ve run out of things to say….spammer? You’re running out of hot air, luv! Give it up! New Sheriff in town! LOL!

Distracting from what? Your inane spamming? Awwww poor thing…..
You still haven’t learned it is not quantity it is quality. :)))))


Going for a run with my dogs. Thanks for sending 10 minutes of sunshine before the next storm Cali girl. :)
Distracting from what? Your inane spamming? Awwww poor thing…..
You still haven’t learned it is not quantity it is quality. :)))))


Thought you were going for that run with the imaginary dogs! Hope none of them bark! They just might find themselves dumped in the pound!LOL!

oldbutnotdead @ 04/21/2011 at 1:37 pm

WO just posted in public news box a new you tube video of GB’s hair! Very amusing!

Manny’s got eight posts to my nine in the last two pages. What’s this “quantity versus quality” crap? That is unless you count all the other names she uses to hide behind! LOL! Then she’s got me beat there!

I relinquish the forum to banany and the rest of her bunch. I’ve got better things to do this afternoon.

People, pray for the dogs!

The Doctor Is In @ 04/21/2011 at 1:39 pm

Haldol time again. Remember, it’s the red and blue pill. You just keep swallowing those little lovelies until the voices stop. Mmmmkay?

Is it possible Gerry does have an assistant by the name of Kate? That would explain most everything.

What a fun video . . . love the effects! He really does have some great hair . . . long or short . . . looks great both ways . . . but ya’ gotta love those curls he has now.

Eve=Sukar @ 04/21/2011 at 2:47 pm

- Annoying people who never contribute to any Gerard Butler thread and who never stop posting until they find themselves alone at the end of a thread.
- They like their incessant blabbering.
- Maybe it would better if WE stopped posting so they wouldn’t have anyone to talk with but themselves. (speaking of egomaniacs…)
- They hate Manny and PsychoB without any apparent reason apart from the one that it’s probably trendy to insult them

Holy cow. Got 30 minutes out on the run and the dogs and I had to race the lightning back. Is Spring every going to peek it’s little head out???
@The Doctor Is In:
For God’s sake just grow up. You want to make it all about me but I haven’t occupied what 20% of the board since its inception. And 9 negs per post average ought to be a clue to you that more than just me find your spamming ridiculous.
In all honesty Sukar was a lot smarter and never this immature (the LOLs work most people’s gag reflexes) and Sukar didn’t use those. I wonder how she is doing in Egypt? It has been a long time since she has been around.
IMO this is a new breed of self-important poster. One that thinks everyone wants her take on every post. If she would bring the number of her posts down to one quarter of what she posts now I don’t think peeps would have any problem with her posts at least I would hope. LOL *snort* But that is just my take. It may be too late for her. IShe has kind of made herself the boil on JJ’s Butt—ler threads. :)))))

gossiphound @ 04/21/2011 at 3:52 pm

@Eve: No but actresses taking a break in between takes do…..

Amy R (the real one). @ 04/21/2011 at 4:06 pm

Yeah it’s me the big nobody (thats what someone said on the last thread….can’t remember who,didn’t pay that much attention).

@Curious Cat
I have not posted anything on this site for a few days…been too busy, trying to get finished before a few days break (meeting up with my big sis). You can read what you want darling and age is just a number…nothing to do with me or anyone else.
Anyway sometimes you need a good romance novel.

In reply to your post a few days ago….i think it was on the last thread.
No Kate is not the name that i heard in regards to Gerry’s supposed mystery GF.
I think that Kris (on twitter) is just a wined up merchant trying to stir things up.

So i’m off now peeps…won’t be around for a few days.Hope everyone has a Happy Easter /Holiday.

Hmmm is probably correct. It’s an assistant, one of many.

Even God might be trying to strike her down! LOL! You notice she’s now going to mention “the dogs” in every post. Doesn’t want to pez off the dog lovers! LOL!

” Maybe it would better if WE stopped posting ”

You know, it might! Why don’t you try it if you can! Things would be so much more productive and peaceful around here and the sane and reasonable people could enjoy the thread for once!

Eve=Sukar @ 04/21/2011 at 5:36 pm

Yeah ok, so she’s a downgraded Sukar, or a Sukar under meds.

How about Sukar-lite???

redOctober @ 04/21/2011 at 6:30 pm

…not sure if this has been posted…×435.jpg

…hope it works, I’m typing with my left hand ; D

Here’s a picture of Kate, she’s the one with the sunglasses standing in front of Gerry wearing the colorful printed shorts.

CynicalButNot @ 04/21/2011 at 7:49 pm

I’ve been away from these threads (but, honestly, not from JJ) for months as I’ve been working on saving my life. Lucky me, I decided to look into the comments for this post to see what ppl might be saying re: the movie. WTF? Is everyone here working out issues that they should be discussing with their therapist? Okay, I’m gone. This is a f*cking waste of time.

thisjustin @ 04/21/2011 at 8:37 pm

Eve..since you seem to need a visual aid to get the message that you are annoying and condescending, this is for you…you are the orange..

Speaking of dogs, I’m wondering if little Lolita is with Gerry somewhere on the set? Haven’t seen a pic of her yet. He usually takes her. I think she was with him last on TBH. I know she was with him during Gamer.

I’m wondering if Gerry has the weekend off for Easter? Maybe his Mum will come down to Shreveport for a visit. Looks like it’s pretty hot down there. Maybe he should take a quick jaunt over to Scotland? I’ll bet it’s beautiful over there in the spring! I was there last year and I’ve never seen so many amazing flowers! Such a beautiful country! I could live there easily.

angelsrock @ 04/21/2011 at 9:24 pm


Is that the director with Gerry? He’s been in a few pics.

From Jane Ryder’s FB:
Jane Ryder
Sam had a treat today. I took her on set while they were filming a scene this afternoon. Shortly after, all the stars finished, and the first to walk up was her favourite – Gerard Butler. Got to wish them a “Happy Easter”. Even got a hug later from Uma Thurman. Got a lovely hug yesterday too from Jessica Biel for helping her with a project last week.
10 minutes ago
Jane Ryder
Sam has never cared about anyone I have worked with in over six years. However, she fell in love with Gerard in “Phantom of the Opera”. He’s the only actor she would love to have a picture taken with.
a few seconds ago.

From FB:
Kristen Elizabeth Cortez
Studied Science Today at the Set with Gerard Butler so cool and also meet Kathrine Zeda Jones, Uma Therman , Denis Quad , & was with tanner and Jenna the past 2 days(:
16 minutes ago

WO has some set photos I haven’t seen:

Looks like they may have had a chilly day!

Thanks for the pics.

Cora and Red, thanks for the news and pics. Goodnight and have a great evening♥♥

Brittney Amber Calhoun
Saw Gerard butler picking his wedgie! XD freakin hilarious!
3 hours ago
Oh! My! Gosh! Dennis Quaid just said hi to me and robin! Woo!
6 hours ago


Hey, that’s my wallpaper! For real! LOL!

redOctober @ 04/21/2011 at 9:54 pm


Good night girl ; )

Picking his wedgie! LOL! Now that I would like to see a pic of!

There are a lot of sightings out there of the cast from the set and in town. I won’t bother posting them all. Wherever Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman were a couple of days ago, they were definitely back on set and in S’port today. It looks like there will be filming next week starting at least as early as Wednesday. In case anyone was wondering, extras are allowed to get fairly close to the actors, but they’re not allowed to ask for autographs:
Jessie Bradford
Eating lunch with dennis quade Gerard butler jessica biel uma thurman sean o’brian and cathryn zeta jones!! BEST DAY EVER!!!
6 hours ago
Jessie Bradford
Lol. On the set of a movie. My little cousin is in it. My aunt is an extra and im here to watch him. Ill be an extra wed and thurs next week!
5 hours ago
Erica Eakin Murrell
Awesome! Autographs and phone numbers please.
5 hours ago
Jessie Bradford
Haha. We arent allowed to ask for autographs. Lol. I wish! And def not numbers lol!
5 hours ago

thisjustin @ 04/21/2011 at 10:13 pm

“Look Dude, just give me the keys to my car”

thisjustin @ 04/21/2011 at 10:29 pm

“Get out of my way!” ” I need to go see my girls at the Pineapple Palace”

I wonder how many women Gerard is &^%$$ing right now.
I mean has on speed dial? Should be ineteresting number.

I wonder if Gerard wiill get oscar nomaination for this role

I am not as dumb as you Americans think.
If I wanted to live there I would live there but I don’t want to so I don’t. Why would I get deported. I’m hot, thin and younger than you 50+ size 8 fats.
No one over size 6 is getting with gerard. nope.

thisjustin @ 04/21/2011 at 10:42 pm

To someone special who spends all her time on Facebook..♥♥

LonesomeDove @ 04/21/2011 at 10:58 pm

The makeup lady seemed to have to tidy up his hair between each take.

Some people look better with tanned skin but Gerard is not one of them. Why he burnt his face so he would have leathery skin is something I don’t understand. I LOVE his fair smooth face in “Mrs. Brown” “One More Kiss” and the early TV shows.

Jane Goodhall @ 04/21/2011 at 11:40 pm

why is he always in dumb movies playing dumb characters?
why cant he raise the bar a bit??? idiot.

LonesomeDove @ 04/21/2011 at 11:45 pm

jeremy Renner is going to star in Bourne Legacy to pick up where Damon left off. Hello Gerry. Any serious movies are you going to make?

gwyneth paltrow is looking old and wide
how square can her hips be??
i am so lucky i dont have a flat butt it must be disgusting to see a flat butt from behind!

Buffoonery @ 04/22/2011 at 12:05 am

Thank you!!!
He is regarded as a joke bc of his movie role choices….
its too bad because after 300 – he had so much promise.
Now he’s a circus buffoon.

Gerard could pick up where Zac Efron left off.

Too bad PTF isn’t coming out until 2012. With all the current interest in CZJ, she might bring in a lot more people. By next year, it’ll probably be forgotten and replaced by some new ‘story of the moment.’ At any rate, she’s bringing a lot of attention to this movie right now.
We saw ‘Arthur’ tonight. Don’t believe any negative reviews, we loved this movie. It’s a lot sweeter story than the original.

Dennis on piano in Shreveport/
Compliments of WO.
Are you forgetting Coriolanus and MGP.? Neither lightweight.
Just here to stir things?

Gerry is at Super Steakhouse (along with Dennis and Uma). From FB:
Shea Graham Tyra
Gerard Butler @ Superior!
29 minutes ago

I meant Superior Steakhouse, sorry (although I’m sure it’s super).
Looks like a party! The same person on FB:
Shea Graham Tyra
Dennis Quaid is singing the blues and playing piano:)
3 hours ago
Shea Graham Tyra
Dinner with Dennis Quaid!!!
3 hours ago
Shea Graham Tyra
Superior steakhouse
3 hours ago
Shea Graham Tyra ‎
@ wb- now we have jessica biel in the bathroom….late night Shreveport:)
about an hour ago

How could anyone equate Sukar with Eve? They are absolutely nothing alike. May as well compare her to Kyrie and Laurie 1, 2, 3. I miss Sukar and wish she’d just check in to tell her old followers how she is. Those were some dramatic posts in the history of this world. Her posts brought this place into a real worldwide perspective.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 04/22/2011 at 12:46 am

Love the new photos and this movie looks like a lot of fun.
GB looks FABULOUS !!!
Does anyone know when the next GB movie is out?
Always love GB interviews – funny & interesting. Can’t wait…
No point comparing GB to other actors-I am assuming each actor has their own motives for getting into the industry. Each actor has different strengths & limitations. Most other actors are boring 2 me.
GB is my favourite and I would go to see a movie – just to see him.
I can’t say that about many other actors at the moment.

wait a minute @ 04/22/2011 at 12:52 am

@Cora: That last post about Biel in the bathroom. Isn’t she supposed to be in the islands with Jimmy Chin?
What can we believe?

@Try sitting ina office allday:
Tentative release dates:
Movie 43 — end of August 2011
Machine Gun Preacher — September 2011
Coriolanus — November 2011
It looks like we’re going to get lots of Gerry in the fall. That’s a lot of press he’s going to be doing. He’ll also be shooting “Mavericks” in October.

make it go away @ 04/22/2011 at 1:02 am

Please make Reese go away from this screen. I hate her and her honker teeth and Pattinson and his weird eyes. Bleeeh.

@wait a minute: Jessica must have returned from her trip. There were three separate sightings of Jessica Biel on set today and one was by a crew member. She’s also in the pap photos with Gerry and Catherine.

@oy: I’m flattered. At least you took my tip from the last time you impersonated me and kept your comment brief so it’s more believable.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 04/22/2011 at 1:31 am

@Cora: thank you for that info. Only a few months 2 wait…Love GB !

LonesomeDove @ 04/22/2011 at 1:53 am

Don’t get me wrong. I love Gerry and his movies. But I am also pining for him to star in a big budget blockbuster type of movies. Everytime I heard so and so actor was cast in such and such movies I couldn’t help but wondering why Gerry was not the one picked.

Water for Elephant got slaughtered by critics. Critics got at least one thing right: Reese and Rpat don’t have chemisty, which is enough to doom any romantic love story. I’ll pass this one.

Oh Please @ 04/22/2011 at 3:20 am

“I always appreciate your links but maybe next time it would be better not to post links to twitter accounts that might couse problems here. I wanted to write you earlier if it was really necessary to post here her twitter link. It’s crazy here without this twitter. Just a thought.”
Please shut up. we have a right to know all about Gerry if it’s out there in the public domain, without someone like you acting like a goody goody. We are not stealing anything personal or secret. all the info Cora puts out is from public Face Books and Twitter accounts. if someone wants privacy they need to make their twitter and facebooks private. Stop telling us what is good for us and what’s not good for us like they do in Communist countries. Please chill out.

PsychoB=nightmare @ 04/22/2011 at 3:44 am

“I see JJ cleaned a little house last night and removed some of the nasty. Someone’s lost all her friends.
If you attack others, get raedy to get attacked. So not for long sluut, i am ready to unleash it on you. I hope the others who can’t stand you and Manny will continue to do the same, sluut.
I have a copy of some of my posts so i think that since some of it embarrassed you and you hated it, I will re-post again some of mine. the others will have to do theirs. I think there is a compaign against you loser. People can see how useless you are, stupid.

Another sighting of the miniature cast party tonight on FB:
Wendy Eve Trotter
List of stars I saw tonight : Uma Thurman , Jessica Beil, Gerald Butler , and Dennis Quaid !! Must say they were having a great time :)
3 hours ago
Amanda Williams
So jealous… Of all except Gerard butler… Considering I played soccer with him two weeks ago!!!
3 hours ago

I was wondering when will I be attacked by a troll.

are you stupid? @ 04/22/2011 at 4:22 am

@curious cat:
“Hardly a reason to hate Americans, friend. There are better reasons thatn that!”
What are the reasons you think there is to hate Americans?
And you got 5 thumbs up for this comment?
What kind of a lame group of people post her?
Oh, I forgot; it’s the same people supporting Manny and PsychoB in attacking and teaming up against Eve and other posters they don’t like.
I’m not American, but I appreciate America for the beacon of light and freedom it is.
And you wonder why you people lack backbone? Of course you lack backbone if you support such statements against your own people, or if you can’t stand up for yourselves. If Americans don’t stand up for themselves and the truth, no one will.
America has helped many people around the world, including now. Isn’t America helping liberate Libya at her own peril?
Well, if you people see fit to support such lame posters as Manny and PsychoB, I think it’s a good sign of the type of people on this thread.
BTW, you also attacked Amy R for no reason. You misconstrued her statement completely.

Hypocrisy Speaking @ 04/22/2011 at 4:28 am

“Annoying people who never contribute to any Gerard Butler thread and who never stop posting until they find themselves alone at the end of a thread.
AS IF Manny and PsychoB ever contribute to the thread. Manny links, maybe one link a month, maybe two, and PsychoB never ever posted anything since she has been posting here. She is just a parasite feeding off other people.
Some of you people (the ones supporting Manny and PsychoB) have some nerve; your hypocrisy is on fire, it’s flaming. You’re good at pointing fingers but don’t look at your own sh!t.
“They hate Manny and PsychoB without any apparent reason apart from the one that it’s probably trendy to insult them”
And you wonder why some hate Manny and PsychoB? They attack other posters. Isn’t that a good enough reason for you, you egomaniac hypocrite? Sheeesh!

Hypocrisy Speaking @ 04/22/2011 at 4:44 am

“For God’s sake just grow up. You want to make it all about me but I haven’t occupied what 20% of the board since its inception. And 9 negs per post average ought to be a clue to you that more than just me find your spamming ridiculous.”
You always answer everyone that challenges you in the same empty way:
“You want to make it about me, blah, blah, blah……, and more blah”
Please, it is about you since you are leading the way against Eve and constantly criticizing her every post.
Let’s face it; it’s only because you are getting thumbs up from mindless posters, while Eve is getting thumbs down, that you won’t stop. People giving you thumbs up is emboldening you and encouraging you to behave in this unethical behavior and that’s why you are continuing.
Anyone on JJ, if you have any decency and you find Manny’s behavior reprehensible and unacceptable, stop giving her thumbs up and she will stop.
Of course, when she reads this comment, she’ll be laughing and making fun of it, in an arrogant and smug way. However, if you don’t like people taking advantage of their position and assuming they have more power than they do, you need to take action against her behavior, namely stop giving her thumbs up. Better yet, start giving her thumbs down while giving Eve some thumbs up. Then watch Manny changing her tune. She’ll retreat like the little wisel she is. .
Heck it will be a nice experiment to watch. Do you remember Pavlov’s dogs? If you reinforce something it encourages a creature to behave a certain way because they want to get the approval. You can make Manny, Pavlov’s dog, and watch her behave like a trained dog when she ceases to get your approval for her reprehensible actions. It will be fun to watch.

Did you check Kristin Goldenburg’s Twitter account again tonight? It appears she has many more comments about this Kate she calls Gerry’s GF.
I just read your comment from last night regarding her tweets and ITAWY. However, what do you make of her twitter now? Are you still thinking it’s a fake?!/KrisGoldenburg
BTW, thanks for keeping us posted. I enjoy your comments.

@a report: Yes, I still think that Kris is making this up. Her most recent tweets are about these pictures of “Kate” she claims to have. First Kris said she didn’t know how to upload them. Then she claimed she emailed them to a Russian Gerry fan, but the Gerry fan said the pictures never arrived. Next, Kris said she would send the pictures again when she got home – and that was 18 hours ago! LOL! And there have been no tweets since. So yes, I think she’s making this up.

@Cora: This Kris girl is messed up. Don’t waste your time pondering on her tweets. She doesn’t even know what she’s tweeting.

@Me2: I obviously agree.
“report” asked me an honest question, so I replied in kind. It took me me less than a minute to answer her, so you can be rest assured my time wasn’t wasted. I didn’t “ponder” anything. I knew what I thought about it in a split second.

Love all the pics and news…have a wonderful day to all!!

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 7:27 am


Thanks Red, I thought that must be him. He’s a nice looking fellow, too.

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 7:33 am


It looks like it may have just stormed there.

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 7:51 am

Thanks to all who posted links last night. This day has started off well!

You have to agree that this movie has a nice variety of actors in it. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together. No, it’s not a big blockbuster or a deep dramatic bore, but it should prove to be a fun time at the movies.

I saw there were some posts dissing his choice of roles and movies. The man is working and enjoying his life. He has had 2 serious roles before this one in Coriolanus and MGP. And the next on Mavericks could be quite interesting.

@Cora: Wake me up when this will be over. Gerry-get a FG and save us from this.

redOctober @ 04/22/2011 at 10:26 am


You’re welcome ; D

There were reports of bad weather, yes. But it didn’t stop the work in the sets, it seems.

They seem to be working today. From FB:
Justrick LaCour
Feature work in “Playing the fields”. Looked up and standing next to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Got to show Gerard Butler a glimpse of my stand up act. And they pay us to do this. Wow!
about an hour ago

So still no pics have surfaced of Gerry and “Kate”….what a suprise.
Anyway do you think last night’s little get together (Gerry,Dennis,Uma and Jessica) at Superior steakhouse was the table for four she mentioned.
Thank you.. to everyone who posts all the pics and links.

@PsychoB=nightmare: 3 posts in a row and you can’t even use the same moniker?
Listen I am sorry but nothing you can put up on this board will have an affect on how I view myself. I feel bad for you because being this angry at a gossip site shows that anger must be a driving force for you. When your anger finally breaks you you will have a choice to let it destroy you or change. Pick change. Your hate affects no one more than yourself and until you realize that it will ruin your life.

Try some meditation or some up beat music. Anything to get that gloom off your shoulders.

@PsychoB: Why don’t you just crawl back to the killer bee hive called Imdb? You are not welcome here.

@Christina: I’m not welcome by someone who has to change their moniker everytime they post? I am so sad. Use this moniker to say anything, I mean anything about Gerry Butler. it will be a first for you. Not only using a moniker twice but actually talking about Gerard Butler on a Gerard Butler thread.
You could be Eve again though, trying to make friends for herself. I get you two mixed up. You both have so much hate its hard to see passed that sometimes.

minneapolis @ 04/22/2011 at 11:57 am

@redOctober: Louisiana’s humidity and Gerry’s curls don’t get along. No wonder he’s wearing a lot of knit caps! He’s keeping the stylists busy on set trying to keep that hair under control from scene to scene.

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 12:10 pm


There can’t be too many left in Shreveport who haven’t had their picture taken with Gerry! God bless him; he’s a good sport.

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 12:12 pm


So true!! I feel his pain! Heat and humidity is my enemy big time!! I’ve got the curly, wavy, frizzy thing going on, too.

trying to figure it out @ 04/22/2011 at 12:37 pm

Happy Easter to everyone.

Fritzie – how are you? Good to see you around.

Spanx – If you are reading this, I hope you are well. Who would have thought it’s Stanley Cup time again, the year has just flown by. Hope your team is in the play-offs this year. Mine has gone south so I’m not that interested in it this year.

gossiphound @ 04/22/2011 at 1:06 pm

@Rayme: Ha Dennis Quaid playing the blues. Priceless.

gossiphound @ 04/22/2011 at 1:08 pm

@wait a minute: I think Lainey got her facts or dates wrong, oh my.

gossiphound @ 04/22/2011 at 1:11 pm

@angelsrock: Gerry needs a Brazilian blow out perhaps.

redOctober @ 04/22/2011 at 1:23 pm


…really a difficult task while playing a sport, to keep the curls in check, that is . lol.


The entire soccer team and some of their Moms at least -; D

oldbutnotdead @ 04/22/2011 at 2:15 pm

@xyzee: thanks for posting this! I saw it and think it is a nice way to comment on the body work people (and especially GB!) do for films.

Between the hair and the body, GB looks different all the time. He apparently has a real thing about being “typecast”.

angelsrock @ 04/22/2011 at 2:43 pm


I’m afraid to ask…….

@xyzee: And may I add, “Take that Ahhhhnold!”

Just wishing everyone a Happy Easter from NOLA.

How long do you think we will have to wait before we get some footage of Gerry & Dennis doing a duet! Gerry must be chomping at the bit!

I’m thinking that Mr. Butler could be upstaged by some of the other actors in this film even though he’s the main character. CZJ will steel the paps off set and Dennis, the stage! LOL! And I bet he doesn’t care!

I see Gerry got number 1 on Men’s Fitness for his role in 300 and guess which female was chosen for her fitness….Jessica Biel ha ha that’s one fit cast!

Not to diminish their hard work at staying fit but I think if I had a personal fitness coach/trainer and chef to cook my heathly meals from organic foods and things made from scratch, I’d be in better shape too! Everything in the supermarket seems to be processed one way or another for the common person. The cheaper the food, the worse it is for you.

“Why don’t you just crawl back to the killer bee hive called Imdb? You are not welcome here.”
I second it, well said.

do you know anything about the Kate GF of Gerry’s?


“You could be Eve again though, trying to make friends for herself. I get you two mixed up. You both have so much hate its hard to see passed that sometimes.”

Please stop with this INSANITY!

May I ask you a question? Is there any other reason ONE GOD’S GREEN EARTH OR in hell why you come to this site other then to try to pick a fight with someone? For your info and any other’s who may be interested, I do not and have never used another name. Please stop lumping me with other people you don’t like. There are enough kooks who come to this site as it is who DO hide behind other names and they’re not fooling anybody! They have their little quirks like for instance, liking to caption Gerry pics for one. I know who that is. Dead giveaway there! Advice to those who use different names, create a different “personality” when you do it and be careful your style of writing doesn’t bleed over in to your other many schizo personalities too! You’re too obvious! LOL!


In all the years I’ve “known” that Gerry has had a GF, or at least he claimed he did, he never behaved like he did from what I could see, not the way a guy should behave with someone he cared about. So far, he’s been a pretty good boy lately, either that or he’s getting better at hiding things. I really don’t think it has anything to do with having a girl friend. He’s got a lot big Hollywood elite in this movie so he better behave!

I think it takes a lot of time for any woman to get to the “girlfriend” status with Gerry. There’s a lot of checks and balances that she has to pass first. Since Laurie, I don’t think he’s had time to meet and begin cultivating a serious romance. I think the Kate thing is made up really. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before.

So Gerry’s in NOLA for the Laker’s Game tonight……..!/GraybieBaybie!/b97

“Gerry needs a Brazilian blow out perhaps.”


LOL! You’ll never guess the word my mind put in place of “out” when I first read this! But either one might straighten his hair!

I would ask her why she attacked this person and mentioned you again? Obviously, she is either trying to drag you into another fight, or being the egomaniac she is , she thinks you equal all the people who dislike her here. Well, she has a lot of people who dislike her, not just one beat-up person named Eve, whom she dumped on for two weeks straight. Just ignore the b!tch and move on. You have every right to post here and no one can stop you whether we like you or not.
Remember, as someone said before, she doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion, except strife. She never includes any links to anything, or says anything of value, except fight with people who see and believe Gerry to be someone different from what she thinks or believes him to be. Her only true supporter is Manny. Everyone else had enough from her vitriol. Here’s hoping Manny would come to her senses and shun PsychoB, instead of joining forces with her and being a source of negativity on the thread.

Sorry,those twitter links don’t seem to be working.They’re on WO news box if anyone’s interested.CZJ and UT are going to the Laker’s game aswell.Should be some new pics.

redOctober @ 04/22/2011 at 5:29 pm

Stargazers to be busy at tonight’s Hornets-Lakers game, with several A-listers set to attend
“Gerard Butler. The star of such films as “300″ and “RocknRolla” has been spending time in Shreveport shooting the romantic comedy “Playing the Field” …Word is he’s hoping to get away long enough to head down for the game…”

just curious @ 04/22/2011 at 5:54 pm
Butler looking like he’s having such a good time filming this movie. I can’t get over how happy he looks. He gets to play soccer for this movie, a sport he really enjoys, while practicing his craft at the same time. It’s a win, win for him.
True. But you can still eat healthy by cooking the food yourself – not buying anything packaged because those things are usually processed. It’s the processed stuff that gets you fat and diseased. Only problem is, it’s time consuming to cook yourself so personal cooks do come in handy lol.
How are you feeling? Did you have the procedure done yet?
Is Gerry off for Easter? Do we have a report of him being on any flights anywhere? Do you think New Orleans is a true possibility? Didn’t he go to Scotland last year for Easter?
Happy Easter everyone.

redOctober @ 04/22/2011 at 6:01 pm

@just curious:

I’m a bit achy and with a huge plaster cast, surgery done yesterday. Thanks a lot for asking ; )

just curious @ 04/22/2011 at 6:14 pm

Good, at least it’s behind you. Now it’s time to look forward to healing and feeling better. Hugs.

According to 2 more twitter sightings at WO,Gerry is definitely in NOLA for the weekend…should get new pics soon especially from the Laker’s / Hornet’s game tonight.

curious cat @ 04/22/2011 at 6:25 pm


@ #215 thisjustin “time for a haircut” photo

Is this from the days when he thought he was Jim Morrison? :)


Thanks for you input. Seems some people just get off being mean, especially from the safety of their keyboard. LOL!

curious cat @ 04/22/2011 at 6:34 pm

@wait a minute:

@Cora: That last post about Biel in the bathroom. Isn’t she supposed to be in the islands with Jimmy Chin?
What can we believe?

That she was in the bathroom with Jimmy Chin?

What bathroom anyway? Reporting Biel in the bathroom is realy pushing the trivia.

curious cat @ 04/22/2011 at 6:55 pm

A couple of us had a very brief discussion about why this film is being made in Shreveport LA. This might shed some light on the topic.

I wasn’t aware of Shreveport’ claim to be Hollywood South. State of the art film facilities it seems.

@curious cat: Yeah, lol, bathroom sightings are a tad invasive, but I don’t suppose the folks in Shreveport have that many opportunities to have a celeb exiting the stall next the theirs.
It was at Superior Steakhouse the night the whole gang was there with Dennis at the piano. It was surprising because she was flying out of Miami a few days earlier. Interesting that this cast seems to work well and play well together.

@curious cat: That wave tank is really something.

Gerard is so HOT!

curious cat @ 04/22/2011 at 7:07 pm

Reading through the last pages of posts since I was last here, I have a few thoughts and will make them without reference to specific posts or posters. How anyone would think a size 8 is FAT, I can’t imagine, or why some posters assume people who disagree with them are over 50, fat, homely, lonely and can’t get a man. This is silly.

All this attacking of other posters is silly. There is no conspiracy of veteran posters. Some of us have posted here for 2, 3 years or so, kind of know each other in a cyberspace way and it is silly to assume you know much at all about anyone here.

Nobody is required to provide any sources of information on Mr. Butler to this site. Other than the JJ team who run it. We love that Cora finds so much material, but if people want to come here and just comment in awhile it’s their right and their business.

Lighten up, everybody. It is possible to disagree with people without attacking them personally. And you really don’t know who anyone is.

Yep-Gerry is in Nola for the weekend.
There is no “Kate”……….

curious cat @ 04/22/2011 at 8:09 pm

@are you stupid?:

I couldn’t reply to this without calling up the whole comment in front of me.

@curious cat:
“Hardly a reason to hate Americans, friend. There are better reasons thatn that!”
What are the reasons you think there is to hate Americans?
And you got 5 thumbs up for this comment?
What kind of a lame group of people post her?
Oh, I forgot; it’s the same people supporting Manny and PsychoB in attacking and teaming up against Eve and other posters they don’t like.
I’m not American, but I appreciate America for the beacon of light and freedom it is.
And you wonder why you people lack backbone? Of course you lack backbone if you support such statements against your own people, or if you can’t stand up for yourselves. If Americans don’t stand up for themselves and the truth, no one will.
America has helped many people around the world, including now. Isn’t America helping liberate Libya at her own peril?
Well, if you people see fit to support such lame posters as Manny and PsychoB, I think it’s a good sign of the type of people on this thread.
BTW, you also attacked Amy R for no reason. You misconstrued her statement completely.

OK, guys, skip this post if you like and haven’t already. It’s Curious Cat after all and this will be longer than even I usually write because I think the post I reply to warrants it.

For starters, I was being a little facetious about the poster who claims to hate Americans for saying “soccer” instead of “football.” I already replied to that. Tomayto, tomahto, shake, frappe, cabinet and all that. We have different names for different things. STF what?

But because the poster here made my comment an issue I feel I should respond to. Trust me, I love my country. I am proud of what our forefathers did. A bunch of 13 British colonies, farmers and tradesmen, with no Army or Navy, many who had never owned or shot a gun, so believed in their inalienable rights that they challenged what was then the world superpower, the British Empire, to separate from that empire and create a nation according to their own beliefs.

The experiment was far from perfect. And in spite of what some people think, the U.S. was not founded as a democracy, just as a republic, where citizens weren’t ruled by a king who inherited the job because of what family he was born into, not by his intelligence, integrity or ability to lead.

At the outset, only white males who owned property had the right to vote. Africans were kidnapped, brought here under horrible conditions and enslaved. Native Americans were treated outrageously, forced out of their ancestral lands. Women had no rights. They couldn’t vote. When Chinese immigrated here in the 19th century to help build railroads, any white American woman who married a Chinese man automatically lost her U.S. citizenship.

Brave Americans fought all this. You think Americans have no backbone? We continue to try to perfect the great experiment.

In the late 19th century, expansionism, imperiialism and manifest destiny were buzzwords that propelled the U.S. to replace the Brtish Empire as the new world superpower and the empire to hate.

I lived in Australia in the 1980s, have family and friends there, and although the country is the USA’s official friend and ally, a lot of people there hated Americans and our country’s foreign policy, and resented being drawn into our wars.

The U.S. has supported leadres who turned out to be dictators who oppressed their people, and we sometimes turned on leaders who were promised help because of poltical expediency. With American self-nterest always the primary consideration.

Yes, we’ve helped people and we’ve hurt people. And maybe the greatest thing about this country is that we let it all hang out, we show our warts. We battle to fix things we do wrong. We fight each other.

Some years ago, when the US was fighting the Cold War with the USSR, a Rusian ship got in trouble off our east coast. they were rescued and the men were frightened of being captives of the USA. Local people took them in, bought them clothes, took care of them.

Don’t ask me if I am stupid. I know I am not and you won’t change my opiinion. As anyone knows who has posted here awhile Im a journalist and have taught historry.

OK – Thanks, looking forward to some new pics.

I’m curious.
Are you Gerry’s GF?

“Gerry needs a Brazilian blow out perhaps.”
Wrong, he needs a Brazilian blowJOB

@curious cat:
Yes, you’re right; no one is obligated to post any links to articles or pictures of Gerry, but I think I know what the original poster meant.
He/she were referring specifically to PsychoB who seems to get in to a fresh fight almost daily, while never contributing anything of value to the thread. It’s one thing if you contribute nothing; you’re not obligated to contribute anything, as you say. However, it’s another thing if you’re not contributing anything useful, yet you constantly engaged in fighting with other posters and name calling.
That’s the kind of behavior most people here find unacceptable and egotistical. JJ is not PsychoB’s personal therapy grounds where she gets all her personal aggression and hatred out, and quite frankly her constant belittling of other posters was getting on many people’s nerves, even if most people just kept quiet in case she turns on them and attacks them as well. Go back to the last thread and see for yourself how she and a couple of other people were ganging up on anyone that voiced an opinion supporting Gerry’s attendance of the debutante ball. Anyone who said Gerry was invited to the ball and was not there crashing it to pick up 18-year olds, got made fun of and had nasty comments directed at him/her. Of course, when an article surfaced a few days later proving Gerry was invited to celebrate this local event, PsychoB and her friends never admitted they mis-judged him. PsychoB never admits she is wrong. On the contrary, she gets upset and mean when people call her on her comments against Gerry and his fans.

FB sighting and photos from the set:
Dana Aulds Carpenter
My Niece Jenna on set with Gerald Butler filming “Playing the Field” that comes out next year!!! She is the one on the far right!!
10 hours ago
Photo of Gerry and the kids:

Gerry making funny faces with the kids:

Another interesting comment from the same woman:
Dana Aulds Carpenter
my niece is in hog heaven with him too and dennis quaid, Uma Thurman , and catherine zeta Jones……she said they had to run from paparazzi yesterday and it got them all upset….
9 hours ago.
Her little niece also posted a comment. She obviously had fun with Gerry:
Jenna Day
It was super fun! Gerry is histerical! It was great meeting everyone! :)
5 hours ago.

@Cora: Cora, he is such a nut. This movie may turn out to be really a good thing for Gerry. At least he looks like he is having fun considering he is doing both jobs…acting/producing. Thanks for the news and pics. I appreciate the time and effort you do to share your finds with us.

@Cora: Gerry is such a natural with kids. Maybe because he’s just a big kid himself at heart. Even with all he’s done and seen and been everywhere in his life, he’s still a doll with kids in Shreveport. He remains down to earth. I hope he has kids of his own.

@tamara: that man as a father. Those kids will be spoiled beyond anything. But first, we need a mother. Who is worthy? Anyone famous?

First sighting of Gerry at the game tonight. From twitter:
Fletcher Mackel
Actor Gerard Butler sitting courtside by me, hardly recgonized him, Maybe he can give a 300esque speech to the team sunday!
4 minutes ago

Soy Burgers are for Farting @ 04/23/2011 at 1:18 am

Hey Georgia* ….why do you talk to yourself and ask yourself questions?

I know it’s over for G to play young Jamie, but what ever happened to the Outlander movie? He is still my jamie when Claire comes back and he’s all grown up. Butler is still mature Jamie. Sex on the print shop floor.

curious carte @ 04/23/2011 at 1:19 am

I wonder how many times Gerard has blown a load onto the backs of models. And if any of you would trip over each other for the honor?
Just a thought!

Italian's Do It Better @ 04/23/2011 at 1:25 am

Whatever happened to tara – the churren green weeno chick??
Or the Boogar guy?? Comic relief on this nasty board is missed.
Ever since Gerard poor Gerard has been filming in southern infested DUMP called Shreveport (where everyone is related) things have been crappy at this board…idiots, losers and southern idiots.
I can’t wait til he’s out of there and back in LA where he belong and not around that hick trash.
The only thing worse than the south US … is like Canada/Canadians or something. Sub human. Gross. Save Gerard!
Dara L.

anglophile @ 04/23/2011 at 1:26 am

@question: I forgot about Jamie. He’s forever Butler so this movie can never be made. Leave us to our fantasies. Rest in Peace Outlander movie.

Italian's Do It Better @ 04/23/2011 at 1:27 am

How many times do you think Zeta “Im a Psycho” Jones farrts while playing soccer and hopes no one notices??
I also wonder if they have someone on standby with a strait jacket.
Cuz she is insane and all.

Too funny.
Sometimes I ha@anglophile:
does he have a big d*ck?

Prom King @ 04/23/2011 at 1:30 am

Yeah and I’m Gerry’s ex wife.
I also feed stray unicorns on my time off.

salami sandwich on rye @ 04/23/2011 at 1:32 am

you can believe this:
all of gerard’s hoe/s are waiting in their homes (I doubt apartments) for Gerard to come back to the respective city he sees them in.
he will bang them all in the space of one week before jetting to the next coast and doing the samre thing with that coven.
he gets air miles on his peen.
any questions?

“Just wishing everyone a Happy Easter from NOLA.”
are you seriously claiming to be in NOLA now?
the same way you claim to be in every city Gerry is in?
you need help

his GF is with him in NOLA. He’s been with her for a while. She is a model from Canada – blond with green eyes. Maybe he gave her the code name Kate.

Thanks to responding yesterday to my question regarding the Kate GF issue.
I forgot to ask you another thing. Is it true that someone on GALS said they have a picture of this mystery Kate? I thought I read this too somewhere.
BTW, I take it she didn’t continue tweeting after she said she will email those 2 pix, has she?
Gerry’s party in India, or maybe it was PC’s party for him a couple of years ago.
there are many pictures, and he is in some of them sitting with some ugly peple in the back seat of a car.

@a report: Hi a report. I know you asked this question from Cora, but do you mind if i answer it ’till she posts?…. there’s no “Kate” in his life. That was all fiction. And I doubt they would have anything on her, anywhere including on GALS because she’s simply not real. ;)

@a report: Oh and about the pix. There was no pix to email 2 anyone. she was making it up.

@Cora: Thanx 4 the pix Cora. They are really nice .

Thanks for all the posting you do Cora!
Red I hope your hand doesn’t hurt too much. Surgery sucks, I know. Get well soon!

@Me2: Thanks for the mention at WO. That was very sweet of you! ♥

@a report: That’s right. No photos have surfaced and there have been no more tweets. As gossiphound said, the jig is up.
Regarding the comment at GALS …. The impression I got was Kris managed to snooker someone well-meaning from GALS, either directly or via one of the Gerry fans Kris was tweeting and emailing. In other words, I think the GALS comment can likely be traced back to Kris and her mischief. There were three fans who were emailing and tweeting Kris and god knows who they, in turn, were emailing with Goldenburg’s “revelations” and “evidence”. I honestly think the fans had good intentions and may not have realised Kris was talking out of her ass. However, I think most people are on to her shenanigans now. ♥

Thanks to both of you for replying to my question.
@cora – thanks for explaining the GALS connection to this story. I was wondering if it had anything to do with anything. As you say, she was just trying to stir trouble and cause mischief. Some people will do anything to feed Gerry’s fan lies and laugh at their expense; people without anything better to do with their time.

@Cora: @a report: Poeple can be so vicious sometimes.
Gerry pics with the kids are terrific. I love the magic that kids have to drag me to be a kid again, to forget for a brief of time all my responsibilies.

Yes, those pictures are so sweet. He’s a decent man. Those pictures speak volumes.

@a report: I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t have any inside knowledge on the GALS comment. I only saw it posted here at JJ like everyone else. I was just giving an opinion on what may have happened given the conversations I saw on Goldenburg’s twitter.
Myself, again this is just an opinion, I don’t think Kris intended any malice toward the fans. I think she may be mentally ill and is imbuing real life circumstances with an overactive imagination, and getting those two things very, very confused. I think when it was time to produce these photos, her real life and her imaginary life collided, and she didn’t know how to get out of it.

@a report: Yes those pics make an impression of him as a decent man and I truely believe that he is a good man in his basis but than there are other pics that chances the impression.

A little tiny picture of Gerry at the Lakers game. See if you can spot him ….

@Cora: No problem Cora :)

angelsrock @ 04/23/2011 at 7:21 am


Much appreciated, Cora. Seems few can avoid the charisma of Gerard Butler.

angelsrock @ 04/23/2011 at 7:29 am


Oh no! He did say on Kimmel that he tripped up the “linesman” (referee), I hope he didn’t trip up the player this time!!!!

Basketball seems to be Kimmels fave sport so he was hilarious when Gerry used the term “linesman” from soccer. I didn’t think Gerry was really into basketball, so I guess this is more of a celebrity thing.

And oh yeah, found him easily, Cora. Thanks again!

@Cora: Cora, I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other…but I spotted him with no problem. THANKS!!

Red, I see you have had the surgery…Hope you are not in a lot of pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Best to you always.
In case I don’t get a chance to post later…Wishing you and all the JJ’rs a Happy and Blessed Easter♥♥
Gerry blessings to you also♥♥

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 9:33 am


Thanks a lot, indeed surgery sucks, but there was no other way to mend the injury .


Thanks for all the links and pics ; )


Thank you Loli ; ) …a great holiday to you too !!


redO, I hope your hand heals soon.

gossiphound @ 04/23/2011 at 10:36 am

@xyzee: Something is off about the whole Biel flies to a Caribbean Island story with a love interest because there were airport photos of Biel the week before supposedly dated April 14th and Biel was indeed filming April 15 if not April 14th in Shreveport. I think Lainey must have got her dates wrong or something fishy about the whole story. Does one fly to Turks & Caicos for one night? Then again maybe celebs do..

gossiphound @ 04/23/2011 at 10:37 am

And what is more interesting, someone else I know found the story with almost the exact same words with the April 14th pictures. I’ll have to get that link later.

The fan on GALS that said she was asking the person who had a picture of him with “Kate” if she could post it, never produced one but she also said that it was a fan picture and was of him with a PA. Could be a PA he has in Shreveport. I could see where celebs might hire extra people at filming locations. Probably no photo of anyone.

Thanks for the recent pics.

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 11:20 am


Thanks! …I hope that too ; )

@Eve: I agree. It was likely a picture of no one in particular. I remember the comment. The GALS member didn’t say she knew the person was a PA, she said her “friend” thought she could be. It was conjecture based on a hypothetical based on the claims of a looney tune. There’s more chance we’ll get a confirmed picture of the Easter Bunny. :)

@redOctober: Glad to see you here again. I love your presence, it add a healty dimension to this place.

You can’t see who G is sitting with at the game. Looks like a woman with very white legs beside him and a younger guy on the other side of him. I don’t see the rest of the PTF gang anywhere. Maybe it was just him in NOLA.
I think the fan on GALS just got sucked in by Kris. Sounded like she had been in contact with her some way and was given the Kate story again.

Oh god , here we go with the “Kate” thing again. she was a part of someones overactive imagination. she doesn’t exist. Move on people.

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 12:06 pm


omg!…you are too kind …thank you!

@xyzee: Yeah I saw that too. she has long white legs. I bet they’re gonna make up something about her “being” with Gerry. Haha… this never ends.

it is nice to see nice and polite posting here today, thanks for renewing my faith in people

i wish you all a peaceful Easter and at least a pound of chocolate each

The woman in the Lakers photo is facing away from Gerry and toward another man. I doubt she was with GB.

@Cora: I was just joking Cora ;)

Could the woman and man be Uma and Dennis? Uma is pretty fair skinned.

@Me2: Oh yes, I knew you were joking, sweets! ♥
I have to go soon, so I just thought I would throw in that observation before others really do start up with romance musings! :D


Yes, I believe your are correct on so many levels! LOL!

@Cora: Oh… ok.
sorry 4 misunderstanding

I posted that maybe the leg was Gerry’s. Looks like a guy leg to me! LOL!

You know the more I look at that pic the more I’m convinced that DQ is on Gerry’s left and that may be his leg! But as for the person on the right of Gerry, I’d know that hair anywhere….it’s Alan! LOL!

YAY Gerry!! @ 04/23/2011 at 1:30 pm

Happy Easter to all of you!! ♥♥

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Nothing can be as frustrating as missing the use of a finger or hand. Buttons, zippers, shoelaces, so many things we don’t even think about. Hang in there girlie. You have been missed.
You rock girlie. Thanks for the nice message and information on how & why you do what you do. If only those here on JJ knew. They would appreciate you all the more. As it is you are too kind and generous with your time and efforts. I, for one, really appreciate you. :)
Loved the pics with the kids. He fits right in since he is a kid himself. Glad the children are enjoying themselves. Filming can be tedious business.
We watched the Lakers game and I spotted him during the game. He was laughing and having a great time it appeared. Didn’t even pay attention to who was sitting by him. Didn’t really care.
Butler has done the same thing. Two days in Hawaii recently. Depends on if what is there is worth the effort IMO. :)))
Any news on the other projects on Butler’s page? I appreciate you checking s always. You’re a doll.
To our ☛CJ and Spanky☚, love you more than my luggage girlies. *hugs*
We had a wonderful hike this morning in the foothills because the canyons are still buried in snow. Trying, you will appreciate this, we have mud everywhere in the SUV. The dogs found a creek and mud. Honest to God I thought that puppy of mine was trying to coat herself in the stuff. Even cleaned mud out of her ears. Ugh. What a mess. :))) Snow expected again tomorrow so it just felt good to get out and enjoy the morning while we could.
Wishing everyone a peaceful Easter. And that includes you Butler. ;)
One year. I miss you every day mom. ♡♡♡

@redOctober: It’s worth to be kind. someone wiser than me once said: Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days.

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 1:48 pm


Thank you : )…one does not know what a work of art a hand can be until you are not able to use it.


Wise words indeed. Our world is in dire need of kindness and compassion. There’s still hope.

@Manny: Dear Manny – A woman’s greatest gift in this world is her daughter (I’m speeking from experience) *hugs*

@Eve: The one guy has dark hair, but he’s young. Def not Alan IMO. The more I look at the other person, the hair does kinda look like Dennis’, but I hope it’s not him with those legs. LOL.


Are you telling me those aren’t sexy legs? LOL!

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 3:32 pm

Georjenna Collins Purple It was really funny, the whole first half David kept saying that guy is an actor and I kept saying no! At the half people started coming over to get pics and shaking his hand and finally I got a good look at him and realized who he was! @Courtney-LMAO! @ Darrell- he kept butting his hand in front of my face, so I grabbed it and then didn’t know what to do with it! It was all good, though!
4 hours ago

@redOctober: what a cute story lol looks like they had a great time

Hey, it’s not difficult to understand who you are. You should stop to post your dementia about “your” Gerry on JJ, again ;)
Right honey?
Remember the fish.

@redOctober: She was a lucky lady! She didn’t mention anyone else famous being with him, so it must have been just Gerry and maybe some crew members who made the trip.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/23/2011 at 4:52 pm

Unless it shows up later, JJ did not print my post with the pics of GB at the game. I do not have FB, and refuse to get it just to see GB photos! At any rate, someone at WO put the FB photos in the news box in a different format, for those who want to see them and do not sign on to Fb.

The lady quoted above got a nice pic with him. He is always patient with fans..

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 4:53 pm

@CC: @xyzee:

Indeed it looks like normal peope having a great time. What best can it be?

trying to figure it out @ 04/23/2011 at 5:03 pm

Oh, those darn dogs! I hope we have seen that last of the snow, now only if it would stop raining. There’s too many puddles around for that beast of mine not to take a quick dip; they’re just like a magnet for him.

just curious @ 04/23/2011 at 5:15 pm

I was just thinking that we can glean from all the tweets and facebook comments of the extras and the other people working on the set, such people as the set designer and custom designer, that this is a very easy-going group of people, and everyone is very friendly and considerate to each other. This, despite the fact that there are mega stars participating in this movie. I think this is going to be a big movie for Gerry, even if the subject matter, soccer, is a bit light hardy. Maybe it’s the positive environment that Gerry created for everyone. We heard of people participating in yoga classes on the set, and the kid actors have a makeshift school. The whole setup looks very friendly and easy going.
Gerry is definitely doing a good job bringing this talented group together. It seems every week he’s adding a new big name to this movie. Usually before production begins, things are pretty much set and the producres just follow the plan. But with this project he seems to be making it up as he goes along. The project seems to evolve and get bigger than what was originally intended. This is another example of how serious he is when business is involved. He is definitely no light weight.

Also, not one fan tweeted or made any negative comments about him yet. We don’t see him chasing after any 18-year olds, yet he does know how to have his fun – hanging in sports bars with buddies, going to local parties, and traveling to New Orleans whenever he gets a chance. He is all business but he knows how to have fun too. Even the people working at the local radio station enjoyed their run in with him and wrote something cute about him on their website. In case, this has not been posted here before, it’s the radio station account,
He’s such a cool dude, you can’t help but like him.
Those pictures of him sitting in the tent with the kids doing arts and crafts, or whatever he was doing with them – maybe school work – are so adorable. The guy obviously likes children. He could be a very good dad if he decided to have children one day. I know these pictures were posted here a few pages ago but I just had to re-post one of them again; it’s so adorable,
Gerry comes across as a decent guy; not a lowlife as some like to portray him.

just curious @ 04/23/2011 at 5:21 pm

“it is nice to see nice and polite posting here today, thanks for renewing my faith in people

i wish you all a peaceful Easter and at least a pound of chocolate each
That’s because “a report” and “Cora” set the tone early this morning and it just took off from there. A lot of nice comments were made since then, save one that was attacking Eve for no reason. It will be nice if the polite posting continue.
Happy Easter everyone.

@just curious: The two boys behind him and the little girl beside him seem more intent at looking at him than at the camera.
You’re right about nothing negative has been said about him from people from people working and others around the set. But you know, people working with him always have only good things to say. No Christian Bale rants or self important behavior. The most negative thing I’ve heard is that he’s sometimes like a big kid.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/23/2011 at 5:34 pm

@redOctober: thank you!

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 5:42 pm


…you’re welcome ; )

I remember reading a few straight news articles involving Gerry, and in passing it was noted that he is becoming known as one of the nicest people in Hollywood.
The talk about how friendly he is reminds me of a report about Tom Cruise a few years back. It said crew members on whatever film he was working were told not to “make eye contact witih Cruise” or to address him. Different kettle of fish from Mr. Butler.

@A Fan: I remember reading that same thing about “don’t make eye contact with Cruise.” I’m no fan of Cruise, but I hope those instructions came from misguided staff and not directly from him.
Yes, it has been pleasant to read here today. Like a breath of fresh air.

just curious @ 04/23/2011 at 6:08 pm

True; no one ever has anything negative to say about him. I suppose, if he has any negative feelings about people he just keeps it to himself, as should be in a work environment. He knows how to maneuver and how to get along with myriad types of people. What a gift. Look at the variety of friends he has – peeps from all walks of life.
What a great picture. Dennis and Uma are laughing over something, and CZJ has her hair in rollers. Hahaha, maybe they’re laughing at CZJ being the A-lister she is hanging out in rollers. It just feels like your neighbors hanging out in your backyard. No one involved in any pretentious behavior and they are all huge stars lol. I think it’s the atmosphere Gerry has created on the set. All of these famous people and everyone is getting along. I love it. I hope this movie turns out to be a big hit for him.

I just wanted to say to Lolita and Red O and Cora and several others how much I appreciate your posts. You are all a breath of fresh air here. Too often, the internet produces so much negativity, and kindness, respect and a caring nature seem to go out the window. I haven’t been around much of late because my computer decided to go on vacation without letting me know. ;) Boy what I missed with all the crazy posts and infighting. Errrr… maybe I didn’t miss it actually.

Curious Cat, I enjoyed your so called long winded post it was very informative as usual. One can obviously see you were a teacher.

Happy Easter to all JJers!

just curious @ 04/23/2011 at 6:15 pm

This is for you. Just for fun, look at him in this mani – is he sexy or what?
Be carful when you open it as it’s liable to cause a stir. What eys lol.

I love that set of photos of the ‘stars’ sitting in the stands waiting time to film. I think I read they were also watching Gerry play soccer. There are some with Jessica and James Tupper too. It was beastly hot. Uma and CZJ had hand-held fans.
Even in that heat and with pap photos nothing photoshopped or retouched, CZJ is gorgeous.
Only thing that would have made the photos better, is if Gerry were there too.
I hope those photos end up in some print publications. They would be great publicity for PTF.

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 6:32 pm


Thanks for your words …it’s been really a challenge to post here lately for many reasons, but all of us know that if we want freedom of speech we have to fight for that right. Sometimes our faith in mankind is put to the test but, I have faith that wisdom always prevails.

@just curious:

I hope that this movie will be a good one , too.

redOctober @ 04/23/2011 at 6:36 pm

@just curious:

…thanks for the manip ; )…but I’m afraid we won’t see him as Burns….who knows.

Someone named Alexa tweeted that she made a quick shopping trip to UAL with Gerard Butler. That’s United Apparel Liquidators in NOLA.

Now he’s been spotted by tweeters at Jackson Square:

@Tonto, thanks for your kind words and I agree totally about showing respect and kindness to others…those are virtues not flaws. Happy Easter to you also.

@just curious:
“That’s because “a report” and “Cora” set the tone early this morning and it just took off from there.”
Also, it’s because PsychoB’s vile comments were missing from the board, and Manny didn’t dare to destroy the good mood that was already created while her partner in crime was absant. But someone did attack Eve for no reason, as you say. I believe it was Manny unable to contain her nastiness again.
Does anyone know who is the woman pictured with Gerry named Tinsley Mortimer?
He seemed startled when he realized they were taking pictures of them together.

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/23/2011 at 9:36 pm

“Gerard Butler asked Kendall Mickal for her number last night, but she turned him down not realizing he was Gerard Butler….way to go, si”
this picture must be of her when she was younger, unless crew cuts are his new type now. I can’t see her FB, can anyone see if she has any further info on last night. How old is she?
Maybe she misconstrued what he told her. It happened before lol.

I just dropped by at the right time . . . there’s recent news. Good to see GB is out having some fun . . . or at least trying to. LOL! Can he even possibly input another number into his phone? I would imagine it should be full by now. Happy Easter!

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:

The model page for the Kendall Mikal who didn’t give G her number….

It says she joined in June 2010 and gives her age in her bio as 17…

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:

The model page for the Kendall Mikal who didn’t give G her number…. It says she joined in June 2010 and gives her age in her bio as 17…

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/23/2011 at 10:13 pm

Thanks for the info.
She is very pretty – a blond and of average height. Not a giraffe.
But 17????
What do you make of this?
I don’t think he knew her age and she looks much older, but do you think he really asked for her number? The whole story seems strange.

“It says she joined in June 2010 and gives her age in her bio as 17…”

But of course she is (17); not yet legal . . . better be careful GB. Looks like he might be going for that big age gap ala Scarjo and Penn. Good luck to ya’.

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/23/2011 at 10:20 pm

someone from GALS or WO should ask her to elaborate on the occurrence of last night – how did he come on to her, what did he say, why did she think he was a nobody, and how did she figure out who he was.

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/23/2011 at 10:24 pm

some of her pictures.
She definitely looks older than 17

Been working the past 8 hours. Maybe it was you trying to stir things up…
She is breathtaking. I found it interesting she didn’t give him her number because she didn’t know who he was. If she knew who he was would she have given him her number???

If she didn’t know who he was, she was probably scared of this strange middle aged man making a move on her. After all he does look over 35 and when you’re 17, even 25 year is ancient. Probably scared the poor girl out of her wits.:/

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
This FB page belongs to Schaffer, Kendall’s brother. @%?:

She’s a lot older than 17, trust.

@NawlinsIn photos, heavily made up and with  lots of good lighting, maybe. at a push. But in real life, if she’s only 5’5″ and slim, she’s gonna look young. Really young.  If you are in your 40s you will know  how teenagers behave and how they look, even the ones who pile on a lot of make up.  And if you’ve got one iota of  common sense, in a matter of seconds of talking to them – if you would really want to go that far :/-you would know they are really young. 

 Let’s face it. If she didn’t know who GB was, she probably thought- what is this wrinkly ole fella with a funny accent doing chatting me up. Shouldn’t he be talking to my mum, who’s probably younger than him anyway. Huh?;(

LOL at “wrinkly ole fella with the funny accent”. The Butlerites are not going to like you dissing him like that.

Who knows if it really even happened? Even in the photos without makeup that girl looks 25. They don’t make 17 year olds like they used to lol.
Back decades ago, teen models looked like teens. Even waaaaay back in the days of the first huge name models, teens looked like teens even with lots of makeup. Take Twiggy. She had those huge madeup eyes, but she still looked very young. I collect old “movie magazines.” Get them at antique shows. Some from the 1950s have ads with teen models. They were all going for the fresh faced wholesome look. How times have changed.

If the tweet is true. And I stress if it is true . I am afraid you are talking utter nonesense. You are just making excuses for him. I stress if the tweet is true. Teenagers still look like teenagers I see a lot teenage models and they are usually striking to pretty, but they always look young, very young with or without make up. If they didn’t
look young they simply wouldn’t be models. Again I stress if the tweet is true. All GB has to do is stop chatting up barely legals when trolling for strange. There are plenty of 25 year olds and over lining up to have a good time with him. Why are blokes so stupid sometimes. I just don’t get it.   

@%?: I disagree, respectfully. A few years ago there was a TV show featuring young models looking like crack hoes. They sure didn’t look like teens.
And, some were 12 and 14. I don’t blame the kids. I blame their greedy parents looking to make a buck and their managers. Hey, remember Brooke Shields as a kid in her Calvins…

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/24/2011 at 12:07 am

ITAWY, and also this is not a first-eye account. It’s told by her brother so we can’t be 100% sure of what really happened. I think we need to take this story with a grain of salt.
I wish we could find out what really happened. I like to shed some light on GB’s true activities. Did he or didn’t he ask her out? Did she misconstrue his intentions? Did he just tell her she was pretty but she thought he wanted more and she ignored him only later finding out he is Gerard Butler, which is when she said he was trying to ask her out? We don’t know.
All I know is that when he met Miss Teen MI, reportedly he told her she was too young for him at 18. Another thing I remember is when some girl reported a story about her waitress friend at some joint in S’Port, she claimed he was hitting on her friend. However, after she was questioned more closely we found out he was just being friendly to her friend, which didn’t necessarily mean he was hitting on her.
Point is, we can’t be sure until we have a definite first-eye account of what happened. All of these stories were told by 3rd parties.


Watching people on television is totally different experience from seeing someone in real life.  You’d be suprised. 

Let’s just hope the tweet isn’t true and GB is having a lovely Easter break prowling the streets of New Orleans charming the knickers off loads of age appropriate lovelies. 

Korean Flower @ 04/24/2011 at 12:32 am

gerard picking up a woman with dark hair and “olive skin” here in Louisiana :) love it!
go gerard (sorry constanze, canadian wannabemodel, catalina etc etc other posting stalkers).
and yeah…gerry s not attractive if you dont know who he is.
just old and sloppy looking. he isnt a snazzy dresser when alan isnt around to keep him together.

if he is hitting on 17 year olds…
sorry that makes him a pedo.
what a disgusting pig. someone should arrest him before he does something bad and ruins his image

New Or-Leenz @ 04/24/2011 at 12:38 am

Where is he? I’m on it. I will scour the city. He’s my dream man. Jaimie, come to me. I’m your Claire.

I believe the account of him hitting on Kendall. Definitely.
By the way, jealous people…K looks prettier and even more exotic now than in that old model shot…
She has natural olive skin tone, she’s gotten a tan and her hair is dark now.
His fans must be so sad he’s found a MODEL to be with in that dump called shreveport.

A couple more pictures from Georjenna’s FB album:

the girl has biceps wow what a bod have to say so.
strong facial features. almost androgynous.
looks to be in her mid 20′s.
shed be another martina or beatriz for gerard though. Honestly.

not bad, pretty – if she is in mid 20s no harm done.

I really really hope it’s not true. Way, way too young.

Grossed Out :( @ 04/24/2011 at 12:53 am

UGHHH i can’t believe that I slept with that guy.
I must have been on crack. Ugh!
He looks awful. I was awhile ago he did look better back then.

Schaffer Mickal made another comment about his sister’s encounter with GB last night ….
Schaffer Mickal
Gerard Butler asked Kendall Mickal for her number last night, but she turned him down not realizing he was Gerard Butler….way to go, sis!
7 hours ago
Schaffer Mickal
Kendall was on the floor at the hornets game last night and at the end Gerard Butler came up to her and asked for her number and she said maybe later and walked away. Poor guy was standing there looking like an idiot with his phone out lol
3 hours ago

Yessenia Mendoza @ 04/24/2011 at 12:56 am

It’s what he does, hun.
Do you think he hangs out at 21+ clubs (which are called that bc they usually frequented by 21-25 year olds) to have a drink??
No he goes there bc women of that age are there to prowl upon.
he is a predator.
What a disappointment Gerard is.
I am no longer a fan.

Oh she’ll find a way to get to him again.
And they’ll have se/x the same way he does every other woman…and then he’ll move on to the next.
No skin off his back, trust me.

“Poor guy was standing there looking like an idiot with his phone out lol”
OMG ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! This girl is my personal hero! I wonder if the Great Scot had his mouth hanging open too.
Every once in a while it is refreshing to see he gets humbled a little. :)))

By a 17 year old too…truly tickled!
Poor Gerard LOL!
I wonder if our resident poltergeist, the Canadian Psychopathmodelwannabe is hanging herself right now….

Based on her brother’s new tweet, she and Gerry didn’t have a exchange of conversation which would have revealed her true age. Sounds like Gerry just walked up and asked for her number without being given any indication that she was younger than others. Her appearance may have been indeed older than her true age.

@ Cora
If it is true. Oh deary me. Can you imagine. If she didn’t know who he was and he just came up her and asked for her number. There’s her -17 years 5’5″. There him- a 6 foot plus, wrinkly, middle aged, stranger man trying to put the moves on her. If I was her, I’d be terrified and try to get away from him as soon as possible ;|

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 1:08 am

@Korean Flower:

You must not have seen the same man in a tux that I just saw a few weeks ago at the BAFTAs and elsewhere! I have seen photos and videos of GB often in tuxedos, and expensive clothing. You must be very young if you believe 41 is old…I have seen him featured in articles about clothing more than once. Like many fashion plates (and he is one, when he chooses to dress up), he dresses way, way down most of the time…@sallie:Sallie, you assume this girl has a date of birth tattooed on her forehead? Her photos make her appear to be older than her actual age, and this happens to her often, I suspect.

Pick a real bandwagon to jump on: Charlie Sheen comes to mind, and a number of other really ickky characters…

Silly stuff!

Grossed Out :( @ 04/24/2011 at 1:09 am

I would have been grossed out if I didnt know who he was.
Are you looking at those pics from the Hornets game??
He has let himself go…doesnt he have stylists, muscle trainers and stuff like that with him like all stars do??
He did look better back in the day though…seriously!
I am sorry but if he had looked like that when I met him I wouldnt have even looked at him once.
I am in shock at how bad he looks. :(

K may be 5’5, but she had on 4 inch sexy platforms by the way.
Ever heard of wedge heels? They make you tall and thin looking and sexy. Why are you all acting like she is some runt?
She stands out. She wore platforms to the game, OK?
K also has long legs for a shorter body. Its not like she goes out to social occasions and wears ‘flats’ only old people do that lolz

@ Yessenia Mendoza

Does he really hang out at 21+ clubs? Oh that’s not good. He a middle aged man!

Yessenia Mendoza @ 04/24/2011 at 1:18 am

Yes – he hangs out at 21+ places in Philly, NY, LA,London you name it.
Those clubs when my friends and I are out, when we see people of the 40+ range in there, its fine (if you are female and attractive but…) but for a 40+ guy, its like “you are the old guy at the club.”
And Gerard obv doesnt see it or doesnt mind being ‘the old guy at the club.” My oldest sister is a decade and a half older than me. She says she doesnt even like being around 20 somethings. It bores her.
Gerard picks up young model looking women whereever he goes. he is a mess.@Grossed Out :(:
I guess I feel for you….lol he does look pretty homely in the pics from Louisiana.

Yessenia Mendoza @ 04/24/2011 at 1:21 am

I mean…let’s be serious with it here.
Most 40+ women look like the women from the Housewives series, good but “older”…not every 40+ woman can be Halle Berry or Cynthia (ATL Housewives)!
Although Latin men age slowly…40+ men most always look 40+ in any club setting. Sorry Gerard!!

@ haha and outbutnotdead

Stop making excuses for him. I know you like him, but please. He must have been checking her out for a while during the game. We all know that’s how guys work. He’s been around the block. He would have known she was pretty nubile. Even with the make up and the high heels. He’s 41 not 21- or 31 for that. Well done her.

41 isn’t “old” — are you chasing after young boys, madam????
40 is too OLD to be chasing a 17-23 year old. End of story.
Face it!

Agreed. Stop making excuses!!! He’s a pig!!

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:I agree with you . We can’t judge him if we don’t know the whole story. Like you said., maybe he was just being nice to her, and later when she found out who he was, she said that he asked her out. Reminds me of that girl at that “ball” in Shreverport that said he told her she looks like a “little Marylin Monroe” and gave her his email. remember?… and so many others that claimed stuff.

There has been nothing to indicate what the young woman wore to the Hornets game, on her feet or otherwise.
Also, from her most recent profile pic on her FB page, her hair is still dyed very, very blonde.
I’m all for speculation. I just wanted to distinguish what is known at this point and from what is speculation.

Charity Gomez
Gerard Butler is at lucy’s nola
4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

The full name of the place is “Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar and Restaurant”.

trying to figure it out @ 04/24/2011 at 1:56 am

As long as it was only his phone he had out – Snort!

I think the poster mean that the blonder hair made her look older???
And that since she has darker hair now, must look younger?
I have no idea.

Thank God we have resident GB stalker CORA here to run interference for us…
What side of the bed does Gerard sleep on, Cora?
What kind of toothpaste does he use?

@Yessenia Mendoza

I hear  you. Most Northern European men, even the rich well 
groomed ones look pretty ropey after 35. They just don’t age well. The rich ones look leathery because they’ve been in the sun too long, on their yachts or travelling around in hot climates,or they look kinda pale, crepey and slobby because they don’t work out and eat too much good food.  Or they are frail, paleand crepey because they are only gym fit and don’t have to lift anything because they have assistants. Let’s not even mention the receding hairlines, grey hair, dodgy dyed hair or hair plugs. They are a funny looking bunch.  So when you see them in clubs with all those young people, they just look horribly out of place. I suppose if they are famous and you want a sugar daddy you’d go for them. They must really rate themselves to the point of delusion to want to look that silly.

@Question: No, the poster said, “she’s gotten a tan and her hair is dark now.” The same person then said, “she had on 4 inch sexy platforms by the way”.
So either she knows Kendall personally and was with her at the game, or she was stating speculation as fact. I suspect the latter.

I Cook for Money @ 04/24/2011 at 2:10 am

@Yessenia Mendoza:
“40+ men most always look 40+ in any club setting. Sorry Gerard!!”
This just made me laugh for some reason? I keep picturing young scantily clad Yessenia and 20 year old friends at a nightclub looking disgustedly at a paunchy 43 year old “past his prime” guy with his shirt open that is smiling and leering at them from the bar area. Thinking he has a chance. How embarrassing.

No, it sounds like poster was making excuses for Gerard’s behavior — that the girl looked like something other than a teenage girl at a ball game. Like a seasoned model. NOT.
Stop covering for him Cora, it makes you look daft.


Take no notic of wow. Thank you those posts:)

@a report: What do you think of him being a decent man now when he goes after teenagers at his age?

Southern Trash @ 04/24/2011 at 2:18 am

Those dark aassedd roots and that bad bottle blonde dye job make her look older thats for sure. Nice black eyebrows.
That Kendall skannk would look much younger with her darker hair – since her true complexion is olive.
I am sure those trashy dark roots and that cheap $10 box o dye blonde job made her look like a rusty sloot out for the night.
Why Gerard noticed.

Southern Trash @ 04/24/2011 at 2:18 am

Those dark aassedd roots and that bad bottle blonde dye job make her look older thats for sure. Nice black eyebrows.
That Kendall skannk would look much younger with her darker hair – since her true complexion is olive.
I am sure those trashy dark roots and that cheap $10 box o dye blonde job made her look like a rusty sloot out for the night.
Why Gerard noticed.

@Clown: WTF? Cover for him?? I haven’t made any excuses for this. I was the person who posted the second FB comment from her brother. I also just pointed out that someone making claims about the girl’s appearance wasn’t basing it on fact. Both things made Gerry look worse, not better. You’re not making any sense.

Nice to know you were also stalking the girl’s facebook profile, Cora.
Do you see what a you are acting like?
What do you mean you things the poster said made Gerard sound worse?
It doesn’t get any “worse” than hitting on a 17 year old.
As far as what she was wearing last night, I am sure the friends of the girl have found their way over here by now. I am sure.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 2:26 am

@HaHa: Actually, 41 is pretty young for me….:) too old to chase any more…

It is good for GB to be humbled once in a while…I doubt he knew she was 17, and there a great many women of 21 or so, who throw themselves at him. Strange how you and a few others are saying he is over the hill and unattractive, when we see so many twitters from young women in Shreveport with the word “hot” right next to it. Having him pick them up for photos (2 of those), hanging on him, etc. etc. All of them apparently need glasses. But looks are very subjective, and each person has their own opinion on such an issue.

IMO GB deliberately dresses down and I suspect his hair is out of control in that humidity! I think it looks better shorter, but…he hasn’t asked my opinion…:)!

He has lost too much weight, and people say it is because soccer players have to be skinny, so he wanted a much more slender look. I take their word for it. He gained weight and muscle for Coriolanus and for MGP, lost it for this film.

My guess is you are out doing a little fan baiting…:). Enjoy!

@?: Her brother posted the link to her FB page in his comment. People were asking if she had said anything more about meeting GB. There was no stalking. A click within the comment posted and that’s it.


I wish you would stop making excuses for him. If the tweets are true and if – I stress if – he still, at 41 goes clubbing trowling for 18- 23 years olds. That’s not good. Not good at all. If he wants to be a single womanizer and he’s up front about it to his ladies that’s all fine Pand dandy as long as they’re age appropriate. If they are too young it will start to affect his image, his box office and his bank account. That’s just a fact.

i wonder if canadian wannabemodel is hanging herself right now
just another psycho being set out to pasture….

He’s at the The Maison (restaurant, bar, live music venue, and night club).
Gerard butler in the house.
13 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Tattooed Blonde ˙©˙ @ 04/24/2011 at 3:29 am

Gerard likes strong facial features…the cheekbones and jawline usually found on models. Gisele, Naomi…That’s what he wants I really don’t care.
Most models look way older than their ages – and lucky for them, look that way til their 40s. Think Cindy CRawford – she did not look 21!!!
I think Jessica White is gorgeous.
Malin Ackerman sure is ugly. As is Gwyneth. They have the same “wide” body and flat butt. Disgusting.

Tattooed Blonde ˙©˙ @ 04/24/2011 at 3:32 am

I also think Candace Swinepool would be gorgeous if she ate food and her body wasn’t so wasted and gross (cocaine).
Adriana Lima – gorgeous
Gisele – gorgeous
Jessica White – gorgeous
Selita (his last gf) – gorgeous
Top notch women…I could see him with any of them.
Some trammp at a ballgame? = Martina/Beatriz Part II.

@Tattooed Blonde ˙©˙: This 17 year old is now a tramp because Butler asked for her phone number? That is a shame.
Our 41 year old boy is now going after 17 year olds……a bigger shame. The 20 year olds don’t do it for him anymore, eh?
When he is 85 he will be dating a 25 year old and following her around Disney in his little motorized scooter like his idol Hugh Hefner.

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/24/2011 at 3:46 am

You people are making too much out of this and many of you are over reacting.
Look, he just approached her and asked for her number not knowing her true age. He just assumed she knew who he is so he didn’t even bother to introduce himself. He sounds a bit arrogant, but he is just used to having women fall all over him so he just assumed she will too. After all, why wouldn’t he assume this, when that’s all he sees all the time?
She being only 17, maybe just didn’t recognize him at first, being that she is not within his usual fans’ age group. I guarantee, women in their 30s and 40s, would have known exactly who he is, so this cold approach of his would have worked well with that age group. Trouble is, maybe he doesn’t like that age group. We don’t know, but if he does like only younger women, it’s not a crime as long as the girl is of age. In most states the age of statutory rape is 16 and under. So from the law’s stand point he is not a criminal or a child molester.
However, I believe that if he indeed likes younger women, it’s only because it’s easier to take them out, wine and dine them – even spoil them a bit if need be – and get what he wants, just like most men who look for some sex and companionship. It’s not serious and he would have moved on within a very short period of time. Trust me; he is not doing anything different than most single guys do when they can afford it and they can get away with it, as in being rich and famous. The girl did exactly the right thing. She turned him down and moved on. No harm done. Don’t blame the guy for tying.

Gerry’s friend Rufus is in town. I love Rufus! He’s a very talented actor.
Jason Foster
Met Gerald Butler and Rufus Sewell within 5 mins of each other #nola
11 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

JewishPrincess @ 04/24/2011 at 3:54 am

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
It’s easier for a man to “impress” a woman in her 20s.
I know bc I married a man 22 years older than me…after a few years and I turned 29 I realized that he was just an idiot and left him. I am 30 now.
Younger women have more trouble “seeing through the bs.”
Remember when Sofia clowned GB on the Leno show was it??
Real women know Gerard Butler isn’t worth a pot used for pisssing.
Younger women…easier to “dupe”…which Gerard does with “Have you seen 300?”
What a fool. Nothing like an old one.

@WTF??? Can you believe it?: Oh no, we can never hold Butler responsible for his actions. He is just a boy having fun! If the 17 year old **** puts out then Butler should enjoy himself and then move on the next ****. He is single after all and should not be denied his fun!


WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/24/2011 at 4:29 am

I just want to clear another thing. It’s the consensus that GB likes tall women. 5-5, while not short, is average height. Maybe she wore heels, maybe she didn’t. We have no indication of either one, as Cora aptly says. However, the girl is obviously not a professional model. She is not being represented by an elite modeling agency, which absolutely requires its models to be at least 5-8 and up. She advertises herself on an internet site for models looking to get hired. Hardly prestigious. Nonetheless, it’s the way petite models find work in the information age.
Anyway, just because she lists herself as being 17 years of age, doesn’t mean it is so. It’s in her best interest to list herself as young as possible, as this is what they want in modeling these days; clients want them very young. Even the elite modeling agencies misrepresent their girls’ age at times, at least until the girls become famous at which time the correct age comes out. The only thing you can believe about a model represented by an elite modeling agency is her height. They don’t fool around with height, because it’s very easily verifiable by the client and because it’s one of the most important feature of the model; to lie about that to your client is like misrepresenting a product, with the model being the product. So age could be changed and everyone could made to look beautiful with hair and makeup, even plastic surgery and veneers if need be, not to mention a little Photoshop, but height is impossible to change and it’s one of those things that a model can proudly claim her gift from mother nature.
Therefore, I am almost positive that 17 is not her true age. She definitely looks much more mature than 17 years old. In fact, I am so sure, I am willing to sign on the dotted line. I believe this girl is in her mid 20′s – 23 to 26-years old. Still young but not a teen. In addition, since she is representing herself, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is even not a true 5-5; she could be a bit under. In any case, it’s obvious the guy didn’t know her age from what the brother says. It’s obvious GB saw her at the game, thought she was pretty or hot, and decided to ask her out. Why is asking a grown woman out is a crime? C’mon people put it all in the right perspective.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 4:31 am

@Cora: Did not know they were friends! Rufus is an interesting looking guy, and I have seen him in a number of things.

TIRED OF GB PSYCHOS @ 04/24/2011 at 4:38 am

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
Oh shut up.
Gerard was “slummin’”.
In that dump Shreveport, with a slew of fug women, for lack of something better – he went for “good enough for the night.”
If this isn’t obvious to you than its obvious that you’ve had your head up Gerard’s assss far too long.

@WTF??? Can you believe it?: WTF? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Are you actually dissecting this girl, her age, her height, her looks, because Gerard Butler showed some interest in her? Three full stupid paragraphs about a little girl who was propositioned by an old man. Leave the poor girl alone.


I like your accuracy, keep it up and don’t listen to idiots trying to upset you. They know very well that you have not been supporting him, only reporting what is fact, and pointing out what is conjecture. They are just using this incident, which is not clear yet, to attack you. Keep up what you’re doing and ignore them. Many of us appreciate you.
Yes, I do believe he is a decent guy. I have no problem with him asking much-younger women out. I agree with “WTF??? Can you believe it?” It’s not against the law for older men to date younger women and that’s how it used to be in history anyway. I’ll remind you that Prince Charles married Diana when she was a teenager and he was in his 30s.
BTW, Gerry didn’t know how old she is so you can’t say he is after datig teens. He just came over to her because he thought she was hot and asked for her number. There is no indication they talked much about themselves. One person said that when he found out Miss Teen MI was 18-years old, he told her she is too young for him, which means that if he knew this girl’s true age, if indeed it’s 17, he wouldn’t have asked her for anything. Please remember these facts before you go accusing him.

JewishPrincess @ 04/24/2011 at 4:41 am

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
Why are you so obsessed with this??? get a life on a Saturday night??

Hahahaha “Kendall” advertises herself on a modeling site.
Can you say “hooker?”
No REAL models advertise on those stupid things – like mayhem and onemodelplace. They are for wannabees like the Canadian lunatic who comes here sometimes.
REAL models are listed ontheir agencies sites. These chicks are a step up from online catalog hooking.

JewishPrincess @ 04/24/2011 at 4:45 am

Its sad isnt it???
Why GB fans have the reputation they have: as psychos.

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/24/2011 at 4:47 am

She is beautiful, i was the first person to say it tonight, but she ain’t 17, tha’s for sure. I am willing to bet the farm on it. How do you like that?
You’re hatred of Gerry and his fans hardly make you an objective person, so STFU already or stick to facts.

@a report:
Nope Gerard is euroTRASH.
Like the Royals (prince Charles etc) who are known historically as an incestuous lot.
European trash!

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
Kendall looks like a tranny. Sorry @WTF??? you are blind as a bat out of hell

@oldbutnotdead: This one’s for you!
@a report: Thank you!! ♥♥♥

Swannie@WTF??? Can you believe it?: You’re a funny one to tell me to stick to the facts. Her modeling page says she’s 17 years old and 5’5″ in height but you added a few years and shaved off a few inches to make this girl look like a lying bimbo. Does it make you feel better thinking of her as a lying bimbo as opposed to just a 17 year old who rejected an old mans advances? She’s no longer in the picture, find some other woman he is interested in to tear apart.

You wonder why I hate phannies? Look at yourself. I’ll bet the farm Gerard Butler wouldn’t give you a second glance. Continue being jealous of the 17 year old because you will never have what she has and THAT is a FACT!


Treat for you ladies! GALS has some new set photos (thanks to WO for the heads up).

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/24/2011 at 5:27 am

Nutcase, look at her again,
Do you see a girl of 17 here? I don’t.
Everyone in showbiz lies about their age; that’s just a fact. Actors and models do it all the time because being younger ensures you get work.
However, all this is irrelevant, and I only talked about it as an afterthought. The most important thing I was trying to say is that no matter what her true age is, he didn’t deliberately try to pick up a 17-year old girl, as it’s pretty clear from her brother’s account that they didn’t talk much about anything. The brother said Gerry just made a cold approach to ask her for her number and she turned him down, which surprisingly the brother thought was a bad move.
So everything we’re debating here is irrelevant if he didn’t know her true age. Therefore, all your claims about him lack any credibility because you just sound like an angry women looking for anything to latch on to and use to make him look like a child molester. Again, maybe she is indeed 17, but he didn’t deliberately ask her out knowing full well she is 17, do you understand the argument now? That’s what I meant when I said let’s stick to facts. That’s the real point, not her true age, not her true height, or anything else; just that Gerry didn’t really have a chance to find out her true age because she probably looked to him like someone in her 20′s, which I believe she is anyway. I think there is nothing more to discuss until, and if, we get some more information. Maybe the brother will talk more about this incident.

angelsrock @ 04/24/2011 at 5:32 am


I was thinking the same thing!!

And NEWS ALERT, I think everyone agrees that
1. Not everyone knows who Gerard Butler is. and
2. He has been turned down a time or two

Oh…he’s been turned down plenty I am sure.

he looks like he stinks

wat a hairy sloppy fool

gross are you looking at same guy i am who date that?
who want to fick that?

i see saggy tiits in blue shirt
do you see saggers in blue shirt?
i am sick so sick he’s fugstat

angelsrock @ 04/24/2011 at 5:39 am


“f he is hitting on 17 year olds…
sorry that makes him a pedo.
what a disgusting pig. someone should arrest him before he does something bad and ruins his image”

Most important word here is “if”. Because I ,for one, don’t think he’s hitting on 17 year olds. That darn common sense of mine just refuses to let me have a little fun.

no woman want ugly man

@WTF??? Can you believe it?: “I think there is nothing more to discuss until, and if, we get some more information. Maybe the brother will talk more about this incident.”

Does this really need to be discussed further. You’re going to stalk the account of a young man that looks about 15 so you can get information about his sister? ARE YOU INSANE???

I know some of you have a hard time navigating GALS because of the script message so I’ll post a few of the highlights for you:

OMFG… first it was “Kate” …. now its this Kendell girl. He wanted her # and she didn’t give it(even that’s hearsay) .THE END!!… Stop picking on her and get over it already!!

Thanks Cora @ 04/24/2011 at 8:00 am

..for posting all those pics!!
Happy Easter JJers!

@Cora, some see the glass half full and some see it half empty…you will never change their perspective on things. Some will never meet you half way. Thanks for the info and pics.
She probably wants to beat her little brother with a shovel for putting that bit of news on the internet.

I just took a few minutes and looked at our young upstart’s piccies. How dare she refuse the Great Scot! Still LMAO at her refusal. She is very much a teenager. Although some piccies give her the appearance of being older, she is definitely a teenager IMO. She looks so much like the mallrats I see when shopping. There is a close up of her on the second row of piccies and there is no denying she is young.
As for Gerry asking for her number… he does this as involuntarily as he breathes. If the woman is attractive, get her number, text and see if she is an easy mark, score or move on. It is why I think he is a player and not on my top 100 of how a man should behave. That being said, I think he likes them young because they are less of a threat to being tied down and they seem to approach s*x as exercise rather than commitment. I’m speaking in general terms here.
I can’t even count the number of teenagers/early 20s I have had to take a history on who have been in for STDs. Shocking is when the list of partners is in the double digits over a two week period. The list of partners can be very very long. And incredibly sad is when we have to report to the Health Department and they don’t even know the last name of partners.
Maybe that is why that age group is attractive to him. Mind you I’m speculating. He doesn’t want clingers or complications so he may have found that his fame works better on the inexperienced and it takes less effort to get unencumbered exercise for Mr. Charles.
I think he is s*xy beast, a talented actor, but the man is consistently a pig. Honest to God I’m surprised his peen hasn’t fallen off or retired itself from overuse. :)))
@Cora – three cheers for your efforts. Your detractors can take a flying leap. We adore that you supply info so we don’t have to stroll the halls of crazy at the motherships. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rufus Sewell @ 04/24/2011 at 10:35 am

@Cora: I’ve always thought that Rufus was gay, probably why none of his marriages lasted but a minute. Now him being friends with Gerry confirms it.

Gerry sure knows how to pose seductively with men doesn’t he. Makes it look like he’s just had the greatest sex ever with men the way he posses sometimes with them.

@a report: We have a different views on that. Where I live a girl under 18 years old is a minor, that means that even if she agree to be with a man it’s against the low, if she is under 16 it’s considered a rape even if she agree to have sex with a man.
I wouldn’t want a 40 year old man being close to my daughter when she will be 17 years old.

@Cora: thank you Cora for everything that you post:-)

@Cora: Cora, your the best..awesome and cute pic!! HAPPY EASTER♥

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 11:10 am

@LOL: And you just spoiled the very tone you were applauding. Why do you keep bringing up the same crap that has nothing to do the subject matter at hand. You are just as guilty of spoiling the tone as the people you slam. Move on, get over it and maybe we can get to civility as the norm. This applies to all who seem more interested in personal slam fests.

@Cora: LOL. Thanks, Cora, for the pug pic and all the others as well.
Something tells me we have a coupe of old haters posting under a dozen socks on here overnight. You can’t convince me a bunch of randoms just happened here in the wee small hours of Easter on a thread with this many posts.

@ Cora
Thank’s for posting all links,info and pics.That last pic….just too cute.

Wonder if Gerry’s going to the game tonight?.

I’m surprised the media haven’t picked up more on this behaviour, which is borderline legal, especially given his status as a ‘guest’ in the US. It is rather depressing that he seems incapable of emotional development and has no ‘intellectual’ or inner life.

I like the ladies at WO a lot but they do seem to delude themselves in the effort to give him any benefit of the doubt and there is a degree of censorship there over incidents like this.

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 11:26 am

@HaHa: Kendall are you upset you rejected the Butler, honey we understand why you did. He was dressed worse than most of the guys at the game and hey he probably as old if not older than your dad and hey that’s always creepy.

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 11:28 am

@Rufus Sewell: Who said Rufus and Gerard were even together at the game. There is a lot of filming going on in New Orleans right now.

She’s an attractive girl.Yes Gerry asked for her number on sight,however if he’d known she was only 17/18 years old i don’t think he would.Anyway she turned him down ,so what is the big deal.If he’d gone out on a date with that would have been a different story.I thought more would have been made of the twitter yesterday that said she was on a shopping trip with Gerry.Of course she wasn’t -she was just in the store at the same time…Things on twitter /facebook can be misleading.Question is what was Gerry doing in a ladies clothing store?Who was he with and who was he buying a gift for?

@….!: No one knows the truth of “incidents like this.” My beef is with posters who take a tale and then spin it their way, conjecture and speculate about it when it’s likely bogus or a complete misunderstanding. I always wonder why. What’s the motivation? Maybe it’s the old ‘put ‘em up on a pedestal and then tear ‘em down’ phenomenon.

This girl is an aspiring model/actress obviously. Anyone who has a bio that includes her “cup” size is looking for attention. All she had to do was tell her little brother that he hit on her and he put it on his facebook. Gerry never asked this girl for a number. At the very least he may have spoken to her, told her was pretty. She knew who he was! He’s busy working making this film and he doesn’t have time for dating. She just wanted to get some publicity and she’s got it and to continue discussing it further gives her what she wants and hurts Gerry if she is underage.

It’s for sure Gerry should stay away from women who look like they might be too young but how would he know. The thing is, Gerry may have never come within a mile of this girl and she just made it all up. This is all a story, I guarooonteee! Just my take.

cubedweller @ 04/24/2011 at 11:49 am

@Cora: Thanks for all the pics, Cora. I like Rufus too. Did you see “Pillars of the Earth”? Also, I liked him in “Downloading Nancy”. A film definitely not for the faint of heart, but I thought he did a wonderful job in it.
As for PedoScot and the 17-yr old, I absolutely applaud that she turned him down flat. Would love to have seen the look on his face – what an arrogant dumb@ss he can be. Maybe he should sign up for a class at a local junior college – then he could mingle with the teens and collect numbers all day long. Gack. What should he take – “Psych 101″? “Human Sexuality in the Age of Facebook”?
Happy Easter, all you jjrs worldwide. Enjoy the day.

@Eve: My goodness -she was taking advantage of him!

When these stories get discussed, I always wonder why anyone would believe them. Think of all the beautiful women Gerry has been involved with. Ischia, yachts, models, rich women, society parties. Why would he be remotely interested in any run of the mill nobodies outside clubs, at local bars etc.??

Schaffer Mickal
Gerard Butler asked Kendall Mickal for her number last night, but she turned him down not realizing he was Gerard Butler….way to go, sis!
7 hours ago


The fact that this “brother” said his supposed sister’s name in full in his post should tell you something. IT’S DIRECTING YOU TO HER FACEBOOK!

First of all, knowing how secretive Gerry is about his dating life, why the hell would he walk right up to this woman courtside knowing many eyes and possible cameras are on him and ask this girl for her number so he can put it in to his phone?

Don’t believe any of this.

@Well ….: Quick, easy you-know-what. In vast quantities and varieties.

I see we are being visited by the enablers this morning.
Please don’t be ignorant. Those model sites are used all the time by vendors looking for models. Cup size must be included. If you are a bra manufacturer you would look for talent to fit your product, especially if you have a specific size in mind. There is also inseam length so that if someone is selling tall size jeans they would know if the candidate fit the need. Even I know that and I’m not in the industry.
As for Gerry, he has done the “ask for a number” hundreds of time. Why do you think we all joke about his phone? It is his “black book.” He even has been heard to ask Alan at premieres to get “her number” when he hasn’t had a phone.
My next question is, why would all these people lie? Why would the brother put it on Facebook if it didn’t happen? He is a teenager and thought it was funny a famous face got a refusal. It is not part of a bigger conspiracy to make Gerry look bad. Gerry doesn’t need help to look bad when it comes to women. His actions certainly speak louder than that.
The man is a player. I don’t even need to justify with an IMO because we have seen it again and again and again. Those of you who think he is an unstained saint are just setting yourselves up for a great fall. Trust me, I’ve walked in your shoes before. Just accept him for the rouge he is and enjoy the ride. It will eliminate a ton of stress for you. :)

@Eve: The point is whatever happened is HISTORY.

@Well ….: Looks like you hurt the feelings of some run of the mill nobodies.

@Eve: “why the hell would he walk right up to this woman courtside knowing many eyes and possible cameras are on him and ask this girl for her number so he can put it in to his phone”
Because sometimes he act before he thinks. Is that new to you? and than he is being sorry.



This story isn’t about what a “rogue” he is. That, I can believe. I have no illusions that Gerry Butler is a saint in the sense that he’s non commital and fickle in his dealings in relationships but perpetuating a story about him hitting on underage females is pushing the lines of decency, IMO.

If you hate him so much that you want to believe this story, go ahead. I could care less. I’m a pretty good judge of character, even more so when I know a person. Anyone who believes everything tweeted or posted on a facebook account on the Internet is a stupid twit.

I still fail to understand the mentality of some of Gerry’s so called “fans” who seem to harbor such contradicting emotions about him! I think it’s how they justify to themselves that on the one hand, yes they’d love to have him or “do” him but on the other hand know they will never get anywhere near him so therefore, in an effort to make themselves feel better, he’s a pig anyway.

Get a grip. I’m middle of the road with Gerry, he’s neither a saint nor the sinner like everyone thinks he is because we would have heard about it way before now. It’s just the usual users and parasites of the world trying to latch on for their own benefit. End of story.

angelsrock @ 04/24/2011 at 12:27 pm

“I’m surprised the media haven’t picked up more on this behaviour, which is borderline legal, especially given his status as a ‘guest’ in the US. It is rather depressing that he seems incapable of emotional development and has no ‘intellectual’ or inner life.”

Exactly! Most of this crap is fiction!! There is no way he approached this girl at the game. Too much media and too many eyes on him.
Sorry, I don’t believe it happened, it’s BS. Anyone can say anything on the internet and people BELIEVE!!!

@Well ….:

Wow! Somebody who makes some sense! Thank you!

OK, I’m going to be a little naughty here. One of the pics that the Russian site and Gals have are with Gerry with his hand shoved in his shorts pocket. i think he has his lovelife in hand. LOL I can only tell him to leave it alone it will grow.


Come on, he’s not that stupid! You act as if he is overcome by his will to bed someone that he reacts like a total moron! He doesn’t need to do that! The man has women at his beck and call! Why would he hit on a stranger in a public place! Use your head! If he’s that stupid that he throws all good sense out the window at a public venue where cameras are around, then he’s going to get caught one of these days and it could ruin his career. Just think about one bad article talking about how he tried to pick up an underage teen! THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN, PEOPLE! Either the girl or the kid just wanted to get attention and you are all giving it to them. That’s all.

@Eve: @Well ….:
I tend to agree with both your statements.
That said, this looks like a good place to avoid today.

violin girl

@two words: That was a setup to distance himself from Aniston. Old news.

You know most actors who develop productions companies during their acting career are veteran, been in the business for a long time with many inside connections. Gerry has excelled in developing his own production company very early on in his career actually, mostly because he’s been religated to being limited as to projects. He has made “bank” by taking on some things that many deem unworthy of him, BUT ALL ACTORS DO THIS!

He knows his business. He is attempting to build up his production company. He is working not only as an actor but as producter, of course partnered with Alan. But the point is, the man is busy. He has a high level of energy and he meets all kinds of people men and women each day that interest him perhaps for future projects as well.

I have no illusions about Gerry enjoying the company of females and loving to look at them. But he is not going to do anything to jeopardize his career and he is not going to engage in any illicit hanky panky with underaged females, especially right in front of some pretty big name Hollywood costars who are VERY family oriented, such as Zeta-Jones and Quaid.

I think it’s very telling when people will believe the rantings of total strangers. I call it “sheep following sheep”. People that prey on the gullible get a kick out of it!

Show some intelligence. Just because you know a story is too far fetched to be real, doesn’t make you an “enabler”. Besides, wouldn’t an enabler be someone who would say, “atta boy, Gerry” such as the ones who BELIEVE he’d do it? That, IMO, is a true enabler. Get real!

@Eve: I didn’t said that he is stupid but he can be hasty

two words @ 04/24/2011 at 1:02 pm

@Eve: Dennis Quaid very family oriented?!! ahahahahahaha
He hasn’t been faithful to either of his wives and his rep in HW for chasing young girls is worse than Gerry’s!! Oh bad example! ahahahahaha

OMG are you for real? Butler has done this many times before. It didn’t say it happened during the game. Hello, Miss—ing Common Sense. What is the difference between peeps milling around after a game and in a club/bar? That’s right… NOTHING. There are cameras everywhere dear. Cell phones. Remember??? LOL *snort*
I’m still in awe of how stupid you make yourself sound. Seriously. You didn’t even know models disclose all their measurements on their professional portfolio pages??? OMG, did you know that actors list their heights, ages, photos and previous projects on theirs??? OMG did you know that plastic surgeons list their credentials and photos of their work on theirs??? *shaking head*
Middle of the road my ass. You just had a long post basically speculating that every female who has any FB post/tweet that mentioned Butler is either lying or has an axe to grind with Gerry. Snap out of it. *smacking your head*
As for Gerry’s “so called fans” (let me dumb it down for you) if you want unicorns and rainbows go to the motherships. This is where the realistic fans dwell. Get over it. *rolling eyes*
For those JJers with a little reasoning power… again, my question is why would this kid lie?
Wouldn’t it be cooler to say that one of the players hit on his sister. The kid is what 15. NBA players are so on his radar and Butler isn’t. If he was going to make it up an NBA player would be cooler with his peers.
Twitter/Facebook has been Butler’s undoing. If you only believe 50% of what is out there he is a dog to women. Doesn’t mean he isn’t s*xy, handsome or talented. It just means he thinks of himself first when looking for something to bed. (That last should get a giggle out of Hellotheregb :))) Just saying…
Definitely a very crass way to handle a denial don’t you think?

God you are stupid? MARTINA!!!!!!!! BEATRIZ!!!!!!!! VIOLIN GIRL!!!!!!! LA GIRL IN THE ALLEY!!!!!! He is constantly getting ribbed by the media about randoms. Where have you been???
He has already had several major slips in decorum in protecting his career and guess what honey??? That’s right, he followed his peen. Get over yourself. Your hot air is steaming up the computer screen.
As for under the noses of those respectable “family-oriented” peeps. They weren’t even there. Butler is in New Orleans and not with Quaid or Zeta-Jones and they weren’t even at the game in question. You really are the epitome of nonsense today.

You’re wasting your time with that dum-b-a-s-s named Eve.
Remember the fish and where you come from. Virginia?

two words @ 04/24/2011 at 1:18 pm

“That was a setup”
That was phannie speculation

My bad. I need to skip her posts again. I don’t have any tolerance for stupid today. :)

@@Manny: It didn’t take long for the name-calling to start up again. Why can’t you offer a differing opinion without resorting to attacking a poster?

@@Manny: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you if you have to resort to insults including an entire state?

Gawd, if it’s true, he must be a right arrogant so and so.  To just swagger up to someone with his phone out – hardly an introduction – and ask for their number. How rude! I hope loads of women knock him back if he behaves like that. Manners maketh man.  

Here in the USA in most states it’s 16. However, I am sure your daughter wouldn’t be hanging out alone at night, and if someone like Gerry approached her she would anyway say “I’m not interested” because that’s how you raised her. Gerry could only go out with women who want him, not the ones that turn him down. However, he has a right to ask, she has a right to refuse. He didn’t try to pick up a 17-year old deliberately. Had he known she was 17, I don’t think he would have asked her for anything. So your whole argument is pointless.
.I thought more would have been made of the twitter yesterday that said she was on a shopping trip with Gerry.Of course she wasn’t -she was just in the store at the same time…
How do you know she wasn’t with him? She clearly said she was on a quick shopping trip with Gerard Butler. Did you read anything else she said?
” Question is what was Gerry doing in a ladies clothing store?Who was he with and who was he buying a gift for?”
I don’t think it was a ladies clothing store; I think it was a used clothing store. Gerry loves going to used clothing stores to look for vintage stuff. He bought some of his leather jackets in those places so I think that’s why he went there. Or maybe he was looking for something that can be used in his film. Anyway, if he was buying someone a gift, I can’t imagine him doing it in a used clothing store. Usually, used clothing stores are good when you want to look for some vintage item for yourself or you like wearing pre-owned stuff, not for buying anyone gifts

Just read back. What a bunch of looney tunes discussing bs as if it’s for real. Mumbojumbo.

@a report: There may be some used stuff but UAL is a discount designer shop. There are both men’s and women’s clothing. More for women, but there is a selection for men.
@appalled: Unfortunately, some people are predisposed to believing the negative. So much more “fun” to drag someone thru the mud than to be positive.

good grief @ 04/24/2011 at 2:10 pm

@a report: He didn’t try to pick up a 17-year old deliberately. Had he known she was 17, I don’t think he would have asked her for anything.
How do YOU know? Who says he’s NOT deliberately targeting young girls? We don’t get reports of him asking 40-year-olds for their numbers. WTF, does this guy simply walk up and demand a number? Not even a hello my name is Gerry I’m a notorious player?!/annilikesducks “Gerard Butler was at my church today.”

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 2:11 pm

@Cora: thanks C ora. Hope GB does a little better than Rufus in the women dept. Married and divorced twice, and has one little kid. Sounds a bit like that other one, Jude Law. Talk about your players!

To be fair, I don’t think Butler knowingly tried to pick up a 17 yr old. I think he tried to pick up what was to him a beautiful woman.
And I am more inclined to believe the brother’s FB post because I can’t embrace a reason why the brother would lie. There are too many things that don’t hold up to say he is lying IMO. 50 Cent and Reggie Bush were both there and they would have been a ton cooler to post about to his peers. I mean really, do 15 yr old boys think Gerard Butler is cool?

I guess you would call me a ‘phannie’ as that was how I came to GB-dom just over a year ago (though some parts of the film are ludicrously overblown). I had seen 300 but not really registered GB.

While I didn’t expect him to be a tortured romantic in RL, I did expect some indication of ‘normal’ relationships, ie girlfriend(s) or wife. It has been a long process of disillusionment as the promiscuity and fixation on young girls emerged as a regular pattern, along with his gaggle of blokes in tow when at home. There is something missing in him and I no longer care what it is. Would not pay to see one of his films in cinema or on DVD as I simply can’t believe him in these roles.

ROTFLMAO… Maybe he did know she was 17. Confession anyone???? Okay I’m just kidding. :P

good grief @ 04/24/2011 at 2:20 pm

@Manny: He’s praying for his career.

I walked that same path but three years ago. I still think he is s*x on a stick and a talented actor (please let these next two projects be good), but as a man when it comes to women, his behavior is not to be admired IMO. That’s why I never want to meet him in person. Not sure I could hold my tongue to be honest. I can totally see me saying, “God you are beautiful and the the biggest f*cker,” in the same sentence.
Sorry your bubble burst. JJ was a great support system for me when mine did. :)

By ‘these roles’ I meant those in which he has a meaningful relationship with any female.

@Hmmmmm: Nice. Good for him.

@good grief:
“How do YOU know? Who says he’s NOT deliberately targeting young girls?”
I know because I read the brother’s account. Why are you ignoring what he reported?

He specifically said that GB came over to his sister after the game and asked for her number, she said maybe later and just walked away.

Sounds to me like you’re one of those angry women trying to make more of this 30-second event.

It wasn’t some elaborate scheme of his to pick up young girls like a seasoned pedophile. He had no idea she was a teen because he didn’t even converse with her. He just saw an attractive girl and asked for her number. In most places where people are still reasonable, it’s still legal for a man to ask a girl out.

@Manny: Thanks Manny. It has been a rather dispiriting process as this was my first and only celebrity ‘crush’.

@….!: When Gerry play a role in a movie his love is symbolic and it symbolize his relationship with a woman that isn’t necessarily a GF or wife.

Do crushes ever live up to expectations? Not in my book. :) *patting your shoulder*
I think he emulates the love he has for himself. That is his longest standing love affair! Okay I was joking again phannie attack team. :P

@Manny: I’m a fan. But I kinda agree with you on this one Manny. He loves himself so much that there’s non left 4 a GF ( a serious relationship). At least 4 now.

Ps : you all can thumbs me down as much as you like. It won’t change my opinion.

There’s nothing wrong with a single man enjoying his bachelorhood in his  40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or up until he croaks. And there’s no probkem with him being a womansier, as long as the ladies involved know exactly where they stand. It becomes a problem when the ladies are close to being, or are teenagers.  I get younger women are easier prey because they are more gullible.  But there must be loads and loads of women out there, in their mid twenties and upwards who’d happily drop their draws for a famous, rich, single man. You can be a player and still have standards. I think most find 40 plus year old players quite amusing and harmless, if they stick single ladies of 25 and over. It’s not as if there aren’t loads of women of that age around.  But for some, for some unknown reason that’s never enough. 

@Me2: I feel that Gerry is cought up in his own fantasy, in his own films, that’s the love he want’s, no room for a real woman, she doesn’t exist

@a report #552
“Did you read anything else she said?”……No.
“She clearly siad she was on a quick shopping trip with Gerard Butler”……Anyone can say anything on Twitter / Facebook,Doesn’t mean it’s true….”Kate” for example.

Church.. of course it’s Easter Sunday.

In regards to the brother’s facebook
“Kendall was on the floor at the hornet’s game and at the end…..”
Was she cheerleading?.

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 3:12 pm

I know gb very well. His emotions run deep. He is half of a whole soul of arch gabriel, he is very universally powerful. He will not b with any woman other then his other half, he’s married behind the scenes and this u can trust. He is very gifted, he knows his wife, he will b meeting his wife very soon.

@dargabriel: Did you take your pills today? I suggets a new medical diagnosis for the next DSM – The Gerard Butler syndrome

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 3:27 pm

@Manny: I doubt that you would surprise him with your comment! He might just laugh and agree. In one interview he described himself as a “lying sack of sh..”

@….!: Seems odd to me to expect an actor, a man who makes his living pretending…to live a certain way of life. Some actors make their livings pretending to be gay, and some gay actors make their living pretending to be straight (an actor in How I Met Your Mother comes to mind). Jude Law is a player for sure, yet, I think he is a pretty good at playing “sensitive to women”; same is true for Hugh Grant (have not seen him for awhile!) .

I think GB is a nice guy, with a huge blind spot: women…however, if we were to spend the time (what a bore that would be!) we could find a list of HW types who have children by mulitple women, cannot begin to be faithful to their wives, and do a lot of heavy drinking.

I like him better as a person, than many of the others in HW. Even if he is a” lying sack of sh..” with beautiful women…Women who date him, even once, should know what they are doing, and walk into it with eyes wide open.

Cynical though I am, I am among the doubters about the story of the 17 year old model.

GB may be too old now for Attila or 300 or Phantom (too bad Burns was never made, or likely will be), but he has some good action movies left in him. Hope he does a good one one before I am too old to get to the theater! Even another Rocknrolla would be great!

You are not making any sense……
Aren’t you supposed to meet your wife before you marry them?.

Maybe GB is inadvertently giving us a 101 on what most leading male actors are really like. They may look good, but in reality they’re arrogant, self absord, self serving p…ks.  As if deep down we all didn’t know that already.  Howeve, most of them, unlike GB, are more subtle about it, or better at covering it up. For someone who’s supposed to be so secretrative about his relationships. He is a bit of a blundermyster when it comes to his antics with the ladies.  

@oldbutnotdead: True that actors don’t play roles that reflect their real lives but most, even Law and Grant, have proved capable of sustaining real relationships over a number of years, even though they go on and off the rails. Sadie Frost and Liz Hurley were nobody’s doormats.

As far as I understand you can’t be a minor (under 18) to cheerlead for the NBA. I’m still looking to see the requirements. If she is a cheerleader then she couldn’t have been wearing platform shoes. BTW there are hundreds of peeps who are “on the floor.” In the ESA here where the Jazz play, the lower deck is considered on the floor and it encompasses a couple of thousand at least. Now if he had said “courtside” that would have only been the peeps on the front row IMO.
We will have to agree to disagree then. I can see no real benefit for her brother to post about Gerard Butler when “cooler” folks like 50 Cent, Chris Paul, and Reggie Bush were hanging around. Seriously, why would he lie? You’re an attorney… what would be his motive? Now I’m wondering if his Facebook and hers have been set to private. The phannies must have attacked in force. Poor kids. :(
Butler is a dawg that is true, but a handsome one who acts a little here and there. :)))

@$&£: “marry them?” I will not be surprised if he has more than one wife. he is married to Holly and Christine and Queen Gorgo…

@appalled @ 04/24/2011 at 3:48 pm

I wasn’t insulting an entire state, never been to Virginia and I’ve nothing against the state or its inhabitants. I was reminding the poster where she come from, to clarify that I know who she is.

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 3:58 pm

@Hmmmmm: Getting in some confession time?


Sorry to inform you, but you’re wrong. Been through there once though!

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 4:34 pm

@Manny: Manny you are pretty sensible, among most posters (well, maybe not when you are truly annoyed with someone …:)))…and I am sure you and I can agree with one thing, this posting about the 17 year old is really, really boring…and long dead!

You have a puppy? What kind?

Agreed. :)
I have a couple of boxers. I’m biased. My girls are the best damn dogs ever.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 4:57 pm

@Manny: I have noticed how much people with Boxer dogs love their dogs extravagantly! I have all rescues: a three legged husky, with blue eyes; a little cocker that is about 11, and a tiny five pound chihuahua mix that looks like a cross between a mouse and a tiny deer. She is extremely spoiled, needless to say. I suppose something that tiny brings out one’s protective instincts. I have cats as well, and if I were not living in the city, I would have a lot more animals! Would love to have miniature goats…oh well…

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 4:59 pm

@angelsrock: Angelsrock you are a lovely poster so please don’t think I am attacking you. But I have seen time and time again TMZ video, utube video all his premiere videos where he is collecting numbers. Just watch for yourself. You were around recently when he made out with that girl out side of some vale at one of the Oscar parties. He does random stuff regardless of paps. Much may be for the entertainment factor. But don’t kid yourself he is tak’n names and numbers all the time! Whether they are for work but I have not seen him actually take a guys number and say “hey, you look like James Dean you should be in my movie!” We have never seen that posted. So use your head, just watch the Jimmy Kim. video of his show when he was at the Lakers Game. Are you telling me he did not take down Laker Girl phone numbers? Anyway, just watch tmz and other videos out there. and enjoy the spectacle called “the Butler”


I love Huskies. My neighbor have a Husky I adore. Bella, and yeah named for the Twilight chick. haha
Boxers are just right for us. Big enough to run with and keep peeps at bay when you are out alone but not so big that they eat us out of house and home. Low maintenance also total lovable clowns. Our baby is a rescue too. Sweetest thing but she had a rough start.
We have a lot more in common than I thought. Cheers to my fellow dog-parent. :)

just curious @ 04/24/2011 at 5:10 pm

” Howeve, most of them, unlike GB, are more subtle about it, or better at covering it up.”
Oh, really. Do you mean the Charlie Sheens of the world, or maybe you meant Warren Beatty, Judd Law, Tiger Woods, Jessie James, Hugh Grant, or who do you exactly mean as being more subtle than Gerry Butler??????? Or maybe you mean married politicians are better behaved than him – Edwards, Clinton, Condit, Hart……..Who exactly do mean behaves better than him when sex is involved ?????
FYI, he’s 100 times better than most of HW actors, or even most rich and famous men. At least he doesn’t have a million children from a million women, he doesn’t smoke, drink, or does drugs. He didn’t cheat on his wife and kids, didn’t hit and run anyone, didn’t drive drunk, didn’t cheat on his taxes, didn’t accidently shoot anyone, didn’t engage in animal cruelty, rape, or child molestation…….I mean, put him in the right context and you’ll see he isn’t that bad at all. Those vices I mentioned have plaged many HW stars. His main vice is beautiful woman. I for one am happy he is a red-blooded male who gets excited when he sees a beautiful woman. It makes him sexy as hell for me. Therefore, any woman who starts dating him for real (when he is truly into her and interested in her and a relationship with her) should feel very complimented if he finds her pretty. Liking beautiful women doesn’t make him a pervert in my neck of the woods. Maybe for some women who have self-confidence and self-esteem issues and feel they don’t stand a chance with him, it does. Maybe that’s why they feel they have to use hearsay incidents that have not been substantiated 100% yet, because they were told by 3rd parties, to try and prove to themselves and others he is really not worth it. Thus, each one should judge for themselves.

I personally don’t think he’s that bad when you compare him to most other rich and famous men, so why do you expect him to be on a higher moral level than most other men in his peer bracket?

@just curious:
“peer bracket”
Sorry but are you saying he gets a different set of rules from other men because of his “peer bracket?” I’m just speechless… *shaking head*

I’m sorry but an ass is an ass no matter whether rich & famous or poor & unknown. *still shaking head*

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 5:23 pm

@just curious: “I personally don’t think he’s that bad when you compare him to most other rich and famous men, so why do you expect him to be on a higher moral level than most other men in his peer bracket?”

I agree with you on this matter. I am hopeful that we won’t all of a sudden hear the crapp fest that became Tiger Woods and Jesse James. That was all behind the scenes just waiting to pop. So, I hope that all we have is a boy/man child still trying to grow up and still stumbling on the young ones. I mean the younger ones! LOL I think he can get himself in trouble with these girls but still can’t control his urges to not ask for numbers in public. But you are right at least he does not hide this behavior is it right out there for all to see.

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 5:31 pm

It makes perfect sense, its all about the soul and the creation, gerard’s soul was created in babylonian times and he’s half of his wife from many moons ago, he is the light and his other half is the dark. Gerard and his god given wife will b together in this lifetime, watch what happens when he films in the mavericks. He is very deep and telepathic, very true to himself, loves the compamy of many women of all ages. In the future he will adopt 2 children, there’s much more. For anyone interested, look up spiritual DNA, that’s all the insight

@ just curious

Calm down women. Calm down. Any fool knows the men that you’ve  listed behave badly.  I am also saying there are probably plenty of others who behave badly whether married or not who go under the radar, because they’re better at covering themselves. I also said there is nothing wrong in being a womanizer as long as the ladies are single, age appropriate, aware of the game and ready to mingle. Blimey these phannies, they are full on. Oh yeah I just remembered just curious is the nutty young one isn’t she.      

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 5:46 pm

Sorry I did not agree with the whole statement just this part
“I personally don’t think he’s that bad when you compare him to most other rich and famous men, ” men with power do get much more action and attention then men without. I agree that gman is not in the Charlie Sheen Catagory. I hope it never surfaces that he is at Tiger woods and Jesse James level.
That would be not fun!

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 5:57 pm

Heads up, for those who don’t believe in universal power, look around yourselves. Cosmic energy is very real and gerard is very much intuned with this. And for those who are negative beings, I wish you all gods light. He’s a master life path number 22, very much a master builder of his own universe.

just curious @ 04/24/2011 at 5:59 pm

You don’t need to shake your head or over react. Read it again, I thought I was clear. I meant that his peers (HW actors, celebs, and other types of rich and famous men) are not being judged on such a high moral level, and are not expected to be saints, especially when most of them have engaged in vices far worse than his, which I mentioned above.. Therefore, why should Gerry be judged so much more harshly when his main vice is liking beautiful women? I just don’t think it’s a crime to like beautiful women. And unfortunately, most beautiful women are going to look young.
I don’t know how true this story is, but I’m inclined to agree with you on this one; I do believe it happened somewhat like the brother described it happened. It’s we that have added things an read between the lines in this incident. It appears that Gerry saw this beautiful girl during the game and decided to ask her out when it’s over. He’s a bit arrogant so he didn’t even think to introduce himself thinking she already recognized him. He presumed too much and severely mistaken (if it really did happen this way), she walked off without giving him another thought. Maybe her brother afterwards told her that’s Gerard Butler you just turned down, we don’t know. I am positive Gerry didn’t know her age. So you can’t accuse him of being a pedophile or a dirty old man in this instance at least. You can criticize him and say he has a weakness for beauty and he doesn’t want to get a permanent GF because he likes his variety, but you can’t really accuse him of anything else in this instance.
I wasn’t calling you names, just debating the issue with you and reminding you that there are far-worse behaved with far-worse sins than GB. I am not angry with you for voicing your opinion, don’t be with me.

@just curious:
Not disagreeing with you just the use of “peer bracket.”
I too believe it happened and that Butler didn’t know her age. He was arrogant and I was delighted he got shot down.
As for comparing him to other famous peeps, I’m not going there. Pulling up other celebrities misgivings doesn’t mean his are excusable/acceptable IMO.
Comparing him to Tiger Woods and Jesse James is ridiculous IMO. Both of them were married and selling the faithful husband image. But then again Butler was rumored to cheat on Bianca and they were cohabitating. There are rumors of him spending time with married women too. Is he really any better?
I’m not his mommy and he is a grown man and heaven only knows if he is playing with grown women. My only beef is his disposable attitude to women. But then again, that’s my problem. :)))

just curious @ 04/24/2011 at 6:14 pm

You see at least we agree on this one.
BTW, I meant to give you a thumbs up but by mistake did the opposite. So if you’re wondering why you got a negative response for stating the obvious, it was me by mistake. I’m sorry.


I’m a strong believer in karma and cosmic forces. Too bad so many do not! It is to their misfortune.

angelsrock @ 04/24/2011 at 6:18 pm


Hey, I know the man is a player and a womanizer. But these random tweets just don’t ring true to me. I believe he’ll stand the test of time and prove to be a decent guy. He’s not married and is not dating anyone. He likes sex! I feel for the guy that he doesn’t have a true love to share his life with. Must get lonely and tiresome! Nothing better than finding your soul mate and sharing your lives. I’ve set it many times: Gerry is far from a saint and probably leans more toward the sinner. Until the sheet hits the fan and he is exposed as a true heel; I’m a fan!

What man doesn’t like sex? Gerry’s no different in that he’s bombarded with willing and attractive women every day! He’ll do it like he did with too other dangerous and nasty habits, he’ll stop one day for the right reasons. He just wants to load up before that happens, like storing nuts for winter! LOL! Then, it will be like jerking off a bandaid. Quick and briefly painful.

I said “jerking off”! LOL!

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 6:32 pm

@angelsrock: Tru dat’

sadly I am still a fan as well. I hope he does not cheat on his next GF or future wife. Wish full thinking on my part, I know.

NYer in France @ 04/24/2011 at 6:46 pm

Kendall is not a model. She is 5’5 which makes her a big nothing in the world of modeling. There is no such thing as a “face”model. They can find someone tall with a gorgeous face anywhere in the world.
She is on those lame model mayhem and onemodelplace websites ANYONE WITH PICTURES can join for a monthly fee.
That’s right, Manny. You too can upload your pictures and for $15.99 a month and one time registration, can call yourself a model after a couple glamour shot photo shoots and a helluva lot of photoSHOP like this chick.
Are you guys that dumb???
Check out some of the other “models” on that site and the ones I mentioned. REAL models do not belong to these sites.
These sites are like Barbizon and John Casablancas. They are getting duped, money taken.
Real models are featured on their agencies sites – big world agencies like Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina, IMG, Women, Next, Marilyn. THOSE ARE THE BIG MODELING AGENCIES IN THE WORLD.
This chick is a mall rat who probably got laughed out of those agencies therefore resorted to posting her pics for all “clients” usually foreign men who want sexy girls for se/x and other things…real clients do not use these sites. Are you mad?
Look at the trash on the sites!! Its like … MySpace gone wild.
(My older sister is s model – a real one!)

just curious @ 04/24/2011 at 6:55 pm

“As for comparing him to other famous peeps, I’m not going there. Pulling up other celebrities misgivings doesn’t mean his are excusable/acceptable IMO.”
You see, I do like to compare everything in life and to put them in their proper context. How else could you compare prices, candidates for the presidency, boyfriends, and a myriad of other things you encounter in life?

So when comparing him to other people in his peer group, I don’t find his behavior so different and so bad from so many other very well-known and well-off men. If anything, I find he is better behaved than most of them, which actually is a breath of fresh air.
Those men already set the standard. Unfortunately, it isn’t very high. Some of the men I singled out have cheated on their spouses, which in my book is a total turn off. The way I look at it is if a man can’t control his urges for the well being of his family, he is weak in my book and is not a real man in my eyes, just a lowlife in a man’s body. However, a single man doesn’t have to make such calculations and doesn’t have such responsibility on his shoulders. He doesn’t even have to conform to any norms in relationships. He is free to pursue women as long as it’s consentious; the woman’s age has nothing to do with it, as long as she is not a minor.
Trust me, the moment I heard he did any of the things I mentioned in my other post, I would stop supporting him at the speed of light. There wouldn’t be any ifs or buts about it. There are some things I will not accept ever, no matter how nice or attractive a man is, period.

It’s just that to me having an eye for the ladies is not a bad thing at all and I kind of like that bit of the devil in him. He is hot, he likes sex, and he likes pretty women, that shouldn’t be such a terrible thing that should be endlessly criticized on this board. Just my take.

the manface mallrat-kendall @ 04/24/2011 at 6:56 pm

I don;t believe the manface mallrats brother either.
I think he may have been being funny but I doubt he really cares.
GB doesnt care about anything of that. if there was someone better looking (hardly in Shreveport) he would have gone for that.
We are talking a 5 in LA or NY. A 10 in shreveport.
manface chick with black roots. yuck.
Some a** for the night…who cares.

Gross Guy fr Scotfukc @ 04/24/2011 at 6:57 pm

He better hope his behavior with foreign chicks like Martina and Beatriz dont get him the PACKAGE.

Gross Guy from Scotfukc @ 04/24/2011 at 7:00 pm

I htought he said he was going to change his behavior afetr watching what went down with Jese James??
>??? forget that esy, dummy scottish fool?

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 7:17 pm

Gerard/arch gabriel is not this god forsaken person. He knows universal law. The reason u don’t see him with any women romantically is because, he already knows who his other half is, he’s waiting for divine timing, he lives by arch gabriel’s law, another words the higher court, his wife to be is american black hair and dark brown eyes petite and olive skinned, when gerard is done repenting, then he will be allowed to see his wife.

I have to admit he does seem like a bit of a conundrum.  If you believe the tweets about him, in a matter of hours over the Easter weekend he’s been chasing skirt. And then turning up in a church??!!

You do get the sense he’s a man of extremes. In some photos he looks so sweet and adorable doing his charity work, or playing and joking around with kids, and you think ahhh one day he’d make a lovely dad. Then in matter of minutes, sometimes, you’ll hear a really dodgy rumour about him, or you see a photo of him in some random club  posing cheek to cheek with some randon chick, looking the worse for ware. And you think Huh?

Deep down I genuinely do think he really really wants to be a decent bloke. He does seem to desparately try to get into all this spiritually stuff.  But then his ego or demons get the better of him – at the moment they do seem to have the upper hand- and he does something really crass or stupid.  It’s almost as if he can’t control himself, and something has to give after trying so hard to be good.

I really really hope the decent bloke wins out. I think you could be a real sweetie if he sorts himself out.

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 7:27 pm

I would like to add gerards soul wife is not famous and is also a capricorn. The truth shall prevail. He is very friendly and is learning to love everyone from the heart. He is half of the energy of his beloved, he is very jealous and can project very negative energy, he is a master of disguise. He has been known to misuse power but also usevery positive power for the sake of others, please be kind to gerard, he is a loving benevolent soul a very old soul to boot.

Well after reading through pages and pages of text – some pleasant, some not so pleasant, some insightful, some questionable – I still have absolutely no idea who Gerard Butler is as a person. Although, I truly didn’t expect to gain any real insight on a gossip site anyway. For me, I think the best way to judge someone’s character is to observe it for yourself. I don’t know if anyone here has ever met GB but I haven’t so although I can speculate on his behavior based on what I have heard/read from others and I can form some of my own opinions both good and bad based on this speculation I never truly believe anything as complete fact unless I actually know the person and can ask them myself.

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 7:43 pm

God honest truth gerard is a monk, aside from all the rumors the smoke screens and having to proove himself to spectators of his sexual preference. He abides by gods law, his gabriel is everything to him, he will create the ut most love in this lifetime. He doesn’t chase women the way most speculate, he is very gracious and kind. He loves to compliment women and men. He also gives ppl who want a chance to b on the big screen a shot and also helps promote good deeds, this is the true gerard.

angelsrock @ 04/24/2011 at 7:45 pm


Now that’s a different story; cheating on someone you’re committed to.
And alas, Gerry does seem to have a major commitment phobia.
I doubt he’ll ever settle down to be honest.

dargabriel @ 04/24/2011 at 7:58 pm

Oh gerard will settle down with his twinflame and when he does everyone will be shocked. This woman will be the only woman on his arm, he is very dedicated, this year will be very powerful for him, he knows what’s coming and has planned everything, the grand plan the spiritual path. He has been a godsend. He also isn’t fake at all, he will never have surgeries also he’s into cosmic healing, the muscle pain he feels is misuse of powers from his twinflame other half, teaching him lessons behind the scenes. He is very good at using invisble force.

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 8:14 pm

@%?: Hey how many heads of organized crime and in particular the Sicilian Mafia were in church for mass every Sunday and big holidays like Easter and Xmas, but you can bet they skipped the confessional. Let’s not even talk about the perverts and crooks passing themselves off as good priests and reverends, see Swaggart, Jimmy et al.

Going to church does not necessarily equate with religiousness. Just as not attending church does not necessarily mean a lack of religiousness or spirituality.

@ gossiphound

Very good point. But I am trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. It is Easter after all.

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 9:59 pm

@gossiphound: I was thinking “hey I went out last night!” meeting up with friends having drinks with peeps I might me interested in, and then got up went to church and helped with an Easter egg hunt” you don’t have to be a manwhore to go out and meet up!

no I am not going to confession either Sunday morning

The young girl who tweeted that Gerry was at her church lives in Three Rivers, Michigan. You’ll have to put the church sighting in the bogus column.
I see these kinds of mistaken identity sightings all the time. A few days ago, someone was sure they saw Gerry at the taj mahal when it was obvious he was in Shreveport. It happens.

I’m not really believing this whole story about the 17 year old model. And its not that he asked for her number or that she turned him down. It’s the part where the guy tweeted that Butler just went up to her and asked for her number. No conversion, just asked for the number. From what I have noticed about Butler is he likes to charm people. Whether it be because that’s just the way he is or because he wants something else. He likes to talk and charm his way into getting what he wants (not only with women but business wise) or just can’t help himself its the way he is.
IMO she looks older than 17. I’m a little older than her but I look younger. So I could see that he might have thought she was older. If this story is true

hellotheregb @ 04/24/2011 at 10:23 pm

@Cora: LOL oh dear Gerry back in India! Here come the crazy PC rumors again!

@NYer in France:
And I care because……..
@just curious:
Again with the peer group. He is a man that shows questionable respect for women. It doesn’t matter if he is rich famous or not. Again, pulling out someone else’s bad behavior to rationalize Butler’s just doesn’t fly with me. This isn’t bargain shopping this is human decency. We will have to agree to disagree.
Has anyone spotted Butler at the Hornets game tonight? We just turned it on here. :)

Like No Other @ 04/24/2011 at 11:00 pm

Gerry’s friend, producer Ryan Kavanaugh, is getting married soon. He had a bachelor’s party weekend in Cabo with Bradley Cooper and Dicaprio among others. Surprised Gerry didn’t go since he had a few days off. Maybe he will go to the wedding.


“when gerard is done repenting, then he will be allowed to see his wife.”

Repenting? So that’s what he’s doing?


” he will never have surgeries”


As in cosmetic or for medical reasons? If you mean cosmetically, he already has for an ear that stuck out.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/24/2011 at 11:52 pm


Eve…! You are not playing well with others… :)

gossiphound @ 04/24/2011 at 11:53 pm

@Like No Other: Maybe since his good friend Harvey Weinstein is suing Ryan Kavanagh, Gerry has wisely decided to make like Switzerland and remain neutral. Harvey can be that petty not sure which of the two men actually has more clout. I am guessing Harvey.


” He is a man that shows questionable respect for women. It doesn’t matter if he is rich famous or not. Again, pulling out someone else’s bad behavior to rationalize Butler’s just doesn’t fly with me. This isn’t bargain shopping this is human decency. We will have to agree to disagree.
Has anyone spotted Butler at the Hornets game tonight? We just turned it on here. :)”


This never ceases to amaze me! LOL! In one paragraph you question his human decency and questionable lack of respect for women! Then in the next breath you are asking if anyone’s seen him at the game! UNBELIEVABLE! This shows a very obvious misogynist attitude, my dear, on your part! No wonder you are so threatened by strong and outspoken women on this board!


” Eve…! You are not playing well with others… :) ”

How so? I think I play quite well with others. I’ve been treating some better then I’ve been treated. If you mean by not kissing up to the board bullies, then you’d be right in that regard.

Oooo La La! @ 04/25/2011 at 12:07 am

“No wonder you are so threatened by strong and outspoken women on this board!”
Very well said dear.
So true!

Now that is a p!ssing contest I wouldn’t want to be a part of. :)))
Strong outspoken woman on this board… thank God you didn’t say smart. I would have had to call you on that one.
I don’t even know where to start on your last post. What does one have to do with the other? His behavior and my asking if he was at the game. Seriously???
Let me help you mi·sog·y·ny
 /mɪˈsɒdʒəni, maɪ-/ Show Spelled[mi-soj-uh-nee, mahy-] Show IPA
hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
Don’t use big words if you don’t know what they mean. *snort*


“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.”

That’s right! You’re a classic example, and women can be misogynist same as men and even worse! In fact, you could be a man and how would anyone know? Afterall, your name is “MANny”? *snort, rolls eyes, claps hand to forehead* LOL!

Someone at WO just spotted this from twitter:
So the guys from law abiding citizen is siting right In front of me and @tomcattt_ at the hornets game
2 days ago
They have a photo and it’s a nice one of Gerry’s eyes:

Oh and for your information, I got smarts real good! *stomps foot and wags butt at Manny banany*

See, OBND, I play nice! *winks and blows kiss*

@Manny: ‘Snort’ sounds like some kind of throwback to Merlin. ‘Poof.’ Ahh. The good old days.


Oh, his eyes are lovely! Thanks for the pic!

@Cora: From the other night. Not from tonight. He’s headed back to work. Bye, bye Lakers. I am amazed at his tolerance for posing for photos with people. Guess he’s a ham. But dam/n, I just love him.

OMG – what a stretch. Be careful when that reasoning snaps, it will knock you on your ass.
Since I have spent part of the afternoon criticizing Butler for his ill treatment of women, your point makes you look…. guess what…. stupid. Thanks for proving my point about your lack of smarts.
You announced when you arrived here that you were ready to take on the board. You tried bullying, spamming, and personal attacks. You still are a pariah. You just don’t get it do you? You are a bull-in-a-china-shop poster. No one can carry on a conversation with you. You are arrogant and dense. I wish you well. You made yourself one hell of a bed here. Enjoy the lumps. :)
God you are an imbecile.

I think he enjoys the attention. Posing for pictures seems his favorite thing to do this movie shoot.
BTW wasn’t that an amazing game? Chris Paul is da man!


I think we’re carrying on quite a conversation, don’t you? And you can make all the statements about Butler that you want to but it’s your treatment of other people on this site that shows your true colors. You’re not fooling me or anyone else here. You’ve met your match, babe! Go ahead and have your flunkies thumb me all you want to. I don’t care! All you’ve got is your childish name calling and berating. You are nothing but a common bully, nothing more and not a very bright one at that! LOL!


“God you are an imbecile”

Now that’s a fine thing to call God! And on Easter Sunday too! For shame!

ROTFLMAO. God you are precious. hahahahahahahahaha

@?????: Yes, I’m well aware the photo was from Friday. That’s why the tweet says 2 days ago. I always include the time/date stamps in my posts. :)
Btw, if you click on the photo, it will make the image a little larger and you can get a better look at those eyes! ♥

@Oooo La La!:

Thank you very much!

See Manny, I’m conversing!

Gerry isn’t the first to chase after young girls. He sounds like Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin’s oldest daughter, Geraldine Chaplin, who grew up admiring and respecting her age-disparate parents’ successful thirty-four year marriage saw his attraction to young girls differently than her half-brother and Sam Goldwyn: “He loved young girls, the younger the better. He really did. He only saw pureness and innocence and youth and beauty… he was a romantic.”

The actress Louise Brooks–an ex-lover from the 1920s – on the other hand, thought of him as a sexually insecure man with a “Lolita obsession”: a view echoed by his longtime camera man, Rollie Totheroh. Like Totheroh, Brooks remembered Charlie as “afraid of girls and… deeply convinced that he could seduce a girl only with his position as a director and starmaker.”

Summing up her experience with Chaplin after twenty years of successful marriage (to Oona O’Neill) in 1962, the former teenage bride said: “People seem to think of Charlie as my father, but age counts for nothing in this house. To me he seems younger every day. There certainly is no father fixation about my feeling for him. He has made me mature and I keep him young. When you’re happy you don’t go in for self-analysis.”

“I never consciously think of Charlie’s age for 364 days of the year. Only his birthday is the annual shock to me. But I can feel the way some people stare at me with puzzlement and then at him wondering how we have kept it up; whether it is just a façade.”

“Well, my security and stability with Charlie stem not from his wealth, but from the very difference in years between us. Other young women who have married mature men will understand what I mean… Charlie has given me one great gift that I had not known before. My childhood was not a very happy one and what he has brought to me is the gift of laughter. And that is beyond price.” “It’s a fraud for me to be so old when I feel so young,” Chaplin told a reporter.

Charlie, like Gerry, had youth and insecurity issues. Oona obviously had Daddy issues.

Oona, Lady Chaplin (née O’Neill) (May 14, 1925 – September 27, 1991) was the daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Eugene O’Neill and writer Agnes Boulton. Oona was born while her parents were living in Bermuda, during a period of heavy drinking by Eugene O’Neill. She was two years old when he left the family for actress Carlotta Monterey who became his third wife. Oona and her brother Shane (born in 1919) rarely saw him afterward.

oh, come on @ 04/25/2011 at 12:55 am

@Manny: You are becoming IMDb posters chasing after WFG or whatever her moniker was. They killed that board. Butler is down 26 percent there. It’s because no one will post there on the comment board any more to be humiliated by the hags.
I wonder what happened to WFG. She came here a few times and then disappeared.
It shows that a few bit/es can ruin an entire place. Their little world has been exposed.

So far Gerry hasn’t been in a relationship with any woman much younger then about ten or eleven years his junior and of course nor has he married any. But he does have a dog named Lolita! Interesting! LOL!

Oooo La La! @ 04/25/2011 at 1:01 am

“If you mean by not kissing up to the board bullies, then you’d be right in that regard.”
Well said again. I have to drop my hat off to your perception. Oldbutnotdead, is kissing up to the board bullies BIG TIME. She is so afraid of being told off by the board bullies that she starts reinforcing and supporting their every nonsensical statement. There is one other poster that does the same thing, but I don’t want to mention her now. She is actually very nice and a fan, but she is so afraid of Manny giving her grief that she also tries to make nice and goes out of her way to interact with Manny in a way that makes Manny more accepting of her, which in turn stops Manny from lashing out on her, which Manny doers often with people that are not part of her special clique. Half the time her comments make no sense but they’re usually addressed to Manny, which makes Manny happy, so they serve their purpose from that poster’s viewpoint.

You are not part of her special cliques of people she can control, which is why she gives you so much grief on regular basis. Don’t crumble in the face of her attacks and criticisms like so many others did before you. Stand your ground and speak your mind, whatever it is.
Anyhow, could you believe Oldbutnotdead used to be a lawyer for many years? If I had her on my side, I would surly lose my case, because counsel for the opposing party would eat her alive. She has no backbone for God’s sakes.

@oh, come on:
GFW came here and claimed things about her imaginary relationship with Gerry that others delighted in proving her wrong. I never posted to or about her ever. She was a mentally ill person who had been run off IMDb and the motherships for her lying. She still posts once in a blue moon with her cryptic messages to Butler. You can’t do anything but feel sorry for her IMO.

@oh, come on:
WFG? Do you mean GFW?
It’s my understanding the fan sites were wary of her, as well.

oh, come on @ 04/25/2011 at 1:03 am

@hmm: My kind of person. Old Hollywood. Since I was a kid I was fascinated by the Barrymores. My first book report in high school was Diana’s Too Much, Too Soon. Good Night Sweet Prince is my favorite book. IMHO, Butler is in that class.

Oooo La La! @ 04/25/2011 at 1:06 am

It’s only an Internet site people, and no one knows your true identities. Don’t be afraid to voice your true feelings and opinions because of a few rotten apples that get threatened by people with differing ideas and perceptions about things in general and GB in particular. Don’t let a bully stop you from saying what you really feel. Express yourselves! This is not Red China where speech is suppressed. So what if you got negative thumbs? Big deal. Don’t sell your identity and stop being true to yourself because you don’t want to get negative thumbs. You’re not working for thumbs. Thumbs don’t sustain you. Don’t look for acceptance from nobodies, speak the truth instead.

GF whoever. She was crusified. Does that make you happy? I still wonder about her and her well being. Does Butler have so much power over so many? What the hell is there about this man?

Yeah Manny keeeeep acting like you don’t care you idiot.
You probably commissoned all of Cora’s stalking.
You are the world’s biggest stalking fanny if I ever saw one.
So keep on keepin on, mmmHmmm….

@A Fan:
When I first started to post here, three years ago, she was getting run off the board. Apparently she had told some whoppers. It was so sad to see because you knew she wasn’t well.

I see IMDb has gotten bored again.

oldbutnotdead @ 04/25/2011 at 1:20 am

@Eve: LOL…I meant one poster in particular, and not Manny or Psycho…Not all posters are exactly here with us on the same plane of existence. Sort of kidding you…. :)

dargabriel @ 04/25/2011 at 1:22 am

Gerard is a very good soul, he loves his fans. About his real self. He will never get cosmetic fake surgery to b mr hollywood. He is a spiritual healer, he doesn’t use modern medicine, he’s a miracle healer. The only time u will c him go into a medical practice is simply for work exclusively. His life is in gabriels hands. He’s. Phychic,clairavoyant, and telepathic. He lives by a very strick lifestyle, very much religious and respects his catholic faith. Gerard is very down to earth. He reads pp through the eyes, he knows much about them from the moment he meets them. He works in the paranormal and is good at it. He knows ppls achilles heal and will play with chakras. His life is a life of harvest and his biggest wish is right around the corner when he’s ready. I can promise he will be an A lister. He’s making his mark.

do people post? Because he’s the most go.d damn.ed most gorgeous person ever on this little planet. Way out here in the ocean, I just LOVE him.


” @Eve: LOL…I meant one poster in particular, and not Manny or Psycho…Not all posters are exactly here with us on the same plane of existence. Sort of kidding you…. :)”

My questions to the poster you are referring to was legit. I’m very fascinated with karma and the natural ebb and flow of the universe.

It makes no sense. We just love him. From the first moment I saw him as Attila. That was it. That was IT.

@Oooo La La!:

Absoeffinglutely! Thank you!

oldbutnotdead @ 04/25/2011 at 1:37 am

@Eve: By the way, I never respond to toxic posters (no, I am not referring to you or Manny!). I am not sure why you and Manny go at it so much, back and forth. Kind of exhausting to read!

I frequently disagree with Manny, and she disagrees with me, but we simply agree to disagree!

Some of her comments about GB are amusing. (At least when she is not taking on other posters…. .:)))

Manny suggested GB is a ham because he lets people take his picture all the time. Some of that is probably true, otherwise, he might not even be in this business! I honestly, imo, also think he is mostly a nice guy, patient with fans. It is also good business…My favorite one of his fan interactions is the one at TIFF several years ago, with the “f… girl in the corner”. Funny dude.

Once again, my recommendation is that you never bother to respond to toxic posters, particularly those who make personal comments about a poster they do not know and have never met. That is toxic behavior and should never be responded to or encouraged!

By the way, thanks Cora, for the great picture just posted!

oldbutnotdead @ 04/25/2011 at 1:44 am


I realize now YOUR question was legit (altho it surprises me) but the answer from this poster may need some very deep analytical work. It would seem difficult to learn anything about karma, etc from a source that deep into another plane of existence.

I appreciate people having inquiring minds, and like to ask them questions as well.

Astrology & Numerology @ 04/25/2011 at 1:56 am

Please tell me what else you know about his numerology number 22?

I know it’s the Master Builder’s number, very rare. Only very few fortunate ones have it. It’s the most powerful number in numerology for an individual to have.

It’s true; he has the powers of a healer and a transformer. Very spiritual and old-fashioned, as well as very disciplined. He can make dreams come true. He healed, transformed and changed himself, and he does it for everyone that comes in contact with him, even people that never met him; people that follow his career on the Internet and are not part of his inner circle. He can change lives and have impact on people remotely.

Please post more, I want to know more. What you say is TRUE to the core. I discovered it myself recently.

faith in men to tell truth @ 04/25/2011 at 2:08 am

Sorry … been blinded by how disgustingly VILE and hairy that nasty Analynne McCord chick is – go look at her tummy pics – its gross!
At least Kim K waxes and all the rest — this bytch thinks she can step out – bare that pale milk white nasty HAIRY navel and think it’s ok.
Fuggking nasty I am going to throw up.
You chicks need to wax or shave your hairy asssses
Dirty bycthes clean that shyyyttt up

peacesister @ 04/25/2011 at 2:12 am

LOL, now I know, well, I always did: I’m Gerry’s soulmate, I’m the capricorn he’s gonna marry. Sorry, ladies. ROTF
Happy Easter to the happy campers!
Thanks, Cora, for the nice pic (and all the other findings!). Will I ever overcome my “eye addiction”? *sign*
Hm, what will I do when he keeps going to all those games, when we are maried? Go to the spa, I guess. :-)

Uh oh. The creepy crawlies are coming out! Time for my beddy bye! Sweet dreams of Mr. Butler and those eyes!

@Manny: Do you remember pafan? She was a lot here and suddenly disappeares. poeple come and go all the time. I enjoy posting here knowing it’s going to end one day. I will lose interest and others will be here. As long as I’m here I like it here, there are somee nice poeple posting.

@faith in men to tell truth:
lol! so true! its not enough to bleach!
light colored “fuzz” on skin is quite disgusting…wax or laser or if you must shave but get rid of it ladies, clean up your nasty cooches!
stank vaggies

WTF??? Can you believe it? @ 04/25/2011 at 3:52 am

Schaffer Mickal
Gerard Butler asked Kendall Mickal for her number last night, but she turned him down not realizing he was Gerard Butler….way to go, sis!
7 hours ago
Schaffer Mickal
Kendall was on the floor at the hornets game last night and at the end Gerard Butler came up to her and asked for her number and she said maybe later and walked away. Poor guy was standing there looking like an idiot with his phone out lol
3 hours ago
It really sounds like she was performing on the floor, maybe a cheerleader as some say, in which case she had to be older than 17 – at least 18. If she was indeed a cheerleader at the game, then what I speculated last night about her age is true. She is older than 17. Actually, I think she is somewhere between 23-26.
I realize there is no definite proof she was a cheerleader but she is a model and cheerleading would definitely be a job that is related to modeling and they actually like their girls not too tall; they like them average height. Her body type would be perfect for it. I still think she is beautiful, just not 17. I also still believe that Gerry had no idea how old or young she was. He just saw a gorgeous girl and decided to approach her and ask for her number.
Of course, it’s also possible the encounter didn’t happen that way at all. CC could be right. Gerry likes to know the people he talks to or works with. It’s totally not like him to just approach someone out of the blue and say give me your number, I’ll call you, or whatever exactly he said. Well, actually, maybe she made lots of eye contact with him and he thought she was interested. Wasn’t there some VS model from a few months ago who made lots of eye contact with him at the fashion show and a few days later she was at his birthday party (he probably invited her) and supposedly they hooked up later that night. She talked to a Brazilian publication a few days later and said she is the mystery woman he was with that evening and that they are friends. Some peeps still doubt her story of hooking up with him. I’m not sure wtf happened that night with her, so I say 50% chance she is telling the truth and 50% she is exaggerating the encounter completely. Maybe this is another similar case where the brother was exaggerating what realy happened. If his sister was really on the floor as a cheerleader he would have seen his sister being approached by Gerard and then her walking away from him. He might have asked her later what Gerard Butler wanted and that’s when she told him she didn’t really know he was Gerard Butler and that he wanted her number and she said maybe later and walked a way. So the brother might not be telling the story exactly as it happened because he wasn’t there with her hearing everyhting. He’s telling it as a 3rd party. Just a lot of speculation I guess.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all your links and your posts. I enjoy them a lot.

Also looking at Miranda Kerr up there –
Its’ time for her to hang up the bikinis…one piece, sister!
She looks better fully clotheed.
I think women who model swimwear should have muscle tone in their legs abs and arms …marisa miller or women with some muscle tone. Its swimwear!!
miranda just looks sloppy and those SAGGERS are just flopping down to her navel. maybe she can do lingerie or teddys? Just not swimwear.


Gabriel you speak from the bottom of my heart. I deeply knew that. The problem is people see only with their eyes and not with their hearts. It’s so easy to damn a person one doesn’t know. I’m able to see behind the veil too. I met him and I know you are right. Gerard has the light inside. The light we all should have. I would be glad to contact you and hear more, compare notes but I don’t know how.

@WTF??? Can you believe it?:
Hey loser, she had FLOOR SEATS. She isn’t a cheerleader!
Go check out the Hornets cheer roster. Do you see Kendall??
Noooooooooo. Stalk some more!
You people are sickos!!! Geta grip! She doesn’t “cheer” re/tard.
She is trying to model. Got a problem wirth it?

And I agree lolol Miranda Kerr needs to find a gym and get some toning to her muscles. Her boobs need a lift.
Sloppy soft is so “plus size model.”

Just because you people are mental:
…….Wow, No Kendall!!

Eve is GFW @ 04/25/2011 at 4:31 am

Just sayin’….
- She’s in love with Butler and can’t be objective
- She’s convinced she’s the only one who has the right insight about Butler
- She tries to pick fights with all the regular posters here cuz they didn’t pay attention to her (remember she’s an attention seeker)
- She spams the board with her absurdly silly posts.
- She lies about anything, from Butler to her imaginary info about other posters
- She says continuously LOL! or she puts sentences into * *
Wonder if she was banned from all the motherships. I’d guess she can’t use the acronym GFW either, given that it’s now a synonym of “mental Butlerfan living in a world of lies”

hHen why didn’t her bother sit next to her?
He said she was on the floor.
You need to chill out or go back to IMdb.

No PsychoB=Peace @ 04/25/2011 at 4:56 am

it was nice posting here all weekend long, and not much fighting was taking place because PsychoB hasn’t been around in a few days, stirring trouble and getting on everyone’s nerves. I must say I didn’t miss her ugly self and her stupid posts. It has been peaceful for the most part; let’s keep it that way.

Hey jerk –
Brother didn’t have as good as seats!
He was sitting further up with his FRIENDS!
Um, do you sit with your brother all the time??
What are you – 45?

angelsrock @ 04/25/2011 at 5:39 am


Oh yes, the eyes are gorgeous. Thanks once again, Cora!!
I guess he’ll head back to Shreveport today or tomorrow.

@No PsychoB=Peace:
PsychoB is one of the most enjoyable posters on Butler’s threads.
Go back to IMDB, hater.

I have new stuff for you girls from Sunday (photos and article) but I appear to be in moderation hell. :(

@peacesister: Sis, how the heck are you? Good to hear from you! What do you think about what you have seen so far of the pics from PTF? Maybe because the cast looks like they are having fun filming it will show in the movie. Have a great day!!

Gerry was photographed in New Orleans, Sunday afternoon, checking out some art with two male friends. JJ won’t let me post the article or photographs so perhaps we’re getting a new thread.

redOctober @ 04/25/2011 at 8:45 am

Looking for some new pieces of art, Gerard Butler was spotted out and about in New Orleans yesterday afternoon (April 24).

Joined by two buddies, the “P.S. I Love You” hunk checked out the Jackson Square art scene in the French Quarter, looking cool and casual in a t-shirt and cargo pants.

@redOctober: Good morning Red! How are you feeling? Thanks for the pic. He is so cute. Boy he gets around like hot air…never in one place to long. He really does have that big brute going on doesn’t he?

redOctober @ 04/25/2011 at 9:00 am


…hey there ; D…trying to deal with the paster cast : (

New thread!

redOctober @ 04/25/2011 at 9:02 am


What are you? 12?

gossiphound @ 04/25/2011 at 12:23 pm

@hmm: Given Chaplin’s martial and romantic history was pretty dismal, it was pretty clear marrying young girls wasn’t making him happy in the long run and in fact cost him a lot of money except apparently his last wife who was 18 when he was 54 but that marriage ended with his death after 8 kids.

Though it was not uncommon for men of various ages to marry 14 year old girls in the 1800′s, not so long ago, especially when parents were doing the arranging and looking for men of means and status to shore up the family fortunes. And of course life expectancy was much shorter and infant mortality was high so a younger wife was a better guarantee of that prized male heir.

Interesting to know when that age gap became problematic for parents or society at large. Maybe as women were granted legal rights as human beings and not chattel. Maybe as notions of romantic love vs arranged marriage flourished. Good question.

This is interesting “Chaplin’s lifelong attraction to younger women remains another enduring source of interest to some. His biographers have attributed this to a teenage infatuation with Hetty Kelly, whom he met in Britain while performing in the music hall, and which possibly defined his feminine ideal. Chaplin clearly relished the role of discovering and closely guiding young female stars; with the exception of Mildred Harris, all of his marriages and most of his major relationships began in this manner.”

Honey I can make you a star. Oh that old line sure does work huh.

gossiphound @ 04/25/2011 at 12:26 pm

@Haha: Kendall who? She’s already forgotten.

gossiphound @ 04/25/2011 at 12:28 pm

@Haha: So what I saw 10 year olds with better court seats who cares.

gossiphound @ 04/25/2011 at 12:33 pm

@WTF??? Can you believe it?: More likely a chick all dolled up hoping to get the attention of one of those rich NBA players. A Butler is chump change compared to say a Kobe Bryant. I don’t who the single players are frankly. Of course has Kobe learned his lesson, he seems as arrogant as ever.


I think some men who prefer really young girls/women have issues that the older the woman is, the less likely she’ll put up with. The young ones are more naive and easier to control. The men that like them tend to seem to be the ones who want to “train” a woman and you have to start with them very young in their eyes. Remember Elvis and Priscilla? He met her she was only fourteen. I don’t remember exactly his age, late twenties maybe. But he got her parents permission and moved her in to Graceland where she went to school and finished her highschool diploma then at eighteen they married. She insists that they never did anything until she was of legal age. But that marriage lasted only six years and produced one daughter, Lisa Marie.
Elvis was engaged to be married when he died to a nineteen year old, I believe, and he was forty two. Priscilla commented in her book that he wasn’t very good in the sack. She said he seemed to have a problem with equating sex with love. Once she became a mother, it seemed he put her in some kind of non sexual catagory. Sounds to me like he had some emotional issues with sexuality. Ergo perhaps men who prefer very young women do, like Chaplin.

Oh and Manny, FYI, NO ONE can run anybody off any site on the internet unless they want to leave. You put way too much stock in the power of bullies.

No one has the right to judge anyone’s mental stability on this board then try to “run them off”. Get over yourself.

good point @ 04/25/2011 at 4:17 pm


dargabriel @ 04/26/2011 at 1:42 am

Dear Rahel, I know gerard on very deep levels through body,spirit, and soul. You see gerard is so very special he loves all and is doing gods work. The 22 is very powerful email me @

@she: That could be, she.

EveIn TheGarden @ 04/29/2011 at 11:26 pm

@ dargabriel

Great focus on positive manifestation you got there! I have to hand it to you for seeing him in the Higher-Self.


Surface work is all he wants to do. Too many lies and he knows it. He wont go any deeper than that because he does not want to know. This is why he makes jokes and need millions to love him because does not love himself. He can’t stand to be alone because he can not stand himself.

 He is not close to God as you say. He is angry at God, women and just plain angry in general. He is frugal to the MAX . And the charity work he does is because he has to. (Trouble with his temper) and ( They own him)

Let’s just say until he quits the “Game” and focuses on healing… the Higher-Self Mr. Butler may not be.

Grow Mr. Butler Grow

dargabriel @ 04/30/2011 at 2:48 pm

Dear eve, I couldn’t agree with you more about gerard, he’s very needy and has to be the center of attention. Trust when I say I feel his madness, its not fun, its total grief, puppet master stuff. I’m very deeply spiritual, I feel and see everything. You are right about the game, he hurts innocent ppl. Through gabriel/gerard telepathically he tells me he’s not done with his madness, he hides a lot,wears a mask, deceit,betrayal, and lies. He tells me all is well and no worries, he programs ppl to look after me, everything always shows up when I least expect it. He does mean well, but misuses power, I wished he would stop with this madness,jealousy,possesiveness,and anger. I’m not into fake,or much of anything of material, I’ve lost much in my life and now its just an existence in this god forsaken world of lost souls. My job until I expire is to lightwork and wake ppl up. So much despair, this is y I remain high in the beautiful mountains. Gerard will never be whole until he gives it over to god/gabriel. I wish evrybody a very lighted journey with lots of peace.

EveIn Thegarden @ 05/01/2011 at 6:58 am

@ dargabriel

There is so much I want to say~ yet I am very private. May I contact you through your e-mail that you posted? Thank You LOVE and LIGHT

EveIn TheGarden @ 05/01/2011 at 7:08 am


I need to clarify the “GAME” is materialism/Hollywood. Such an illusion

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