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Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a friend’s house on Friday (April 22) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress, in a white tank and pink short shorts, carried a bag of food from one of her favorite L.A. eateries, Joan’s on Third.

Kate has reportedly joined the cast of Big Sur, along with Jean-Marc Barr and Josh Lucas.

The Michael Polish-directed flick centers around Jack Kerouac’s move from New York to Northern California as he tries to rediscover himself while writing his famous novel “On the Road.”

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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Cheap , liar

  • Seriously

    She doesn’t need to go to Alex’s place since they are living together. Why can’t you fangirls let go already. Your beloved Alex is in love with Kate. You should hate on him not her. He pals around with JJ so it is pretty obvious that he is fine with being called her boyfriend.

  • justme
  • Camille


    Calm down b*tchy mcgee! I was being sarcastic so get a grip before you burst a vessel. LOL!

  • Pointless

    yeah it was so disgusting the way alex was all over jj. he is so into this stuff and is being so silly when he hates on the paps. who does he think he is, anyway. you didnt see leo all kissing up to jj. that shows his character. alex is a fake.

  • Camille


    Right and there is so much proof of that other than some story the national enquirer wrote in dec which almost nobody picked up.

  • @Pointless

    @Pointless: The game is over for alex. Even the hardcore tpf crazies were disgusted when they saw him sweating on jj. they always laughed whenever jj linked kate and alex, and then they saw the proof. alex has been along for the ride this whole time. they always liked to say that alex was an unwilling participant, yeah right.

  • DailyNightly

    What world do you live in? Anytime he is photographed with her, he looks like he would rather be anywhere else. What couples that are living together and in love, never ever touch each other in public. He barely acknowledges her presence, except to look annoyed at her. They aren’t even remotely living together, most likely aren’t together at all.

  • ASux

    I dont like his sulky behavior, seems like such an act.

  • Do Tell

    @DailyNightly: so please tell us what he is doing with her. what kind of man would take her to sweden twice, vacations, premieres, parties, dinners, coachella, etc. what is the meaning of all this madness??? after all this, how can you say they are not together? he is with her, for what reason i do not know, but to say that he is not with her is beyond ridiculous at this point

  • saycheese

    She is going to her friend Nadia Conner’s house. They are still working on the screenplay for her film. I think she lives on Franklin Ave. Alex would never live in the Valley.

  • DailyNightly

    Hmm…let’s see. Jennifer Aniston and whatever poor b@stard they try to hook her up with this month, Taylor Swift and whatever poor b@stard they ty to hook her up with and thelist goes on. It’s a business relationship, one designed to bring them into the spotlight and generate publicity. It seems to be working for her, she keeps getting roles, God only knows why. Not doing so well for him, just makes him look really stupid. Hopefully, he is starting to smell the coffee and isn’t seen with her as much and when they are seen together, he doesn’t look happy.

  • Camille


    I was going to say the same thing about Aniston LOL!

  • Hmm

    Maybe they’re a couple, maybe not. However, whatever things they do together or events they go to together, they’re never alone. They even brought his brother with them on a movie “date.” That’s pretty weird for a couple. And all these “dates” that JJ posts about are actually dinner/lunch with a big group of friends. So, who knows. One week they’re breaking up, the next they’re totally in love. PR at its finest.

  • DailyNightly

    I’ve yet to see them “totally in love”.

  • crrrazy

    @DailyNightly: Yeah you are right, there are plenty of one month things that do happen right before a movie opens etc. But these two have been hanging out since ’09 when they had their movie date. Nobody in their right mind has high hopes for Straw Dogs because it is controversial, so enforcing two years of “togetherness” on them is not something anyone would agree to do. In addition the only couple in recent history that has had a hit movie would be Pitt/Jolie. Aniston has no luck doing this, as those movies have fared poorly at the box office except for the Vince Vaughn movie.

  • funny

    the thing I love is all the tpfers are going crazy right now, analyzing kate’s serious face. they think it signals that the end is near. what is wrong with those gurlz? they keep reliving the pain over and over again.

  • DailyNightly

    @crrrazy-I don’t think anyone else is enforcing anything on them. I think it was suggsted to them back in ’09 that if they got together or at least portrayed themselves as a real couple and got papped as often as possible, they could create enough buzz to keep people speculating. I think after awhile, especially if AS got wind of the fact that people were thinking he was a real a-hole for being with her, he didn’t want to be seen with her and does his best to lay low most of the time. There are perks that go with all of this-vacations in Mexico, Coachella. Gets him publicity which is the lifeblood of Hollywood. Unfortunately it involves being seen with her as well. Let’s see what happens after Straw Dogs either comes out o is sent straight to DVD.

  • agree

    It isn’t his house, you know Jared would say that in a nano second. and why look so serious? and grumpy? It was your publicist who called the paps, it’s not like your friend lives on a main street or you are important enough to follow around to pap, Kate. And that look on her is so severe. Why does she only wear that one really old pair of JMint earrings? Damn! And the boots are back!! Wilson, she really does look like she has five hairs and has them pulled back way too severely here..

  • DD

    I can’t believe there are 70+ comments about her looks for the most part!!! THe point of the post is because she is staring in a new film, Big Sur. It sounds really interesting, as I’m a fan of Jack Kerouac and San Francisco is so beautiful too where they’re obviously filming based on the novel. If any actor/actress is using snap shots of themselves going to a restaurant (big deal ha) they are ridiculous and I highly doubt a credible actress such as her has to or would stoop to that level. If anyone is getting publicity, it’s JOAN’S ON 3RD! Thanks for the post Jared–it is totally relevant and I’m stoked to see it!

  • PapWatch

    The serious expression on her face is probably an act. Now that she has been papped in LA, it looks like they are back to their regular papped routine: He gets papped alone, she gets papped alone, they both get papped together. So there will probably be a JJ posting of the two of them this weekend.

  • chelle

    Can someone please explain the winter boots with shorts? I guess I am fashion challenged?? It looks plain stupid to me. She looks so unhealthy. That is disturbing to see.

  • TACKY!

    He was sweating? When I thought it couldn’t get worse.
    I don’t know if he was like that before or the Boz killed my Skarslust, but now all I can see is flaws…
    Alex probably smells like sweat, booze and snus.

  • Di

    My favorite of those x17 pix someone linked to is the very last one when she looks like she got caught with her hand in the cokie jar. Missing “o” is not a typo. — someone answer me this: why do I feel bad for Jessica Biel but don’t mind putting the hate on Kate? Ha ha, rhymes for a reason…


    1. I don’t believe that Skars has a big Swedish flag outside of his gate……..unless of course he wants the paps and stalkers to know where he lives.

    2. I thought he lived in a gated community that paps couldn’t enter or get such a close up shot of.

    3. I doubt she has the b@lls to do a pap set up in front of his house. She knows how far she can push him…and if judging by her early departure and limited pap shots at Coachella, she’s already on thin ice.

    4. This obvious set up with Joan’s bag is just to keep the talk about the nomance going.

    5. I don’t know why this try hard poseur doesn’t understand that all of her machinations have come to naught. Her showmance and famewh*ring with Skars may have lead to a few bit parts..probably given by Kevin Spacey or Ryan Kavanaugh. However, she’s become more of a joke and has gotten more people to dislike her.

    Khate’s life in recap…Chris Martin cheating reported, both parties claimedw ould file lawsuits…neither did. She latches on to AS to deflect rumors and to get new host like any good parasite..Famewh*red and smugged all 2010 everywhere name dropping up and coming BF that’s never claimed her. Too bad bf(?) popularity nose dived due to association. Started Tackymint with Cher that they claimed to have designed all pieces….actual designer tweeted that Khate was wearing HER pieces on the Nylon cover. The Warriors Way that was shelved for 2 years was released by “friend” Ryan Kavanaugh. The movie cost $45M but only made $10M…big flop. Khate gets bit parts in straight to DVD or still unreleased movies. Orlando Bloom marries super cute pregnant Victoria’s Secrets supermodel and has beautiful baby boy right away. Orlando Bloom will appear in new Three Musketeers and The Hobbit( LOTR prequel)….sk@nk stank finally wearing off. Ryan Kavanaugh is now getting married to woman who can grace his table and life that other women won’t despise. I’m sure marriage won’t stop their arrangement. No matter Khate has a man whose big idea of PDA is her grabbing his belt loop at Coachella, him holding hers at Broken Bells and at WOW in Sweden. Lest I forget, he’s held her hand in Sweden …2XS!!! She sat on his lap…like a ventriloquist dummy , but she there.He also held her hand ( or she held his thumb) in Mexico on that romantic getaway for 20!!!

    DUH!! She’s winning!! Khate recently blew off a charity for foster kids to pose toplessly in Mexico and …nobody cared. She exposed those McNuggets right before Coachella for …nothing. None of the big entertainment sites gave a her a second look. No matter, I’m sure she’ll be having one of those romantic group dates with Skars soon.
    Somewhere out there jealous circus clown are gnashing their teeth at KB’s life.

  • must watch
  • o.m.g



    @Do Tell: ”

    Gee , I don’t know what kind o f man would take a sure thing that’s always available for his needs and events places? A LAZY ONE that knows it’s just a fun thing?

    What kind of woman puts up with a man who refuses to acknowledge that you’re his gf over a year? A prideless, desperate one.

    He treats her like that because she allows it. Just like she uses his name for relevancy because he allows it.

    I don’t see how her stans ca follow a woman that would allow a man to treat her like some annoyance or a back alley ho.

    I still like him BECAUSE he treats her like what she is. I have no sympathy for creatures that constantly need a man, have no respect for other women’s( friends no less)marriages in desperate need of attention and fame. On top of it she screwed over foster kids to pose topless. Angelina Jolie had her bad man stealing ways but at least she balanced that out with charity work, being a good mother, not being a drunk/cranked out talentless famewh*re whose only success is due to the men she…associates with.

  • Here we go again

    The outfit she’s wearing is from her cover on Nylon Magazine.
    Have tried to post a link but is getting moderated. There should a picture of it here on JJ.

  • nola

    I don’t think it’s a showmance or a fauxmance, I think they’re a real couple and that makes it even sadder. You called her a parasite and in a way you’re right, orly was smart enough to scrape her off before she could make him a has been but the swede isn’t so quick on the uptake. She’s sucked all the publicity she can out of him and it’s landed her a meaty roll, it’ll most likely fail because the girl is box office poison. His star has steadily been falling since they hooked up, there is no mention whatsoever of any projects in the works for him right now. Even the embarrassment of having pictures of him drunk the last day of coachella works in her favor……oh poor kate, see what she has to put up with…that kind of thing.
    It’s really a shame because he had such promise.

  • @Here we go again
  • Buttercups

    @nola: I agree with you.
    To be fair:
    If KBo is a “parasite”, Alexander seems unclean enough to be a “host”



    Post # 61. It was so not cool to put that woman’s full name or street on here. She doesn’t deserve to have crazies stalking her up on the internet or in RL…no one does. It’s one thing to gossip about a celebutard that WANTS to be gossiped about…quite another to drag innocent bystanders into it.

    JJ’s staff should remove it.

  • agree

    The reality is that this relationship won’t end unless something better comes along on either end. He has no history of ending things and she has always been opportunistic and he, right now, is overworked and not large on free time so having her around to service him is just fine. Does it suit her PR needs? I’m guessing no, but she’ll hang on until she can get better leverage and she ain’t finding it elsewhere. and god knows she is working Chateau like no one’s business – a friend of mine who works for a production company related to several a-listers was there a few weeks ago and she was as well with a girlfriend and she was working it, chatting up girls and guys. You have to give her credit, she knows she’s not top of mind.

  • Stacey Sunshine

    I wish I could date her and be with her body and DatingSingleNurses was amazing

  • haterade

    You look at some of the women he’s dated in the past, Izabella Miko and Sarah Tun, you can’t help but wonder what the h*ll happened that he’d resort to this little bit of talentless fluff.

  • Rebecca

    Here what I think: Maybe MAYBEE at the beginning, he liked her, maybe enough to take her in a date or something, but dear Kate being the very sultry girl she is, is stick to him.
    then someone (Kate’s publicist) gave the SMART advice of “Why don’t you “pretend” dating for a while until the movie is released?” (Because nothing will be more romantic than hooking up with your on-screen rapist)
    Kate, amused with the idea, throws herself at Alex, and the rumors of romance start, Alex being the nice guy he is, is cool to her UNTIL HE HAS ENOUGH OF HER ANNOYING PERSONALITY(2 weeks at most) and starts to ignore her, what bring us to these days.
    I don’t think they will be together for long (Thanks God), and let’s face it, at some point actors have to do some kind of PR to put themselves out there meawhile their projects are released, I think is right? NO.
    Kate is very annoying, in this pics specially she looks like Shhhit. And Alex, I hope he gets better co-stars or a nice girl he look happy with

  • http://viking65 mforman

    Thank goodness this relationship or whatever the heck you want to call what has been going on, is finally over. There is just nothing left, especially on his end, he has had it and his face shows it all more than ever. Merrick is right, all that had to be said was that she was going to her gf”s home for lunch on a break from shooting. The funny part is that this is the woman who asked her to be god mother to her new baby (that poor child), JJ could have used that, she loves that crap, because even she knows she pays to have friends. The worse part is we all know that her only friends are paid for. She is a bigger laughing stock in this industry more now that ever. She is being pushed aside and looked over by younger, smarter and so much more talented younger up and comers. I just watched the Fashion Police and it seems her and Taylor Swift wore the same under $100 dress from TopShop, of course Taylor won by 40%, but it shows us she is trying to wear less designer clothes to look cooler and younger. Unfortunately all she looks is very, very, desparte, and ridiculous.

    This so called relationshiop or whatever you want to call it is done. We wont see them together for 3 or 4 weeks, they will just be doing their things solo or with friends, (at least on his part) and then maybe just maybe, they will go on some group outing, the problem here is, his friends no longer want anything to do with her as we have seen recently (god, can you blame them).

    What I do love about this whole situation, is that she may have used him for any and all publicity she could get out of him, but he has held firm and showed the few holdouts to really see what a talentless, famewhoring, disgusting, waste of space and air she is. In this instance I think he won.

    I just cannot wait to see what he does next, because his talent will only flourish.

  • Effie

    it’s funny how Kate dating Alex have got her more press, but only to put her as a desperate actress, I think thanks to him eveyone now knows how needy she is and how easily men get bored by her
    Can you blame them? just look at this pictures, she looks old, sick and greasy….who will live with her? if she calls to get papped and looks like this, imagine how she looks like in the morning…………..

  • Nola
  • Beebee

    now she delivers food??

  • i disagree

    @mforman: how do you know this “relationship” and i use that term lightly, is done? i bet you it isn’t. i really believe that this charade is going on for a few more months or until strawdogs is released. i won’t believe that this “couple” is over, until i see kate hanging off a new man. i think you are all setting yourselves up for disappointment if you think we won’t continue seeing kb and as together. sorry.

  • haterade

    @haterade: @TACKY!: He may smell of sweat, booze and snus but she reeks of foot stank and desperation! Lord I wish she’d burn those boots!

  • haterade

    @Nola: Does anybody recognize him? He has a tattoo on his neck, maybe he’s the french actor from Big Sur? Sorry, can’t remember his name.

  • Rachel()

    @Rebecca: I agree in part. I think in the beginning he wanted to sleep w/ her(I know, eww) and did, and then he had trouble shaking her. She probably tried to use him as a shoulder to help her w/ her many personal problems, and nailed him whenever possible. I think through sheer will she manipulated him into actually liking her. People can seem very charming and innocent initially, but they can only keep up the act so long. I think as the relationship progressed, Alex saw her smiling at the cameras more and more frequently. He noticed her spending hours and hours scrutinizing over which clothes to wear, and how many times she got mentioned in fashion mags. It probably began to seem more than coincidental that the paps just happened to know where they’d be at all times. He probably also started to hear negative things about her from friends and family(like anyone on TB actually likes her!!).Throughout this time AS probably saw glimpses of the girl he had first liked, and this is what has kept him in the relationship. This would explain why he always looks like he hates her when they’re around paps. It reminds him of what a media-whore she is. I’m thinking that he had an image of who he thought KB was, and that image has all but worn away. Now they’re either very much so “on the rocks” or she’s in the stalking phase and he doesn’t want to seem like a douche-b.

  • Rachel()

    @Nola: Great find!! Major thumbs up!! Now if we could only forward it to AS…

  • hmmmmm

    @haterade: Could be Walton Goggins, he was in Straw Dogs with her and Alex. It would be hilarious if they hooked up, there couple name could be Boggins!!!

  • the other nola

    @haterade: Hmmm has it right, that’s Walton Goggins, he and his girlfriend, Kate’s writing partner, just had a baby.

  • Mari

    Phew, I am just glad OB got rid of her.

    Also I don’t understand why there is a need to have posts of her everday, sometimes more.

    She hasn’t had a successful movie out – main character or not – in ages. And apart from hating on her, no one really seems to be really interested in what she does.



    Sorry folks, he’s the bf/baby daddy of the friend/screen writer she’s visiting. He was also in Straw Dogs, like Rhys Coiro whose wife Kat Coiro is now Khate’s new BFF . Kat’s also the director of BFF and Baby, the Funny or Die skit and their new project. Funny that she’s now using all the people she gained from Straw Dogs.

    I guess for everyone including Skars it must have been heady to have The Blue Crush, Superman Returns lead actor take an interest in them. She must feel like Queen of the Hill and all these people must have felt she was very sweet and kind to let them work on other projects with her. Too bad it’s probably because no one else would work with her. Too bad for them she ruins everything she touches.

    I wonder if any of these new Straw Dogs acquired best friends wondered what happened to all her old friends.

    Btw, the woman that was with Cher and Khate in the Day 2 Coachella pictures is Cher’s sister.