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Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler hits the set of his new movie, Playing The Field, on Tuesday (April 19) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by his co-star, Dennis Quaid, and several kids who played members of a boys’ soccer team.

Earlier in the month, Gerry arrived in Shreveport to get to work.

Gerard‘s character is a former pro soccer player who coaches his son’s soccer team to try and bond with him…but he’s got to dodge romantic advances from soccer moms!

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706 Responses to “Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid”

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  1. 51
    Eve Says:

    So it looks like because of the weather perhaps, that the filming may stretch out a bit longer, particularly with a Holiday in there. It was 91 degrees yesterday in Shreveport. Lot’s of storms in the area too. Hoping the wild fires around Dallas get contained! They say a million acres has already burned.

  2. 52
    please Says:

    @EVEr ANNOYING: Don’t summon phychob, she is the most annoying of them all.

  3. 53
    justsayin'too Says:

    GB looks good but I agree he needs to gain a little weight back. He looks good with more muscle.

  4. 54
    Eve Says:


    “This Kris Goldenburg on twitter is now saying that her friend spoke to Gerry when he was with this “Kate” and has taken two pics.However when she tried to upload them and send them to the Russian fans,suprise suprise it didn’t work.I still think she’s making it all up as she goes along-question is why would you waste the time?Surely she has better things to do in life than try and wined up people in another country on a Gerry Butler fan site.”

    Someone has obviously discovered that the fan sites read and recopy a lot of tweets. Like I said, I don’t put a lot of stock in what people tweet for this reason. There’s some very unstable individuals out there and I’ve noticed it particularly in the past few days. I’m doubting there is any thing to them. Isn’t CZJ called Kate? Besides if the tweeter is just posting about Gerry, that’s a dead giveaway right there.

  5. 55
    Instructor said Says:

    @please: I second that! And oh take that Manny out of here too.

  6. 56
    rampant Says:

    Talking head

    A person whose talk is empty and pretentious.

    (Modern Language Association (MLA)

  7. 57
    Eve Says:


    “GB looks good but I agree he needs to gain a little weight back. He looks good with more muscle.”

    My fear is that he’s loosing so much weight, he’s starting to loose muscle mass. Hoping the look is just for the movie and by the time he starts work on Mavericks, he’ll beef back up a bit.

  8. 58

    does Eve have a job?
    when will she shut up?
    i’d take psychob and manny over her annoying whining anytime.

  9. 59
    Eve Says:

    Did anyone notice there was 1762 posts on the old thread? Gawwwlee! Is that a record or what?? Think this one will get that many? Gerry’s a very popular lad! Flying monkeys be damned! LOL!

  10. 60

    i get it. eve is a teenager and fresh home from school. where are her parents? go do your homework eve and quit using jj as your twitter account.

  11. 61
    Susan Says:

    Finally, It seems like forever since I have seen any new pics of THE MAN. He is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. 62
    hairy Says:

    nice head of hair but like him with short hair much better, more manly

  13. 63
    Eve Says:

    I like the shorter hair too, even though he looks good either way. I have never been a fan of long hair on a man. They tend to not take care of it as they should.

  14. 64
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Looking Good Gerry!!..Love the soccer (football) attire!!

  15. 65
    hellotheregb Says:

    interesting old pic

  16. 66
    curious cat Says:


    1762 posts is not a record. GB threads have sometimes had well over 2,000. Another star (singer) had a thread I read with over 5,000 posts, and they were actually mostly interesting. A veritable book.

  17. 67
    curious cat Says:


    In the TV world there is another meaing. A close up shot of one person talking.

  18. 68
    Yea........ Says:

    @Eve: He does a lot of bending……….just ask Ronnie, Ariel, Nick, Freddy and Applebob…..let me see who is his gay male on set assistant for this film.

  19. 69
    rampant Says:

    @curious cat:

    …we are not in the TV world …so my statement stands directed to the poster talking to itself.

  20. 70
    PsychoB Says:

    @please: Like anyone cares what you think. Choose a moniker and stick with it, add something to the discussions and find away to get help with your anger management issues. Even Eve is playing nice on this thread where as you can’t seem to focus on anything except Manny.

    I feel sorry for them. If it was in the 90′s and humid it must have been miserable. Playing soccer in those conditions suck.

  21. 71
    curious cat Says:

    Hello There, that is a nice picture and one I never saw before!

    Hey, posters, in this movie he seems to be playing an aging, perhaps washed up? athlete with long hair. So what? He is bound to look messy on the field. Why is the way he wears his hair even an issue, when it’s different for just about every movie he’s in? The man is a movie actor, in case you forgot!

    Too bad we can’t even go three pages without name calling, bashing and bickering, This thread has already gone to the (distaff) dogs!!!

  22. 72
    Brittany in KANSAS Says:

    No its a fake account.
    The person who killed the last thread was EVE and nutjob – the whole girl who started off as “I Know” a few threads ago.
    It was said that these two women had sex with pigs and family members?? Disgusting.
    LOL I may be from the midwest but I am not white trash llike those posters. Don’t even associate with those types!
    Gerard looks so handsome. Sigh! Do you think he’d date a redhead? LOL

  23. 73
    curious cat Says:

    @Brittany in KANSAS:

    :) Is your name really Brittany? Do you have green eyes? Heroines in romantic novels seem to have names like Brittany and often have red hair and green eyes. I feel sure GB would date someone like that. :) :)

  24. 74
    Eve Says:

    I think Gerry would still be sexy no matter what he weighed! He’s just one of those people who exude sex appeal. It isn’t necessarily anything to do withi outter looks.

    Rod Stewart made a good point the other day in an interview. He was asked what he thought sexy was in a woman. He said that he had been out with some of the most stunningly beautiful women on the planet and it was not about their looks. He said he sat at a table one time with a woman that had chiseled features, knock out body and had no sex appeal whatsoever. It’s something that comes from within.

    Maybe that’s why Gerry hasn’t found the right one yet. He hasn’t found anyone that matches his own sex appeal. He goes for the looks, etc., but they might leave him flat. The boy might be surprised when one day a woman comes along that knocks his socks off and she’s not what he expected.

  25. 75
    Corina with Green Eyes Says:

    I am sure Gerard can’t wait to get out of the South. Full of hicks and that southern thing (shudders). Trailer parks, red necks.
    Ew ever see the Walmart photos?? That is what he is facing in Shreveport!
    He will go running screaming back to LA.
    A Shreveport ’10′ is a ’4′ in LA, the land of beautiful women.
    Even funnier: A Canadian ’10′ is a ’2′ in LA. Canadians are so sub-par.

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