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Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler hits the set of his new movie, Playing The Field, on Tuesday (April 19) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by his co-star, Dennis Quaid, and several kids who played members of a boys’ soccer team.

Earlier in the month, Gerry arrived in Shreveport to get to work.

Gerard‘s character is a former pro soccer player who coaches his son’s soccer team to try and bond with him…but he’s got to dodge romantic advances from soccer moms!

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  • Eve

    I just can’t wait to see some of Gerry’s moves out on the field! Then there’s the surfing movie! Is there anything the man can’t do?

  • Eve

    I get the distinct feeling that somebody just hovers around this thread, morning, noon and night just to play with the thumbs! LOL! Now that’s a claim to fame! Must be exhausting work! But then I’m usually using all of fingers on here and they only need the one.

    By the way, is that the same Porcupine Grill in Salt Lake City?? I think I’ve been there!

  • Eve


    “Giggling at the twitter comment but OMG you are counting her posts??? Well at least we know we can skip one third of the thread. :P
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I just got home from work. Just because others find Eve’s constant posting annoying you can’t blame it on me.”


    Yes they can…..I only do it for your benefit! Smooches!

  • Eve

    I say we elect Manny banany queen of the thread tonight! It will be such a big surprise to her when she gets back from din din with hub hub! After all, isn’t that what she’s shooting for? Let’s see, now who could we appoint her lady in waiting! LOL!

  • mymymy
  • Eve

    Cute video! I still like the short look better.

  • Kate

    Hi ‘nutjob’ i see you found your way into this thread!!
    Now see your way out.
    And no, I am far from the blonde in the UK you keep posting to and are jealous of, I am assuming.
    You need to find another hobby and then go hang yourself.
    You are the only one who brings up race in every single goddamnnn thread – no one else does – because no one else cares.
    It is more fun seeing you get told off in every thread by everyone because you contribute nothing and ruin every discussion. You sound bitter, harsh and ignorant.
    Like someone said of you a couple threads ago: stupid.
    Don’t blame the world (blondes in UK, Gerard’s exotics, the uncle who raped you) because you are failure in life.
    Wipe the frycook grease off your apron and take a homestudy course. You too can make more than 30,000 a year.


    ‘EVE’ IS ‘WOW’….among others.

  • oldbutnotdead

    Gerard could be Randy Quaid’s twin brother.
    *breaks wind*
    Oops! Cabbage….

  • Hollywood Playgirl

    disgusting. why share that?

  • KP Farts

    Do you think Maksim had a quickie with kirstie? I mean she’s old and fat as hell but……

  • Brittany in KANSAS

    @curious cat oh and no! My real name…well, I go by Torri, none
    of you guys are using your real names. LOL
    @Eve sorry but I love myself, I just like improvements like all women. Whats wrong with that??? I hate people who act like doing my hair and putting on makeup means “i hate myself” or have some issues. Um, no. Ive been a blonde and had black hair once too.
    @WOW what are you talking about? I wish I lived in the UK. Huh? You need to handle your own fights and don’t pull other posters into them! Manny, and everyone else are all over you!! Shame on you!
    @Kate I am ignoring weirdos on this site from now on, but thanks. Good post.
    @Spyware I so need to get that!! LOL :)

  • justsayin’too

    Just Ignorant- the name says it all! You are delusional too! Please take your meds for your multiple poster personality disorder, it is getting really old! And my husband is into bodybuilding as I am and he has a great muscular body thank you! Glad you are so interested in my life.

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  • oldbutnotdead

    @Eve: I think there were 8000 plus on the one before that…?

  • oldbutnotdead

    @oldbutnotdead: Sorry guys, I assume most of you know the way I write and that this one is not my style…fairly juvenile, so I assume this a young male.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Hollywood Playgirl: Not me, as I am sure you know, as you are probably the same poster.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Hollywood Playgirl: Usually the young males come out to play and be disgusting much later in the week, on the weekends, and late at night, on yet another dateless night. This one just arrived a little earlier than usual.

  • chris

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  • Torri

    Meg Fox is starting to look like that ugly poster child for vampires trannssexual Dita Von Teese.

  • curious cat



  • Fayle

    Post pics of your bodybuiilder hubby!!
    Thatd be nice to see a real body instead of Gerard’s flapitude

  • Kris Goldengurg

    No I didn’t. Did you read my bio, fool??
    its gurg not burg. eat it!

  • Kris Goldengurg



    Hi all – working and living in Minn as a face painter!
    I do childrens’s parties etc, can do smilies animals and even body paint (sexy!)
    so if you need someone with my skills and you are in the MInn area:
    the facepainter@ yahoo. com :)
    Also a Gerard fan he is scrumptious!
    I guess I will let you guys get back to your infighting, name-calling and passing of gas?

  • Rayme

    Nice photos to come home to. Thanks Cora, xyzee, redO and everybody else who brings us this smorgasbord of Butler.
    I agree with those who hate having to wait so long to see this movie. Darn. I could gestate a baby in that amount of time. While I’m excited to see Coriolanus and MGP, for some reason, this one is what I’m really waiting for. Maybe it’s that image up top with the smile that keeps on giving.

  • sweet

    Mother Margaret. Did you know what you unleashed on the planet?

  • Kate?

    I’m waiting. Something is messed up here.

  • Kate?

    Who else is setting their clock for 4 am on 4/29/11? Lame. I know. But I’ll be there.

  • well

    if only the royals in days of old looked like Butler. All the romantic novels about the days of old would not be so romantic if we knew what they really looked like. All those death masks in the Tower museum will kill your dreams. Sorry. Not a Butler or Zeta-Jones in sight.

  • lisar

    @Corina with Green Eyes: Do you have any idea how many models and beauty queens are from the south, not to mention movie stars?

  • Observation

    You sound worried. And no he isn’t dating Hilary in fact he has women all over the United states
    and the private board found out that he has a restraining order on Hilary.
    Are you OK??? You sound like you have major issues.
    Maybe it comes from living in Canada. I am so happy I don’t live there.

  • Observation

    By the way…why are you being so mean to people that don’t know?
    Aw…no one to keep you company?
    I have never heard of any posters of any racial denomination on this board give a crap if Gerard dates a white girl. Only if Gerard dates someone that isn’t Caucasian like we are.
    You are acting like a fool and its embarrassing. I havent heard someone talk like you in my life. You can’t control who Gerard dates, I can’t so what is wrong with you??
    Are you just mad that Gerard is not paying attention to his fans?
    Explain yourself before we all just have you banned.
    You are playing with karma…people like you have very bad things happen to them and their families.
    People like you should kill themselves and do the human race a service. Please do.
    And your stats are wrong. Incest occurs in our race more.
    This is he last time any of us will address you because it is easy for you to say things to people in this world while hiding behind a keyboard, coward.

  • Fayle

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    I wasnt talking to you you dumb cuunt.
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  • she

    GERARD HAS A RESTRAINING ORDER on that Hilary Rowland girl? What happened? Did she stalk him on set?
    Do tell please! You two spill it!
    :-) Hilary was also on this board dissing a few other girls he dated a few threads ago!!! She was really mean to a Corina girl was going to have her banned or arrested!
    She starts posting weird stuff whenever one of the old posters mentions that Gerard is banging someone!
    I felt sorry for Gerard!! Look what he has to deal with :(
    Gerard has so many women! He is like a guys hero LOL!!! He should have stayed with laurie though she was perfect for him!!
    Scary on the Canadian Model restraining order news!!
    Tell us more! :)

  • pigbearman

    looks smelly

  • she

    @148 – hello again my lovely twin, next time you post use a clean language ant try a different name.
    The color is blue – thank God. I know I will be thumbs down but his legs made me laugh, Gerry – raise your socks to you knees, be professional

  • TheDoctorIsIn

    I recommend that several of you start dosing with Haldol until the voices stop (you know who you and your multiple personalities are). That is all.

  • Cora

    It seems we have a fake posing as a fake. The person posting as “Kris Goldengurg” on JJ is not the tweeter. If she was she would have known that Kris corrected the spelling of her name in her bio two days ago. It is back to “Kris Goldenburg” and has been since Tuesday.

  • Cora

    As to the original fake, Kris Goldenburg, the account is bogus. Don’t bother with it. I saw the account when she opened it and was watching her initial tweets in real time. I won’t bother you with the details but there were a lot of weird things going on with that account when it first appeared and it made me suspicious right from the beginning.
    I also think this person may be lurking on JJ as she seemed to be responding to posts here. I posted that she spelled her name wrong in the bio, I checked back and she corrected it. Natalie posted that there is a “Kate” in PTF, I checked back and Kris came up with a story about a tall brunette who was specifically off set. We would post something here and she would immediately respond on her twitter. Russian fans approached Kris on her twitter account and she instantly came up with a story of Kate landing in Moscow. Now she has Kate magically reappearing in S’port, she claims she has pictures of her, but surprise, surprise she’s having trouble transmitting them. There were many more red flags but you get the gist.
    My initial thought when I saw this account was it was a prank – a JJ troll trying to cause trouble. But I’ve changed my mind on this. I actually suspect this woman is unwell and may have a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality. In other words, I think this may be a mental illness issue, rather than a mean-spirited person trying to panic Gerry’s fans. The best thing is to ignore her, but I know people won’t. She is doing this very publicly so she will get the attention she is seeking. I can’t control that. All I can do is caution people against believing anything she writes if you choose to read it. I was watching when this account opened and everything about it was “off” from the start.

  • she

    @Cora: I always appreciate your links but maybe next time it would be better not to post links to twitter accounts that might couse problems here. I wanted to write you earlier if it was really necessary to post here her twitter link. It’s crazy here without this twitter. Just a thought.

  • oy

    This is the perfect film for Gerry. Whenever his name is mentioned, it conjures the image of kicking balls.

  • Cora

    @she: I’m sorry but withholding the link would have been useless. This woman’s tweets were all over twitter. It was a matter of minutes before it was going to land on the fan sites. There was no suppressing this. Believe me, there is information that I’ve found that I’ve withheld from JJ. But the info was out of the way, not easily found, and so it’s feasible to keep people from finding out about it by withholding it. There is info I’ve found that was too private or problematic and I have kept it off JJ. I do not post everything I find.
    Unfortunately, this twitter account was impossible to suppress. As I said in my very first sentence, of my very first post, “I am loath to post this but it will inevitably get circulated”. At the time, I thought the best thing to do was to post the tweets, BUT post them with the additional information that there were anomalies with the account, point some of those anomalies out, so people would know right from the start it could be fake. I did that in my first two posts. It was better to post it and make sure people knew there was a problem with it, than wait for the tweets to circulate all over Bulterdom WITHOUT the additional information that the account was suspect. It would have been much worse to just sit back and let these tweets circulate without any forewarning about the problems I was observing. And believe me these tweets were going to land on JJ one way or the other. These tweets were everywhere. I do not have the power to suppress someone’s twitter account. All I can do is make sure people have all the info I can give them to assess this information as objectively as possible.

  • YAY Gerry

    Bwahahahaha!! Welcome back Sir Oy :)

  • she

    @Cora: I guess that you are more experienced than me on this matter. The storms that circles Gerry are so crazy.

  • Cora

    @she: I honestly and sincerely empathise with your desire to keep things as peaceful here as possible, and that is the reason I started posting updates. I remember what happened when we hit a dry spell during MGP. The horrible 8000 post thread was born, and in the dearth of news, the posts became atrociously hate-filled. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the JJ threads about Gerard have ever been the same since. A light-heartedness and sense of playfulness got sucked right out during that time and it’s never returned. I was hoping that if these threads could at least be broken up with some news, no matter how peripheral, it would help keep some of the real poison at bay.
    I don’t have to post a thing I find. I only do it to try to keep the peace when new threads are scarce. I’m honestly trying to keep everyone happy. For example, last night I posted tweets of a crew member complaining in her tweets about the shoot, so I very deliberately made sure I followed up with a crew member that was happy with it. I try to provide a balance of negative and positive as much as I can. As I also mentioned, I am also withholding some info – photos and information that are too private or highly provocative without any proof of its credibility. I can do that when it’s buried somewhere and is unlikely to get circulated. But an entire twitter account dedicated to chronicling Gerry’s “girlfriend” was a train barrelling out of the station. There was going to be no stopping it.
    Unfortunately this tweeter, Kris, is out there with the cyber equivalent of a bull horn and there is going to be no shutting her up any time soon. The best thing is to admit this is going on, but also be open about our suspicions. Then each fan can decide for themselves if they are going to continue reading her claims or not.

  • cindy lu

    Hotness!! oh my

  • oldfurniture

    Can’t help it, he looks absolutely handsome!

    I’m living in the wrong country!

  • she

    @Cora: I like your posts and yes you don’t have to do that. I have to tell you that it’s a little strange that someone will take responsibility over Gerry’s gossip site and try as you do to provide a balance of negative and positive as much as you can. But as I said before I appreciate that you do that because I don’t have the time and patience to look after his moves.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @oy: Oy, good one LOL!!