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Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a friend’s house on Friday (April 22) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress, in a white tank and pink short shorts, carried a bag of food from one of her favorite L.A. eateries, Joan’s on Third.

Kate has reportedly joined the cast of Big Sur, along with Jean-Marc Barr and Josh Lucas.

The Michael Polish-directed flick centers around Jack Kerouac’s move from New York to Northern California as he tries to rediscover himself while writing his famous novel “On the Road.”

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272 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!”

  1. 1
    Reality Check Says:

    What a MAJOR LOSER.

  2. 2
    Cute Says:

    She looks good!

  3. 3
    Reality Check Says:

    Kate,you call keep calling the paps all you want.You will always be a joke.

  4. 4
    Endrid Says:

    Those f&@kin’ brown boots yet again!

  5. 5
    Hanne Says:

    She is such an Isabel Marant *****.

  6. 6
    Endrid Says:


  7. 7
    Reality Check Says:

    Another role that you got because of you “special connections”.

  8. 8
    Hanne Says:

    @Endrid: I meant she is an Isabel Marant wh_re which means she wears a lot of her crappy clothes.

  9. 9
    carrie Says:

    does she eat?

  10. 10
    justme Says:

    Really Jared? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! How is this news? How pathetic do you have to be to call the paps so they can photograph you going to a friends house? Is this supposed to show that she actually has A friend or that she is back in LA?
    All the Askars fans better get ready, there’s either going to be another smugfest to show they didn’t have a fight at coachella or she is going to go into famewhore overdrive and start some serious stalking.

  11. 11
    MERRICK Says:

    I guess we’re supposed to think she’s visiting a certain someone who likes food from Joan’s. She’ll use him at any given opportunity to seem relevant. Without him no one cares.How pathetic. Anything that has to be pushed so hard must be not what it seems. Poorly played PR.

  12. 12
    dot spotter Says:

    Big Head.
    Little Body.

  13. 13
    cute Says:

    Cute girl. Bad stylist.

  14. 14
    justme Says:

    Can’t be Askars place, he has a giant flag of Sweden covering his gate! She most likely stopped by Joan’s hoping to see Askars there and didn’t want another Bloom incident splashed all over the blogs so she bought some food and called the paps to make sure no one would think she was stalking again.

  15. 15
    Meee Says:

    Ahh the sunlight shining down on her bones… lovely. This girl is a joke

  16. 16
    justme Says:

    Also, notice how her sternum is showing again……d*mn those photo agencies that won’t photoshop for her.

  17. 17
    cute Says:

    @Cute: Stop stealing people’s names.

  18. 18
    justme Says:

    Thumb me down Khate stans!!! I can take it:)

  19. 19
    mickey Says:

    ugly chick.

  20. 20
    Cute Says:


  21. 21
    NO!!! Says:

    you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! so we are going to be seeing more pics of her stalking a happy alex over the easter break, I loved coachella day 3 pics, I am expecting some couply pics soon????
    isn’t alex’s house a gated property??, I suppose she wants us to believe she is entering BOYFRIEND alex’s house with joan’s food (yes we really needed to know that JJ) now I cannot see any gates on this property!!!!! unless more pics surface (good grief I hope not)

  22. 22
    Frank in Rhode Island Says:

    Has anyone seen my wife?

  23. 23
    H Says:

    Thick necked ho.

  24. 24
    Wilson Says:

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  25. 25
    Wilson Says:

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  26. 26
    bater Says:

    Look how flabby her thighs are!!!! Seriously, you need to work out girl!!!!!!

  27. 27
    ha! Says:

    @Cute: ha! Good one! No wonder you hide behind someone else’s nickname. I’d be embarrassed to write that too.

  28. 28
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    *waves* Hi Wilson, wondered where you went.

    Munch, munch ;-D

  29. 29
    justme Says:

    Is it just me or does her entire line of ****mint remind you of Avon circa 1970? All cheap plastic cr*p.

  30. 30
    lola Says:

    Like you guys have any idea where alex lives. What, because of some article someone read years ago.

  31. 31
    justme Says:

    @lola: No, because there are pictures of the gate to his house that shows he’s covered it with the flag of Sweden to keep the paps at bay.

  32. 32
    Meee Says:

    @Wilson: or her hair could just be falling out from her obvious eating disorder

  33. 33
    justme Says:

    @Wilson: Or it could be from her having to bleach it every week to keep the roots from showing!

  34. 34
    mom Says:

    @Wilson: Or maybe her own hair hates her so much it’s just trying to make an escape!

  35. 35
    lola Says:

    Like u guys know where alex lives. What, because of some article that someone read years ago and no one can remeber where they saw it.

  36. 36
    TheRealMe Says:

    Goodness…she looks awful. The shorts, the boots, the lobsteresque skin, the bleached/thining hair…it’s all very bad. Who in the hell gave her a job? Poor Josh Lucas.

  37. 37
    Endrid Says:

    Bloom incident? Please fill me in!

  38. 38
    justme Says:


  39. 39
    justme Says:

    @lola: And a picture!

  40. 40
    Deedz Says:

    Food? Word I didn’t even know she ate.

  41. 41
    Di Says:

    What amazes me is how much her weight seems to fluctuate. I thought she looked sickly a few weeks ago, circa the Nylon party and various visits to the salon. I thought she looked okay every except her legs in Mexico and actually looked reasonably healthy at Coachella. Now, less than a week later, her sternum is in sharp relief to the rest of her torso and her legs look painfully thin. I don’t understand what you have to do to your body to make it fluctuate like that. I don’t get it. In other news, FINALLY: — I think the picture is photoshopped but still… About time.

  42. 42
    lola Says:

    That picture of the swedish flag could have been taken anywhere.

  43. 43
    Camille Says:

    So she filmed for 5 days? Wow, huge role. LOL!

  44. 44

    She should try eating the food instead of carrying it around. Just a thought.

  45. 45
    Camille Says:

    She doesn’t look very happy actually. Plus she sort of looks like Lilo here.

  46. 46
    nope Says:

    @lola except that’s the same flag Alex made with ERW. it was shown in a few photos when he was at a match with her. He held it up too.

  47. 47
    Clueless Says:

    @Camille: Get a clue, it is Easter weekend and movies usually do not film seven days a week. Why wouldn’t she come home for the holiday weekend when she is filming so close? You just make yourself look idiotic with such a dumb post

  48. 48
    Shannon Says:

    If she was going to Aex’s JJ would have made it known. Anything to push their “relationship.”

  49. 49
    justme Says:

    @Endrid: I don’t know if this link will work but give it a shot!…_very_larg.php

  50. 50
    Wow Says:

    another riveting kate bosworth post. thanks jj!

  51. 51
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Cheap , liar

  52. 52
    Seriously Says:

    She doesn’t need to go to Alex’s place since they are living together. Why can’t you fangirls let go already. Your beloved Alex is in love with Kate. You should hate on him not her. He pals around with JJ so it is pretty obvious that he is fine with being called her boyfriend.

  53. 53
    justme Says:

    Let me try that one more time.

  54. 54
    Camille Says:


    Calm down b*tchy mcgee! I was being sarcastic so get a grip before you burst a vessel. LOL!

  55. 55
    Pointless Says:

    yeah it was so disgusting the way alex was all over jj. he is so into this stuff and is being so silly when he hates on the paps. who does he think he is, anyway. you didnt see leo all kissing up to jj. that shows his character. alex is a fake.

  56. 56
    Camille Says:


    Right and there is so much proof of that other than some story the national enquirer wrote in dec which almost nobody picked up.

  57. 57
    @Pointless Says:

    @Pointless: The game is over for alex. Even the hardcore tpf crazies were disgusted when they saw him sweating on jj. they always laughed whenever jj linked kate and alex, and then they saw the proof. alex has been along for the ride this whole time. they always liked to say that alex was an unwilling participant, yeah right.

  58. 58
    DailyNightly Says:

    What world do you live in? Anytime he is photographed with her, he looks like he would rather be anywhere else. What couples that are living together and in love, never ever touch each other in public. He barely acknowledges her presence, except to look annoyed at her. They aren’t even remotely living together, most likely aren’t together at all.

  59. 59
    ASux Says:

    I dont like his sulky behavior, seems like such an act.

  60. 60
    Do Tell Says:

    @DailyNightly: so please tell us what he is doing with her. what kind of man would take her to sweden twice, vacations, premieres, parties, dinners, coachella, etc. what is the meaning of all this madness??? after all this, how can you say they are not together? he is with her, for what reason i do not know, but to say that he is not with her is beyond ridiculous at this point

  61. 61
    saycheese Says:

    She is going to her friend Nadia Conner’s house. They are still working on the screenplay for her film. I think she lives on Franklin Ave. Alex would never live in the Valley.

  62. 62
    DailyNightly Says:

    Hmm…let’s see. Jennifer Aniston and whatever poor b@stard they try to hook her up with this month, Taylor Swift and whatever poor b@stard they ty to hook her up with and thelist goes on. It’s a business relationship, one designed to bring them into the spotlight and generate publicity. It seems to be working for her, she keeps getting roles, God only knows why. Not doing so well for him, just makes him look really stupid. Hopefully, he is starting to smell the coffee and isn’t seen with her as much and when they are seen together, he doesn’t look happy.

  63. 63
    Camille Says:


    I was going to say the same thing about Aniston LOL!

  64. 64
    Hmm Says:

    Maybe they’re a couple, maybe not. However, whatever things they do together or events they go to together, they’re never alone. They even brought his brother with them on a movie “date.” That’s pretty weird for a couple. And all these “dates” that JJ posts about are actually dinner/lunch with a big group of friends. So, who knows. One week they’re breaking up, the next they’re totally in love. PR at its finest.

  65. 65
    DailyNightly Says:

    I’ve yet to see them “totally in love”.

  66. 66
    crrrazy Says:

    @DailyNightly: Yeah you are right, there are plenty of one month things that do happen right before a movie opens etc. But these two have been hanging out since ’09 when they had their movie date. Nobody in their right mind has high hopes for Straw Dogs because it is controversial, so enforcing two years of “togetherness” on them is not something anyone would agree to do. In addition the only couple in recent history that has had a hit movie would be Pitt/Jolie. Aniston has no luck doing this, as those movies have fared poorly at the box office except for the Vince Vaughn movie.

  67. 67
    funny Says:

    the thing I love is all the tpfers are going crazy right now, analyzing kate’s serious face. they think it signals that the end is near. what is wrong with those gurlz? they keep reliving the pain over and over again.

  68. 68
    DailyNightly Says:

    @crrrazy-I don’t think anyone else is enforcing anything on them. I think it was suggsted to them back in ’09 that if they got together or at least portrayed themselves as a real couple and got papped as often as possible, they could create enough buzz to keep people speculating. I think after awhile, especially if AS got wind of the fact that people were thinking he was a real a-hole for being with her, he didn’t want to be seen with her and does his best to lay low most of the time. There are perks that go with all of this-vacations in Mexico, Coachella. Gets him publicity which is the lifeblood of Hollywood. Unfortunately it involves being seen with her as well. Let’s see what happens after Straw Dogs either comes out o is sent straight to DVD.

  69. 69
    agree Says:

    It isn’t his house, you know Jared would say that in a nano second. and why look so serious? and grumpy? It was your publicist who called the paps, it’s not like your friend lives on a main street or you are important enough to follow around to pap, Kate. And that look on her is so severe. Why does she only wear that one really old pair of JMint earrings? Damn! And the boots are back!! Wilson, she really does look like she has five hairs and has them pulled back way too severely here..

  70. 70
    DD Says:

    I can’t believe there are 70+ comments about her looks for the most part!!! THe point of the post is because she is staring in a new film, Big Sur. It sounds really interesting, as I’m a fan of Jack Kerouac and San Francisco is so beautiful too where they’re obviously filming based on the novel. If any actor/actress is using snap shots of themselves going to a restaurant (big deal ha) they are ridiculous and I highly doubt a credible actress such as her has to or would stoop to that level. If anyone is getting publicity, it’s JOAN’S ON 3RD! Thanks for the post Jared–it is totally relevant and I’m stoked to see it!

  71. 71
    PapWatch Says:

    The serious expression on her face is probably an act. Now that she has been papped in LA, it looks like they are back to their regular papped routine: He gets papped alone, she gets papped alone, they both get papped together. So there will probably be a JJ posting of the two of them this weekend.

  72. 72
    chelle Says:

    Can someone please explain the winter boots with shorts? I guess I am fashion challenged?? It looks plain stupid to me. She looks so unhealthy. That is disturbing to see.

  73. 73
    TACKY! Says:

    He was sweating? When I thought it couldn’t get worse.
    I don’t know if he was like that before or the Boz killed my Skarslust, but now all I can see is flaws…
    Alex probably smells like sweat, booze and snus.

  74. 74
    Di Says:

    My favorite of those x17 pix someone linked to is the very last one when she looks like she got caught with her hand in the cokie jar. Missing “o” is not a typo. — someone answer me this: why do I feel bad for Jessica Biel but don’t mind putting the hate on Kate? Ha ha, rhymes for a reason…

  75. 75
    MERRICK Says:

    1. I don’t believe that Skars has a big Swedish flag outside of his gate……..unless of course he wants the paps and stalkers to know where he lives.

    2. I thought he lived in a gated community that paps couldn’t enter or get such a close up shot of.

    3. I doubt she has the b@lls to do a pap set up in front of his house. She knows how far she can push him…and if judging by her early departure and limited pap shots at Coachella, she’s already on thin ice.

    4. This obvious set up with Joan’s bag is just to keep the talk about the nomance going.

    5. I don’t know why this try hard poseur doesn’t understand that all of her machinations have come to naught. Her showmance and famewh*ring with Skars may have lead to a few bit parts..probably given by Kevin Spacey or Ryan Kavanaugh. However, she’s become more of a joke and has gotten more people to dislike her.

    Khate’s life in recap…Chris Martin cheating reported, both parties claimedw ould file lawsuits…neither did. She latches on to AS to deflect rumors and to get new host like any good parasite..Famewh*red and smugged all 2010 everywhere name dropping up and coming BF that’s never claimed her. Too bad bf(?) popularity nose dived due to association. Started Tackymint with Cher that they claimed to have designed all pieces….actual designer tweeted that Khate was wearing HER pieces on the Nylon cover. The Warriors Way that was shelved for 2 years was released by “friend” Ryan Kavanaugh. The movie cost $45M but only made $10M…big flop. Khate gets bit parts in straight to DVD or still unreleased movies. Orlando Bloom marries super cute pregnant Victoria’s Secrets supermodel and has beautiful baby boy right away. Orlando Bloom will appear in new Three Musketeers and The Hobbit( LOTR prequel)….sk@nk stank finally wearing off. Ryan Kavanaugh is now getting married to woman who can grace his table and life that other women won’t despise. I’m sure marriage won’t stop their arrangement. No matter Khate has a man whose big idea of PDA is her grabbing his belt loop at Coachella, him holding hers at Broken Bells and at WOW in Sweden. Lest I forget, he’s held her hand in Sweden …2XS!!! She sat on his lap…like a ventriloquist dummy , but she there.He also held her hand ( or she held his thumb) in Mexico on that romantic getaway for 20!!!

    DUH!! She’s winning!! Khate recently blew off a charity for foster kids to pose toplessly in Mexico and …nobody cared. She exposed those McNuggets right before Coachella for …nothing. None of the big entertainment sites gave a her a second look. No matter, I’m sure she’ll be having one of those romantic group dates with Skars soon.
    Somewhere out there jealous circus clown are gnashing their teeth at KB’s life.

  76. 76
    must watch Says:

  77. 77
    o.m.g Says:


  78. 78
    MERRICK Says:

    @Do Tell: ”

    Gee , I don’t know what kind o f man would take a sure thing that’s always available for his needs and events places? A LAZY ONE that knows it’s just a fun thing?

    What kind of woman puts up with a man who refuses to acknowledge that you’re his gf over a year? A prideless, desperate one.

    He treats her like that because she allows it. Just like she uses his name for relevancy because he allows it.

    I don’t see how her stans ca follow a woman that would allow a man to treat her like some annoyance or a back alley ho.

    I still like him BECAUSE he treats her like what she is. I have no sympathy for creatures that constantly need a man, have no respect for other women’s( friends no less)marriages in desperate need of attention and fame. On top of it she screwed over foster kids to pose topless. Angelina Jolie had her bad man stealing ways but at least she balanced that out with charity work, being a good mother, not being a drunk/cranked out talentless famewh*re whose only success is due to the men she…associates with.

  79. 79
    Here we go again Says:

    The outfit she’s wearing is from her cover on Nylon Magazine.
    Have tried to post a link but is getting moderated. There should a picture of it here on JJ.

  80. 80
    nola Says:

    I don’t think it’s a showmance or a fauxmance, I think they’re a real couple and that makes it even sadder. You called her a parasite and in a way you’re right, orly was smart enough to scrape her off before she could make him a has been but the swede isn’t so quick on the uptake. She’s sucked all the publicity she can out of him and it’s landed her a meaty roll, it’ll most likely fail because the girl is box office poison. His star has steadily been falling since they hooked up, there is no mention whatsoever of any projects in the works for him right now. Even the embarrassment of having pictures of him drunk the last day of coachella works in her favor……oh poor kate, see what she has to put up with…that kind of thing.
    It’s really a shame because he had such promise.

  81. 81
    @Here we go again Says:

    Yep! Same outfit.

  82. 82
    Buttercups Says:

    @nola: I agree with you.
    To be fair:
    If KBo is a “parasite”, Alexander seems unclean enough to be a “host”

  83. 83
    MERRICK Says:


    Post # 61. It was so not cool to put that woman’s full name or street on here. She doesn’t deserve to have crazies stalking her up on the internet or in RL…no one does. It’s one thing to gossip about a celebutard that WANTS to be gossiped about…quite another to drag innocent bystanders into it.

    JJ’s staff should remove it.

  84. 84
    agree Says:

    The reality is that this relationship won’t end unless something better comes along on either end. He has no history of ending things and she has always been opportunistic and he, right now, is overworked and not large on free time so having her around to service him is just fine. Does it suit her PR needs? I’m guessing no, but she’ll hang on until she can get better leverage and she ain’t finding it elsewhere. and god knows she is working Chateau like no one’s business – a friend of mine who works for a production company related to several a-listers was there a few weeks ago and she was as well with a girlfriend and she was working it, chatting up girls and guys. You have to give her credit, she knows she’s not top of mind.

  85. 85
    Stacey Sunshine Says:

    I wish I could date her and be with her body and DatingSingleNurses was amazing

  86. 86
    haterade Says:

    You look at some of the women he’s dated in the past, Izabella Miko and Sarah Tun, you can’t help but wonder what the h*ll happened that he’d resort to this little bit of talentless fluff.

  87. 87
    Rebecca Says:

    Here what I think: Maybe MAYBEE at the beginning, he liked her, maybe enough to take her in a date or something, but dear Kate being the very sultry girl she is, is stick to him.
    then someone (Kate’s publicist) gave the SMART advice of “Why don’t you “pretend” dating for a while until the movie is released?” (Because nothing will be more romantic than hooking up with your on-screen rapist)
    Kate, amused with the idea, throws herself at Alex, and the rumors of romance start, Alex being the nice guy he is, is cool to her UNTIL HE HAS ENOUGH OF HER ANNOYING PERSONALITY(2 weeks at most) and starts to ignore her, what bring us to these days.
    I don’t think they will be together for long (Thanks God), and let’s face it, at some point actors have to do some kind of PR to put themselves out there meawhile their projects are released, I think is right? NO.
    Kate is very annoying, in this pics specially she looks like Shhhit. And Alex, I hope he gets better co-stars or a nice girl he look happy with

  88. 88
    mforman Says:

    Thank goodness this relationship or whatever the heck you want to call what has been going on, is finally over. There is just nothing left, especially on his end, he has had it and his face shows it all more than ever. Merrick is right, all that had to be said was that she was going to her gf”s home for lunch on a break from shooting. The funny part is that this is the woman who asked her to be god mother to her new baby (that poor child), JJ could have used that, she loves that crap, because even she knows she pays to have friends. The worse part is we all know that her only friends are paid for. She is a bigger laughing stock in this industry more now that ever. She is being pushed aside and looked over by younger, smarter and so much more talented younger up and comers. I just watched the Fashion Police and it seems her and Taylor Swift wore the same under $100 dress from TopShop, of course Taylor won by 40%, but it shows us she is trying to wear less designer clothes to look cooler and younger. Unfortunately all she looks is very, very, desparte, and ridiculous.

    This so called relationshiop or whatever you want to call it is done. We wont see them together for 3 or 4 weeks, they will just be doing their things solo or with friends, (at least on his part) and then maybe just maybe, they will go on some group outing, the problem here is, his friends no longer want anything to do with her as we have seen recently (god, can you blame them).

    What I do love about this whole situation, is that she may have used him for any and all publicity she could get out of him, but he has held firm and showed the few holdouts to really see what a talentless, famewhoring, disgusting, waste of space and air she is. In this instance I think he won.

    I just cannot wait to see what he does next, because his talent will only flourish.

  89. 89
    Effie Says:

    it’s funny how Kate dating Alex have got her more press, but only to put her as a desperate actress, I think thanks to him eveyone now knows how needy she is and how easily men get bored by her
    Can you blame them? just look at this pictures, she looks old, sick and greasy….who will live with her? if she calls to get papped and looks like this, imagine how she looks like in the morning…………..

  90. 90
    Nola Says:

    Kate seen kissing a guy

  91. 91
    Beebee Says:

    now she delivers food??

  92. 92
    i disagree Says:

    @mforman: how do you know this “relationship” and i use that term lightly, is done? i bet you it isn’t. i really believe that this charade is going on for a few more months or until strawdogs is released. i won’t believe that this “couple” is over, until i see kate hanging off a new man. i think you are all setting yourselves up for disappointment if you think we won’t continue seeing kb and as together. sorry.

  93. 93
    haterade Says:

    @haterade: @TACKY!: He may smell of sweat, booze and snus but she reeks of foot stank and desperation! Lord I wish she’d burn those boots!

  94. 94
    haterade Says:

    @Nola: Does anybody recognize him? He has a tattoo on his neck, maybe he’s the french actor from Big Sur? Sorry, can’t remember his name.

  95. 95
    Rachel() Says:

    @Rebecca: I agree in part. I think in the beginning he wanted to sleep w/ her(I know, eww) and did, and then he had trouble shaking her. She probably tried to use him as a shoulder to help her w/ her many personal problems, and nailed him whenever possible. I think through sheer will she manipulated him into actually liking her. People can seem very charming and innocent initially, but they can only keep up the act so long. I think as the relationship progressed, Alex saw her smiling at the cameras more and more frequently. He noticed her spending hours and hours scrutinizing over which clothes to wear, and how many times she got mentioned in fashion mags. It probably began to seem more than coincidental that the paps just happened to know where they’d be at all times. He probably also started to hear negative things about her from friends and family(like anyone on TB actually likes her!!).Throughout this time AS probably saw glimpses of the girl he had first liked, and this is what has kept him in the relationship. This would explain why he always looks like he hates her when they’re around paps. It reminds him of what a media-***** she is. I’m thinking that he had an image of who he thought KB was, and that image has all but worn away. Now they’re either very much so “on the rocks” or she’s in the stalking phase and he doesn’t want to seem like a douche-b.

  96. 96
    Rachel() Says:

    @Nola: Great find!! Major thumbs up!! Now if we could only forward it to AS…

  97. 97
    hmmmmm Says:

    @haterade: Could be Walton Goggins, he was in Straw Dogs with her and Alex. It would be hilarious if they hooked up, there couple name could be Boggins!!!

  98. 98
    the other nola Says:

    @haterade: Hmmm has it right, that’s Walton Goggins, he and his girlfriend, Kate’s writing partner, just had a baby.

  99. 99
    Mari Says:

    Phew, I am just glad OB got rid of her.

    Also I don’t understand why there is a need to have posts of her everday, sometimes more.

    She hasn’t had a successful movie out – main character or not – in ages. And apart from hating on her, no one really seems to be really interested in what she does.

  100. 100
    MERRICK Says:


    Sorry folks, he’s the bf/baby daddy of the friend/screen writer she’s visiting. He was also in Straw Dogs, like Rhys Coiro whose wife Kat Coiro is now Khate’s new BFF . Kat’s also the director of BFF and Baby, the Funny or Die skit and their new project. Funny that she’s now using all the people she gained from Straw Dogs.

    I guess for everyone including Skars it must have been heady to have The Blue Crush, Superman Returns lead actor take an interest in them. She must feel like Queen of the Hill and all these people must have felt she was very sweet and kind to let them work on other projects with her. Too bad it’s probably because no one else would work with her. Too bad for them she ruins everything she touches.

    I wonder if any of these new Straw Dogs acquired best friends wondered what happened to all her old friends.

    Btw, the woman that was with Cher and Khate in the Day 2 Coachella pictures is Cher’s sister.

  101. 101
    the other nola Says:

    @MERRICK: Looks like she’s driving Askars car in those pictures.

  102. 102
    the other nola Says:

    My bad, I think that’s a lexus in those pictures.

  103. 103
    P Says:

    I love ASkars and it’s hard to watch how fast his once promising HW career tanked since he switched agent and got hooked up with Bosworth, instantly. What a false move, on his or his PR’s part. It’s only been 2 yrs roughly? Any projects in development for him? Hardly hear about them now beside filming TB. Has he been invited to PR appearances as much as pre-Bosworth? How could his agent let this happened(and still letting it happen)? Exactly what are the pros of this Skarsworth hook-up beside generates talks for SD, which no one cares if it sits for another year or two to release(or straight to DVD). It the cast is in demand cash cow they will rush to release like no tomorrow.
    BTW as a brunette, Bosworth needs to stop dying her remaining 3 hairs blond.

  104. 104
    Shannon Says:

    @mforman: Umm you say the same thing every post. You act like you have insider information & know how he feels based on his facial expressions. Maybe that’s just his face, lol. I’m by no means a Kate fan & I’m skeptical of this “relationship,” but even I think you need to chill out.

  105. 105
    MERRICK Says:

    @the other nola:

    I really think that the Audi people that give him the cars to drive would frown on other people driving them, especially for pap set ups.

  106. 106
    sigh Says:

    If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s thread bullies. I see them on just about every board, using several different names but always sounding like the same person. They drive away the folks that might have something interesting to say but that’s what they want, complete control of the thread. If you contradict them it turns into an all out flame war. To me the more people contributing to a thread the more interesting it is, anyone agree?

  107. 107
    ERRICKM Says:


    I find it ironic that people like to accuse other people of the very thing they’re guilty of. Funny, that they leave THEIR boards that THEY CONTROL and try to passively aggressively speak condescendingly to other people who do not share their views. I very much doubt you would have written this is people actually supported your pro Khate views. Unlike your boards, people on JJ are free to state their opinions without being banned. Bugs you, don’t it.

    The only one changing names is YOU. Get over it , more people dislike/ despise Khate than are fans. No need to change /make different monikers to express that …unlike you two Khate fans.

  108. 108
    sigh Says:

    @ERRICKM: What I find most interesting is that I didn’t mention any names and yet you were the one to jump to the attack…..and for the record, I’m not a fan of kate, I was simply making an observation.

  109. 109
    ERRICKM Says:


    I answered because like you said… “To me the more people contributing to a thread the more interesting it is, anyone agree?”

    That includes me, correct? Unless of course, you’re a board bully.?..* LE SIGH* : (

  110. 110
    sigh Says:

    I’m no bully, but I am an observer of human nature. I would never attack someone for their viewpoint, nor would I insult their intelligence if they didn’t agree with me. I wouldn’t accuse them of subterfuge or underhanded behavior. I believe we all have a voice and all voices should be heard. Do you agree?

  111. 111
    ERRICKM Says:


    You wouldn’t accuse anyone of subterfuge?

    “If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s thread bullies. I see them on just about every board, using several different names but always sounding like the same person”

    So when you stated that people are using several different names but sounding the same, that’s not an accusation of subterfuge? Good to know an alternate definition of the word. Too bad the people at Merriam Webster still think it means this:

    .Definition of SUBTERFUGE

    : deception by artifice or strategem in order to conceal, escape, or evade
    : a deceptive device or stratagem

    You should contact them with your new definition.

  112. 112
    Mjforever Says:

    WTF Happened to this chick? I miss 2003/04 Kate .

  113. 113
    Gollum Says:

    Still searching for her precious.

  114. 114
    kiko Says:

    I’m totally indifferent when it comes to Alex and Kate but I had to post this. I saw a couple of posts from Friday April 22nd here on JJ. JLo, diCaprio and J.Gylenhall. They’re all wearing warmer clothes – long sleeved shirts, jeans or bottoms of track suit. So obvious conclusion is that it’s chilly despite of sunny weather. So I’m kind of confused with Kate’s choice of tank top and shorts. I’m thin in my upper body pretty much like her, but man I freeze easily. I would wear such outfit (without boots) only if temperature were 90F.

  115. 115
    So Done Says:

    @P: yeah his career is totally done, he has melancholia coming up in Cannes, Metropia, the new season of treu blood, battleship and well…straw dogs……YOU ARE SO RIGHT….meanwhile …Why don’t you find a job?

  116. 116
    Mike Says:

    She’s beautiful!

  117. 117
    So Says:

    So she runs back to LA this weekend and Skarsgard is in NYC? Doing a shoot for Interview and hanging with his friends? What is going on with them? They look miserable or stone faced together and they don’t even hang out that much.

  118. 118
    notexactly Says:

    @So: you spoke too soon

  119. 119
    Camille Says:


    Alex is in NYC? Where did you hear that?

  120. 120
    Really? Says:

    @notexactly: Meaning what exactly?

  121. 121
    Lovely Says:

    @So: She runs back to LA? Did it ever occur to you it’s Easter weekend? Maybe she wants to spend it with friends and family. Maybe Alex is coming back to LA for Easter. Way too much jealousy and silly behavior on this board!

  122. 122
    So Says:

    @Camille: He’s being shot for the cover of Interview with Crystal Renn and he was spotted at parties last night with PJ Ransone.

    Heading to 1896 to shoot Alexander Skarsgard & the stunning Crystal Renn for the June July cover of #Interview #yourstunningtooAlex

    notexactly – why? she hop a plane out there?

  123. 123
    Camille Says:


    Maybe she should go back east to hang with her family since that’s where they live. Just saying. Her family never seems to be around much.

  124. 124
    So Says:

    Camille, don’t know why this didn’t post before – he’s doing a cover shoot. There were a number of tweets from him at a party last night as well:

    Heading to 1896 to shoot Alexander Skarsgard & the stunning Crystal Renn for the June July cover of #Interview #yourstunningtooAlex

    notexactly – what? she hopped a flight

    Lovely – thanks. I was wondering how the stans were going to spin this. now I know.

  125. 125
    Camille Says:


    Thanks! I’m on my iPhone so I don’t have all the fave sites I normally would @ home.

  126. 126
    Di Says:

    Regarding Kate herself, I have something else on my mind that I’ll post in a bit. As for Alex, naybe the reason he doesn’t have projects planned beyond Battleship is because he doesn’t WANT them. Maybe he’s fed up with the LA-based industry for now. If he decides to pack it in and move back to Sweden because of the last year of BS, then I will be PISSED. But if he decides to relocate to NYC for a while, well… I live around there so that would be fine. In fact, who do I talk to if I want to make that happen?

  127. 127
    Di Says:

    So I had this big long thing I wanted to say and the more I typed, the more I asked myself, what is the difference between Kate and Paris Hilton, between Kate and Lindsay Lohan? They’re all fake blondes who seem to act like brats on one level or another. The Lohan/Paris crap is more obvious and maybe that’s why I loathe them and just kind of don’t like Kate? Because on the surface, she seems to keep her crap together? I don’t know. I couldn’t come up with anything. So I’ll spare you the longer essay in favor of this slightly shorter one saying only that I don’t think her behavior is totally her fault. I think existing insecurity that’s natural from being young, entering Hollywood really young and having almost all of her serious relationships under intense public scrutiny on top of maybe not being that talented in the first place all turned a decent person into a desperate, clingy fameho who never truly grew up and has to keep behaving that way because it’s all that’s driving her career. Here’s a fun story: I remember having a crush on a guy and basically manipulating a conversation with someone to finally get them to say “you two would make a cute couple” or something to that effect. Remember when she was doing press for The Warrior’s Way and got the newspaper guy to ask about her relationship? She was 27, about a month away from 28, yes? Guess how old I was when I did the same thing. 19. And I think even that’s a little old for that crap. I also think I knew it at the time because I remember feeling embarrassed by the look just short of an eye-roll on the other person’s face. That’s called self-awareness. Fortunately, I had some positive guidance in my life to help me grow out of that ridiculousness. For Kate, Hollywood starlet/ingenue BS machinery probably had more influence on her than her parents did. So she continues to behave in a way that makes a lot of people dislike her and she apparently has no self-awareness on top of having no one to TELL HER she’s acting stupid. Without these things, how can she ever hope to change? Please, let’s debate this. I’m bored at work on a Saturday and I don’t even know where that PJ Ransone place IS.

  128. 128
    rumor project Says:

    alex is possibly attached to a new project called April 23rd his named is listed along with british golden globe winning actress emily blunt nothing confirmed. but I hope it is true!!

    regarding alex in NYC why would he want to take KB? it was work related including party with his mates, who knows if alex has returned to LA for easter with KB/ family his friends

    however if alex has any sense he would stay in NYC with pals and have fun over easter, however if tweets show up that KB is in NYC with alex for easter instead of spending it with her own family then it must be TRUE LOVE and he must really enjoy her company and finally found the women of his dreams lol

  129. 129
    Lovely Says:

    @Camille: I read her family is in LA until summer. I think that’s why they were at the Nylon party.

  130. 130
    rumor project Says:

    Straw Dogs costars, Kate Bosworth and Walton Goggins were spotted hanging out with a baby, on Friday, April 22, 2011

    scroll down the page for pics,………….. also it looks kate has purchsed the whole ****** collection straight from the catwalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which adds up to a few $1000+ she is hardly low maintenance like she said in the lucky mag!!!!! ……………………..

  131. 131
    Theory Says:

    I have a theory about crazy Merrick. Back in the KB/OB days someone called Joan22 used to post at imdb. She was obsessed with OB and would rant about Kate and write all these snarky, vile comments saying exactly what Merrick writes today regarding KB/AS. I’m convinced Merrick is Joan 22. I’m also very sure Joan/Merrick got over OB and moved on to AS only to discover her new obsession is involved with Kate. She was already over the edge but this has pushed her even further. BTW, after a while, people at imdb realized Joan22 and someone called Carmen were insane and turned away from them.

  132. 132
    Di Says:

    @rumor project: If that’s true, that’s a very sexy LEAD role and it sounds awesome!

  133. 133
    Skarsgard wannabe Says:

    PJ Ransone is an actor that was in Generation Kill with ASkars.

  134. 134
    ERRICKM Says:


    Sorry lovey, I’ ve only ever been involved on online chatting about Skars which start around Sept “09. Prior to that I thought speaking with faceless people on the internet was really strange and bizarre. You however,seems to have spent have a lot of time scouring the internet enough to remember who liked OBloom from 2001(?). That’s batsh*t crazy. Time to step away from the computer. It’s obvious that YOU have problems and are now transferring your obsessions with Joan from 10 years ago to me. Weird! Sounds like you traverse the net to numerous sites to theorize about other posters…a lot. Are you actually a fan of certain celebs or are you just obsessed with other posters?

    Skars is my first and most likely last fandom . I’m so lazy I really should post at Bowie, Trek or Stephen King sites, but I don’ t. To tell the truth I’m very ADD and find it fascinating that Skars held my attention this long.

    I do have the special edition LOTR dvds that I collected during all the movies ( I actually bought the box separately ) but then, dork that I am I have the Matrix as well. I was/am a fan of the multi talented Viggo Mortensen. I crushed on LEGOLAS not on OBloom. **Does anyone else think that Hugo Weaving was so fortunate to be involved with these two big franchises? He was Elrond in LOTR and Agent Smith in The Matrix. Lucky man! ****

  135. 135
    Di Says:

    @Skarsgard wannabe: I know that now. I could say I was making a joke, but I wasn’t. I misread one of the posts above as a party being AT instead of WITH PJ Ransone. I googled the name and realized it was a person. D’oh!

  136. 136
    TrueBlade Says:

    Kate looks sexy as always. I know once upon-a-time I had a distaste for her, but now I wish her and Alexander nothing but the best.

  137. 137
    MERRICK Says:


    How very 3rd grade of you to use my old moniker. Tell me , do people in your RL find you juvenile and annoying as well? I bet they do, that’s why you have all this time to scour the internet to try and annoy cyber people. Pathetic.

  138. 138
    TrueBlade Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve used this handle for years. Stop stalking me you crazy loon!

  139. 139
    MERRICK Says:

    @TrueBlade: You’re right. I might be crazy, but at least I have a some tomato soup and a cheese sandwich. Jealous?

  140. 140
    TrueBlade Says:

    I would have a threesome with Kate and Alex if they asked me.

  141. 141
    Theory Says:

    Theory @ 04/23/2011 at 2:41 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -20

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    I have a theory about crazy Merrick. Back in the KB/OB days someone called Joan22 used to post at imdb. She was obsessed with OB and would rant about Kate and write all these snarky, vile comments saying exactly what Merrick writes today regarding KB/AS. I’m convinced Merrick is Joan 22. I’m also very sure Joan/Merrick got over OB and moved on to AS only to discover her new obsession is involved with Kate. She was already over the edge but this has pushed her even further. BTW, after a while, people at imdb realized Joan22 and someone called Carmen were insane and turned away from them.

  142. 142
    MERRICK Says:

    @TrueBlade: You’re right. I might be crazy, but at least I have a some tomato soup and a cheese sandwich. Jealous?

  143. 143
    ERRICKM Says:


  144. 144
    MERRICK Says:

    Please enjoy fighting with my teen army…I’m off to watch The Killing.

  145. 145
    the truth. Says:

    Yes ladie if you want a free trip with Alexander Skarsgard . You can suck his **** for and get a free trip with him. You don’t had to have talanted. You do what kate bosworth does.Sucks **** and you are good to anywhere with him. Just ask kate bosworth that’s waht she to get this trip with alexander skarsgard. he don’t act no more jus kiss kate bosworth’sass all day long.That’s why nobody won’t hire him no more. All he do is kiss kate ass and eat her ***** ass day when he’s in CA. Talking about he hate ca . No he don’t when he cmes there he looks up kate and cal eat her ***** all day.Yes he does he ;et kate suck his **** when he comes to CA. He has no job what is he going to do with himself is lay up with her and let suck his ****, He don’t want to act with other people. He’s afraid kate might stop talking to him and she won’t suck hi **** anymore. Ain’t that righ Alexander. Kate is the only one that will sleep with you and suck your ****.You won’y let nobdy else suck your **** but kate bilsn. I know she make it good to you .She suck her best friend husband’s **** to get something why not alexander’s ****. I’sure he enjoy every bit areit. yes Alex is Kate ’s pimp . He sucks her ***** andthen she has to go out and attention for him cause he can’tdo it himself. Ha ha ha

  146. 146
    BigJohnson Says:

    Just saw Superman Returns, Kate should go brunette again, makes her look super hot.

  147. 147
    Di Says:

    @MERRICK: In which Joel Kinnaman is actually very good!

  148. 148
    Di Says:

    @MERRICK: If you meant the AMC show. I just remembered it’s also a Kubrick film. Not doing so great with details today! G’night!

  149. 149
    ?!? Says:

    @146 okay Whaaaaa? i know english can sometimes be a hard language but Whaaa?

  150. 150
    And in other news Says:

    Orlando Bloom stepped out with his GORGEOUS wife Miranda Kerr at the Tribeca Film Festival.

  151. 151
    Theory Says:

    @Merrick: Sorry Lovey, you’ve been around a long time. I’ve been a fan of Kate’s since Young Americans. That’s how I ended up at imdb. I, however, don’t spend hours upon hours @ my computer bashing celebrities because I’m insanely jealous. I’ll support the ones I like and the ones I’m not into, I ignore.

  152. 152
    mforman Says:

    The funniest part of these pap shots is how she is trying to look maternal towards her godson. I think maybe, she looks at him 3 times in the photos they released.

    Come Monday she goes back to filming in San Francisco and then he will return to LA (because it will be safe then).

    This poor guy. He will once again be happy soon enough.

  153. 153
    taryn Says:

    Kate’s adorable — so is Alex!

  154. 154
    Rachel() Says:

    @Theory#131: About Merrick: “BTW, after a while, people at imdb realized Joan22 and someone called Carmen were insane and turned away from them.”
    Turned away from them? This isn’t a friggin’ religion. I just enjoy reading all the b*tchy things ppl write about a “celebrity” I dislike, and Merrick b*tches w/ the best of them(no offense..that’s a compliment). I don’t get why you’re making a big deal. Even if Merrick is this Joan person and is totally insane, who cares? It would effect no one!

  155. 155
    MERRICK Says:


    Thanks Rachel. I find it ironic she doesn’t think it’s crazy to bring up someone she fought with many moons(?) ago on another forum over another actor. Once I get off the computer all this fades. I have trouble remembering people and things in RL , yet this person is obsessed with trivialities.

    This is brain candy…too bad Theory and people like her can’t see that. I’m sure she’s gathering proof of(?) to copy and paste here. Just like she did before on another thread.

    Make no mistake she’s my stalker from the last 3 threads or more. How sad is it that she obsesses over faceless strangers on the internet? And for years???

    ‘Night. For the record I only started posting on the internet on a AS forum in Aug/Sept(?) ’09. Right now I regularly post at JJ and one other place.

  156. 156
    Chauncy Says:

    I love love love Kate!!!

  157. 157
    MERRICK Says:


    I really like The Killing on AMC show with Joel Kinnaman.He’s a very good actor and fun to watch.The plot line is great and so are all the other actors. For those who’ve missed it try this site to watch The Killing and other shows..

    I’m sure the powers that be and their armies of lawyers are very much aware of them and are working diligently to shut them down..

  158. 158
    MERRICK Says:

    Better yet you can watch The Killing directly on AMC online.

  159. 159
    +400 Says:

    To be fair:
    If KBo is a “parasite”, Alexander seems unclean enough to be a “host”

  160. 160
    momo Says:


    Isabel Marant is the IT French designer. Kate has a lot of her stuff. Fashionistas love her due to this. Her boots, tank top and pink shorts are from Isabel Marant.

  161. 161
    tis me Says:

    what is she wearing she looks like a right tramp! why has she got those boots on again???? a nice pair of flip flops or sandals maybe? and since when is being able to see every bone in your chest attractive? cummon skarsgard you must want a bit more meat on your stick than that?

  162. 162
    ladybug Says:

    @momo: She probably could have picked up that lovely ensemble at Target or Wal-Mart for much less than she probably paid for it.
    And who do I get to blame for popularizing this boots/shorts look that has become popular among the HW fashionistas? Because they need to be sent into exile.

  163. 163
    MERRICK Says:


    Nice plug. IM is the “IT” French fashion designer?Please Anna tell Wintour …apparently Vogue missed that. I tried to find a Vogue interview to no avail…however I did find this one in HOBO magazine.

    Just because she sent a few celebs a free pair(s) of suede “cowboy” ankle boots that have been done before she’s an “IT” designer? Her clothes look like things anyone can buy anywhere…for the last 30 years. Nothing new or interesting. I saw her show …nice pieces…but overall underwhelming. KB wears the stuff to death because it”s free and she needs to curry favor. I don’t see her with any new CK or other designers. I guess that Cher will lend her things that she borrows for other celebs…the relevant ones.

    Interesting fashionista/career trajectory, from Chanel to IM, TopShot., H & M etc. I guess the latter more so right now because she needs to seem simple and down to earth to try to gain fans. Not working apparently by the lack of interest even after she posed topless in Mexico. She should have just done Playboy like all the other desperate famwh*res……never mind, Playboy only features pretty women with nice curvy bodies.

  164. 164
    ladybug Says:

    @tis me: I don’t know how she can look in the mirror and think that protruding bones are attractive. Does she have body dysmorphic disorder and therefore doesn’t ‘see’ the same thing as everyone else? If she were at her natural body weight her bones wouldn’t be sticking out like that.

  165. 165
    MERRICK Says:


    Personally I think the weight thing is yet another manipulation. Her weight loss seem to come when her relationships are in trouble. Noticeable as long as she has a man, her problems, career or otherwise doesn’t seem to affect her weight.

  166. 166
    Hej Says:

    Jag har läst under flera av era tjänster och du är mycket svårt att förstå! Varför vill ni håna den som påstår något positivt? Alexander är stor, jag tror att ni skulle önska honom att vara nöjda, även om ni inte liksom hans flickvän.

  167. 167
    So Says:

    @momo: Yes, thanks to Cher, she gets a lot of designer free stuff. IM is one of them. That outfit looks significantly less good on her than it does on Gisele in the catalogue. I think IM gives Cher product because much of KB’s styling is sportswear and there aren’t that many stars who are positioned to wear her stuff and get covered.

  168. 168
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: So she thinks if she looks like a concentration camp survivor she’ll keep her man?

  169. 169
    Rachel() Says:

    @Hej: Huh? Interesting that you’re replying to Merrick’s post(which you must have read in English) in Swedish(?). Don’t know if anyone here speaks it. It is refreshing to see someone posting in a different language instead those who just post in completely unintelligable English. Seriously, some ppl need to work on their grammar!

  170. 170
    MERRICK Says:


    Thanks for making me use Google translator especially since I understand that most Swedes are very proficient in English.

    “I have read several of your services and you are very hard to understand! Why do you mock those who say something positive? Alexander is great, I think you would want him to be happy, even if you do not like his girlfriend.”

    That’s because I think she’s a useless person that gets all she has based on the men she associates.Her desperate need for relevancy with these numerous blatant pap set ups begs mockery. I have a problem with someone that would blow off going to a charity for foster children that she was a co-chair of of go toplessly famwh*re in Mexico. She blatantly made sure that her vacation was chronicled rather than attending that charity she promised to attend. Read any article or see all the Youtube videos …she comes as across as stupid, vapid and looks drunk/cranked on numerous occasion.. She is a study in a selfish, self centered, disingenuous waste of space. I see nothing of value in her.

    Regarding whether or not Skars is happy or not I can only look at the bored, disinterested and sometimes drunken pictures I see. If that’s him being happy with someone he’s never claimed or does PDA in the US with. then him being really in love will put him in a coma. As far as I can see he went from gaining B list status to falling to her D List status. The ridiculous amounts of posts on JJ since he’s been associated with her cheapens him. He’s associated with a known famewh*re who seems like a pariah. What has she helped him do? What contacts has she helped him with? She’s been in this business for 10 years , worked with Robert Redford, Scarlett Johansson, Val Kilmer, Sigourney Weaver, Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche, Michelle Rodriguez, and dated Orlando Bloon, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Evans, etc…yet none of those people showed up for her Nylon party nor does she seem to have contact with them to help AS with contacts. If it were my bf or even good friend that’s what I would be doing. I mentioned or ex bfs because she claimed she’s friends with all of her exes.

    Her lack of female friends I find odd …especially Liv Tyler who was friends with her for years through OBloom but since the Chris Martin thing has never been seen with he despite them attending several of the same events. The favors/roles from Ryan Kavanaugh and Kevin Spacey are down right …nasty and just say payment of some sort.

    But as you say Alexander is very happy with her and I should like her because I’m a fan……..Right. It’ s lovely that entertainment videos are mentioning him double fisting drinks. Not to mention pictures. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

    But who knows the lack of PDA, odd body language, lack of pictures, pissy faced looks may all be a game they’r e playing…like 4th graders

    If you’ve read my posts like you say you have you know my reason for disliking her. It’s not jealousy…..I have much better taste than being jealous of ….that . I wish Skars did. If I were a jealous sort I would want the careers, intelligence, grace and style of Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendez, Halle Berry, Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, etc… It would be nice to see Skars with a woman like that. It would also be grand for him to be with a doctor like his mother. Wish him the best and happiness…I just don’t think it’s Khate.

    Happy Easter!!!.
    Meant to be cute not mean.

  171. 171
    Hej Says:

    @Rachel(): Jag använder en översättare att läsa de tjänster här. Inte alla talar engelska här men jag hoppades kan någon tala svenska där.

  172. 172
    Is not funny Says:

    You people are so offensive and take eating disorders so lightly. :(

  173. 173
    MERRICK Says:


    Guilt is a powerful thing. Skars is known as a very, nice caring person whose had a history of staying in relationships he’s known was doomed from the start. Said it himself in that radio interview with his song list.

  174. 174
    MERRICK Says:


    Ledsen, jag trodde alla talade / skrev engelska i Sverige. Ni verkar så mycket smartare än oss. Den “främmande” språk utbildning i USA är ingen där som i andra länder.(???)

    Sorry, I thought everyone spoke/wrote English in Sweden. You guys seems so much more clever than us. The “foreign” language education in the U.S. is no where that of other countries.

  175. 175
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel(): The only two words I got out of that post (without resorting to Google translator) were jag, which i think is ‘I’ and flickvan’, which is probably some variation on friend.

  176. 176
    MERRICK Says:

    @Is not funny:

    An serious eating disorder is a constant thing that requires therapy to overcome . It doesn’t come and go on a weekly/monthly basis which is the case with KB. Her weight seem to fluctuate at will…probably with help from Columbia.

  177. 177
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: So he needs an intervention?

  178. 178
    Hej Says:

    @MERRICK: Jag är inte metropolitan, jag bor i Strömstad, det är inget som Stockholm, engelska Behärskande förväntas inte här. Jag ser gärna att ni svarade men jag ville inte förvänta oss en sådan lång, det tog takt att översätta! Jag är en anhängare av Alexander, men jag vet svenska män, detta är inte seriöst, så jag kan inte inse den skada i att önska honom lycka till så länge det varar. Jag kan inte hitta några upplysningar om detta välgörenhet händelse ni nämnt, var under en resa till Mexiko? Åh, och gärna påsk er:)

  179. 179
    Hej Says:

    Det är mycket, mycket sent här, jag dricker mer än min andel och jag måste sova nu.

  180. 180
    MERRICK Says:


    Jag stöder till fullo Skårs och önskar honom det bästa, orsakade dock föreningen med henne honom många fans här. Han var inte mentionedin de stora tidningarna here.last år med undantag för Rolling Stone att han var Anna Paquin och Stephen Moyer på. Intervjuaren fick honom att verka som douchey europeisk aktör som körde en sportbil, bar dyr parfym och att HW “skådespelerskan” gf. Det gjorde inte få honom att se bra ut. Hans nuvarande bristen på kommande projekt är oroande men jag är säker på att han ska få en stor del snart. Tydligen var han i NYC i helgen att skjuta omslaget av Interview Magazine, som är en stor sak.

    Här är en länk om välgörenhet hon missade:

    Att New York-bor för barn Spring Dance, som stöder ungdomar i fosterhem, sålde **** redan innan inbjudningarna trycktes. Årets vice ordförande för händelsen, framlagt av soigné K den 12 april, omfattar Kate Bosworth, Leighton Meester, Zac Posen, Hilary Rhoda och Jack Huston. . .
    Läs mer: # ixzz1JNQcGxrd

    I fully support Skars and wish him the best, however the association with her caused him many fans here. He wasn’t mentionedin the big magazines here.last year except for the Rolling Stone that he, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were on. The interviewer made him seem like douchey European actor who drove a sports car, wore expensive cologne and that the HW “actress” gf. It didn’t make him look good. His current lack of upcoming projects is troubling but I’m sure he’ll get a great part soon. Apparently he was in NYC this weekend to shoot the cover of Interview magazine, which is a great thing.

  181. 181
    MERRICK Says:


    Godnatt. Bästa wishes.It var trevligt att tala med dig.

    Goodnight. Best wishes.It was a pleasure speaking with to you.

  182. 182
    Camille Says:

    Wasn’t Alex on the cover of details last year too? I believe he was with a large interview.

  183. 183
    MERRICK Says:


    Here’s a link and one for something he did with Interview in 2009:

  184. 184
    MERRICK Says:


    Thanks for the reminder about Details.To tell you the truth I had forgotten about that. I really hated how they styled him…too Rob Pattinson/ Zac Efron. I think after that was Coachella and things went steadily, breathtakingly south.

  185. 185
    Camille Says:


    Yeah I liked the photos, but it wasn’t the best hair. Though it was better than the VMan hair. He did that in 2010 too.

  186. 186
    MERRICK Says:


    Ugh! That hair…WTF?? They tried to market him as some young gun…instead of just letting him be him., which was his big appeal.

    He looked great in the 2009 GQ shots with Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten. They all did.

  187. 187
    Camille Says:


    I actually like him with the really short hair like that. He looked good with his SD hair.

  188. 188
    MERRICK Says:


    ITA. It’s a very good look for him.

  189. 189
    geeg Says:


  190. 190
    Rachel() Says:

    @Hej#172: Oh, ok, cool. Wasn’t trying to be rude. I’m w/ Merrick on this one. I hope Alex is completely happy with KB, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, in my opinion. I think he could do way better than Kate, and the more I learn of her, the less I like her. If Alex is actually content and in love with Kate, I wish them all the happiness in the world. That’s some major fan devotion you have to translate all of this. = )

  191. 191
    Rachel() Says:

    @ Hej # 172: Åh, ok, cool. Var försöker inte vara oförskämd. Jag är w / Merrick på den här. Jag hoppas att Alex är helt nöjd med KB, men det verkar inte vara fallet, enligt min åsikt. Jag tror att han kan göra mycket bättre än Kate, och ju mer jag lär mig av henne, ju mindre jag gillar henne. Om Alex är faktiskt innehåll och kär i Kate, jag önskar dem all lycka i världen. Det är några större fan hängivenhet du måste översätta allt detta. =)

  192. 192
    Di Says:

    I’m surprised those pics of her later in the day with the sweater weren’t posted, especially with the godmother lovey-doveyness. I want them on here because I’m bored and can’t just stop and read books at my desk.

  193. 193
    ladybug Says:

    @Di: Also no pics of ASkars in NYC. Pity.
    I’m wondering why the post reads “Kate has reportedly joined the cast of Big Sur…” Reportedly? Wasn’t that where she was last week, on set?

  194. 194
    Blackcat99 Says:

    You’ve got to read this!SO FUNNY!

  195. 195
    Blackcat99 Says:

    Want a good laugh read this!

  196. 196
    Blackcat99 Says:


    Kate Bosworth is like the poor man’s Malin Ackerman, so I won’t bother to sell you a movie based on her attributes. I can try to sell ninjas, obscenity, and Geoffrey Rush, however. I would even try clown assault, but I think it might push too far into Kate Bosworth territory. If any of these things piqued your interest, The Warrior’s Way is the movie for you.

    Fox Home Entertainment is bringing The Warrior’s Way onto Blu-Ray and DVD on June 28th. If you are super excited, you can begin pre-booking the title on May 18th. The studio has yet to announce any sort of special features for the release, and honestly they’re probably not coming. While it has a small but vociferous fan base, The Warrior’s Way only made $11 million on a $42 million budget at the box office. I wouldn’t be shocked if large outlets like Amazon and Walmart practically give the title away after a couple of months.

    So, just what the hell is The Warrior’s Way all about? Here’s what the press release has to say.

    After a lifetime of training in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, the world’s most dangerous fighter (Jang Dong Gun) flees his homeland to start a new life in the American West. But soon the hunter becomes the hunted, and now the legendary warrior must wage a fierce, all-out battle against a renegade gang of outlaws and pack of murderous assassins from his own past.

    Kate Bosworth or no, The Warrior’s Way is kind of awesome. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Mack’s review right here. In any event, it’s got to be better than Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

  197. 197
    Camille Says:


    Yeah no kidding, what a rip. I’d love to see some pics of him with Ransone.

  198. 198
    Blackcat99 Says:

    I’m sorry for the multiple posts.At first they weren’t posting and then when they did link did not take you to the right page.So,I copied and pasted it.

  199. 199
    So Says:

    Re pics – Skars is in this pic hugging PJ Ransone at a party in NYC, so not sure why people are saying there aren’t any pics of him – this has been on almost all the Skars sites. From a party on Friday night.

  200. 200
    badgrandma Says:

    @ladybug: I agree, what’s with the “reportedly” stuff? There are candids someone in SF shot while she was there filming. You know the worst rumor I’ve heard lately? That she’s trying to get pregnant! Can you imagine? I say impossible, you have to actually eat to have a successful pregnancy.

  201. 201
    badgrandma Says:

    You guys seem to have a much better idea of what the heck the deal is with these two than I ever will. So I’ll ask and hope that one of you can answer my question. Kate’s fans keep insisting that she and Alex have been together for over two years now, I guess ever since they worked together on Straw Dogs. Okay, but if you go to her online bio it states that she didn’t break up with James Rousseau until 2010. So if the bio is correct and Kate’s fans are correct then she was cheating on James with Alex, right? Alex isn’t stupid, he had to have known she was with James Rousseau, right? So as much as I don’t care for her, I’m really starting to not like him at all. The more these two stay together the more I see the sides of Alex’s personality that I find disturbing. She brings the worst in him to light, I think that’s why his fans dislike her so much.

  202. 202
    @badgrandma post 201 Says:

    OMG I have not heard the rumor kate is trying to get pregnant, tell me not by alexander skarsgard surly he is not that stupid?,

    is this rumor in some gossip mag recently?

  203. 203
    Camille Says:


    They haven’t been together for over two years. SD started shooting in fall 2009, and they didn’t really get together until Jan 2010, though they did hang out a bit before that.

  204. 204
    Camille Says:

    @@badgrandma post 201:

    I don’t buy the pregnancy rumor. People who are trying to get pregnant don’t slam back multiple shots and beers at Coachella. If you’re trying, you generally stay away from alcohol just in case you are pregnant without knowing it.

  205. 205
    badgrandma Says:

    @Camille: Alex won that scream award for true blood in 2009, straw dogs had to have been filmed alot earlier than fall 2009. Not arguing with you, just trying to make the times fit.

  206. 206
    Camille Says:


    Nope. The scream awards were in October 2009, and SD was filmed in Sept.

  207. 207
    Camille Says:


    Scream ususally happens mid to late October too. Alex usually films TB until about June or so. Plus he was also filming Puss in Sweden while filming SD which started late August, early Sept. Either way they weren’t officially together until 2010.

  208. 208
    @camille Says:

    are they ofically a loving couple?? lol as alex confirmed k’ho as his GIRL’FREND i have only read k’ho mention alex as her swedish BF during that **** movie TWW press tour (aftonbladet interview)……..or do they just happen to hangout for there pap shots, and then pple/gossip mags just assume they are BF/GF because they are seen together????
    i am confused with alex and k’ho????????????

  209. 209
    Camille Says:


    No he hasn’t confirmed anything. I’m just saying that’s when they started to be “seen” because someone asked.

  210. 210
    Di Says:

    Wonder if K-Boz is laying low b/c Miranda Kerr has been all over the place lately, looking amazing and incredibly busty? Not to mention being seen so frequently with her adoring husband…

  211. 211
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di: …her adoring husband who will actually touch her.
    I know, what’s up JJ? Hasn’t KB gotten her nails done lately? No crotch shots? No photos of her kicking foster children? What the crap? I know that we give JJ a lot of crap about posting about Her Worthlessness’s “busy schedule” but geesh! I mean, I don’t even know if Kate’s had her hair done this week!!

  212. 212
    Skarsgard wannabe Says:

    You always have me LMAO! Love it, keep up the great sense of humor:)

  213. 213
    ElisaDay Says:

    Sorry guys, totally off the subject, but has anyone seen the original Danish version of The Killing? It was shown on BBC4 but I didn’t get the chance to watch it and now it’s not on iPlayer either :(
    Shall I just watch the American re-make? Which one is better? Anyone? Thanks :)

  214. 214
    @ElisaDay Says:

    I haven’t seen The Killing but I’ve seen both of the Danish series and they are very good.

  215. 215
    porquenon Says:


    Merrick, I think your theory about KB’s weight has merit. I also wonder if that’s why Cher seemed to be babysitting her in Mexico and at Cochella. They may be perfectly nice people but why would Skars want to hang out at Cochella with Cher and her sister when last year he was with a group of his friends? I could see her manipulating him into going because of all her “fashion” commitments and see his friends bagging because they didn’t want to be part of the guiltfest and papclusterf*ck . And, if Cher was really there with other clients besides KB, wouldn’t they have been featured on her blog along with KB? Whatever it was, it was obvious that Skars’ heart wasn’t in it and he wasn’t willing to play her games. And it’s obvious whatever happened to make her leave early, she wasn’t getting what she wanted. Hopefully with Cannes next month and TB in June, we’ll get more of the happy Skars that we saw on day 3 of Cochella and less of the sulky Skars we’ve seen around KB’s papsmeared rodeo.

  216. 216
    Rachel() Says:

    @Skarsgard wannabe: = )

  217. 217
    ladybug Says:

    @porquenon: But, but I thought that she left Coachella because of ‘work commitments’? Which her ‘stylist’ somehow apparently forgot to mention in all her tweets. You’d think she might have wanted to point out that her client is only going to be around for a day and half, so get those pap shots now!

  218. 218
    porquenon Says:


    Last year seemed to be music/hanging out over business despite the number of photo-ops and almost fisticuffs.

    This year it appeared to be business over music resulting in 2 days of branding ops with beer, lots of beer. This year was too calculated, too passe. Kinda sad.

    If KB really wants to make a run at Kate Moss’ s Glastonbury Crown of Coolness – or for that matter Sienna Miller’s Stagedoor Style – she should stop trying so hard. Stop pimping out her private life to build her brand. Stop denying her Talbot’s heritage and start dressing herself like a wellbred woman when she’s out and about doing her business and not like an overgrown child wearing short shorts and dirty boots. (as Prince would say, “act your age not your shoe size”). Become more serious about acting as a craft or more dedicated to the daily business of JM and its holding company, rather than pursuit of celebrity as an end in and of itself.

    There are far more productive, profitable and esteem building ways to do business than allowing a photo op which generates 200+ mainly critical posts on a gossip blog. KB should catch a clue and go back to school. She might uncover her true talents.

  219. 219
    swedophile Says:

    this girl is not pregnant

  220. 220
    Rachel() Says:

    @swedophile: Eww, eww, eww. You should have put a warning above that link. You know, when you expose yourself to an image, you can’t just erase it from your mind. What if some poor kid was exploring this site? He/she may not ever be able to have sex now. How is it possible to have breasts that are that small and yet are sagging? And I didn’t realize it was possible to actually see the bones between the breasts. KB’s body is such an anomaly. Alex should donate her to science so we can solve the conundrum that is Bos-ho.

  221. 221
    badgrandma Says:

    @Rachel(): Yah know what’s really sad? They’re so far apart Alex couldn’t even push them together to make one good one…..

  222. 222
    kb interviews ezra miller Says:

    kb also drops in and mentions parent hood, I think she is hinting she wants to become a mom that’s the impression I got, I have no doubt alexander skarsgard to be the father. lots of little kb/ AS running around (roll eyes)

  223. 223
    badgrandma Says:

    @kb interviews ezra miller: So she started the whole trying to get pregnant rumors herself??!!? I think that pretty much clears up and doubt about her being a famewhore!

  224. 224
    ladybug Says:

    @kb interviews ezra miller: “The older I get and the closer I get to being a parent, the more I realize it’s tough. And I really respect my parents more and more and the way that they took the time, like your parents, to find the magic in the world.”

    I think I’m going to throw up.

  225. 225
    Di Says:

    @swedophile: Yeah, or an “NSFW” label at least. I was on my work computer when I clicked that link, assuming it was the “not really topless” pics from Popsugar and the like. I didn’t think they caught any actual topless pictures. Or maybe it was the ones that were SOLD that were the almost-but-not-quite ones. That actually makes sense. Re: other rumors that I will not dignify with specifics? Look where that National Enquirer engagement bit went. And the Total Recall business she was “asked” to read for. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

  226. 226
    Ladybug Says:

    @Di: I will give KB credit for one thing, not having implants to make them bigger.
    I do hope you’re correct about the other rumor, that this is just another trial balloon that she’s floating out there, trying to make her wishes come true. I can’t see her as a mother, too many bodily fluids and responsibility. Unless she’d just get a nanny, and tote the poor child out for photo ops.

  227. 227
    Camille Says:

    @kb interviews ezra miller:

    Who the EFF thought it would be a good idea for her to interview ANYONE? Lordy!

  228. 228
    Camille Says:


    Like I said before, I don’t buy it. The way she was sucking back on grandpa’s cough syrup at Coachella is all the proof you need. People who are actively trying to get pregnant don’t drink copious amounts of booze, since you never know when it will happen.

  229. 229
    Di Says:

    @Ladybug: If you think about it, WE’RE the ones perpetuating this rumor by writing back and forth about it. I didn’t hear about it until someone commented on it ON THIS POST. If she really does have people who read these boards and add their own comments, who’s to say she/her PR team wouldn’t try a more viral rumor-spreading method than going through an official publication? Repeat: I have NEVER seen that rumor in official publication print, on paper or online. But clearly it’s making the rounds anyway. I think her comments about “getting closer to being a parent” or whatever are pretty general and just her talking out of her ass to say what she thinks sounds good enough to people reading to make them like her.

  230. 230
    Camille Says:


    Agreed, she wants to make that comment to try and appeal to a larger audience and seem less self absorbed. Like I said before, lots of booze = not a chance.

  231. 231
    Di Says:

    @Di: I would like to agree, but, just playing devil’s advocate here, how do we KNOW what she was drinking from a picture? Gah! See what I mean about viral rumor-spreading!? I also still think she’s laying low, either because Miranda Kerr is walking around with ginormous post-prego boobs and a lovely family OR because she’s still smarting from whatever business went down at Coachella to cause her to leave early. And I 100% believe she left unexpectedly early, given how much Cher was talking about styling her for it and the party posing opportunities missed.

  232. 232
    Camille Says:


    You can see the bartender pouring Stolli vodka into the cups, and then she also walked around with beer as well.

  233. 233
    Camille Says:


    Also, agree on the Coachella and leaving early. She had the same wrist bands as Alex had which suggests she was going to stay for the same things he was.

  234. 234
    Di Says:

    @Camille: Double “Aha!” on both your posts. We are now in total agreement. Everybody can relax. ;) Except I want to know exactly WHY she left early… I really, really want to.

  235. 235
    Ladybug Says:

    @Camille: The whole thing was annoying and snotty, from the introduction to the actual interview.

  236. 236
    chelle Says:

    Wow!! She sounded like a moron in that interview!

  237. 237
    Camille Says:


    Me too! Something went down, that’s for sure. They’d planned to stay the whole weekend and production doesn’t start on Sundays for movies, and the flight to San Fran is relatively short. She could have at least stayed for most of Sunday and then flew out, if not early Monday morning. This combined with her sour face in these pics and Alex being in NYC for the weekend while she’s back is interesting.

  238. 238
    Camille Says:


    Totally, and I love how she kept making it about her and inserting her two bits. Nice interviewing skills there Skeletor.

  239. 239
    seeshay Says:

    Was there ever only the one tweet about them fighting? I didn’t pay all that much attention to it at the time but does anyone remember it well enough to know what time that tweet went out? Was it Saturday afternoon? I think they were supposed to go to the Mulberry party Sat afternoon/ evening (anyone know more exactly when that was supposed to be?) and didn’t show, right? Then on Sunday when he showed up solo it was explained she had left to go work.

  240. 240
    Ladybug Says:

    @Camille: You noticed that as well? What a lovely little narcissist she is.
    chelle, well, she sounded better than she normally does, which makes you wonder what the actual audio of the interview sounds like, how much did Interview have to edit to make her sound somewhat coherent.

  241. 241
    Camille Says:


    There were tweets about it on Saturday. I can’t remember the time though, but I think it had to be in the afternoon sometime. Didn’t the festival start at 4pm most days?

  242. 242
    Camille Says:


    She probably got somewhat scripted questions. I’m sure Interview wanted to know certain things and so made suggestions about what should be asked.

  243. 243
    fan pic coachella day 3 Says:

    check out new fan pic from coachella day 3 yum yum

    also TPF girls have identifed the mystery man who was with them at coachella I thought it was his pal sad news it was kates “FRIEND” gosh a friend SHOCK HORROR, His name is Oliver Trevena and he interviewed her for that **** movie TWW, poor man!!!!!!!!!! even he really did not hang with her at caochella, by the pics he was with alex, here is an interview with kate and oliver

    so this year no friends of alex’s came to coachella un- like last year intresting??????? none of his freinds have been around kate for some time hmmmm no wonder alex looked bored first 2 days, 3 rd day he was looking great and relaxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    seeshay Says:

    Thanks for the info Camille. So all we know is that she went MIA after this point and we haven’t seen them together since?

  245. 245
    Camille Says:


    Yep, pretty much.

  246. 246
    Tanter Says:

    Thanks for all the links and pics.

  247. 247
    Di Says:

    God, why is this stuff so interesting to talk about? New theory: one of them is a spy. Alternative theory: neither one of them is a spy but one of them IS an alien… Discuss.

  248. 248
    Rachel() Says:

    @kb interviews ezra miller: Wow…that is sickening. Also, I bet she had a really hard time letting him talk so much about himself. That’s why she threw that bs in. I love hearing KB try to sound like an intellectual though.

  249. 249
    Di Says:

    Read the interview. It seems like at the beginning, she’s trying to insert some stuff about herself, but then she just sticks to the questions and lets him talk. No big deal. I actually enjoyed HIM a lot though. A really smart, deep kid who’s not afraid to tackle the difficult questions and roles.

  250. 250
    Rachel() Says:

    @Rachel(): Alternate theory 2: One of them is a spy and one of them is an alien.
    While in the Swedish military, Alex was promoted to a Special Ops unit. He used his acting career, as one- cover and two- the perfect way to gain the trust of the rich, powerful, and EVIL. He was very successful.
    Kate Bosworth is desperately trying to revive her acting career.
    No one wants to hire her and Orlando B has recently shafted her as-s.
    Kate is approached by a tall, thin, and fabulous member of the race Mediawhoriscus, from the planet Saturn.
    This enviable creature, explains to Kate that she will revive her acting career, if Kate agrees to let the alien use her body as a host.
    The alien would be the primary personality, but Kate would still be alive and aware of all of the glorious attention she would be getting.
    Kate quickly agrees stating that “free will is so passe!”
    Swedish scientists notice an unprecedented amount of media coverage being given to a no-talent has been. They are also perplexed by the rail thin quality of the now style icon- Kate Bosworth.
    They can only guess that Kate is not human and therefore, forgets that she is supposed to eat. In light of this, they decide that yes, Kate Bosworth is in fact, an alien. Her mission: melt the minds of viewers throughout the nation. Her power: repetition of mind numbing cliches, incessant flirting, and atrocious acting.
    The scientists alert the Swedish government of their findings immediately. Government officials agree that there is only one man who can save the world from this abomination: Alexander Skarsgard.
    Alex will go to the U.S. and begin a career in HW. He will use his charm and enormous sex appeal to gain the trust of this unfortunate creature. His path will be treacherous. He will be forced to at least pretend to date Kate Bosworth. He may have to let the beast touch him, as he is irresistible to even alien life forms, and he will be at an extreme risk of having his mind melted. These risks do not deter him. He will protect his countrymen and the world at large!
    Alexander has largely accomplished his objective. He has established a career in HW and seduced the alien. Thus far he has managed to avoid having his mind melted, but he is unsure how long he has left. He is biding his time. He endures Kate’s constant pawing at him, but is overcome with a sense of shame at being seen with her. “If only the world could know that I’m doing this for them, and not because of some disgusting perversion!” he thinks to himself. Despite his unhappiness Alex remains committed to ridding the world of this evil. “The human race will prevail!!” Alexander swears to himself. There will come a day when he will be able to wipe Kate Bosworth off the face of the earth!! Until that time, earthlings beware!!

  251. 251
    little m Says:

    @Di: My theory is that the more ugly is the look of our favourite fashionista in JJ news, the longer discussion it provokes – remember “denim jacket”?

  252. 252
    Di Says:

    @Rachel(): LOL! You are a genius. I think you’ve figured it out! :) @little m: You mean the “denim jacket” everyone kept trying to say was Alex’s shirt? You might be onto something, too!

  253. 253
    Camille Says:


    Hahahah, and also…*darty eyes*

  254. 254
    Camille Says:


    GUH, don’t get me started on that shirt thing. Thank goodness Doreen posted those links to shut people up. Clearly not his shirt, but hey, whatever gets the stans all loved up.

  255. 255
    Di Says:

    @Camille: I know, that was annoying. But funny how QUIET the stans have been lately? Interesting.

  256. 256
    @post56 Says:

    hey Di

    I think the famewhore stans are staying quite and are waiting for the couply JJ pics of kate and alex merging hand in hand in san francisco, where kate is filming, best yet the met gala is this weekend will kate and alex show up together NYC?? and then the stans will bash us and call us fat, ugly, jealous fan girls lol lol…………………………
    then they will start to say how in love they are, oh I love kate and alex, oh there a cute couple, oh its not PR there a real couple, oh they look great together at the met gala (I hope alex is filming that weekend and wipe that smug off her face) etc etc etc…………………………………….

  257. 257
    sorry Says:

    sorry I meant @ post 256 not @post 56 (I am so stupid)

  258. 258
    Di Says:

    @@post56: Aww, everybody makes mistakes. Perhaps the topic of our conversations on these posts is the perfect example? If he travels anywhere to be with her, I will be surprised, disappointed and even more confused.

  259. 259
    Camille Says:


    It is interesting actually. Although if something does happen they’ll be like I told you so.

  260. 260
    Camille Says:


    Can’t see it. He’s had two weekend in a row off, three days with no filming for Coachella and then this past weekend he was already in NYC. You’d think they’d want to catch up on filming for TB.

  261. 261
    ladybug Says:

    @Camille: I missed this. Apparently she may or may not have been wearing his shirt and this was interpreted as what? That they’re betrothed?

  262. 262
    MERRICK Says:

    Has Cher tweeted/ FBed what Khate will be wearing to The Met Gala? I imagined if the stylist of the year felt it was important to tweet/FB about the Coachella ensembles, she would definitely want to tweet/ FB about what her client(s) will be wearing to what amounts to the Oscars of the fashion world.

  263. 263
    Camille Says:


    She wasn’t wearing his shirt. Some people said she was and this was supposed to mean they were living together, etc but it clearly wasn’t his shirt.

  264. 264
    seriously Says:

    Last thing Cher tweeted about was her new intern.

  265. 265
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di#259: Ah, but if he did go to the gala it would fit my theory perfectly. Perhaps it will be the night he strikes? One can only hope.

  266. 266
    you know the MEME Says:

    Retarded baby… you know the MEME:
    You gurls are over thinking about this people. They’re probably just narcissistic idiots.
    (Cue. to someone asking for my psychology degree and time zone :) )

  267. 267
    seriously Says:

    For all the kate stans out there that keep denying that celebs call the paps……

  268. 268
    seriously Says:

    And yeah, the pictures in this “candid” post were taken by flynet. (see post 258)

  269. 269
    seriously Says:

    My bad, I meant post 268

  270. 270

    The Dumb Bit*h is not going to the MET ball because of 2 things…
    Orlando and Gwyneth.

  271. 271
    Tanter Says:

    So no MET gala for Kate, I take it? Am surprised. I guess that explains why she’s lying low at the moment..

  272. 272
    Tulip Says:

    @Camille: You might be right. She might have come home to spend Easter weekend with Alex. I’m going to do more research on that. It’s possible JJ got the date wrong. The picture at the airport was taken mid-May after she finished filming Big Sur. She had to fly to Maine to film before Alex got back from Sweden.

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