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Rachel Bilson: 'Fox & Friends' Visit!

Rachel Bilson: 'Fox & Friends' Visit!

Rachel Bilson leaves Fox Studios on Wednesday (April 20) after taping an appearance on Fox & Friends in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress chatted about her new collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld for Magnum Ice Cream, as well as turning 30 and what fashion trends she thinks will be hot for the summer!

“I think colors are really, really key and doing unexpected [color combinations] – I’m wearing two different shades of pink and blush tones,” Rachel said.

FYI: Rachel is wearing J Brand “935″ low-rise capri jeans in Pale Rose.

Rachel Bilson on Fox & Friends

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Credit: Roger Wong; Photos: INFdaily
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  • johan

    Who cares abuot this woman !! …..

  • screwed

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  • the truth.

    You see hayden is not with her. Hayden went home for his birthday. So you lied thatwas in new york with her. She just went to airport with to be seem. And nothing else.So you need to stop inventing stories for her.And she didn;t mention hayden ot thm being back togther. Her rep lied that to promote rachel not should not say that he is her boyfriend. when she just used him for attention. Thye still broken up. are he would be with her. Thre was no bike ride. just her doing it. You don’t want to say he dumped her and went home.He could careless about her.He realy dumped her and went home.He’s proof.

  • Hanne

    Did she really go on a talk show to talk about an ADVERT?

  • shame

    Fox News = lies, racism and GOP Propaganda. They are SICK SICK SICK over there at Fox. DISGUSTING. Shame on you Rachel.

  • crapshack

    Shame… she would even go to some Film Festival just to promote an ice cream?! And not becoz of a movie nor even a small-budgeted Indie one, but just becoz of some random ice cream commercial. Of course, its just not random but also trivial; as “everyone” could afford to buy an ice cream but so not Chanel where K. Lagerfeld truly represents himself.
    Also, today’s celebs have management teams/pr people to “court” these companies to get these high-end mega endorsements deals and just knowing who, what, why & how is Crapchel in HW; her PR team could only get what’s truly apt for her and that is just “licking an ice cream”.

  • plastic surgery santa barbara

    Wow, ground breaking. Two different shades of pink.

  • jane

    So Rachel hangs out with racists. Now, I know why I never liked her.

    Fox is chock full of bigots.

  • Lake

    She’s entirely too dumb to know anything about politics or what Fox stands for these days. She’s such an attention wh*re, she’d do anything to promote herself.

  • kosher

    Brace yourselves!
    It looks like that JJ would “overdose” once again his bloggers to a “Ret@rdchel’s EVERYDAY Freak Show” like promoting that so-called ice cream commercial is like promoting a huge earner & big budgeted movie franchise – Looooool!
    Well what can you expect; its all coming from Ret@rdchel after all; one who badly needs a brain injection everyday.

  • warning

    Just a few days ago the morning panel on Fox and Friends said Planned Parenthood should be eliminated because you can get a pap smear and a breast exam at Walgreen’s. Yes, Walgreen’s.

    Yes – take your panties off and hop up on the blood pressure machine so the pharmacist can give you a cervical exam.

    WARNING – If someone from Fox and Friends or at a drug store tries to give you a pap smear – RUN.

  • what????

    Fox and Friends told women to get pap smears at Walgreen’s?

    These American Taliban liars are too much.

  • Jax

    Typical uninformed Right Wing ignorance.

  • just saying

    i have second-hand embarassment for her. she generally seems like a nice person & she at least has some personality, but to promote a commercial for ice cream? that’s sad. i also wonder why she is getting the opportunity to go on national television & talk about her ad. i don’t remember megan mullaly or kim cattrall going on about their “short films” for i can’t believe it’s not butter, so for her to do it is just weird & pathetic.

  • Kylie

    Rachel is such a cute girl. Always seem like such a sweetie. Honey, keep doin’ what your doin’. All the crazy chicks on here are jealous and are more than likey the same group of people just using different names. Your famous, got a new TV show, a commerical, a sexy boyfriend (which is why these girls are hating on you) and of course you are apsoluletly beautiful. LOVE u GIRL!!

  • Kylie

    @the truth.: Lol, you are so jealous of her and Hayden being together.

  • AL

    Seriously? She signed a petition in support of Planned Parenthood and she goes on a show that’s in opposition to it?

  • Mariah


    I was just about tosay the same thing, lol. From now on, I’m seriously going to judge anyone that likes this woman. She’s clearly as dumb as a box of rocks. She probably only signed the peptition because everyone else was doing it.

  • annie

    the truth is u need theraphy THE TRUTH. they r back together,just cuz hc was not there who knows ,his grandma lives on long island,mayb visiting or maybe yes hes in toronto.stop making me stick up for this dummie chick already. so they r back did u have date with him set up ?

  • annie

    the truth is u need theraphy THE TRUTH. they r back together,just cuz hc was not there who knows ,his grandma lives on long island,mayb visiting or maybe yes hes in toronto.stop making me stick up for this dummie chick already. so they r back did u have date with him set up ?

  • delilah

    Rachel is cute and she does seem sweet, but why keep calling her an actress when she hardly ever works as an actress.

  • Pepto

    Newsflash: Deadline Hollywood is reporting she isn’t exactly believable portraying a doctor in her new pilot for the CW. Hard to believe I know, just thought I’d put that out there.

  • Professional Celebrity

    She looks like washed out orange popsicle. No one would wear that look that’s over the age of 6. But she’s dumber than a box of hair and babbles the first thing that comes into her air tunnel of a mind. This person is supposed to pass for an MD in a series? NO. EFFING. WAY. And going on FOX to promote a tv commercial she’s in is very surreal. Of course she barely works and when she does it’s in jobs given to her by friends and relatives, that she never has to audition for, and that are mostly small forgettable parts. This TV pilot is a major thing for her, to be matched only by the epic fail we will see, if it ever sees airtime.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why are they asking her about fashion?? They should be asking her about ice cream flavors! She IS dressed like a popsicle!
    She should just go to Walmart and help hand out free samples & coupons of her ice cream “project” – since I’m sure Karl didn’t pay her – Magnum did! Customers can wheel their cart on over to Bilson’s table and she can give them a free sample and maybe the customers will help her learn how to read!

  • the truth.

    @annie: Anni you need some too. This was set up by rachel and her people..Please you rachel will you anybody to promote herself.Did rachel and hayden tell you that tye as back together? No thye did not. I’m anot afraid are you ok. Rachel behind hayden when he wa in la. Didn’t she. rachel is the one that need therapy. Her people make her use hayden like she do. If hayden wasn’t in Ca. She would have to New York on staturday instead are sunday. And you know this.Jared don’t know what gong on hiself.Jared got mad cause Hayden wasn’t with in ne york airport that he had to make up something for her.Its was rachel’s plan to use hayden while he was there. So why don’t she go canada visit him then. She had time enough to go.You and jared always making excues for everything she do.So why she could have gotten someone else.He did suppose to have been with her at the airport in new york. No i didn’t have date set up.But know he’s not in new york with her.You the dummie for stick up for yourself. I Don’t. The whole last weekend was set up by the the person you call dummie.You’r the one that believe what her rep and jared say about her.Yes he went home cause we would seem him by now ok. I will say it gin rachel use hayden by doing this public thing I’m not like you afraid to say the truth.He dumped her and went home.And she is the fool for calling and following him when he was in CA. He was not bothering her at all.I;m sure if he wanted to be with her he would went to her home. She did this to promoted this commerical that’ all.You act like hayden don’t get tired are being used.You act like Hayden is the only man she talk.Why don’t ask Rachel if her and hayden yourself..Instead are reading what her rep and jared say. You know that rachel ran behind Hayden when he was in LA. That’s how desperated Rachel is for attention..They was together last year and they was broken -up. You and jared need to stop depending her.Jared and her rep did lie for her and you know this.She is still single.This means if she hook-up with another guy.Its alright and both people can see other people wtthout any guilt involved.You probably need a date yourself.

  • Tina


    Just becauuse everyone doesn’t agree with your little leftist brain doesn’t make them a racist or bigots.

  • angie


    Typical uninformed left wing radicals informed all their lives by propaganda and being gullible enough to believe it. Hook, party line and sinker.

  • Tina


    Oh, are we supposed to start black-listing people now because they don’t agree with us?

  • crusader

    Its shocking how you libtards think. Wait im wrong you dipshits do not have the inteligance to think anything other then what the lamstream media tells yoyu to think. I am so happy that americans are finally seeing what libtard communist are really like.For you that havent been inlightend let me inform you. Libtards are toothless bums who look like they havent showered in weeks ther usually white overweight screaming profanity and racial slurs expecially at blackes. They love ther country as long as the goverment steals working people money and gives it to them. Tell them ther not gettin ther foodstamp check or weifare handout and they hate ther country. Hey if u do not believe me just check out the anti tax day tea party rally in wisconsin that wil pretty much some it up for you. Here is a suggestion for all libtards move to san francisco with all the other libtards and when we take all branches of our gov back in 2012 we promise not to[ wait better not say that] but i think u no what im talking about[ well at least other patriots do]!

  • Rita

    @ The Truth

    In the previous Rachel thread that says Rachel Bilson: Frequent Flyer, there is a link near the top from Valeria that has photos of Hayden from the JFK airport. On, there are photos of both of them at the airport, wearing the same clothes, and carrying the same bags. If you do not see him in the photos, you need glasses! Hayden is in New York City, and was seen at Bloomingdales yesterday on his birthday, which he spent with Rachel. Why would he fly to New York Monday night, then go to Canada same day? That would be silly. There are photos at LAX of them going through the scanners, and getting on the same flight.

    You should stop making things up about people that are not true, just because you don’t want to believe they are back together. You really need to get some help for your obsession with Hayden and Rachel. It is not healthy. Good luck to you, you need it.

  • AL


    Not at all. Did I say that? I don’t think I did. But of course you wouldn’t get the hypocrisy of the appearance. So, whatever. Good day sir.

  • Sideshow

    She does dress like some Strawberry Shortcake doll all she needed was the matching hair. The color is not flattering on her at all sorry to say.

    Don’t worry you will see tomorrow the commercial here on JJ why would he miss the opportunity to launch her loser career even further.

    BTW isn’t it sort of funny how RB’s b/f TV show idea his brother gave to USA. About this heart of gold doctor who went from country to city, working with family/bff in some hotel. Now RB just happens to get some type of doctor with the same similar stereotype profile heart of gold, went from city to country doctor, who works in a family practice. Umm change a few ideas maybe have g/f pass idea to said g/f bff’s hubby to sell to his homies at the network. The one he couldn’t sell to USA think all he likes to do is sue, directors and networks. He even tried to sue Kevin Smith for a comedy piece in his clerk 2 movie. Man has issues really he truly isn’t that good better then RB.

  • Alison


    I like how you told someone else that they needed help for their obsession with Hayden and Rachel, when you yourself just corrected them on every movement H&R have made in the last three days. Including Twitter sightings which I didn’t even know about. I think that maybe you should take your own advice. Just because you’re not hating doesn’t mean that’s normal. lol irl.

  • the truth.

    JJ why you didn’t you show what really happen to Hayden supposely went to New york. They was at different places there.It wasn’t the same place.And what about the area they was in.He must home from there.You should have show both people there.If they went their separate ways you should shown it.He must have been still in la. Cause the oictures look different and it look like it was daylight where he was at.He parted ways with her at lax. It wasn’t new york.Dump her and went home.

  • ljh

    I actually liked her outfit. Just wished she would do some more damn acting!

  • Laurie

    Well, you still go to see 20th Century Fox movies right ? So, you give money to this company too!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    @35 – LOL!! She doesn’t know how to act and she’s not considered “eye-candy” – guess you’d better go out and buy the OC DVDs.

  • Lina

    She turns 30 years old soon!!!

  • Sideshow


    Saw this on review seems there is issue with RB playing any medical professional.

    HART OF DIXIE: I hear there have been issues with the medical drama starring Rachel Bilson. First, while gorgeous on screen, I hear Bilson is not particularly believable as a doctor (she delivers a baby in the pilot no less!).

    Does this really surprise ppl the woman is not believable in much that she does, The medical verbiage is more then she can master i’m sure. I so do hope Josh S. has a back up for her I think this is marked for death.

  • gilmorie

    How insulting of her to even think the public is stupid enough (just like her) to believe anything she says or even anything she portrays. She is just ridiculously laughable!

    Yah a 30 yr. old but still going on or more like stuck w/ a mind of a 12 yr old.

  • maya

    my lovely sweet girl she’s so beautiful hope she’ll find another job soon

  • SammiSweetheat

    @the truth.: “the truth” here, if you are really THAT stupid I’ll show you the proof. Here is Hayden arrrving at JFK: Now here is Rachel: / if you look in the background there is the same lady in BOTH photos, also notice the floor.. it’s exactly the same. You know you should change your username to something other than “the truth” because for you, you don’t like to believe the truth.

  • lexy hates bilson

    If she wants more work she’d better higher Kris Jenner or Papa Joe Simpson. Acting just isn’t her thing….and she’s not willing to take some classes to get any skills or learn her craft.