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Alexander Skarsgard: Post Coachella Workout!

Alexander Skarsgard: Post Coachella Workout!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps his head down as he leaves Equinox after a workout on Wednesday (April 20) in West Hollywood.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor is back in L.A. after spending the weekend at the Coachella Music Festival with his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth!

Alex even attracted the attention of the Followill brothers, better known as Kings of Leon, at Coachella.

Jared and Matthew Followill said that if they had a man crush it would be on Eric, Alex‘s True Blood character. Love it!

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alexander skarsgard blue shirt gym 01
alexander skarsgard blue shirt gym 02
alexander skarsgard blue shirt gym 03
alexander skarsgard blue shirt gym 04
alexander skarsgard blue shirt gym 05

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • kitty


  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Crap man here

  • ENR

    How can somebody look that hot post-workout? Love the way that shirt clings in all the right places!

  • Gina

    It’s not post workout. He’s being papped going into the gym.

  • Bikini Kill

    There goes that prime cut grade A Swedish man meat!

  • Camille

    The 34-year-old Swedish actor is back in L.A. after (being forced into) spending the weekend at the Coachella Music Festival with his “girlfriend”, Kate Bosworth (and her three ring circus papfest)!

    Fixed it for you Jared.

  • Camille

    He looks hot here. His legs aren’t looking so scrawny anymore. I love the tight shirt clinging to him too, yummy!

    Anyone else think KB tried to gain some weight to get a job in Total Recall? Too bad she lost out to Beckinsale, who is way hotter and has a better body.

  • Camille

    Interesting thought, there are way less Coachella posts about AS and KB this year than last year. There were only two posts about them this year, and a separate one for Alex on the third day. Last year there were like 4 threads for it, possibly more.

  • Becca

    I wish people in my gym look like this all the time….
    btw…his….package….looks bigger……I don’t know….
    But you know what they say…..big feet……….

  • Celia

    SEXY! I can’t wait for True Blood to start!

  • just saying

    he looks less attractive the more i see him. so sad.

  • Sigrid

    Everyone is so ‘bored’ of him, yet this article, like the others, will be on the top of JustJared’s webpages for hits.

    I don’t care about Kate–I love Alex, and he makes an awesome Eric. Season 4 can’t come soon enough!!

  • Peanut Gallery

    So soon? Lovely, I’ll just sit back and enjoy

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!

    that’s to bad famewhore lost total recall role to kate bekinsale, and I was really looking forward to famewhores performance in total recall NOT!!!!!!!!!
    so JJ I see you have put your best buddy upon here again? how about phoning him up and find out if alex has anymore more work after TB???? I do not hear any projects in the works???? instead of mentioning his famewhore GF shock horror has a job and filming!!!! and mentioning coachella and KOL
    WOW that was such important information that I needed to know!!!!!!!!!!!!! on alex’s post (rolls eyes)

  • Camille
  • Camille
  • tami

    He looks really good!

  • tami

    But was there really a need to mention Kate?

  • Camille


    There is never a need to mention KB, IMO.



    I doubt she was ever actually in the running for Total Recall…those other actors are way more talented, better looking and relevant than she is. The story was probably just a PR plant….Betty White’s people could have said they same thing…. quite frankly I would have believed that more and actually enjoyed seeing Betty whip Quaid’s @ss.

    Please let’s stop talking about IT on his solo posts.

    That being said, he looks great! Nice kilt worthy legs.

  • Shawna

    Ugh, he is so unattractive

  • Becca

    I love how people that think he’s so “ugly” always comment…if you don’t like him, why even bother on commenting?
    I assume your boyfriends are waaaaaaaaay hotter than he is

  • AbFab

    He always looks good! More workouts please!

  • nicole

    Wow, Jared. I thought you were good friends with KOL. If you were, you’d know Jared and Matthew are cousins, not brothers.

  • Lilla

    oh swoooooooooon

  • ugly!!! what?

    how the hell is alexander skarsgard ugly, pls explain? to the screaming female fans?……… holy christ the man makes sweat look so attractive on his body, check coachella day 3 pic sweaty alexander, and he looks mighty fine here…………..I am no kate stan……………….., but atleast she is able to have him in her bed or his bed at night, what I would not give to trade places with her even JUST 4 ONE NIGHT ……………..

  • ItsAskarsBishes

    Looking good as usual..

  • wikkie

    Yummy! He seems to look better and bigger in his work-out clothes. Maybe it’s the shirt or because his pants are usually ill fitting. However, don’t understand the finger under the nose in all the other pics (not posted here).

  • seeshay

    always good to see photos of him. Shirt seems tighter than it used to be? At what point does it get so hot in LA that it will just make more sense to not wear it at all?



    Why mention it if yo’re not going to post a link? Why mention it at all?

  • ENR

    @Gina: “Alexander Skarsgard keeps his head down as he leaves Equinox after a workout on Wednesday (April 20) in West Hollywood.”

    either way, he still looks hot.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why he Sleep ?

  • wikkie

    @MERRICK: Was referring to links of pics Camille posted above and the series ipopix has. However, just saw the video on X17 and it really only ends up being a few seconds that he holds his finger there instead of what looks like shielding from the series of pics.

  • seriously

    @MERRICK: Camille already posted links to the other pictures, didn’t she?



    I was referring to Wikki’s statement that those pictures were NOT posted here. That’s why I asked for a link. If you’re referring to something that others might not know of , why not put a link?



    Thanks! : )

  • Rachel()

    Blue shirts do good things for this man. Remember that blue long sleeve shirt he wore in season 3 when he was at the King of Mississippi’s house and how huge it made him look? No wonder the King wanted to get him some of that.

  • Doreen

    Alex looks great here! Blue is such a good color for him and he’s looking really filled out. Those workouts are doing him wonders, he looks fabulous!

  • Doreen


    Maybe he’s got a cold sore or something? Too much fun on the third day of Coachella perhaps. ;)

  • reba

    what’s up withthe bulge in his pants? No punn intended…

  • Fame tour

    Joan’s on Third
    Chateau Marmont
    Equinox gym √
    Fashion event

  • Lory

    He’s so fine.

  • grandma

    Why so grumpy?? sheesh

  • Anna

    He does look good in blue, I think it is a blond thing! So handsome – he was stunning when he was younger, breathtaking really, but I love how he looks as he is maturing – he’s really coming into his own.

  • P

    Good to see a solo out and about ASkars doing his thing in HW. He’s hotter than any LA summer day. Just watched Ryan Gosling’s new movie trailer “Crazy Stupid Love”, how come I can’t stop wondering could they cast ASkars instead of Gosling? Both gorgeous and similar build, ok ASkars is bigger, but I see him doing rom com. Think that could revive his career?

  • Cami

    @Fame tour: Such for a fame tour, going to the same places everytime…this is getting really excited, can’t wait for the fashion event! (you a-hole)

  • mmm

    @seeshay: Even if there was a snowstorm looming, why need a shirt? Shouldn’t that be an Equinox requirement – doff shirt on the way in so we can get maximum enjoyment? He does look good in these pics. Yummy. Ignore the mention of the cling-on, that’s Jared’s forced payback for climbing her man all day on Sunday. Speaking of her, I bet she’s seething at the Bilson/Lagerfeld post – closest she’s come to Chanel is a lipstick event last year. Someone’s not as much of an icon as she thought she might be..



    What’s worse is that she used to be a favorite of Lagerfeld and he’s thrown her over for Bilson who’s a year older but looks 10 years younger. Bilson isn’t known for a 10 year old B surfing movie and as the worst Lois Lane ever.

  • susie

    I assume the finger under his nose is because of the snus (Swedish tobacco) under the lips

  • justme

    @susie: I’m always amazed at the people who can use snus, that stuff burns like you wouldn’t believe!