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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Birthday Vacation!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Birthday Vacation!

Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend Hayden Christensen head through the American Airlines wing at JFK airport to catch a departing flight out of New York City on Friday (April 22).

The 29-year-old actress will be helping Hayden celebrate his birthday on a vacation together.

Hayden turned 30 years old on Tuesday (April 19). Happy belated birthday!!!

The night before, Rachel joined fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld at the premiere of Magnum, a three part short film series that the pair collaborated on for the premium ice cream brand.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Loewe‘s Pink Cotton and Cashmere Shawl Barroque.

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34 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Birthday Vacation!”

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  1. 1
    sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

  2. 2
    PLEASE Says:

    Does this man do anything but walk away from her all the time, why bother to go to this NYC event when he didn’t even attend it with her. What sit in a hotel room and veg while she parades the red carpet. Vacation guess like he so needs it, worked so hard this year he needed the break. Expect him back in a few weeks for the Met ball she would never miss that event. Has his new agent ever gotten him work yet?

  3. 3
    the truth. Says:

    You know rachlel is not going aywhere with him. He might go .Buit she’s not. She’s gong back home to la.

  4. 4
    SammiSweetheat Says:

    Hope we get beach picture!!

  5. 5
    PLEASE Says:


    Seriously, she is traveling with him you keep saying she isn’t and she does, he is her luggage carrier, her man friday so it seems. They are both on the low end of a HW food chain it’s sad really. If this is the best the man has aspired to do is hang on some pimp madam for his career then he is as sad as she is.

  6. 6
    POP Says:

    Let this site help to Rihanna, he is participating in a duel Along with the BOB & PInk!

  7. 7
    Sweetness Says:

    Can someone PLEASE explain without name calling or fighting why they are JJ’s media darlings. They are 2 supposed actors who do nothing in terms of acting. Really what relevant films have either appeared in? Yet the paps keep taking endless airports pics of them. Is it a joke saying they are going on vacation because from this site alone they are the beautiful couple who do nothing but jet back and forth from LA and are seen walking?

  8. 8
    brain box Says:


  9. 9
    Valeria Says:

    visit our hayden gallery – some pictures will be added probably later (?):

  10. 10
    @#9 Says:

    F*UCK OFF!!!

  11. 11
    Karina Says:

    Hayden you are so hot! You and Rachel look so great, SOMETHING’S agreeing with you both! As a FAN all I care about is that you are both happy….AND I want to see more movies with YOU in them HAYDEN!!!! Love you! Have a great time in Barbados and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you sexy thing!

  12. 12
    shadowy Says:

    Well said. The post should be re-titled like “when a b-u-m takes a vacation”…
    HIS B-day comes and it goes; and Haydamn’s still UNemployed for the last 2 years. Most likely getting worn out from bumming around waiting for those supposed to be acting gigs but just turned out to be all just “rumored, then pending, then finally shelved projects so he’s back now to being a “bum” all over again.

  13. 13
    LOLZ Says:

    Maybe Hayden is waiting for Josh to offer HIM a job too?

  14. 14
    BARBADOS any takers? Says:

    Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen flying off to Barbados.
    These are well deserved vacations…they ‘ve working so hard lately!!!

  15. 15
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Neither of them need a vacation. That’s probably why she had to take this COMMERCIAL and he’ll take any movie they offer – to keep their SAG cards!
    Perhaps they on are their way to a Walmart store to celebrate the sale of Magnum Ice Cream bars here in the States! Rachel could wear her Louboutins as she hands out coupons and samples…perhaps they can even show her “short film” to Walmart shoppers!!

  16. 16
    the truth. Says:

    @PLEASE: She never went anywhere with him . It shows that she was sstaking him just to get something out are him for attention. Rachel never leave a place where is going to get pictures and you know this. She will be back in la. And if she do gp she would have lied aboput athem being Broken -up. Youi can’t keep teling people that you broken -up with someone. THen there you go follwing him around. She just didnt want nobody to think that he lelr her alone in NY. And anted to be seen with her. Nowone will bewlieve in her like i sid .If she keep playing games like that. That goes for hayden too. Rachel has made him look like a fool, She keep dumping him and going back. This not what relationship suppose to be,Rachel lied about moving on.She suppose to have grown up and she didn’t. Ths is not cute and funny. Hayden suppose to not be hanging with her like that. when she had dumped him and used him. So it ws ok for her be with him. Like i said she isnot going on vacation with. If she do. Hayden and her reputation will be gone. He already not working and got no projects, So why should he be hanging with her like that? Rachel don’t ned to go with him anywhere. She need to be home and start getting more jobs. If hayden was working all are this would not had happen and you know this..Hayden has made a big mistake thsi time by messing with rachel again.If he was going on vacation and rachel was going no one would have known about. Zllike months gaop he went andno one knew he went. Like i said her crediable has gone so has his,Rachel has mess -up his life and he will never be any god tpo anyone,She lied to those people in us magazine to get him to her aback in his life. No good will come to this. We wil see ifshe go. I will see rachel tomorrwo at lax.

  17. 17
    chauncey Says:

    This… is like an awful, predictable & failed telenovela.
    And how is it that Jared knows that they’re taking a vacation if he’s not being informed – Well of course he does; as always & exclusively.
    Btw, the whole (scripted) content of the thread REEKS more hits if not for the adorable haters, its the gullible imbeciles – Good luck there J_MONEY!

  18. 18
    BARBADOS any takers? Says:

    I was ironic!!! hahah

  19. 19
    Fandango Says:


    Hope that was sarcasm if not then damn you need help. If it was then I hear you. No matter where they go agents are paying their way to be exposed. Your right #2 he is nothing but her diligent pet who is assigned to carry her around for her own personal enjoyment.


    Doesn’t matter what she was selling or where she was promoting it at reality of the HW game here is she is sinking fast and him even faster. The longer he plays the jet set lifestyle, doesn’t chose to audition what will he have gained the media princess? I so hope we don’t get any more beach pictures the last ones he did were a joke. And with RB in tow the visual of this is frighting.

  20. 20
    chauncey Says:

    I got no love lost for these twodiots. But what kind of “planet” are you from?! Its like an undiscovered planet where these two could start anew to have an acting future!

  21. 21
    @17 Says:

    Your right how would JJ know unless the business agent is writing his post for him. Honestly they could be anywhere together or alone, He wasn’t fast to be a part of her night yesterday was he. Private lives as RB tries to claim is propaganda for her want for accession to HW paradigm. HC is sporadically seen when she needs the bump up ranking on JJ site. Other site won’t even give them very much attention. Besides her agent knows this and informs JJ what to post. If they even post the pictures they rank to low for some sites to care.

  22. 22
    antwacky Says:

    All together now – oh look… there’s my my awfully favorite CLOWNY looking couplet !!!
    I just wonder how many times “she” gets a stiff neck from just looking up “his” shoulder – same goes to him on the opposite way. Shorties are just so unfortunate isnt it?!

  23. 23
    the truth. Says:

    @chauncey: There is no Acting in their future. If it was haydnen would be working right instead are putting on act for her and fixing thing for her and making her look good cause he not working.Its shame that this si gong on. How can he get acting gig folng around her/ Peoplehave been hiring in la and he havenot landed anything. Rachel is not going to land a job followinh him around like that and he not eith. Rachel said that she had broken -up with him didn’t she so whay she went back on her word aout it? Its look like hayden had went back on hi work about his work adbout haging with rachel. She is no good tash prson that will lay up with anybody for attention aor just be seem wth him. Hayden will not be any good for anybod as long as he stil be hanging with her. We really don’t knowrather she going or now. Just to make a good story line. Haden on’t ell people when he goes on vacation anyway. HHe just go.She mad becausehe’s not going to take her. That’s all. WE”ll see her at LAX tomorrow morning if JJ decide he wats to show.Sh not going on vacation she never does. Nothing can make this relationship no mater how jj want it to happern..She got exlin why shelied about notwanting to be with him last month.What’s next for her break-up gain. I hoep so cause people getting tired are thism relationship when no onwon’t tell the true about what’sgoingon with trhem. They can’t keep gping on and off like this. Something has to chane. Either they brreak -up for good or tell people the truth on what going with the m If we don’t sepeople sh din’t go She just did thid because she didn’t wat people to think he dumped her, wt he should do anyway. Before she does it again.

  24. 24
    whodie Says:

    They looked like or remind me of John Lennon & Yoko Ono (basing on height & facial defects) but who badly needs talent implants.

  25. 25
    annie Says:

    ha,ha love these rants love hnc but he never was smart about the ladies never had a decent one.

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