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Angelina Jolie: Louis Vuitton's New Face?

Angelina Jolie: Louis Vuitton's New Face?

Angelina Jolie is the face of Louis Vuitton‘s upcoming worldwide ad campaign, according to E!

The 35-year-old actress is reportedly getting paid close to $10 million for the lucrative deal with the French fashion company.

The ad campaign will be print only and launch this summer. The campaign will be shot by photographer Annie Leibowitz within the next few weeks.

Angelina ended an endorsement deal with St. John last year.

Past faces of Louis Vuitton have included Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Lucky Charm

    Good for our girl Angie, good for L.V. and good for all the charities that I’m sure will benefit from her earnings for this!

    I can’t believe I’m First – YAY!

  • http:/ kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!
  • dina #1

    Good morning to all BAMPZSKV fans. I hope everyone is having a good day. Hello to one and all.

    I hope this rumor is true. Think of all the good this money will do for those in need. Angie and Brad will surely put it to good use. Peace

  • http://chazchazchaz chandni

    She is stunning and would be a perfect look for such a time class and classy brand like Louis Vuitton, cant think of her doing any other brand. It would be stunning. And sure $10 million is a big figure, but she’s kindhearted and truly amazing not like other actresses who do everything just for money and fame. So good choice if true.

  • QQQQ

    Her contract with St Johns ended in 2008.

  • http://ja kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!
  • http://ja kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!
  • Kirsten

    Exciting. The ads will be gorgeous.

  • s

    Very fitting! She’s pretty!

  • Etta

    Why is kaz simply Amaazingg on EVERY JJ thread 24/7??

  • http://ja kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!
  • blah

    Louis Vuitton’s New BOTOX face … she looks awful…

  • soi

    That’s my girl! Love you Angie.

  • blah

    She should just retire… after so many flops, at least she could go away gracefully…

  • blah

    her face looks dreadful…. she should hire a new doctor…

  • http:/ sligo lambert ^________^cute
  • Lucky Charm


    You’re on the wrong thread. This isn’t the Jennifer Aniston (actually, ANY of the Jennifer’s, LOL!) one.

  • Goya


  • Kar

    SHE WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY… She is so stunning! Actually, i think this is one of the best ways they have to sell purses and stuff… Kudos for her, i bet this money is going directly to charity… :D

  • to blah

    i have an idea why don’t you just post “i am a jealous vicious psychotic troll”

  • Cool

    Why would she retire if she can make millions for just standing there and posing in some clothing? LoL

  • Catsup

    Congratulations to Angie !! She sure has the face for it but like everybody else i’ll wait to see if it’s true b/c of where we are getting this news.

    I just lost a post where i put my heart into it and now i have to run. Did i copy it..No..dang!!

    Today is Good Friday for those who celebrate the friday leading up to Easter Sunday. if so wishing you all a lovely weekend.
    if not wishing you the same.

    Will come back later to see if this news is true.

  • Cool

    she would be insane to turn down ten million just to model. lol

  • Alli

    Beautiful Lady! What a perfect choice. Have always loved this actress.
    she is tops in my book.

  • Halli

    That sounds like the most lucrative campaign.
    $10 million!?!

  • briseis

    @blah: @blah: This is an Angie thread, stop talking about Jennifer Aniston!

  • She Stinks!

    I’m thrilled a true beauty was chosen for this opportunity.

    I’m sure that untalented money grubbing washed up HO J-NO talent is really angry and quite jealous. She must be seething that Angie was picked over her, after People Magazine named her most beautiful. Yes, JHO, you were passed over, yet again.

  • http://website PJ

    Beautiful lady I look forward to her beautiful face all over the top mag’s.
    It’s going to upset the trolls.

  • http://ja sligo lambert ^________^ cute
  • Glee


  • gracie

    So it is true — Fantastic! Angie’s name is guaranteed business. LV knows a good thing; Angie’s name will bring them tons of business. Haters eat your hearts out! It doesn’t get any better for the JP family. No one wants Anuston for anything — Poor trolls always backing a loser.

  • MJ

    If this is true, can you imagine how Ticky will going to accept this? Ticky will be pulling her hair and scream in front of her mirror and ask” Why her? she stole my thunder again, I won’t be able to beat her in Forbes #1 list for riches woman in Hollywood, now I need to work more movies but how? most directors and producers are scared of me, I’m not f*ckable anymore”. If this is true, she will hate Angie more. Well, Angie really deserves a good karma. Good for her.

  • gracie

    The Only Way is Up for JOLIE, Mrs Brad Pitt. Love love it. She is in hot demand.

  • Ms. Marla

    I think they just want to rent her forehead.lots of space for an ad.


    Enoughsaid @ 04/22/2011 at 11:41 am +11

    BeverlyHills did not get the name from a salesperson. She got it from someone else.

  • Helen

    So lovely!

  • gracie

    Poor Ms Marla is hurting so bad coz no one is interesting in her idol. Angie is laughing all way to the bank Marla, lol. Life is so good for the JPs, all your praying and wishing is only bouncing back on you freaks and your idol who is used to many rejections and men dumping on her — Haha.

  • gracie

    MJ. so funny. The hag army are already her screaming and whining —.nothing new. They’re still in pain but they will never learn that they can’t touch Angie. She is guarded by God’s angels and they can’t touch her. Only good will come her way.



    Thank you 4Q.
    Sigh…Jared is obviously using huvane interns to fashion his threads these days. Angie’s 2 yr St John gig was announced when she was pregnant w/ Shi.
    Get it together Jared.

  • eggs

    Halli @ 04/22/2011 at 2:02 pm

    That sounds like the most lucrative campaign.
    $10 million!?!
    I think it is. How much did she get for St. Johns?

  • gracie

    Brad knew he picked a WINNER in Angie, there is no chance in hell he will ever go back to the loser he dumped. Angie is one lucky charm. Their union has been accomplishment of dreams for both and success after success. This is killing the haters. I can hear them asking themselves, how much more can we take? Poor losers don’t know where to turn to next, Mr Ian Pig, In Touch, The Star, US mag, Lies and Sh!te etc have all failed them with their doom and glum predictions that never happened. Long live the JPs and may the good fortunes keep rolling in.


    Bahahahaa, let’s see…trashy hobag fugly TV sh*t-com hacktress Jen Maniston, who gets her bum fingered in public, and hangs out with garbage cans like smelly hagula bestie pit bull, cable HO’st Chelsea handjob, is schilling toilet water in walmarts and toxic bottled tap on the ‘internets,’ while legendary classy Angelina is being woo’d by Louis V, to represent…ya gotta love it!!!!!

  • Monica

    Why wasn’t MANISTON offered a Louis Vuitton contract? Hard to photoshop the Chiniston?


    Well from reading the info sounds wonderful and i don’t think anyone in HW is more beautiful then our Angie. Before getting too excited tho we better wait and see if we get the same info from somebody a little higher up than E Entrtainment..
    Wishing Angie all the best in life. Hope this is true and something Angie
    really wants to do.


    Well from reading the info sounds wonderful and i don’t think anyone in HW is more beautiful then our Angie. Before getting too excited tho we better wait and see if we get the same info from somebody a little higher up than E Entrtainment..
    Wishing Angie all the best in life. Hope this is true and something Angie
    really wants to do.


    Hard to photoshop class on someone who is not possessed of it (maniston) Monica. Lolol

  • confused

    What’s going on here? Are the haters being decent because of good Friday? I came expecting more hateful comments that’s typical for most Angelina threads on the net. maybe they are off Creaming their double wide underroos over Robert Pattinson in Wata for Elephants

  • confused

    patty cakes is the new Heartthrob all the fatso ladies love.

  • http://justjared mindy

    she’ll be perfect with her angelic face, perfect body and humanitarian work she deserved to be the face of louis vuitton the most beautiful girl in the world

  • Catsup

    Gosh i wish we had better confirmation on this write up. The news is exciting and who better then Angie . I go by the way Jared handles things too and Angie’s pic with this news is not staying at the top like other celebrity important news is usually kept. there for days or a week.
    When you Goggle all of the gossip outlets have it as a writeup but not People mag or for that matter news like this could be in the NYTimes
    entertainment section but there is none of that.
    I just don’t want to get all wound up with faux excitement.
    Will be back later..
    Have a great weekend to all JP FANS.