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Kate Middleton: Savvy Shopper

Kate Middleton: Savvy Shopper

Kate Middleton goes shopping with a friend on Kings Road on Wednesday (April 20) in London, England.

The 29-year-old royal bride-to-be reportedly visited the grave of Princess Diana ahead of her wedding next week, according to the Daily Mirror. “It was very important for William to take Kate to visit his mum just before their wedding day,” a source said.

“We wouldn’t comment on a speculative story about what would be an entirely private matter,” a spokesman for the couple said, who could not confirm the visit.

FYI: Kate picked up two Calvin Klein Underwear bras at Peter Jones in Sloane Square.

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  • kerri

    The paps must be rich getting pics of her!!!!!

  • Mlllef

    So she wants to be transparent for her wedding…

  • dang

    she is just horrible
    wow, what a bore
    and ugly ugly ugly

  • gh

    she’s a semi attractive woman no doubt but really almost the epitome of a plain jane american brunette but of course in her case, a British one instead.

  • Lillianne

    Jared – you’re doing well. LEAVE her alone. She’s a real person. Just like you.

  • Lily

    she doesn’t want to be caught looking chubby in her wedding pics. Too bad media makes even royals feel the pressure.

  • billie

    she’s pretty but she have to put some weight on she’s so skinny

  • Joanna

    she lost lots of weight for her big day

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …I don’t hate the royals, I just really hate the media attention our country is giving them.

  • Too Skinny

    She looks like she”s aged fifteen years in the last three months….being a princess is no beauty treatment! LOL!!!

  • Too Skinny

    She’s ruing her looks, she needs to grow her eyebrows back and regain the weight she’s lost. She looks emaciated and haggard in the face. What a shame.

  • H

    Lol.. she wants attention. Why else would she choose an arrogant, ‘I’M BETTER THAN YOU’, unattractive guy?

    On top of all of that, the British still have ‘ROYALTY’.. IS THIS 1212? I thought the Stone Age was gone and past us. What happened to equality, democracy and freedom? I understand that this ‘Royal’ family doesn’t have any power but why does some of taxes go to them so that they can spend 100s of millions of a wedding? or so that they can buy Gucci and Chanel bags? This does not make any sense, why would have respectable human being condone this? and live with it?

    Brainless British. No wonder they’re so hateful and antagonistic towards the even more brainless Americans. It’s jealousy.

  • BEAN

    She is too skinny and her eyeliner looks gross.

  • boston61

    She is going to the Gwyneth Paltrow school or premature aging. Kate looks like she has already been married for 20 years. She has NO sense of style. NONE.

  • mimi

    im sorry but she looks way older than 29..

  • ashley

    i guess leann rimes isnt the only one who needs a hamburger or…10!

  • evil royals

    when she bares the next heir to the throne and William gets a steady side-ho like his dad she may become excess baggage like Diana

  • Celia

    She’s lost a lot of weight. The stress must be getting to her.
    Still beautiful though.

  • curious

    way too common to become a royal.. a real plain jane who has done??? since leaving uni.
    not a good role model at all

  • Millie

    I think she looks great. She’s always been pretty skinny. I’m sure the wedding and all of the stresses associated with becoming a member of the royal family doesn’t help though. I like seeing her out and about, especially going to normal stores like Whistles and Warehouse.

  • Lyla Says

    Kate the social-climber who stalked William until he gave in. She so desperately wants to be Princess Diana, it’s painful.

    I hope Queen Elizabeth doesn’t give her the title of Princess.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Run ,run ,run

  • Alison McMurray

    Millie: No, she hasn’t always been “skinny. ” She’s dropped a good 15 pounds since college.

    Lord help her if she gets an eating disorder like Princess Di.

    Actually it appears that she already has.

  • Alison McMurray

    Millie: No, she hasn’t always been “skinny. ” She’s dropped a good 15 pounds since college.

    Lord help her if she gets an eating disorder like Princess Di.

    Actually it appears that she already has.

  • Alison McMurray

    Millie: No, she hasn’t always been “skinny. ” She’s dropped a good 15 pounds since college.

    Lord help her if she gets an eating disorder like Princess Di.

    Actually it appears that she already has.

  • Queen Mum

    Kate is a beautiful young woman and very intelligent. With these photos, she is officially too thin. However, once the big day is over she can retire to the Wales countryside, gain 10 pounds, and enjoy life away from the glare of the media. My guess is she and William will have children soon.

  • RUN!!!!

    Kate, there’s still time to back out. Please reconsider before you ruin your life.

  • deedee

    I LOVE Princess Katherine to be

  • offtheproperty

    Skinny Shopper

  • offtheproperty

    She seems durable.

  • offtheproperty

    She seems like she has a good idea what she’s getting into and it’s what she wants so I say good for her. Queen Kate sounds cool !

  • Millie

    Alison: What I mean is that she is naturally smaller. The fact that she is skinnier now than she was in college does not indicate that she has an eating disorder. She’s probably just eating healthy/working out now as opposed to eating like a college student.

  • wild

    If you actually sit back and think about it, why would anyone want to be a princess?

  • ljh

    Since when did America care so much about the English Royals? America really does have to be apart of everything it’s ridiculous.

  • anon2

    How about one of you who critiqued her looks go get married in front of over a billion people and see how you deal with it.

  • alex

    She’s a pretty girl and the pics we see you can bet there are probably 100 or more paps stalking her as she leaves the store. Apparently she is shopping for her honeymoon clothes. the brits are amazed that she shops in relativleyinexpensive stores and yet finds the cutest outfits.
    Whatever she buys the clothing stores will tell all, as in price, size etc.
    The next day those things are sold out. They have been together for quite awhile. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • katarina

    This is the first time I’ve seen her look less than gorgeous. Hopefully the weight loss is temporary due to pre-wedding nervousness.

  • j

    pretty! looking a little frail tho.. sad society makes ppl think they have to look this way

  • Annie

    I think the British Royal Family must really prize thinness. I’ve watched a lot of royal weddings and it seems everyone goes semi anorexic/manorexic for the big day. Truely a weird lot.

  • Cassie

    She is lovely but she needs to gain more weight, she’s too skinny

  • d

    come on, every girl in the world wants to lose weight before the big day, because they wanna look good in their wedding dress,
    besides, everyone is obsessed with being thinner, I’m sorry but that’s a fact, that’s why dieting and exercise is a billions dollar business,
    i think she looks great and pretty.

  • sway

    she looks old!

  • M

    She does look as though she has been losing some weight. But it doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder. It could be that she wanted to slim down for the big day, or it could be stress related. I imagine shes been under a lot pressure/stress. Shes not just marrying her boyfriend shes marrying into a royal family, full of pressure, duties (not that they really do too much these days) and the media that this relationship has drawn to her is phenomenal.

  • American

    The British are trying to take America back which explains why they are constantly inundating the American public with news about this crappy Royal (ew) family. These Limeys need to realize that we won the revolution and we do not honor and worship kings and queens like gods, the entirely premise of royalty is archaic for our times. The stupid, British public pays the Windsor family millions of pounds for the privilege of waving at them from a balcony. I hope know loyal, patriotic American citizen watches this freak show marriage to send a message to the Brits that we are not a part of your crumbled empire so leave us alone. If you still want to worship kings and queens so be it, you are lost in the past and the rest of the world has moved on. In five years time this woman will be cheating with her manservant and William will be a completely bald-headed cuckoled husband.

  • Lovely

    I think she looks beautiful. She’s not too thin and she’s probably healthier than she’s ever been. Now that obesity has reached epidemic proportions, people think heavy is a good healthy weight. It isn’t.

  • JosephG


  • to boston61

    oh look, our favorite jealous vicious psychotic troll has now decided to focus her attention on Kate. please keep going not that it will get you anywhere. Kate is so far above you it’s not even funny. there is no way you could even hope to have even one tenth of what she has. which will just increase your jealous rants.

  • mary

    Catherine has definitely lost weight. but i think it’s just wedding nerves. every bride goes through that.

  • realist

    She got her prince. You go girl!