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Victoria Beckham: Birthday Bash at Bouchon!

Victoria Beckham: Birthday Bash at Bouchon!

Victoria Beckham makes her way into Bouchon on Sunday (April 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The pregnant fashion designer celebrated her 37th birthday at the French restaurant with husband David, their three kids, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and her parents Anthony and Jacqueline Adams.

“So many beautiful flowers and messages!!!!having a wonderful day with my four boys!!!!x vb” Victoria wrote on her Twitter page.

Vic also tweeted that she had received b-day flowers from fellow Spice Girls Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton!

Happy belated birthday, Victoria!!!

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victoria beckham birthday bouchon 01
victoria beckham birthday bouchon 02
victoria beckham birthday bouchon 03
victoria beckham birthday bouchon 04
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  • kerri

    Wtf!!!! Why is she wearing heels? This is her chance to have a girl and she could ruin that just because she wants to be fashionable. TAKE THE DAMN SHOES OFF!!!!

  • Meee

    In the 5th picture you can see the top of her chest bones even though it’s blurry. And her legs look like they’re going to snap off… those giant heels make me nervous

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute


  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love The Beckhams Family

  • desiree

    I read VB twitter, she received bday flowers from Emma & MEL C, not MEL B.

  • Brainy box

    @Desiree: As usual Just jared gets it wrong.

  • Raichill

    I wish she would just relax about what she looks like in public. The shoes are just ridiculous and even more so while she is pregnant. I expect once she’s had the baby she will also wear them when carrying the baby in her arms. No brains, just bucket loads of vanity and money.

  • Toria

    Love her dress!!!

  • Ashley

    I like Victoria Beckham but i think she shouldn’t wear heels till the baby is born.

  • Lina

    What an ass she is, wearing high heels and going on diet when she is expecting!!! She should eat instead of worrying about her weight.

  • Mikado

    I still think the pregnancy is fake. Or that an other woman is caarying their baby.

  • Mikado

    * carrying

  • Anastasia

    First things first:happy birthday to Victoria!
    seeing these pics i thought”god,this is a real fashionable family!David,Victoria and the kids have such a nice taste when it comes to dreesing…
    Second of all i agrre with what most people say,it’s not idael for any pregnant woman to wear such high heels,especially when she’s near 7 months long like Victoria..This was her birthday and she can be excused for this one..i hope that in the remaining months of her pregnancy she won’t wear them as muxh as now..I am sure she’s carefull and she wants the best for ther unborn child.And last let’s not forget that this is Victoria we’re talking about,she walks in high heelslike they were flats..

  • Jbo

    I can’ t believe she’s preggo. She looks ano and ridiculous IMO. That baby will come out the size of a string bean…

  • jane


    So, she didn’t receive flowers from Ginger Spice either. So what is you point?

  • jane

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think it’s one of those, ‘Bree’, ‘Sarah Palinn’, ‘ Nicole Kidman’, pregnancies. If you get what I mean.

  • http://j carlota f.

    stop all the hate people, she finally is pregnant and she can wear whatever she wants, also she was practically born with heels so dont worry she will be ok!

  • gretal

    She is not pregnant. I guess she chooses to lie, like Nicole Kidman, and Sarah Palin did.
    At least Sarah Jessica Parker told the truth.

  • Angela

    I don’t even think it’s about how com comfortable in heels she is, she wasn’t carrying around and extra 20 – 30 pounds in front then (I’m guessing the size), it’s just ridiculous and dangerous. One twist of an ankle and she could be hurt.

    If she can’t get rid of the heels, at least wear wedges or something. And she’s always looked thin, maybe too thin for my taste to look at, I can’t stand seeing bones clearly in general on people. But she doesn’t show very much, could be here frame.

  • barbie

    Some not so nice comments in this board! Chill, folks. Just coz’ you might prefer to wear tents and flatties during your pregnancy, doesn’t mean that everyone else should do so. Pregnant women don’t have to live in a bubble; it’s not a sickness. Also, why all the speculation that’s she’s lying and getting a baby via a Surrogate. Where’s the proof of that. Just because she’s still slim? Ridiculous! She’s pregnant and happy to announce it. There’s no need to be mean / nasty about it.

  • Daisy

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me at all!! There’s no baby bump, it’s obvious.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Mmm, Kerri, please, explain how wearing heels can ruin a pregnancy?

    Mmm, Angela, wedges can make you twist your ankle, too.

    Mmm, Lina, where in the article does it state that she is on a diet?

    Mmm, yes, I think it is a fake pregnancy, too.

  • Jbo

    It must be miserable to keep up the air of perfection… She looks RIDICULOUS and I don’t believe for one minute she’s actually pregnant. She looks disgustingly skinny and pry doesn’t even get her period.

    Her “baby” is gonna be fugly and malnourished b/c this bitch only eats edemame and ice.

  • Pooter

    LOL…lighten up Barbie!

  • not at all

    she sure doesn’t look pregnant.

  • Taylo

    Hey Mom — at least match your purse to your dress! Sheesh!

  • m

    poor ole mama becks, she looks drained on her birthday

  • hahah

    hehe love her initials ! VB! im aussie and our most popular beer is called vb! heheh