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Tom Brady: Disneyland with Jack and Niece Jordan!

Tom Brady: Disneyland with Jack and Niece Jordan!

Tom Brady poses for pictures with his son John, 3, and his niece Jordan while spending the day at Disneyland on Thursday (April 21) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 33-year-old New England Patriots quarterback took the kids to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider – the stars of the movie Tangled!

Tom brought the kids to the park to celebrate Jordan‘s fifth birthday.

Last weekend, Tom was all smiles as he took his younger son Benjamin out for some pizza while mom Gisele Bundchen stayed home and rested.

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Photos: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images
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  • Sofia

    Jack looks more like Bridget!

  • Sofia

    Ben is cuter than Jack

  • elisa

    jack? his name is john!

  • TR

    CUTE!! They seem happy.

  • love

    Tom is hot dad. love him!

  • XYZ

    Flynn Rider looks like Schwarzenegger’s son. And he’s damm cute! He steals the picture!

  • brat

    aww I bet the kids had a lovely time. look at those smiles.

  • Alison McMurray

    His niece is African American? Is it his sister who is married to an African American? Can anyone explain?

  • Frozoid

    Did Tom cut off his greasy ponytail yet?

  • Go Ask Alice

    @Alison McMurray:

    how do you know this is his sister’s kiddy?
    could be his brothers kiddo. maybe this is giselle’s bro/sis ‘s kiddo.
    yes, the cutie pootie lil girl is black american.and…..
    oh,africanamerican is an insulting term coined by racists jessa jackson or at least pushed by him during the 1980′ america, anything stupid, dragging pants, calling yourself a stupid term, they are all there.
    ps,i am mixed. i say it like itis.


  • lisali

    Yes,that is Toms sisters daughter,she is adorable! I think Toms little boy & his niece resemble each other, eyes & nose are similar. Cute!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Nice disneyland

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I want other place

  • TheRealMe

    Aww…that’s sweet. Jack has gotten so big. Jordan looks a lot like her uncle. Those Brady genes are strong.

  • jane

    The little girl IS NOT Tom’s sister’s daughter. His sister does not have children.
    Get the facts right.

  • miapocca

    Brady has a sister who is not married but has a child…not sure if she is married now though..

  • miapocca

    both kids look like tom…JET is going to be a heartbreaker with those looks

  • miapocca

    both kids look like tom…JET is going to be a heartbreaker with those looks


    I think youy’re the one who should get your fact straight !
    Tom Brady has two sisters, one of them is married to an african american quaterback. Tom is very fond of his niece. He has been photographed many times with her.
    This is another famous pic of Tom and his neice.


    Sorry, not two but three older sisters !


    His niece’s name is Maya and she is the daughter of Tom eldest sister Maurreen Brady-Johnson who is married to an African-American sportman.

  • Frozoid

    Remember how Gisele ALWAYS made a point of being photographed with little Jack before she had her own baby?

    Now you never see him with Jack- or with her own baby either.

    I have never seen such a self-involved, unself-aware person.

  • miapocca

    @WHO IS SALT ?:

    beautiful picture..seems uncle and niece love each other a lot…

  • Kelly

    His niece is such a cutie pie!

  • miapocca


    well I think when you rush to the alter simply to lay claim and produce your own, you have a lot of misery to come.

    I would not call her all those names but in hollywierd nothing lasts anyway.

    On paper brady has little in common with Giselle , but it may be an undeifnable attraction of sorts that keeps them together.

    I see Giselle moving on with her child into her international world and Brady moving closer to his his roots and family…

  • m

    Jack is starting to look more like his mom, Bridget Moynahan.

  • J

    This Guy portaying the Guy from tangled is bette rlooking than the cartoon Character

  • Jaye

    WHO IS SALT ? @ 04/23/2011 at
    That’s a sweet pic. Thanks for posting.

  • LD

    @miapocca: I don’t really care about the whole Bridget/Tom/Gisele scandal, but I agree with your second point. Tom and Gisele always seemed like a complete mismatch to me. I know they both value family, but I would be shocked if they lasted long term. I see your scenario playing out once he retires.

  • handledatroof

    #17 Tom’s sister does have a kid for your info. You needin’ ta be gettin ya own facts straight. And yes them kids looks like clones of Tom, which is how I know Jack is HIS and Jordan is related to him if she ain’t HIS. Benjamin looks nothing like Tom Brady or the kids posted in the video. Whoever saying he looks like Bridget must be some Gi fans, who have brainwashed themselves into believing that Ben looks like Tom. I’m still going with the theory that Gi cheated on him. Even if Gi is hot, Tom better run for the hills, while the getting is good.

    I think Tom and Gi have a lot in common as far as business involvement. I think their arranged marriage is also business. It’s a brand and it sells. Only Tom’s gonna get tired of running around with Gisele’s Mexican baby and ditch her.

  • candace

    have fun waiting on Tom and Gisele’s demise folks! In the mean time I got my own wedding to plan! see ya later losers!

  • White

    I think T&G look sweet and very in sync together. With bridget she looked like his older aunt or something,.the huge age gap usually doesn’t work out in most cases. Tom and Gisele are closer in age and both at the head of their game(s) so they also have that in common I’m sure. (He the #1 Quarterback her the #1 Supermodel)….I don’t think Bridget could keep up with Tom being so successful while she waited in the dust. Gisele doesn’t have to be the tail end of Tom, she is a super power on her own.
    In his recent interview he said he wants to grow with his wife and have a big happy family. Gisele says the same. I think they are in it for the long haul. I have already read many old comments about them when they first got together and how many thought he wouldn’t keep her for more than 3 months, LOL. how wrong those predictions have proven to be. SO keep on predicting and waiting all you want. It may be a while….

  • LE

    OMFG even if Tom and Gisele didn’t last do you really think about that crap???? WOW. Is it going to benefit you? Are you going to throw a party? Get real couch potato brigade! Besides both of their parents are still married and that almost always puts strong family morals into people.

    Gisele got the ring and the shared mansion. Nuff said you Boston Stalkers.

  • Uber

    AfroFrozoid = HKL/Swheeler aka banned from ALL Gisele fansites because they wouldn’t stop stalking her. AHAHAHAHAHHAHA loser.

  • WhiteLatina

    Good to see Tom is being a dad to his oldest son. Jack needs his dad just as much as Benjamin.

  • Figaro

    @WhiteLatina: um what are you implying? lol of course he is a dad to Jack just as much as he is to Benjamin. It may be a little more difficult since he doesnt live full time with Jack but many split parents/step families manage just fine. He lives with his wife and their child together so of course he is seemingly with Benjamin more often but it also doesn’t mean he is less of a parent to Jack!!!!!!!! I had 2 homes-4 parents, and you know what? ALL my parents loved me! Quit being bitter because you read too many OK Magazine cover stories.

  • anon

    @WHO IS SALT ?:

    I have that pic too and I love it. I wanted to use it as my avatar on jjb but I knew the reduced size would diminish its joy and beauty.

  • g


  • Frozoid


    Um, no. Brady is NOT the number one quarterback. That honor would belong to cutie pie Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, who won the Super Bowl this year.

    Brady hasn’t won a Super Bowl in years. Besides being a whole lot younger than Brady, Aaron Rodgers is a MILLION times cuter and more down to earth. Another plus is that he doesn’t wear his hair in a greasy pony tail.

  • J.R

    White@ Frozoid right Aaron Rodgers is number one quarterback not Tom.

  • meeeeeee

    That boy look just like his daddy…

  • http://computer Susan

    @miapocca: You’re an unhappy person always spreading doom and gloom, I’m sorry you can’t have kids, it is not Gisele’s fault that men don’t want to have babies with you. While you’re sitting on your stool waiting for them to break up they’re living their lives. You need to check yourself, why are so negative about successful people, it is envy, but you need to be more positive for your health, the bitterness is eating away at you.

  • Jon

    @Alison McMurray: Its amazing to me, that you see a happy picture from Disnyland, and all you can say is she’s African-American, and who’s married to an african-american. Why do you care? why be like all the mindless people who only (first) see color, and label her with some mindless title, America is a melting pot of all Nationalities, it was founded on that, I dought she has ever been to Africa or was born there. In America, we don’t fly another countries flag above our own, but so quick to put another countrys title before America, Maybe the first step in any kind of unity for Americans is to be as proud to be american as most are in the country that for most, have never been to were not born in, and probably will never visit, and proudly but disrespectfully place that countrys name or ethnicity before America. everybody wants to lable themselves, or build seperation, MAYBE, POSSIBLY she would respectfully wish to be AN AMERICAN just AMERICAN, Will this country ever be proud to be just AMERICAN?

  • White

    @Frozoid: I meant his legacy and iconic status as a football legend. Not just some one time superbowl winner, sorry. Tom WILL BE in the history books as one of the greatest ever. and this is coming from someone who hates the Pat’s, lol. Tom has a legacy and he still plays, so yes he can be considered #1 any day of the week by many people. In the iconic/best of aspect he and his wife relate I’m sure.

  • Brie

    Who cares what race his niece is, it is an adorable family picture. My brother and his wife adpoted a daughter from Africa – she doesn’t look like the rest of us or her siblings but she is one us 100%. It doesn’t matter where she came from or how she came to be as long as she is loved. The American public goes after athletes who are abssentee dads and when we see a guy spending time not only with his own child but his extended family people still find fault with him. It doesn’t get much better as far as being a dad and family man folks.

  • namerequired

    Tom and Bridget’s child name is John Moynahan, not Jack Brady, you need to correct that. That is an adorable picture of Tom with his son and niece, hope they had a ball.

  • go pats!

    @Frozoid: Aaron Rodgers is ugly

  • Anonymous
  • morenaone

    They both are too adorbale.. actually his niece looks a lot like him..

  • mina

    miapocca you are such a stupid person. Gisele move not into her international world she lives with Tom in boston and LA