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Megan Fox: Jaguar Party with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox: Jaguar Party with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green pose for pictures at the 50th Anniversary party of the Jaguar E-Type on Wednesday (April 20) at NYC’s IAC Building.

The 24-year-old actress and her 37-year-old hunky husband celebrated the car’s birthday in style as they posed for many pictures with fans.

Megan recently wrapped up filming Friends With Kids, a comedy also starring Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig, set to be released in 2012!

FYI: Megan is wearing grey “Orlando” pumps by Brian Atwood and Neil Lane‘s cuff and earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green at the Jaguar anniversary party…

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • marie

    I think she’s beautiful, but i belive there’s something wrong with her face in this pictures…is it me?

  • Brittany in KANSAS

    she had too much shiit done to her face.
    she looks like a tranny.
    trannies are always beautiful.
    megan stop messing with your face – she looks like that ugly pale burlesque chick dita teese.

  • Molly

    ew, she looks like a clown

  • chris

    more pics of serena in a bikini pls

  • vinha

    I think she looks beautiful.

  • deklo

    can this guy ever smile?? megan doesnt look like herself at all..

  • Music101

    My has Megan’s popularity sunk. A year ago you wouldn’t catch her dead at one of these ‘events’, now, they’re all she ever gets invited too lol. Maybe next time she wont bite the hand that feeds her.

  • hh

    OHH is sad to look at her face she was perfect, now she’s skinnier and plastic, also with sad eyes

  • Lol

    Damn. She lost her whole appeal. Womp womp womp.

  • anon


    Oh please, you are talking about the “used car salesman” of Hollywood directors. She is better off with out fluff puffs like him. She’ll do fine as long as she doesn’t listen to folks like him and you and listens instead to others who advise attention to craft and resistance to any preoccupation of hers to superficial stuff like more plastic surgery.

  • Music101

    @anon: Yeah because “Passion Play” (direct to dvd) and the sure to be awful Friends with Kids movie are all doing her career wonders. Her career is in the s.h.i.ter. Everyone of her non-Transformers films have bombed big at the box office, and like it or not, Michael Bay gave her a career and she should be grateful. Its funny how she didn’t have a problem with what he was doing when she went for the role, got cast and filmed the first one.

  • Athenais

    they are a cute couple

  • Ann

    sigh.. she used to be hot

  • Ann

    sigh.. she used to be hot

  • Music101

    lol at the 3 megan fanboys ‘thumbing down’ my comment

  • GG

    i love the color of her dress!!! creepy botox face

  • samantha37

    you people are just jealous! oh c’mon.. she looks very pretty here without too much make up..
    she even looks hot with only t shirt – short pants – and flops!

  • zephon

    AW, look whose back to prostituting themselves again – and at a car show just like in TF1. See Megan you are nothing without Micheal Bay. I’m sure if you beg on your hands and knees long enough he’ll take you back. You’re really good in that field.

    Thats right Mega farce – time to start washing cars.

  • zephon

    Also she’s still nasty skinny she’s got no soft beautiful sensual curves of a real woman.

  • Laura

    I think that if she stopped with the horrible Botox and got her cheek fillers removed she might still have a chance. She’s just got to realise that she got famous for being a NATURAL beauty; none of which shows anymore.

  • zephon


    Nothing to be jealous of if you’re a guy and not liking what you see.

    I can’t stand how pretentious and in genuine she is. When but a year and a few months ago she was in the cameras face licking her lips and pushing up her boobs for all to see and now oh shes this gentle timid fragile person? Please…there is not one ounce of truth to her.

  • Mary from Russia

    It’s strange, she has beautiful eyes, nose, lips and hair but her face isn’t beautiful at all. She tried too hard. Something happened to her face and now it has unpleasant expression.

  • Karih

    Megan Fox is prettier without make-up and was prettier without surgery.
    I love the dress BTW.

  • Beth

    WOW, they both look amazing. BAG is looking hot. I love what she’s wearing.

    They always look good no matter what.

    I see the haters are in full force mode again. How insecure are your lives to hate on every star.

    I think they should call this site Just Hate.

    All these people commenting about her face, please feel free to post your pics on JJ, so we can determine how you look and when you should upgrade to surgery.

    So let me get this straight, some are complaining because she went out to an event with her husband but she didn’t do that before. I didn’t realize that you had her address book to know this information.

    Then your complaining that BAG doesn’t smile all the time, which infact he does. Check out his videos on Youtube especially when he’s talking about his family.

    There are pics, it’s just JJ doesn’t always post about him not alone him smiling. I thought he was blacklisted from the media…

    Megan has sad eyes me thinks it’s wishful thinking by some – a happily married woman of almost 7 years. Can’t believe that her getting married is still affecting so many hahaha hence the abuse.

    I suppose you have to find something…

    If you don’t like this couple, why do you continue to look and post comments???????

    Just remember people if you think she’s prostituting herself then so is every other Hollywood star. Your ideal choice is no better or worse than this couple.

    I think their WINNING…

    “I can’t stand how pretentious and in genuine she is. When but a year and a few months ago she was in the cameras face licking her lips and pushing up her boobs for all to see and now oh shes this gentle timid fragile person?” What about Angelina Jolie?

    I really hate to throw in her name when it comes to Megan Fox or any other actress out there BUT didn’t, she start out being pretentious and in genuine by wearing blood necklaces around her neck, annoucing to the world that she had sex in a back of a car before coming to an event with Bill Bob Thornton (her biography highlighting some wild times. Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying yourself- YOU have but only one life) and licking her lips for the camera (in fact doesn’t EVERY Hollywood star lick their lips and go naked at some point for the camera).

    However, now Angelina Jolie has re-invented herself as a saint in majority of people eyes especially with her excellent charity work and security of her family life now?

    Basicallly, if there is no ounce of truth to Megan Fox, whom you don’t know, then there is no ounce of truth to anyone especially in Hollywood too. Megan is growing as a person so her interest will change with each day, week, month, year etc. Can’t believe I just had to explain that.

    Are you telling me that you are all doing exactly the same thing year after year, especially since she’s now married with more responsiblities etc???? You haven’t learnt to move on as a person but still have some fun?????

    Jealous people will try every means to justify their hate but again, it’s a very pointless task. They appear to be a nice couple and content within their relationship and their careers and no amount of hate will stop that.

    Their real fans appreciate their efforts.

    Note: I don’t want long list of Angelina Jolie hate post. I love the lady but just giving an examples.

    In all honestly, no one can judge one person to another especially as fans we don’t no them (especially what goes on behind close doors). It is their right to change their bodies, if they wish and go about their business.

    People learn to stop the hate before it eats you up; is it really worth saying negative things (what exactly does that achieve)…………..

    As a couple they ROCK in my opinion and look forward to seeing anything that they do.

  • Sweet Pics

    They make beautiful couple no matter what the haters say.

  • Jacqueline

    Im beginning to think even BAG had work done. He is like 40 looks 20. Weird.

  • karih

    @Beth: Yes, BAG and Megan make a beautiful couple, I agree with you. But I still think she looks prettier without make up and was stunning without surgery, I’ve followed her career these 7 last years, way before ‘Transformers’ and I don’t understand why she felt necessary to look so plastic as she was perfect the way she was and more alive than she is now, I remember all her funny faces and confidence she had and doesn’t show anymore, people (fans or haters) have the right to talk about it as she is a public person. You want a picture of people who share their personal opinion, here is a picture of me I’m in my 30′s, I’ve never done surgery, even though I’m not perfect, but I accept myself the way I am and don’t care if people find me pretty or fugly, beauty is subjective, and it kills me to see beautiful people like Megan destroying her natural beauty thinking she improves herself while it’s the opposite that happens; I’m not jealous when I criticize, I’m just dismayed with the result wondering how far she can go.

  • Hoodiezz

    Too much.

  • zephon


    Wow you’re some new kind of loser; a grammatically atrocious loser; who is such a loser they opt to rant ( to no avail ) about another loser who they have never, nor will they ever come into contact with – much less get to know. What’s it like investing so much time to so little point?

    Bottom line the only thing left for Mrs Farce is to unleash a perfume that only old men will want to snort and masturbate to. I’ll bet you that’s the next stop for her, she’s such a loser that now not only can she not find work, she has to reply on the science of other people to give her some kind of income.

  • zephon


    O-_o rely not reply – my mind was obviously thinking ‘reply to the nitwit’

  • handledatroof

    Beth done told ya’ll haters off, I couldn’t agree more. Beauty attract this kind of hate. BTW if you go to brazil the girls ain’t that pretty. VS was just lucky enough to stumble across Adriana Lima(a white brazilian – Brazilans ain’t normally born with blue eyes trust me) Just like Bay was lucky enough to stumble across Megan. If she does look like your average then American ppl are prettier than I thought, though I haven’t seen em’ this pretty yet.


  • Andie




    I agree with you 110%. Let the haters whine once again. Megan rocks.

  • me


    You mean you havent seen them this PLASTIC before., She used to be an average looking, but pretty girl in 2005, then in 2007 she started with the surgery and every year she has more and as a result has a different face.

    3 nose jobs
    lip plumoing and implants
    boob job
    chemical peels
    mini brow lift
    jaw augmentation
    cheek implants
    eye lift

    Who knows what else? She was 22 when she first had botox!! I mean come on, she lies to the media to give a false persona to the world (she admitted to this) – and the times when you don’t see her out for months, you can always tell that when she comes out in public again it’s because she had to hide away while her new set of surgery settled down. She is SO PLASTIC and fake. There is nothing attractive about a completely plastic face and body. NOTHING. There are natural women out there who are ten times more attractive than her. And the funny thing is she still denies ever having surgery HAHAHAHA, as if we’re blind or stupid.

  • must watch
  • easy

    Towards ‘B’…Wow that is a lot of love to be showing someone you do not know either, you are using the same information to judge them as nice people that others are using to judge them to be opposite. you do not have anymore insight into their lives than anyone else on here. as much as jealousy and hate are unnatractive and pointless emotions, they are never going to disapear and celebrities are aware of this when they endeavor to become famous, they place their lives, their bodies, their personality on a platform for people to judge and they make a hell of a lot of money doing it. maybe you should direct your sympathies towrds someone who truly deserves rather than people who are most likely still glad they are relevent, good press and bad press.

  • woah

    She looks so different. I have not really seen much of her lately, but her face doesn’t look like it used to. She’s a pretty girl, but she used to be unbelievably beautiful.

  • Isaac Daniel Shoff

    You two are looking great together, things might work out for you two.

  • Isaac Daniel Shoff

    You two look great together, hope things work out for you two.