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LeAnn Rimes Weds Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes Weds Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are now husband and wife!

LeAnn and Eddie were happily married today [Friday, April 22] surrounded by their closest family and friends. They thank everyone for their well wishes,” her rep told People.

LeAnn, 28, wore a Reem Acra gown for the intimate ceremony, which included about 40 guests along with Eddie‘s sons, Mason, 7, and Jake, 4.

The couple had told friends and family they were invited to an engagement party – then surprised them by exchanging vows at a private home in California.

Congrats to LeAnn and Eddie!

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Credit: Jacob Andrzejczak; Photos: Getty
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  • vinha

    And now he can cheat on her…

  • rachel

    Whatever. I wish everyone would stop talking about them.

  • lynn

    once a cheater, always a cheater. Not to be mean, but I hope their marriage doesn’t last

  • bored

    Are they sure they’re not related? looking like twins with those squinty eyes. Of course Eddie Cibrian is the pretty twin.

  • bored

    Oh yeah , and Congrats to them.

  • adrian

    hurry up eddie, knock her up good till she pops out about 7 then do what you do best

  • lexy hates bilson

    Congrats to them! It’s nice they found each other!

  • gwen

    After EC and LR media blitz these past two weeks and the damage control that STAR has been doing on JJ and E, if EC and LR guests where tricked into believing that they were attending an engagement party, then what does that say about their judgement and insight into EC and LR relationship.

    Does anyone find it funny that LR and EC wedding happens on the day that ACM is honoring CU, RM, and ML? Was someone a little upset because they were not included in on this?

  • Wtf!?

    I am cringing….ouch!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Well, we knew it was going to happen.
    Now, official countdown to divorce can begin.
    I am not saying it wasok to make fools out of their then spouses by even flirting with each out on a couple dinner.
    If LeEddie makes oit 10, 20, plus, years, then I guess it was real. Johnny Cash and June Carter just weren’t two people who met and fell in love.
    Hea gone husband and she had been married a few times, I think. He had big problems so if she wanted him, she got him.
    Theirs was the real thing.
    I don’t see LeEddie as that.

  • gwen

    So how will Leann go about leaking the photos from her wedding to the media?

    Since LR and EC sold Bauer Griffin the photos from his sons birthday party, will “someone”( possibly the neighbor of the house they were married at) sell those photos to Bauer Griffin? If Bauer Griffin gets the photos from the wedding first, I am going to ROTL.

    Will it be the STAGED engagement photo-ops all over again? Someone was hiding in the bushes and got candid shots of EC and LR and EC sons.

    Will it be a front page exclusive with People mag and Hello because WEWE wants to upstage Reese W.

    Interesting how STAR has been MIA all day? LR gets married and STAR disappears? STAR made only 1 appearance on JJ and not one appearance on E. Strange.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    This is no surprise. I wish them the same happiness they gave Brandi,Now watch her really stress out.

  • gwen

    @Go Ask Alice:

    I’m on the countdown on how long it takes them to leak the photos to the media/press.

  • minty fresh

    I hope she is still smiling when he cheats on her. If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you.

  • Racy

    NOW, you old jealous broads didn’t stop a thing, did you? Hope you find some new stories to make up now that they are married. Bitter old girls who couldn’t mind their own business and, lately, it didn’t have a thing to do with BG – just you. Sleep well tonight and try to dream up some new stuff. The old was getting VERY BORING!! Hope they live long and happy lives with a lot of love. Sweet dreams in your coven, BBs. Please let me know when the pics come out. You will see them first since you trail around after her so closely trying to find something wrong

  • commonsense

    No good will come of this and in a few years she’ll realize that he was the biggest mistake she ever made.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How nice of you to join us? Oh wait, you NEVER left, you have been having a field day posting under all those different names.

    1) “NOW, you old jealous broads didn’t stop a thing, did you? ”

    WEWE, who was trying to stop you and EC from getting married? His other mistress?

    So that is why you showed up as STAR and CO and ATHENA because you were trying to protect your wedding?

    2)”Hope you find some new stories to make up now that they are married. ”

    Oh WEWE, do you really think that getting married is going to make the backlash stop?

    No one likes you and as long as you keep tweeting and staging the photos and tweeting about BG kids the backlash is going to get worse.

    You have that interview coming up on Sat.

    3)”Bitter old girls who couldn’t mind their own business and, lately, it didn’t have a thing to do with BG – just you. ”

    Leann. Well any woman who tweets about another womans’ kids has got to be bitter.

    That is what is so funny because you made sure to put BG name all up in it.

    4)”Sleep well tonight and try to dream up some new stuff. ”

    Perhaps you should be trying to dream up some new ways to get WEWE some fans.

    5)”The old was getting VERY BORING!! ”

    What? EC finds WEWE boring? So why did he marry her? Oh her bank account, right?

    6)”Hope they live long and happy lives with a lot of love. ”

    Keep your bank account full and EC will do just that.

    7)”Sweet dreams in your coven, BBs. ”


    Well we know that the EC will be having sweet dreams of WEWE bank account. Did he sign a pre-nup?

    8)”Please let me know when the pics come out. ”

    I was just on Yahoo and Leann is not one of the trending topics, so me bet is that you will release the photos in 30 min.

    9)You will see them first since you trail around after her so closely trying to find something wrong:


    I told you that Frannie plate is RACY. Isn’t this the same post that you made in other thread?

  • gwen




    RACY IS ATHENA/FRANNIE PLATE. Check the other thread. She made post here and then 6 min later made a post in the other thread as athena.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy What hole did you crawl out of. No one is envious of this union I actually feel sorry for Leann. Her weight loss undoubtedly was not from wedding jitters having this small shotgun type wedding. Leann problems just started.She smiles but she still doe not look happy . She knows Eddie is no prize.Eddie is the winner now he has access to her money.I hope she had a prenup with stipulations. Leann is the one that will be losing sleep. If you are insecure before marriage,marriage will not secure the relationship..

  • gwen

    This is the prediction that I wrote on 4/05 on how WEWE wedding was going to play out, so how did I do?

    Can you image WEWE disappointment when the public doesn’t and ah over her wedding the way they did Reeses? The internet might crash because we all know that WEWE is going to bombard EVERY media outlet with photos and details of her wedding.

    Any takes on how WEWE will play out? Here’s my take.

    The internet gets slammed with rumors that EC and LR are getting married around end of April, May(somewhere around the day that EC married BG or probably on mother’s day), or June(EC birthday, father’s day).

    WEWE takes to twitter to deny it, putting on a big show just like she did with her engagment denial. Meanwhile, photos(or “couples sited” story from People mag) of her and EC families arriving to their wedding destination pop up all over the internet. Leann continues to deny and deny on twitter of course.

    One day, WEWE gets on twitter and writes about how happy she is. She then goes on to talk about how she is crying happy tears and is so blessed. She tweets photos of her dinner table and talks about how good it is to be surrounded by two sets of families. BTW, it will be easy to pinpoint the day and time because it will be day that WEWE disappears from twitter(unless of course she is planning on twitting and taking twitpics the during the whole ceremony).

    Somehow (aka Leann ) photos of WEWE and EC wedding are leaked onto the internet. They will feature WEWE slobbering all over EC as his sons stand nearby.

    WEWE expresses anger over how the paps “invaded” her privacy. She then makes the pap photo of her wedding her icon for twitter.

    Within minutes of the “leaked” wedding photos, People mag will release an article on their website about the details of WEWE and EC wedding. Meanwhile WEWE is making sure that EVERY media outlet is posting something about her and EC wedding.

    Then a week later, People mag will do an exclusive of WEWE and EC wedding (with a complete spread showing the place, EC kids, EC parents, EC family, etc…) and put a photo of WEWE and EC doing a pose that WEWE copied from EC and BG wedding on their cover.

    She then annouces a reality tv show. But since she denied that she and EC were in works for a reality tv show, she will have to disguise it as a show that covers her journey as a artist. So it will be a show about her and EC marriage/wedding, but they will sell it as a show about WEWE making music/albums.

    If they don’t do a reality tv show, I can also see them doing some type of wedding tv special either before/after the wedding.


    1) Towards the end of April the internet was slammed with rumors of WEWE getting married

    2) She did take to twitter to deny it, but she didn’t put on a big show like last time

    3) Surprising enough there were no photos of her wedding guests arriving to her wedding.

    4) WEWE has been on twitter writing about how happy she is all week long

    5) I haven’t checked her twitter account, so did WEWE go silent for a long time on twitter?

    6) The wedding photos weren’t leaked yet.

    7) US Weekly and People mag were the first to annouce that WEWE and EC were married. With People mag giving the details.

    8) I thought that it would take a day or two for WEWE to leak news of her wedding to EVERY media outlet, but she has done it in just about an 30 min after leaking it to People mag.

    9) And exclusive from People mag on the wedding hasn’t been released yet. If it’s not released tomorrow, then I say they are going to release it on the day that Kate M and Prince W get married.

    10) She is doing a interview about her wedding/engagement under the pretense that it’s for her career/music. This was annouced before the wedding the wedding instead of after.

    11) No word on the weeding special or reality tv show, but I’m sure that it’s in the works.

  • gwen

    STAR is back, the voting system is going unstable again.

  • gwen

    Leann’s name isn’t trending on YAHOO yet, I guess WEWE has to dish out even more money to get coverage for her wedding.

  • M

    Why are there always so many posts about this couple? The way the hooked up together is absolutely horrible. To continue giving them “positive press” isn’t fair. They don’t deserve it.

  • m

    she should probably eat something…

  • Barbara Griego

    Congratulations. I wish them both much happiness.

  • j

    who is gonna cheat first? don’t think its good entering a relationship built on distrust, deception, infidelity, and marry them hmm

  • gwen

    I think that EC has already cheated on WEWE.

    It’s a matter of how much she is going to pay out to hide it.

  • Odetty Reecy

    Very very congratulation for your marriage..Big decision take by you..

  • Mari

    Wow, some people really get involved in here, judging by the length of their comments. Maybe concentrating a bit more on their own life would take off some of the obsession here.

    While I don’t like this woman and her now hubby. I don’t really care if they get married or do nude dancing on the beach in Barbados.

  • star

    wow now that took me by surprise (laughs hehehe) didnt see that coming. congrats to LeAnn and Eddie!

  • Marieme

    Yes of course they’re married! The sooner it happened the sooner he has legal access to her money! Plus she fulfilled all his demands: fake boobs and starving herself.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @ Gwen

    Iguana Face is probably STILL pissed that Reese’s wedding still upstaged her! I find it comical that they decide to get married exactly one week before the Royal Wedding! She probably wanted ALL the spotlight on her!
    Just waiting for the photos to “leak”. I’m counting down in 3….2…..1……
    Then she will boo hoo about how the paps “invaded” her privacy on her “big day” . Boo hoo !
    Now let the REAL stress begin. She is probably trying to find a leash short enough for EC. But like you said, he ALREADY cheated.
    Oh Iguana Face, pathetic and desperation is not a good look. But you seem to wear it so well !

  • Speak Now

    Gwen lives in such a cesspool of hate. Leann is happy and gwen is hating, as usual. What a sad life gwen leads, accusing everyone who posts here of being Leann. It’s a sign of mental instability!

  • Oh really?

    Countdown to the headline: “LeAnn Rimes divorces Eddie Cibrian.”

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Rachell

    am giving them 2 yrs max. He will cheat on her and she will lose her mind.

  • brainy box


  • Jess

    God, you people need lives! The hate train against Eddie and LeAnn is getting OLD! I love the two of them together (have you guys seen Northern Lights?? – Hello chemistry!) while they had NO chemistry AT ALL with their exes.

  • blair

    Would love to see the pre nup of this unholy matrimony. The divorce is gonna be much more interesting than this.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SPEAK NOW lives in such a cesspool of hate. Leann is NOT happy and she is mad because EC and his mistress are hating on her for forcing EC to marry her , as usual. What a sad life SPEAK NOW leads, being dumb enough to post under all these different names and then getting mad when she is called out for doing that.. SPEAK NOWs obsession with me is a sign of mental instability!

    Hi frannieplate/co!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gwen


    Hello SPEAK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, some people really get involved in here, judging by the length of their comments. Maybe fi WEWE concentrated a bit more on HER own life it would take off some of the obsession she has with posters who post here.

  • gwen


    STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You haven’t been posting very much today!!!!!!!!!

  • ina


    and how the hell is that not being mean?

  • ina


    and how the hell is that not being mean?

  • ina

    I’m so happy 2 c a lot of ppl who have no lives coming out here 2 post sum bull so they can feel better inside. I pitty u.

  • gwen


    Hi WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why are you still posting under all these different names?

    We know that WEWE needs a life! The hate train against people who don’t like Eddie and LeAnn is getting OLD! No one will everlove the two of them together (it’s probably a great idea if you haven’t seen Northern Lights – Hello EC had more chemistry with the dog!) EC though WEWE keeps saying that they had NO chemistry AT ALL with their exes, the pda photos of EC and BG and of LR and DS tell a different story.

    Hey Speak NOW/CO/FP!!!!!!!!!!.

  • gwen


    Is that also like how you told CO that you don’t respond to my posts or care what I think?

  • gwen


    hi STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “I’m so happy 2 c a lot of ppl who have no lives coming out here 2 post sum bull so they can feel better inside.”

    Speak now, jess, and mari?

    2) I pitty u.


  • gwen

    @Gwen Rocks!:

    Have you seen the damage control she is doing already?

    Suddenly posters we have never seen before are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad they still won’t download her song.

    Did you see that STAR was MIA for most of the day? She says she was “sleep”, but that was odd because for the last two days she had been bombarding these threads ALL DAY LONG.

  • emmaa

    Omg they copied Britney and Kevin with the suprise wedding haha. Meh, good luck to them.