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Water for Elephants - In Theaters Today!

Water for Elephants - In Theaters Today!

Robert Pattinson is back on the big screen with his new flick Water for Elephants!

The film, based on the best-selling book of the same name, also stars Academy Award winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Synopsis: A veterinary student (Pattinson) abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet. While with the circus, he forms a relationship with the star performer Marlena (Witherspoon) through their compassion for an elephant.

Water for Elephants is in theaters TODAY (April 22)!

Water for Elephants Trailer
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  • blair!

    Looks great…can’t wait to see it!

  • http:/ kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!
  • mimsy

    I would not see it if it were free on TV

  • zzzzzzz

    what a snoozer…chin is the least sexy or interesting actress on the planet. these two in a circus? what a waste of money.

  • Linda

    Going to see it tomorrow! Rob looks great in this – loved the book – love Rob!

  • reece sucks

    This movie’s success will depend on how many Twilight freaks come out. If it comes down to boring Withered-poon, it will bomb.

  • Erin

    Is this movie a comedy? Please say that it is. Reese’s wig is hilarious! This looks awful.

  • Bomb

    Most critics give it a big “groooaaan.” I’ll wait for DVD.

  • opinion

    Either Reese or Pattinson is miscast. Reese is aging way faster than her years. She looks like Pattinson’s mother. And Erin is right about that wig. Doesn’t help her ‘look.’
    From the trailer, it looks like the two of them stand around posing and trying to look smoldering. Ick. Fail.

  • Drew

    I cannot even look at RW without cringing. She is just awkward looking and irritating. Quit casting her! Please cast attractive women!

  • zzzzzzz

    He is so ugly and as is she. But at least she can act.

  • An

    Kaz this like crazy

  • An

    Kaz this girl like crazy

  • well

    Looks like Hollywood is putting another stinker out there for fools to spend their money on.

  • angela

    This movie looks depressing in so many ways. IMO, it’s the kind of thing that would leave a bad taste in your mouth. I sure won’t bite.

  • POP

    Let this site help to Rihanna, he is participating in a duel Along with the BOB & PInk!

  • SER

    Reese is so bland and done. Giving her that Oscar created a monster. Now she’ll keep bothering us for years to come out of default. Uggh.

  • sally

    Reviews so far have been mediocre at best. Not suprising, since they cast untalented vampire boy. He’s been the most panned of the three. This might have been worth watching if they’d cast a better actor.

  • BG

    sally you sound like a horrible person

  • sb

    Reese was seriously miscast here. I think they should truly stop casting her as the femme fatale that makes all men around fall because it just not credible. She is not a great beauty, which would not be a problem if she was able to project an intriguing, mysterious, interesting personality. But all she does is come across as bland or totally overacting.
    The other movie with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy is the same, though I’ll likely see it because Tom Hardy is in it and could save the movie by just just standing silently in it :-)

  • hollywood is tired

    Hollywood is running out of ideas. Are you kidding me with this movie and cast? 35 year old boring Reese Witherspoon and vampire boy? I’m sick of Hollywood producing 90% crap. We are fools for supporting this junk!

  • brady

    I can’t imagine what the casting people were thinking when they hired these two to portray a couple. That is just not believable.

  • please…

    ^^^ And her stupid circus suit is ridiculous looking.

  • Melsince1991

    Reese looks so pretty reminds me of britney circus video, will definitly watch it ;)

  • confused

    Pattycakes fanbase is growing by the second. fatties

  • laverdadduele

    This movie will bomb, which mean Robert Pattinson’s career is pretty much over after the Twilight’s movies. In a near future we’ll see him in a “Twilight cast: Where are they now?” Barbara Walters special.

  • Kelly

    I saw the movie and it was great. Robert Pattinson looked really handsome in it, much better than in Twilight movies, the tan looks good on him. Christoph Waltz did a really good job as a bad guy of the movie, and without him there really wouldn’t be a movie. I would say the dullest performance came from Reese Witherspoon, but she and RobPatt had good chemistry.

  • must watch
  • InTheIndustry

    Chemistry between RW and RPatz? Where? I missed that!
    The elephant and CWaltz were the best in this flick!

  • aquarius64

    WFE is projected to finish THIRD. Elephants opened at 2800 screens; Madea opened at 600 LESS and making MORE money. This show that being a tween/cougar fantasy has its limits. This should be a wake up for Pattinson (and Lautner) that they need to bring more to the table if they want a successful career.

  • moviefreak

    Reese must be having an early mid-life crises. She’s made nothing good–4 Christmases the best of the lot– since she won her Oscar.

    Rendition…she added nothing to that movie. They should have made the movie without her, it would have been so much better.

    Why would she marry an older man, an agent who is probably not as well off as she is, when she has young children. Experience leads me to worry about her children. Reese. look to your children, please.

  • Joe

    This movie is terrible…don’t waste your time.

  • Love&Justice

    @ moviefreak….
    I agree with you 100%!
    Rumors are starting that she is already pregnant or wants to get pregnant like yesterday…Call me old fashion but taking kids on your “honeymoon” is odd to me. Should of called it a “family vacation” instead. She seems to care more about her career and image then anything else including her children. This agent guy does not have a good reputation at all. I have lost much respect for her and not a fan like before. I feel really bad for Ava and Deacon. They are a little too young to speak up IF they dont like this guy she married. Reese has stated in serveral interviews that her household is run like a “military camp”…Yes, I dont know them personally and this is based off perception of how she presents herself to the world! I liked the old Reese….very very private about her private life!!! Hollywood has to suck big ones at times!