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Katie Holmes: Weekend Workout Woman

Katie Holmes: Weekend Workout Woman

Katie Holmes leaves The Sports Club/LA wearing a colorful bandana on Saturday (April 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the week, Katie celebrated her daughter Suri‘s birthday!

The b-day girl, who turned 5 on April 18, enjoyed a tea party at her parents’ home with some friends and her older siblings, Connor and Isabella, according to Us Weekly.

“She wants a pinata and her girlfriends to come over [to go] swimming,” Katie revealed a few weeks before the birthday bash. “We’re gonna make a cake together!’

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Initial Necklace.

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  • Chachbaka

    Im from africa i love kerri

  • ck

    Smart that she wearing that bandanna thingy on her head. She must have seen the pics of her hair from Thursday

    Glad to also see she was able to get some friends to go along with her to the gym.

  • van

    Alone again!

    Party? there were only adults. This girl (Suri) doesn’t have friends.

  • kerri

    @Chachbaka: How can you love me? You don’t even know me!! Where about in South Africa do you live? Tell me more about yourself.

  • Hanne

    This outfit is questionable even for the gym.

  • brainy box


  • MeMyself&I

    Suri’s friends = children of lesser Scientologists who will one day in the future be the Scientology “slaves” detailing her car and cleaning her house for free.

  • Poor Suri!
  • toria

    Back to FUG.

  • MeMyself&I

    @Poor Suri!: That is so funny! Here is the article linked to that video.

    TIRED SURI’S TANTRUM” reads a headline in Life & Style, which claims the five-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a meltdown at the fancy New York restaurant Il Cantinori on April 12.

    According to an alleged “fellow diner,” Suri “threw a tantrum” when Holmes woke her up for dessert.

    Then, after eating some sweets, the child supposedly “started acting erratically.”

    How so?

    “She put her hands in a glass and proceeded to pour water on her face and head,” the so-called “eyewitness” says, adding, “She must have done this for 20 minutes without Tom or Katie reacting once.”

    Cruise and Holmes didn’t do anything?


    And for good reason.

    Il Cantinori staffers swear to Gossip Cop that the “tantrum” tale is “absolutely not true.”

    Once again, more child’s play from Life & Style.

    So Katie woke Suri up for dessert? Missing dinner was ok but little Suri can’t miss out on dessert? LOL No wonder the kids acts up, she has soooo much sugar. How many pictures are out there of this kid eating cupcakes? Unbelievable. I hope Suri grows up into a normal adult but I highly doubt that is possible with the parents she has.
    I believe the eyewitness in the story above over the restaurant staff. If the restaurant staff confirmed the story they would lose a high profile client.

  • MeMyself&I

    And if you look at the pictures below the article it shows Suri with the front part of her hair and dress wet so that pretty much confirms the story for me.

  • iris

    Suri should be an unbearable girl!

  • From Paris with Love

    I like this look.

  • Lillianne

    I love Katie but come on. You have all the money in the world and you go out on the street looking like that? Sheesh.

  • no?

    She does this kind of things when she want us to talk about her. Girl can’t get a regular coverage byherself anymore.

  • S28

    I normally don’t believe tabloid stories because 90% of them are BS but this one seems true I went back and look at pictures on 4 difference web site and the front of her hair and dress look wet and from the picture she does look really sleepy, her throwing a tantrum is understandable .

  • Frozoid

    Why is she ALWAYS carrying a damn cup of coffee? It’s like a security blanket for her.

  • Rajita


  • MeMyself&I

    @Frozoid: Coffee is the preferred weight loss method for celebrities. When they get hungry they have a cup of coffee instead of eating. The warm beverage fools their stomach into thinking it had a meal and the caffeine raises the metabolism.
    It works pretty well. A lot of coffee and other low/no calorie beverages during the day and a small meal at night. If you get really hungry during the day a glass of milk really helps.

  • Max

    Sad all of that moolah and the woman still always looks so unkemp .
    She’s a mess but i wouldn’t doubt with the spoiled daughter they have she has one ell of a job on her hands.
    The only time she looks like she had a shower is when her and tommygirl are out on the town at night …with Suri.
    NuttyCult Peeps..pathetic

  • Susie#1

    Just when you think Katie can’t look worse, she does. Is she that much of a fool to notify the paps to be there when she leaves the gym? And this is someone who sees herself as a clothing designer/trendsetter? @#10: the video of Suri is horrid because her actions look as though they’re more than a tantrum. And I too went back and looked at other pictures of Suri from that night and her hair was wet, but it was difficult to tell if the front of her dress was also wet.

  • MeMyself&I

    @Susie#1: Susie, take a look of the first picture in reply #3 of Tom carrying Suri. The front of her dress looks darker than the rest of the dress, that’s because it’s wet. Also, a little lower where it has a picture of just the dress and it says Little Marc Jacobs, the picture to the left of that you can see Suri’s sleeves and again the front of her dress are darker. The kid is completely soaked.

  • Romeo

    You believe anything that reflects badly on TomKat no matter how dumb it sounds or where the source, #12. (You should link us anyway.) You don’t know what her diet is.

    What is it, #17: She either can’t dress because she’s not savvy enough or she doesn’t dress well for the attention?

    Of COURSE you normally don’t, #18. Of course you don’t…

    Get a life, #19. You too, #24.

  • @Romeo

    If you bothered to click on #12′s link to the video and then looked at the pics after it you would see Suri’s hair and dress is wet. Is the L&S version true about Suri dumping water on herself? I don’t know, but the point is–neither do you. She definitely is wet–her hair and her dress. And she could have spilled water down her dress, but that doesn’t account for the hair.
    However, this is what happens when parents insist upon treating kids as adults and holding them to adult bedtimes etc. The child gets tired, falls asleep, has to be awakened, and then is crabby and acting out due to lack of sleep.
    It is too bad that Tom and Katie follow that bizarre cult’s rules about how to raise a child–Suri is the one being hurt by it.

  • GC

    @Poor Suri!:
    well gossip cop is almost ALWAYS right, so I don’t give a damn about those so called eye witnesses.
    And I’m not a fan, I just say, leave that kid alone and it would be better if T & K wouldn’t drag her around at night.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    i’m sorry but she looks mega hot in that outfit

  • Annie

    Katie looks like one of the lumberjacks off Monty Python. No sense of style at all. And Suri’s “friends” are probably all 40-50 year old pervs. Because she’s a “strong woman” y’all; she doesn’t need to degrade herself by hanging around other kids.

  • Katrina

    cut this family some slack. they arnt that bad.
    She doesnt look that bad,I mean shes going to a gym for heavens sake not to some award show. seriously.

  • alex

    I am considered poor compared to Katie Holmes but i would never walk out my door looking so messy or without taking a bath or shower.
    Her clothes look like things that came from a Thrift store for a $ dollar a piece . But that bandana takes the cake. that would be the freebie for buying three items.
    As for the Romeo poster here who has had a slew of names thinking he/she can come to every Katie/tommygirl or suri thread and think for one min he or she can try to correct every poster who has an opinion.
    Go Eff yourself. This bd is all about opinions and is the reason it is here. Go back to piling papers for the cult. You are as bad as Suri. Now come on you really don’t think ppl are going to pay any attention to your silly save the Cruises crap.

    I don’t take notice about all this Suri stuff yes i have an opinion like most that she is a spoiled kid, no doubt about that but that’s nobodies fault but the parents.
    I took a look at this link and thought the parents of said child should be jailed for the mess they are making out of one beautiful little girl who ppl will always dislike b/c her personality will become more and more full of entitlements every year. Looks or beauty don’t matter if ppl don’t like you.
    And if you think you are so entitled wait till ppl start telling you exactly what they think of you. This child will have issues as deep as the sea.
    And with these deep rooted issues money won’t be able to buy her a new head. Suries advancement stages of learning are already set at age 5.
    She would be one h`ell of a handful to try to change for the better at this point and as if that’s going to happen.
    God help this child she is going to need it. If Tom and Katie were not liked already ppl take a look at all the nonsense they allow with as Katie called Surie one the smart little woman. It will be heartbreaking to see the future of this kid.

    By the way they took the video out, wouldn’t want to get caught in a lie now would they. But they have the pics of Tommygirl carrying Suri outside and she is soaking wet pulling a tantram. They show a completely different picture of the child without high heels from another daytime occasion with a dry dress. It’s so very obvious..
    It’s so very sad too and disturbing to see her choosing her colors of lipstick. And yes light pink for day time and dark red for night and to boot a soother or dummy in her 5 thousand dollar purse.
    This kid will be cutting herself pretty soon. That poor little girl who has everything and more but doesn’t matter one iota when you have one h1ell of a messed up head. What a shame.

  • John

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    please click John

  • S28

    Romeo@ No I normally don’t because like I said 90% of tabloid stories are BS.

  • Proof!

    Check out this picture. Click on the pic to enlarge. Clearly, Suri’s hair is wet and so is the front of her dress.

    The video and pics from this night are really disturbing! Suri looks really bizarre, almost mentally ill, this is more then a tantrum. Look at her face, so strange!

  • Max

    The proof is 115% there and really what worker in the restaurant
    is going to take the chance of losing their job or their head over telling the truth about something he/she saw as insane by the gaymidgets only child . I can see the huge brutes in suits going to talk to him/her and scaring the living crap out of him. Certainly the story would be changed around. He or she told the truth and it’s in the pictures. Hope they still got paid for telling the truth.
    The dress they show Suri wearing when they are lying when saying no such thing happened is a pretty little pink one and you can tell it’s not night time and it’s a different day. She is walking outside daytime and no K or T in the pic. The pics above show the actual truth with the freezing cold water on the front of her dress, sides, and her little forhead is all red either from the freezing cold water or if part of the tantrem was slammimg her head on the table at the same time there will be a bruise if that was the case. Too bad they couldn’t be honest b/c there is a reason why she has a big red mark on her wet forehead and it’s to do with the truth of this matter.
    What are they ashamed of that they have to lie about the situation? They must know it’s wrong or why make such a big ordeal of hiding/lying about it?
    The video can’t be shown or they will be sued for libel. lol Why???

    If one sci fi person worked in that club the gaymidget being the second from the top of the sci fi cult leadership would have his head. They are scary ppl you don’t want them hunting you down.
    Notice how Katie is getting good at smiling at the most uptight complicated embarrassing times while the gaymidget looks on with those dead eyes.showing concern for what pics the paps got of the pathetic situation. He should be concerned for his childs welfare.
    Poor little Suri. Why not keep her out of the spotlight? Other celebs do it for their children or you may see them a couple of times a yr.
    But not walking down the streets of NYC with pink blush, eye shawdow, eye pencil and her fav lipstick with matching nail polish. My Gawd, all of this makeup and real high heels started when she was three yrs old. Poor kid looks like a circus act up close and personal.
    Every time one of them has a movie coming out Suri is used as their pr..
    She needs her sleep as in reg bedtime hrs as well as meals that have more than sugar. More so she needs parents who act like parents and not her friend who travels with them at all hrs. of the night.
    I would think a site called ‘Lets save Suri’ would be much more appropriate .

  • ?
  • connie


    Another image of the wet hair and dress.

    Plus Suri has on eyeliner. Good grief!
    Click on the pics to enlarge!!!

  • Tom must be soooo Proud!
  • annie

    I don’t always agree with the way Suri dresses, or her reactions to the paps, or the way they bring her up . However , away from the eyes of the paps, never seen Suri misbehave, from the hundreds of pics shown of her in shops or parks, when she’s unaware that she’s being photographed, she’s actually a very adorable little girl.
    This has been going on for a long time now, probably since she’
    s been11/2 or something, and things are not going to change. As soon as she sees the paps she’s going to peform.
    Her dress doesn’t look wet to me, it looks like there’s a darker frill or something, nor do I see any makeup– then again maybe I’m blind .
    I know I’ve said that it’s their home …..(.their apartment in New York)
    but maybe they should find somewhere else to live…..somewhere the paps can’t camp outside their door.
    I do agree tho, that Tom and Katie are showing Suri in the wrong light, and certain issues do need to be adressed .
    I have noticed that Katie smiles more now, and has learned ….a bit late for my liking at showing her displeasure. but Suri is only 5.She doesn’t seem too bad during the day, it’s the night flashes that seem to bother her.
    Just because I’m a Katie fan, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

  • up

    During the day she is bribed with sugar treats & toy so she doesn’t act out in front of the photographers.
    As for the makeup…in connie’s post #37 pic number 2 clearly shows that she is wearing eyeliner.
    Also, her hair look wet and the dress does too.

  • Ready to snap!
  • toria


    If you look at the pictures of Tom carrying Suri–she appears dry. He must be carrying her inside the restaurant. Look at the hair, the ruffles on the dress and the bottom/sides of the soles of the shoes. Then blow up and look at the pics of Katie carrying Suri when they leave the restaurant. The hair is wet. The front of the dress is wet. The bottom and sides of the boots are wet.

    Don’t know if the story is true about her dumping water on herself and Katie and Tom not paying attention, but something did occur that was obviously above her head since her hair is wet.

    Quite frankly, Suri seemed out of sorts before they got into the restaurant. Personally if she had been my child I would have told the nanny to take her home and then gone for dinner with my husband. However, they chose to take in an already cranky child knowing full well that the paps would be snapping away. Any adverse publicity from this is their own fault.

  • annie

    Don’t agree, there’s been lots of pics where there are no sweets involved….and we don’t see her everyday, not even once a week.
    Now I don’t know about you guys, but my kids eat sweets, whether they are in the form of icecreams, sundeas, donuts, macdonalds, and any other new sweet that comes on the market, my boys will have it, not to mention the easter egg fest that’s been going on between them and their father, since Sunday, with lots more to go, and that goes for everyone I know. So I’m not going there, because like I said , everyone I know is guilty of it, including my doctor… I was behind her in the supermarket one day. Now that was a shock and a half, the things she bought . When I joked to her about it, she said to me……today I’m a mother , not a doctor. Her exact words.
    There are other little things that maybe I don’t totally agree with about Suri but not with that. Also can’t ignore the fact that when we see her it’s only for a minute at a time, if that. She was pulling funny faces at the paps that night . T he video I saw looks a little different to the pics.

  • wow

    You seem really Katie Holmes life, why is that??? Entertainment or obsession…

  • annie

    I have never denied being a great Katie fan. There are always 2 sides to every story. There is so much negative comment going on here , not all deserved, so I do like to show some support towards her. If I like something, I say it, if I don’t ..well I say it as well.
    I look at it, as a bit of fun, actually. Got hooked when I was on the Tomkat thread, never done it before, and even tho I do read about other celebs, not interested in writing a word on their threads about them.
    However, I do think that if you are going to ask me , whether my interest is entertainment or obsession, shouldn’t you be asking some others on here as well, maybe along the lines…. whether they are as mean spirited, and hateful in their life as they appear to be here, because the thought has crossed my mind .
    There you are , now you know.

  • wow

    It appears that you have more comments then anyone else, always.

  • annie

    unlike some others i don’t post under different names.