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Rachel Bilson: Barbados with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson: Barbados with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson shows off her bikini bod in a black two-piece while vacationing with boyfriend Hayden Christensen on Friday (April 22) in Barbados.

The two enjoyed some R&R on the island, hitting the beach and taking a dip in the ocean together.

Earlier in the day, Rachel, 29, and Hayden, who turned 30 on Tuesday, jetted out of NYC’s JFK Airport.

Rachel was in the Big Apple to attended the Magnum premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival with designer Karl Lagerfeld.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen in Barbados…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen barbados 09
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  • LOLZ

    they sure got these photos fast….

  • Sun

    hahahahaha what’s up with his head???? lol

  • I’m from Korea


  • Shannon

    Oh look, two pieces of boiled broccoli on vacation.

    She has a cute body, though.

  • yeah right

    It;s useful when the paps know where to find you!

  • Shannon

    Taking a vacation?? Working too hard shopping? Must be nice

  • Alison

    I wish I had her body

  • Justin

    Hayden looks hot.

  • 44

    They are never affectionate.

  • Karina

    Whoa Rachel has been hiding that gorgeous body and Hayden, well he’s still his “sexy self” and lookin hot. They both look so happy and relaxed. As a FAN I only want to see Hayden Christensen happy and it sure appears that the happiness comes from Rachel!!!!!

  • Karina

    Hayden is SUCH a manly, man, whew! I’ll carry your towels or whatever! God, how cute is Rachel!

  • OMG

    Press tipping at their finest, Private my ass they knew they have to sensationalize themselves now they can’t get work, Yeah Bilho work it for the camera crew, don’t tell ppl they have no idea where they were going they knew and agent had them ready for the photo shoot.


    Your right they never show they even care about one another even on a vacation. Hell lesser celebrities do better then these two,

  • the truth.

    He does look hot. And he sill not shopping any affection toward her. She just ddn’t want to com right now. She jst want to continue this, Sheknows tht she can attention from this. Don’t se anyone smiling like they are having fun. She should tell people that they are back.on. She just follw him that’s all. You can’t believe anything she say anymore. She tell lies that they had broken -up. What a liar she is..hat’s wht happen when a person not working like hayden. That; what he suppose to be doing. Her credible andso is him >Soon she will be breaking -up with him again. She told thepap where she was going at te airpot. I thought hayden didn’t like pap to know where he was going?This all for her not him. So she got tell people then truth now.JJ he’s not her boyfriends just friends ok. You should ask them.

  • chris23

    Wow! Since when does Hayden let cameras intrude on his private time???? I guess it’s time to promote the future Mrs. Christensen’s show.

    Anyway, good for them. They look good together so I wish them luck.

  • Yo-Landi

    I think she has a nice body. Perfect size, not too stick thin. And she’s lucky, she’s gettinf f*@k!d by Darth Vader XD

  • Whatever

    I would NOT want her body, her legs look short and stumpy, sorry but I do not envy her body, her breasts are too small for her frame which makes her shoulders look broader and slightly masculine, her thighs and her legs are too short which makes them look fatter than they are.
    Her upper body torso is longer so it again, makes her legs look midget like.
    Her waist and tummy looks good though.

  • Anela

    whoever said they are never affectionate is right. they don’t even look like friends.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Go in the hell swin, not in the sea
    dont deserve anything good

  • Chelly

    Even though I don’t like her, I do think she looks a lot better than she used to. Her face still looks tired and worn, but her waist and hips look smaller. Her boobs are a lot smaller than she said once in a fashion interview (She’s no C!). I’m kinda glad they went to the beach because wow they are pale! hayden….what’s up with the homemade haircuts. Geez they look bad!

  • Pap tipping anonymous

    Oh look it’s Demi and Ashton the sequel.

  • phat-ruley

    Sagged bean shape tits, wide hips, big bum, short legs – and thats perfect really?!
    And that guy from Star Wars is gross – looked at his chest, its also sagging toppled w/ that beer belly gut.

  • the truth.

    Its just for attention Nothing more. He didn’t better when he was alone. hayden has becamea sell out. To rachel to make her happen. Tey won’t be there long. Rachel is a lying dog. To amke aman to be with her. She isvery deperated for attentin. Just be cause she don’t wat to move with someone else. o agents are not telling to be together. Rachl did it herelf. She made herelf go with . when she said she wasn;t going to be with him anymore.Sh just a lying whore. She sleep with anybody for everything. Liar liar liarNo fan are mind anymore. when you sellout for rachel and your career. I hope you both Go stright to hell. But losres liars. You and a whore just like she is. No do no work anymore. THat’s not going to help your career. She stat crying when he leave and go back home cause that’s what he going to do..And ayde you haveget job instead or being lazy just like her. Natalie is still a better woman than her. Why you want to be with dump ass woman likethat. You still haven’t leaned nothing. At least adam did get rid are her ass. And you should done the same.You let rachel use you and yooou are no better for it. All she to do now is start messing with other men now. You and her don’t know how to move. on until shebreak-up with you gain. What does the prove? Nothing but she made you out of aliar. Why don’t you hurry up and find something to dfo. I ate you hayden christensen. You’re nothing but a losre just like rachel . You should have never tar messing with her again. LLOW class acor can’t even get decent just. Following her that ex girl friendlike a little puppy doe. >You are bastar low down dog just like rachel bilson. I hope she dump your as when she get home. ause you don’t give adam about nothing just like her.You llie like her you ply games just like. You lay up with her and amke people think you don’t. Ypou follw her around like she the bestr thing you ever had, Then you run behind her like you don’t have any sens at all. You could find you another person to be with. YOu know that she was going to tell them where you was going. Let he do things to you like that because she don’t have nothing going on with her, Rachel is not happy until shedetryed hayden. I’m galad Adam got out that mess.She only did for agent Its not for hayden at al. She will be homesoon. Both are whores hayden and rachl is whores for pap. You are ago damn whorse hayden chistensen. You are ass and rachel is a whore. Put it togther ass whore. Both make me sick. ashole Asshole ASS hole ASShole AS hole ASS hole ASS Hole BOTH areb whored ;Hayden christensen isa bad actor and a media whorse just like his Ass hole rachel bilson. Hayen is nothing but a bad actor and a medai whorre lie rachel bilson. She useyour ass and you don’t do nthing about. I telling everyon right now that hayden christensen is bad actor a media whorse jsut like his ex rachel bilson. Damn she mdae you take her with you on vacation?Yes she did. Its not rachel its rachel making him do this, Ass hole rachel and Hayden christensen. Both no talentedand can’t act at all.Both are losres stop being hayden christensen fan because he is aliar just like rachel bilson.I don;t see how are they so happy theybarely togther her. I hoerachel bilson use your ass up like he doing. Cause yo deserve everything that she gives you. You are low-down liar just like her. Yopu np god actor can’t even get an acting gig. following around that whore. hn she laid up jg and you knew thsi, what is going take to see she no god. You ass hole you fuchkong ass hole . Hate your damn ass loser nd ass whorse rachel bilson I hate you both dirty ass hole she didn’;t you vacation withher. Low down dirty ass hole Hayden christensemn And his ex ass hole. I will never look at another movie you make. You liar ass hole hate your guts. Everyon hate hayden christensen cause he nothing but liar and just like his ex. She made hi liar and a decent man anymore..He nothing anymore . Jst a ass hole like his ex rachel bison. I also hate this ite for promoting their rlationship and rachel bilson and hayden chrstensen. Don’t buy his, dve the movie was nothing but shit just like hayden christensen and rachel bilson.Ass hole rachel bilson ad Hayden christensen that’s what it should have read. Ass hole hate hayden chrstensen and rachel bison Losres. And don’t believe nothing rachel bilson and Hayden christensen they both liars and ass hole liars. Kss my ass hayden christensen rachel losres ass kisses hayden chrsitensen s nothing but a whorse too losres ass hole. Eating rachel bilson pussy every day you ass actor you will never be like natalie portman. Going on vacation is not going to get you ajo. Both are dumb ass losres actors. Hayden christensen isdump ass actorsdon’t go see his movies are buy his dvd He’salosers ass actor just rachel bilson. I hope she mess up his lfe so he can’t get any work at;Rachel liar and whore an asskissre just like Hayden chrsitensen has became. ss losre whore hate your ass dirty whore.

  • whodie

    @14 – When acting gigs arent comng in – privacy automatically flies out of the windows – fast!

    @20 – Nah its the reincarnated version of John Lennon & Yoko Ono but badly needs talent implants

  • what kind of truth is that

    @the truth.: From your spelling, I am guessing English is not your first language, but no matter what, you seriously have some anger issues about people you don’t even know. If you don’t like them, why bother to post?

  • moi


    and your body is perfect? get over yourself.

  • monreal

    Most likely that its the same set of paparazzi on these “contractual whole weekend photo-ops”… exclusively brought to you nonetheless by their gossip pimp JJ.

  • moi

    @the truth.:

    if you hate them so much, why not just make use of the scroll button and scroll right on past them? i think you are just a jealous fangirl with no grasp of the english language. grow the hell up or gtfo.

  • Yepper

    I’ve seen tweets where they have said that JJ paps are always “hanging” with some of these fools, so I’m totally believing that there are people sent that they know and don’t necessarily mind. Photos have been set up like this since the HW golden age and I don’t see it ever changing.

  • pap tippers anonymous
  • lexy hates bilson

    Are we supposed to believe that the paps followed these 2 has-beens to Barbados?? How stupid do Rachel’s PR folks think we are?? This isn’t Brangelina or Reese & her new hubby…this is like following K-Fed!!

  • SweeTalk

    They are such a hot couple! Rachel has an AMAZING body. WOW! Hayden, your lucky!

  • ATLQueen

    To everyone who is complaining that these photos of RB and HC have been staged and set up…… I look forward to these. I’m here because I want to see them. I like them being posted every two seconds so….. RB and HC keep paying that check and JJ keep pimpin them photos out babe. You’re doing your job justice.

  • the truth.

    I take back some words I say. Hayden doesn’t be better alonee but she a lying liar who is a b*tch wore. OK!!! I have fallen madly in love many years ago with hayden christensen and to see these to liar losers in a low claass relationship is to much for me. I move on and hoep hayden breaks up with this ass wh*re liar bi*ch like rachel ok? i am glad adam did get rid or her ass because a woman like that is a sellout and hayden doesn’t see that and that makes him low class. i no longer care about how big his p*nis gets and how hard it might be because a loser liar has no business near my business.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe JJ can post Snooki’s work out plan for HC. Clearly hiding in hotels isn’t doing much for him. He doesn’t have Leo’s acting abilities and Rachel…well she’s NO Bar…

  • SammiSweetheat

    @the truth.: I think everybody already knew you were madly in love with Hayden Christensen. You talk like a complete weirdo. “she a lying liar who is a b*tch wore.” Like, what? You sound stupid.

  • LOLZ

    @the truth.: That was kinda scary and a bit too much information to share with everyone >.>

  • SammiSweetheat

    @lexy hates bilson: Sorry but, if according to you they’re just like K-Fed & are “has-beens” why do you still comment on their posts? Seriously I just want to know. Why do you care?

  • Stacey Sunshine

    R they married yet? I hope so and DatingSingleNurses was amazing

  • Jenny

    WOW – AMAZING BODY!! This is definitely inspiration for me to work out.

  • amaranth

    They’re NO Demi or Ashton either as #29 stated in whatever comparison. The last time I checked is that Ashton’s last movie went to #1 & Demi even for once, got a 20 million dollar paycheck in just one movie.
    As for these 2 beach bums, their last (seperate) movies’ distributor couldnt even get more than 5 theaters just knowing that their names are mainly attached on it.
    So yah there’s nothing better to do than wh*ring away to the max!

  • the truth.

    Don’t you all buy Rachel bilson and hayden Christensen VD . Both arest thliars and fakes. He is bad as she is. He not areal man. And real man would have left this losres ass dumb woman along by now. She sleptn with jag and ahe took her right back. That was dumb as could bde. Natlie is still the best one.Rachel bilson ans heb loser ex will never measure up to nothing. She did Adam the same way she’s doing hayden. And he don’t realize it yet. waht he going to do next live with her?What the hell he oing on here so damn much. He let rachel talk him into anytrhing.So this suppse to get a job pr some kind are award cause natlie got something and you didn’t? What the the hel was you thinking when you let rachel hook back up with you. Shealways going to control you and you know this. That don’t coment on rachel and haydn anymore thye are losres and liars. He don’t give damn about nobody buut hiself and that losre bitch he’s hanging with. She broke up with him and call off the engagement. Then he ran his lazy ass back with her. What a loss.Whn only time you get attention is when you’re with he.You loer ass actor . Rachel is the only thing that keep you going.when she has had every man in CA and you want hang with Tht? Yopu suppose to have left her alone . But no you took your ass right back to like a puppy dog You and rachel had people to believe that both are had broken -up. That’s right people he and rachel did that to you. Natalie don’t have topull shit like that for atentin. She’s the smart one. And hayden is the dumb one. I don’t think he wants a smart woman he wants a dumb one. With looksand no brains. That right don’t believe hayden christensen and what he do. He don’t do nothing but run behind rachel bilson and so does she.Both can’t do nothing but use other people and lie to them. That’s right lie. And hayden help her do this. Becaue he is not working don’t should not make him a dumb ass man .I ahate yo and idon’t knowyou for defending them both. You dan well hayden is a losre and coward when it comes to women. He let them him and lte them walk al over them. Especialy rachel that waht she had ben doing to him. She always doing some thing to to make a fool out are him. and that damn man let her, What dumb ass man tolet rachel do that to him He is 30 ad haven’t learned shit about nothing. No they don’t show affection cause rachel stil wants to ake people like her and they still don’t Why she keep trying to make people like her and they still don’t. Being with him is not going to get her movie deal or any special attention. Since the bitch lied about breaking -up with him andhe went along with her.

  • the truth.

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  • the truth.

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  • whizzer

    A deadly TSUNAMI badly needs these two alone & right now…

  • @ the truth

    And now you have come to your senses. Yeah thats the spirit – keep on going…

  • the truth.

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  • the truth.

    Eating poop isn’t wrong. What is wrong with the picture that is painted? NOTHING!! Hayden christensen may not **** me cause I am not a loser bitch actress, but I am strong like a Willow tree that grew from the dirt on top of leaves. I have a healthy diet if feces unlike loser rachel who is only into fameworing like her lover that should be mine. I can be incontinent sometimes but it makes me stronger then these to loser bitches who never like people of color. rachel bilson is a scab on to society like hayden and sometimes i eat scabs and it’s a CONDITION. but I wouldn’t eat hayden christensens scabs because he is a traitor!

  • LOLZ

    @ The Truth…please take your meds and grab an English dictionary on your way to the medicine cabinet

  • ATLQueen

    That’s an awful thing to wish on anyone. You don’t even know these two. I mean, really?? You were probably the cause of what happened in Japan. @$$hole!!!!!!

  • the truth.

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