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Zac Efron: Lakers Game with Brother Dylan!

Zac Efron: Lakers Game with Brother Dylan!

Zac Efron and his little brother, Dylan, root for the Lakers as they play at the Staples Center on Wednesday (April 20) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor and his bro really got into the game, standing up and cheering after great plays. In the end, the Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets with a score of 87-78!

Earlier in the week, Zac went out with friends to check out the Plan B concert at the El Rey Theatre – the British rapper was celebrating the U.S. release of his latest record, The Defamation of Strickland Banks.

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88 Responses to “Zac Efron: Lakers Game with Brother Dylan!”

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  1. 26
    Sean Says:

    You know he was tappin those Laker girls after the game. Must be nice….

  2. 27
    kerri Says:


  3. 28
    kerri Says:

    @Sligo: If you don’t like Zac why do you even bother to go here? I am sure there is other celebs you do like so go there.

  4. 29
    silver Says:

    He is yummy. What tat has he got on his arm? I can’t make out what it is.

  5. 30
    Allie Says:

    A stupid one.

    I think it’s a feather. Seems like a stupid place to have it as unless you’re raising your arms, no-one can really see it. Although that’s probably a good thing in my case as I can still look at most picture of him without thinking “Why???”

  6. 31
    Farhra Says:

    He looks a million times better shaved.

  7. 32
    Nicky Says:

    @silver: The tattoo is a double feather.

    @Allie Exactly for the reason that it is not always visible he has chosen this place for the tattoo.

  8. 33
    kerri Says:

    @Allie: I think he got that tattoo for Vanessa because she likes feathers and you always see her wear feathers. It is probably a way to pay tribute to their 5 years that they were together.

  9. 34
    LALA Says:

    Zac is super sexy!

  10. 35
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Yes u nothing

  11. 36
    kerri Says:


  12. 37

    I’m a little bunny with a cotton tail,
    see me hop down that treasure trail!

    Yeah, I’m goin ta Hell for that.

  13. 38
    kyle Says:

    I’m happy that Zac and Dylan are spending quality time together. Bonding time with his brother is always good and it shows how they love and are fond of each other as shown in one of the pictures where Zac had his arm on his brother’s shoulder.

  14. 39
    Nicky Says:

    @kerri: You’re wrong kerri, the feather has another meaning and it’s not for Vanessa. Zac and Vanessa avoid each other months now, that’s not really the reason to get inked for the ex.

  15. 40
    amen-to-that Says:


  16. 41
    hoezac Says:

    what’s with this cheat and tequila boozer? did he get public beej after the lakers game again?

  17. 42
    hoezac Says:

    i guess he has to stage this photo op at the lakers game to downplay the recent puiblic beej rumors and the pics off him always drunk and arm in arm with different bimbos

  18. 43
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Go go in home

  19. 44
    r Says:


    Kerri – Sligo is just a troll on this website. He or she is the same person as Kaz who posts rubbish on the website all the time and clearly does not make sense. It is clearly obvious that this person has nothing better to do or say and is just an idiot!

  20. 45
    Teddi Says:

    @amen-to-that: Go learn to read a calendar.

  21. 46
    Teddi Says:

    @hoezac: What is with the idiot who believes any crap he reads. If you don’t like the guy, go troll someone you do. Leave us to look at the pictures in peace. What right do you have to verbally abuse people you don’t know?

  22. 47
    oh Says:

    @hoezac: @amen-to-that: i pity u both , u haters talk just crap maybe thats the language u use in ur day to day life and ur mind seems to filled with nothing but dirt what is the point of making such comments when u can clearly see two bros enjoying a laker game ?? Nothing just hate .People like u sit behind the computer screen make rumours abt a beautiful and nice young actor and say spiteful things . Whats the use of wasting time on such things in a busy world like this… I guess too much time or no life. I suggest get a life also clear that dirt out of ur minds.

  23. 48
    wondering Says:

    @Allie: whats so stupid abt a feather tat at least thats better than some trashy tats that i can mention. Also the tat is under his arm so that people like u wouldn’t have to go through the pain of seeing it and also so that could be well hidden just like most of the people who do tats except maybe u who i suppose would like it somewhere were every body could see it.

  24. 49
    gIrL wOrLd Says:

    @Teddi: Actually these are the same idiots that sprout all these rumours Teddi. Which sane person is going to take all these ****?? Of course someone who has no brains or haters. Plain and simple. I was reading a site in which that candice story had been written and they asked the people to say wether its fact or fiction. Everybody said fiction .See that site was not haunted by haters so even people who are not fans and are tolerant towards zac don’t take this ****.

  25. 50
    gIrL wOrLd Says:

    Now i want to say that i am so glad to see that zac and dylan watching the lakers. Also can’t help laughing at the people who think these pics are staged . They are watching a game its not like its taken privately that the pics would be staged but then of course hate makes people lose the power to think.Anyways just wanna say zac luks the best he had looked since he gained that wt. For tlo. Love the gorgeous hairs too and that magnetic smile enough to melt even rocks(i mean except a few rocks) . Just keep smiling zac !!! :-) :-D

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