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Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a friend’s house on Friday (April 22) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress, in a white tank and pink short shorts, carried a bag of food from one of her favorite L.A. eateries, Joan’s on Third.

Kate has reportedly joined the cast of Big Sur, along with Jean-Marc Barr and Josh Lucas.

The Michael Polish-directed flick centers around Jack Kerouac’s move from New York to Northern California as he tries to rediscover himself while writing his famous novel “On the Road.”

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272 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Friday Food Delivery!”

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  1. 101
    the other nola Says:

    @MERRICK: Looks like she’s driving Askars car in those pictures.

  2. 102
    the other nola Says:

    My bad, I think that’s a lexus in those pictures.

  3. 103
    P Says:

    I love ASkars and it’s hard to watch how fast his once promising HW career tanked since he switched agent and got hooked up with Bosworth, instantly. What a false move, on his or his PR’s part. It’s only been 2 yrs roughly? Any projects in development for him? Hardly hear about them now beside filming TB. Has he been invited to PR appearances as much as pre-Bosworth? How could his agent let this happened(and still letting it happen)? Exactly what are the pros of this Skarsworth hook-up beside generates talks for SD, which no one cares if it sits for another year or two to release(or straight to DVD). It the cast is in demand cash cow they will rush to release like no tomorrow.
    BTW as a brunette, Bosworth needs to stop dying her remaining 3 hairs blond.

  4. 104
    Shannon Says:

    @mforman: Umm you say the same thing every post. You act like you have insider information & know how he feels based on his facial expressions. Maybe that’s just his face, lol. I’m by no means a Kate fan & I’m skeptical of this “relationship,” but even I think you need to chill out.

  5. 105
    MERRICK Says:

    @the other nola:

    I really think that the Audi people that give him the cars to drive would frown on other people driving them, especially for pap set ups.

  6. 106
    sigh Says:

    If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s thread bullies. I see them on just about every board, using several different names but always sounding like the same person. They drive away the folks that might have something interesting to say but that’s what they want, complete control of the thread. If you contradict them it turns into an all out flame war. To me the more people contributing to a thread the more interesting it is, anyone agree?

  7. 107
    ERRICKM Says:


    I find it ironic that people like to accuse other people of the very thing they’re guilty of. Funny, that they leave THEIR boards that THEY CONTROL and try to passively aggressively speak condescendingly to other people who do not share their views. I very much doubt you would have written this is people actually supported your pro Khate views. Unlike your boards, people on JJ are free to state their opinions without being banned. Bugs you, don’t it.

    The only one changing names is YOU. Get over it , more people dislike/ despise Khate than are fans. No need to change /make different monikers to express that …unlike you two Khate fans.

  8. 108
    sigh Says:

    @ERRICKM: What I find most interesting is that I didn’t mention any names and yet you were the one to jump to the attack…..and for the record, I’m not a fan of kate, I was simply making an observation.

  9. 109
    ERRICKM Says:


    I answered because like you said… “To me the more people contributing to a thread the more interesting it is, anyone agree?”

    That includes me, correct? Unless of course, you’re a board bully.?..* LE SIGH* : (

  10. 110
    sigh Says:

    I’m no bully, but I am an observer of human nature. I would never attack someone for their viewpoint, nor would I insult their intelligence if they didn’t agree with me. I wouldn’t accuse them of subterfuge or underhanded behavior. I believe we all have a voice and all voices should be heard. Do you agree?

  11. 111
    ERRICKM Says:


    You wouldn’t accuse anyone of subterfuge?

    “If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s thread bullies. I see them on just about every board, using several different names but always sounding like the same person”

    So when you stated that people are using several different names but sounding the same, that’s not an accusation of subterfuge? Good to know an alternate definition of the word. Too bad the people at Merriam Webster still think it means this:

    .Definition of SUBTERFUGE

    : deception by artifice or strategem in order to conceal, escape, or evade
    : a deceptive device or stratagem

    You should contact them with your new definition.

  12. 112
    Mjforever Says:

    WTF Happened to this chick? I miss 2003/04 Kate .

  13. 113
    Gollum Says:

    Still searching for her precious.

  14. 114
    kiko Says:

    I’m totally indifferent when it comes to Alex and Kate but I had to post this. I saw a couple of posts from Friday April 22nd here on JJ. JLo, diCaprio and J.Gylenhall. They’re all wearing warmer clothes – long sleeved shirts, jeans or bottoms of track suit. So obvious conclusion is that it’s chilly despite of sunny weather. So I’m kind of confused with Kate’s choice of tank top and shorts. I’m thin in my upper body pretty much like her, but man I freeze easily. I would wear such outfit (without boots) only if temperature were 90F.

  15. 115
    So Done Says:

    @P: yeah his career is totally done, he has melancholia coming up in Cannes, Metropia, the new season of treu blood, battleship and well…straw dogs……YOU ARE SO RIGHT….meanwhile …Why don’t you find a job?

  16. 116
    Mike Says:

    She’s beautiful!

  17. 117
    So Says:

    So she runs back to LA this weekend and Skarsgard is in NYC? Doing a shoot for Interview and hanging with his friends? What is going on with them? They look miserable or stone faced together and they don’t even hang out that much.

  18. 118
    notexactly Says:

    @So: you spoke too soon

  19. 119
    Camille Says:


    Alex is in NYC? Where did you hear that?

  20. 120
    Really? Says:

    @notexactly: Meaning what exactly?

  21. 121
    Lovely Says:

    @So: She runs back to LA? Did it ever occur to you it’s Easter weekend? Maybe she wants to spend it with friends and family. Maybe Alex is coming back to LA for Easter. Way too much jealousy and silly behavior on this board!

  22. 122
    So Says:

    @Camille: He’s being shot for the cover of Interview with Crystal Renn and he was spotted at parties last night with PJ Ransone.

    Heading to 1896 to shoot Alexander Skarsgard & the stunning Crystal Renn for the June July cover of #Interview #yourstunningtooAlex

    notexactly – why? she hop a plane out there?

  23. 123
    Camille Says:


    Maybe she should go back east to hang with her family since that’s where they live. Just saying. Her family never seems to be around much.

  24. 124
    So Says:

    Camille, don’t know why this didn’t post before – he’s doing a cover shoot. There were a number of tweets from him at a party last night as well:

    Heading to 1896 to shoot Alexander Skarsgard & the stunning Crystal Renn for the June July cover of #Interview #yourstunningtooAlex

    notexactly – what? she hopped a flight

    Lovely – thanks. I was wondering how the stans were going to spin this. now I know.

  25. 125
    Camille Says:


    Thanks! I’m on my iPhone so I don’t have all the fave sites I normally would @ home.

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