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Rachel Bilson: Bikini Babe in Barbados!

Rachel Bilson: Bikini Babe in Barbados!

Rachel Bilson wears a red bikini while going for a swim in the ocean on Saturday (April 23) in Barbados.

The 29-year-old actress enjoyed a day out with boyfriend Hayden Christensen, who celebrated his 30th birthday earlier in the week.

The couple also stopped by a fruit stand to pick up some produce.

The day before, Rachel and Hayden flew in from NYC and soaked up the sun with another trip to the beach.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen at the beach…

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rachel bilson red bikini 01
rachel bilson red bikini 02
rachel bilson red bikini 03
rachel bilson red bikini 04
rachel bilson red bikini 05
rachel bilson red bikini 06
rachel bilson red bikini 07
rachel bilson red bikini 08
rachel bilson red bikini 09
rachel bilson red bikini 10

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  • lala

    shes on fricken vacation, ofcourse she’s gonna wear bikinis…sheesh! if you should be hatin on anybody, its the paparazzi and these websites that keep posting em.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! It’s so funny how when HC isn’t around she’s soo happy to see the paps! When he’s around she has to scowl to pretend she doesn’t like the attention.
    JJ let Rachel’s PR people know this is a bit much. No one believes the press followed her to Barbados…it’s not like they’re Brangelina or TomKat or Beyonce & Jay-Z!!!

  • Weber from Brazil

    she looks HOT!
    a great bikini body!

  • David

    She’s so frigging HOT!!

    Thanks for the pics

  • Dasani

    OMG he looks like some bum that sits on the road he needs to be banging the streets for work. This fool has been on vacation for almost 2 years now, only does parties. Must be nice to pay PR to live in your back pocket to press out a dead career on both of them. My grandmother in law has a better body then that girl.

  • BEAN

    She looks hot

  • Lilly

    how much does this hasbeen pay you?

  • Hanni

    @lexy hates bilson: When will you grow up, psychpath? Posting a BILLION AND ONE comments about how much you think Rachel is fame-trash. Would you just GET the hell over the fact she’s famous and you’re a nobody? The paparazzi follow the D-list Ashley Tisdale to Barbados, who let’s face it, is on the same level of fame/status as Rachel Bilson.

    Now MOVE ON and RUN ALONG! get a life, stop making up a billion aliases to make it seem like all of Just Jared’s readers are on a witch hunt to stake Rachel Bilson (commenting many times, giving Rachel’s posts more comments than anyone else on here).

  • SammiSweetheat

    She has such a hot body

  • lol

    Beautiful body, beautiful skin and beautiful eyes! I hope we see her in movies!


    awful figure

  • Caan

    Rachel I know you can’t act to save your life, but could you please try to make this relationship seem real?

  • tres

    nice cameltoe ya goddamn midget

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oliva Munn’s bikini pics look much better! And Sienna Miller looked better too when JJ had her pics.
    Hanni – please I don’t use aliases. Please Ashley Tisdale has fans. She’s on a tv show — present day. If you want to talk about how great Rachel is – please go to a fan site. This is a celeb blog NOT a Rachel Bilson fan site. So you can take your own advice and move on!

  • hana

    Who is the little kid hiding in her towel?

  • Chriqui

    LOL how does she go on vacation without a steady job??

  • *Angieee*

    Another day, another photo op

  • ida

    god i hate her. but i like hayden. and he seems ok with her so…patience!

  • ida
  • maya

    @hana: i think that she’s her sister Hattie no?

  • LOLZ

    That kid is her little sister rosemary (one of her dad and stepmom’s kids). Nice her family was there to meet her…looks like she wanted the same kinda trip that he took with his family in January when his niece was there. Nice photo ops huh? Playing happy family.

  • maya

    gossip gossip gossip come on guys move on let them in peace, they are having fun, what’s wrong in that, if you hate her why do u post every day comments about her it means that she interest u so plz just leave them alone, what’s the matter if she hasn’t a job, she obviously can get in one day more money then u in a year so plz leave her alone

  • maya

    she looks great in her bikini, great body, amazing skin, awsome person, so modest simple funny… hyden is hooooooootttttt

  • Well

    I thought it was Hayden’s birthday trip…..not a Bilson photo OPportunity.

  • toronto

    that ombre hair just looks ridiculous. who pays hairdressers to look bad?

  • laverdadduele

    Chicken legs and pasty white skin, very unattractive.

  • LOLZ

    @laverdadduele: Are you talking about her or him. Either way, it’s true

  • Hanni

    @lexy hates bilson: B!tch, you know I’m not a fan. Stop pretending to be one innocent little hater, Rachel is trash but your constant redundant comments under various different aliases about how mentally deranged she is are getting far too tedious. We get it, you hate her, move on.

    I can go back to posts about RB from August 2010 and July 2010 where your aliases are CLEARLY obvious. Psychopath, much?

    And let’s face it, Ashley Tisdale may have a small amount of fans left but that doesn’t change the fact she’s still on the same level of fame as RB, the D-list.

  • meh

    average cute brunette amercian plain jane. YAWN.

  • TR

    she’s cute

  • Rachel is cute

    i like her body, it’s petite and shapely…nice job Rach!!

  • nice bikini

    i want that bikini!!!

  • Hejsa’s daughter, H’s niece


    Rachy’s fam didn’t go this time to Barbados.
    The little girl is hayden’s niece.

  • laverdadduele

    @LOLZ: LOL, you’re right!

  • Chubby average poster

    I wish I had that body, I’m a short brunette too, but chubby.
    Oh I would love to be in Barbados right now. Sitting in front of a computer all day makes my ass hurt!
    hmmm fresh sea air, white sand. Having more time and money and being young and pretty.
    I don’t think she knows or cares what we think about her life.

  • Powpow

    DAAAAMN! Rachels looking hawtttt!! i wish i had that body, snapp!

  • bad news bilson

    Who the hell wears eye make-up to go swimming unless you know the paps will be around to snap shots of you??? Bilson definitely tipped off the paps!! This pathetic bimbo is always desperate for attention b/c she has nothing else better to do.

  • Dasani


    His neice is almost 2 this kid is like 6 I doubt it’s his niece especially since they have been there only a few months ago. Besides this is spring break for most families it could be any kid. Since they are not hanging around with members of either family i don’t think so.

  • LOLZ

    @Dasani: no, it’s his niece. The other poster trolled one of Rachel’s websites and found the other pictures that are of his sister Hesja and her family.who are there too. The kids do look alike though. both small and blonde. if his sister and brother in law weren’t there you couldn’t tell.

  • LOLZ

    Still seems like she’s trying to get back in good with the family for the paps again. Expect to see a big happy family again soon and more often.

  • Jedi

    She looks hot, I’d be tapping that ass all day long while gettin’ high!

  • So

    where are they, some public beach? doesnt look like a hotel beach private area.

  • pattyerb

    She has a weird body, short arms. She thinks she is style icon like nicole richie, both are a joke.

  • just me

    Hayden looks mighty fine here.Yes rachel always lies about thhings.Its suppose to be about him. But you know rachel. She wants to sell this relationship when it suppose to be private.If it was hiis family there pictures was taken onece not the whole vacation.It was her stepmom and sisters ther with her. You know that rachel don’t hang with his family anymore. You don’t suppose to when you have called of your engagement with the guy. It wasn’t hayden bithday Vacation. He already went with his family and celebrated with them when she was in NY. She didn’t tell nobody that Hayden left her when she was in NY.That’s why jared didn’t show that picture are her alone in NY.Yes hayden seem ok. but still hayden didn’t show any affection toward her.It was only for rachel.. Rachel is the one that ask hayden to go with her there. To make people believe that are really a couple. Only they look like friends than a couple.Hayden didn’ have no reason to go with her there.HIs birthday was celebrated in his hometown.Rachel should have said that the trip was for her. Cause she was the one that paid for the trip herself. And not put hayden in it.Cause the paz wouldn’t have been there twice. But hayen does need to find him a job.And they was still walking apart.@Well: ME to. ITs not going to last. Going on vacation is not going to help a fail relationship and career. Rachel Just want to be with him to be seem and for attention..Pre break -up?

  • @47–the truth whatever LOL

    If you go to you will see the pictures from above in total–Hayden was swimming as well-it is his niece in the water with both Hayden and Rachel, the blond wearing the white swim shirt is Hayden’s older sister your thoughts are blown out the water with pictures. Perhaps if you spent time looking for pictures your inaccurate thoughts would not bother everyone here.

  • Valeria
  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    So she’s finally entered the “bikini pics for publicity” stage of her career. Surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

  • Agatha


  • dawn

    poor rachel unwinding from the HARDWORKING AND STRESSFUL life she leads.