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Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler Plays The Field with Dennis Quaid

Gerard Butler hits the set of his new movie, Playing The Field, on Tuesday (April 19) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by his co-star, Dennis Quaid, and several kids who played members of a boys’ soccer team.

Earlier in the month, Gerry arrived in Shreveport to get to work.

Gerard‘s character is a former pro soccer player who coaches his son’s soccer team to try and bond with him…but he’s got to dodge romantic advances from soccer moms!

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gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 01
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 02
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 03
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 04
gerard butler playing the field dennis quaid 05

Photos: INFdaily
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  • curious cat

    A couple of us had a very brief discussion about why this film is being made in Shreveport LA. This might shed some light on the topic.

    I wasn’t aware of Shreveport’ claim to be Hollywood South. State of the art film facilities it seems.

  • xyzee

    @curious cat: Yeah, lol, bathroom sightings are a tad invasive, but I don’t suppose the folks in Shreveport have that many opportunities to have a celeb exiting the stall next the theirs.
    It was at Superior Steakhouse the night the whole gang was there with Dennis at the piano. It was surprising because she was flying out of Miami a few days earlier. Interesting that this cast seems to work well and play well together.

  • xyzee

    @curious cat: That wave tank is really something.

  • Maddy

    Gerard is so HOT!

  • curious cat

    Reading through the last pages of posts since I was last here, I have a few thoughts and will make them without reference to specific posts or posters. How anyone would think a size 8 is FAT, I can’t imagine, or why some posters assume people who disagree with them are over 50, fat, homely, lonely and can’t get a man. This is silly.

    All this attacking of other posters is silly. There is no conspiracy of veteran posters. Some of us have posted here for 2, 3 years or so, kind of know each other in a cyberspace way and it is silly to assume you know much at all about anyone here.

    Nobody is required to provide any sources of information on Mr. Butler to this site. Other than the JJ team who run it. We love that Cora finds so much material, but if people want to come here and just comment in awhile it’s their right and their business.

    Lighten up, everybody. It is possible to disagree with people without attacking them personally. And you really don’t know who anyone is.

  • Georgia*

    Yep-Gerry is in Nola for the weekend.
    There is no “Kate”……….

  • curious cat

    @are you stupid?:

    I couldn’t reply to this without calling up the whole comment in front of me.

    @curious cat:
    “Hardly a reason to hate Americans, friend. There are better reasons thatn that!”
    What are the reasons you think there is to hate Americans?
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    What kind of a lame group of people post her?
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    I’m not American, but I appreciate America for the beacon of light and freedom it is.
    And you wonder why you people lack backbone? Of course you lack backbone if you support such statements against your own people, or if you can’t stand up for yourselves. If Americans don’t stand up for themselves and the truth, no one will.
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    BTW, you also attacked Amy R for no reason. You misconstrued her statement completely.

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    For starters, I was being a little facetious about the poster who claims to hate Americans for saying “soccer” instead of “football.” I already replied to that. Tomayto, tomahto, shake, frappe, cabinet and all that. We have different names for different things. STF what?

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  • ????

    OK – Thanks, looking forward to some new pics.

  • Nancy

    I’m curious.
    Are you Gerry’s GF?

  • she

    “Gerry needs a Brazilian blow out perhaps.”
    Wrong, he needs a Brazilian blowJOB

  • Courtney

    @curious cat:
    Yes, you’re right; no one is obligated to post any links to articles or pictures of Gerry, but I think I know what the original poster meant.
    He/she were referring specifically to PsychoB who seems to get in to a fresh fight almost daily, while never contributing anything of value to the thread. It’s one thing if you contribute nothing; you’re not obligated to contribute anything, as you say. However, it’s another thing if you’re not contributing anything useful, yet you constantly engaged in fighting with other posters and name calling.
    That’s the kind of behavior most people here find unacceptable and egotistical. JJ is not PsychoB’s personal therapy grounds where she gets all her personal aggression and hatred out, and quite frankly her constant belittling of other posters was getting on many people’s nerves, even if most people just kept quiet in case she turns on them and attacks them as well. Go back to the last thread and see for yourself how she and a couple of other people were ganging up on anyone that voiced an opinion supporting Gerry’s attendance of the debutante ball. Anyone who said Gerry was invited to the ball and was not there crashing it to pick up 18-year olds, got made fun of and had nasty comments directed at him/her. Of course, when an article surfaced a few days later proving Gerry was invited to celebrate this local event, PsychoB and her friends never admitted they mis-judged him. PsychoB never admits she is wrong. On the contrary, she gets upset and mean when people call her on her comments against Gerry and his fans.

  • Cora

    FB sighting and photos from the set:
    Dana Aulds Carpenter
    My Niece Jenna on set with Gerald Butler filming “Playing the Field” that comes out next year!!! She is the one on the far right!!
    10 hours ago
    Photo of Gerry and the kids:

  • Cora

    Gerry making funny faces with the kids:

  • Cora

    Another interesting comment from the same woman:
    Dana Aulds Carpenter
    my niece is in hog heaven with him too and dennis quaid, Uma Thurman , and catherine zeta Jones……she said they had to run from paparazzi yesterday and it got them all upset….
    9 hours ago.
    Her little niece also posted a comment. She obviously had fun with Gerry:
    Jenna Day
    It was super fun! Gerry is histerical! It was great meeting everyone! :)
    5 hours ago.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Cora: Cora, he is such a nut. This movie may turn out to be really a good thing for Gerry. At least he looks like he is having fun considering he is doing both jobs…acting/producing. Thanks for the news and pics. I appreciate the time and effort you do to share your finds with us.

  • tamara

    @Cora: Gerry is such a natural with kids. Maybe because he’s just a big kid himself at heart. Even with all he’s done and seen and been everywhere in his life, he’s still a doll with kids in Shreveport. He remains down to earth. I hope he has kids of his own.

  • imagine

    @tamara: that man as a father. Those kids will be spoiled beyond anything. But first, we need a mother. Who is worthy? Anyone famous?

  • Cora

    First sighting of Gerry at the game tonight. From twitter:
    Fletcher Mackel
    Actor Gerard Butler sitting courtside by me, hardly recgonized him, Maybe he can give a 300esque speech to the team sunday!
    4 minutes ago

  • Soy Burgers are for Farting

    Hey Georgia* ….why do you talk to yourself and ask yourself questions?

  • question

    I know it’s over for G to play young Jamie, but what ever happened to the Outlander movie? He is still my jamie when Claire comes back and he’s all grown up. Butler is still mature Jamie. Sex on the print shop floor.

  • curious carte

    I wonder how many times Gerard has blown a load onto the backs of models. And if any of you would trip over each other for the honor?
    Just a thought!

  • Italian’s Do It Better

    Whatever happened to tara – the churren green weeno chick??
    Or the Boogar guy?? Comic relief on this nasty board is missed.
    Ever since Gerard poor Gerard has been filming in southern infested DUMP called Shreveport (where everyone is related) things have been crappy at this board…idiots, losers and southern idiots.
    I can’t wait til he’s out of there and back in LA where he belong and not around that hick trash.
    The only thing worse than the south US … is like Canada/Canadians or something. Sub human. Gross. Save Gerard!
    Dara L.

  • anglophile

    @question: I forgot about Jamie. He’s forever Butler so this movie can never be made. Leave us to our fantasies. Rest in Peace Outlander movie.

  • Italian’s Do It Better

    How many times do you think Zeta “Im a Psycho” Jones farrts while playing soccer and hopes no one notices??
    I also wonder if they have someone on standby with a strait jacket.
    Cuz she is insane and all.

  • Georgie*

    Too funny.
    Sometimes I ha@anglophile:
    does he have a big d*ck?

  • Prom King

    Yeah and I’m Gerry’s ex wife.
    I also feed stray unicorns on my time off.

  • salami sandwich on rye

    you can believe this:
    all of gerard’s hoe/s are waiting in their homes (I doubt apartments) for Gerard to come back to the respective city he sees them in.
    he will bang them all in the space of one week before jetting to the next coast and doing the samre thing with that coven.
    he gets air miles on his peen.
    any questions?

  • lara

    “Just wishing everyone a Happy Easter from NOLA.”
    are you seriously claiming to be in NOLA now?
    the same way you claim to be in every city Gerry is in?
    you need help

  • FYI

    his GF is with him in NOLA. He’s been with her for a while. She is a model from Canada – blond with green eyes. Maybe he gave her the code name Kate.

  • a report

    Thanks to responding yesterday to my question regarding the Kate GF issue.
    I forgot to ask you another thing. Is it true that someone on GALS said they have a picture of this mystery Kate? I thought I read this too somewhere.
    BTW, I take it she didn’t continue tweeting after she said she will email those 2 pix, has she?

  • LMAO
    Gerry’s party in India, or maybe it was PC’s party for him a couple of years ago.
    there are many pictures, and he is in some of them sitting with some ugly peple in the back seat of a car.

  • Me2

    @a report: Hi a report. I know you asked this question from Cora, but do you mind if i answer it ’till she posts?…. there’s no “Kate” in his life. That was all fiction. And I doubt they would have anything on her, anywhere including on GALS because she’s simply not real. ;)

  • Me2

    @a report: Oh and about the pix. There was no pix to email 2 anyone. she was making it up.

  • Me2

    @Cora: Thanx 4 the pix Cora. They are really nice .

  • CC

    Thanks for all the posting you do Cora!
    Red I hope your hand doesn’t hurt too much. Surgery sucks, I know. Get well soon!

  • Cora

    @Me2: Thanks for the mention at WO. That was very sweet of you! ♥

  • Cora

    @a report: That’s right. No photos have surfaced and there have been no more tweets. As gossiphound said, the jig is up.
    Regarding the comment at GALS …. The impression I got was Kris managed to snooker someone well-meaning from GALS, either directly or via one of the Gerry fans Kris was tweeting and emailing. In other words, I think the GALS comment can likely be traced back to Kris and her mischief. There were three fans who were emailing and tweeting Kris and god knows who they, in turn, were emailing with Goldenburg’s “revelations” and “evidence”. I honestly think the fans had good intentions and may not have realised Kris was talking out of her ass. However, I think most people are on to her shenanigans now. ♥

  • a report

    Thanks to both of you for replying to my question.
    @cora – thanks for explaining the GALS connection to this story. I was wondering if it had anything to do with anything. As you say, she was just trying to stir trouble and cause mischief. Some people will do anything to feed Gerry’s fan lies and laugh at their expense; people without anything better to do with their time.

  • she

    @Cora: @a report: Poeple can be so vicious sometimes.
    Gerry pics with the kids are terrific. I love the magic that kids have to drag me to be a kid again, to forget for a brief of time all my responsibilies.

  • a report

    Yes, those pictures are so sweet. He’s a decent man. Those pictures speak volumes.

  • Cora

    @a report: I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t have any inside knowledge on the GALS comment. I only saw it posted here at JJ like everyone else. I was just giving an opinion on what may have happened given the conversations I saw on Goldenburg’s twitter.
    Myself, again this is just an opinion, I don’t think Kris intended any malice toward the fans. I think she may be mentally ill and is imbuing real life circumstances with an overactive imagination, and getting those two things very, very confused. I think when it was time to produce these photos, her real life and her imaginary life collided, and she didn’t know how to get out of it.

  • she

    @a report: Yes those pics make an impression of him as a decent man and I truely believe that he is a good man in his basis but than there are other pics that chances the impression.

  • Cora

    A little tiny picture of Gerry at the Lakers game. See if you can spot him ….

  • Me2

    @Cora: No problem Cora :)

  • angelsrock


    Much appreciated, Cora. Seems few can avoid the charisma of Gerard Butler.

  • angelsrock


    Oh no! He did say on Kimmel that he tripped up the “linesman” (referee), I hope he didn’t trip up the player this time!!!!

    Basketball seems to be Kimmels fave sport so he was hilarious when Gerry used the term “linesman” from soccer. I didn’t think Gerry was really into basketball, so I guess this is more of a celebrity thing.

    And oh yeah, found him easily, Cora. Thanks again!

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Cora: Cora, I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other…but I spotted him with no problem. THANKS!!

  • http://justjared lolita

    Red, I see you have had the surgery…Hope you are not in a lot of pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Best to you always.
    In case I don’t get a chance to post later…Wishing you and all the JJ’rs a Happy and Blessed Easter♥♥
    Gerry blessings to you also♥♥

  • redOctober


    Thanks a lot, indeed surgery sucks, but there was no other way to mend the injury .


    Thanks for all the links and pics ; )


    Thank you Loli ; ) …a great holiday to you too !!


  • Me2

    redO, I hope your hand heals soon.