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Miranda Kerr: Sexy Swimwear Shoot!

Miranda Kerr: Sexy Swimwear Shoot!

Miranda Kerr dons a bikini during a new photo shoot last week in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old Aussie model also frolicked on the beach in a black swimsuit by Have Faith Swimwear during the shoot.

Later that week, Miranda and her husband Orlando Bloom flew to New York City with their baby boy Flynn to head to the Tribeca Film Festival.

Miranda joined Orlando on the red carpet for the premiere of his film The Good Doctor on Friday (April 22).

FYI: Miranda also modeled a purple monochini by Zingara Swimwear and a Leopard Fringe Dress by Lorie Lester in her shoot.
25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at a swimwear shoot…

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miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 01
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 02
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 03
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 04
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 05
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 06
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 07
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 08
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 09
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miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 12
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 13
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 14
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 15
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 16
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 17
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 18
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 19
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 20
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 21
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 22
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 23
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 24
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 25
miranda kerr have faith swimwear shoot 26

Credit: Epa; Photos: AKM Images
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  • http://oooooo Neva

    Her body does not look good in that swim wear. She looks saggy. she looks awful there.

  • BEAN

    Her breasts do look more saggy now that she has had a baby but I repeat, *now that she has had a baby*. It is completely natural and people need to stop expecting so much out of women, even celebrities. We are only human bloody hell. Even so she is absolutely gooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous!!!! I can’t emphasis with the o’s on how beautiful she is lol.

  • BEAN

    And consider the fact she had her baby what 4 months ago? She looks hot man. Quit hating.

  • JC


    You’re insane

  • http://oooooo Neva

    JC and the rest I am being real here. I said her body does Not LOOK GOOD IN THAT SWIM WEAR. IN THE SWIMWEAR. I am not beating up on the woman. If she looks good I will say she looks good. But in that photo she does not . ok . Thats my opinion.

  • Seg

    A woman’s body changes after she has a baby???
    That’s just crazy talk!
    Next you will be claiming something as ridiculous as the idea that a woman’s body changes as she ages.
    Seriously ‘Neva’, do you honestly think that a woman’s breasts heavy with milk will be as perky as they were before she became pregnant?
    If you do, then you really are an idiot.
    Miranda looks amazing!

  • CC

    Just cover up a little more. Her chest is always begging for the attention. Well, that’s probably where the money is.

  • YG

    she looks like shes 15

  • Frozoid

    She needs to work out — with weights, and do laps in a pool. She is much too young to be so soft.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her body looks AWESOME!! That’s how a woman is supposed to fill-out a bikini!!

  • http://oooooo Neva


    SEG I think you are the IDIOT since I never mention anything about her breast. What is wrong with you guys, can’t y’all read. SEG I suggest you read my comments slowly. And by the way I was looking at her Ribs down r.etard

  • http://oooooo Neva

    I agree

  • Whatever

    She’s still breastfeeding that’s why her breasts are huge.

  • Frida

    And I was just about to say she looks a lot better with some meat on her bones. I can’t believe she just had a baby but that’s supermodel bodies for you.

  • Kelly

    Damn she looks fat. yuck.

  • @Frozoid

    She has a flat abdomen and you can see the line of her rectus muscle. The same goes for her legs, you can see the muscles of the thighs are well defined. I don’t think she needs to work out. She has bigger breasts and waist, that’s all. And there’s nothing wrong about them.

  • Ben


  • cat

    she is the cutest sexiest thing i have ever seen

  • @neva

    You used the ‘r’ word as an insult?
    Well that just shows your mentality.
    You are a pathetic hater with no social conscience.
    Miranda just had a baby, for goodness sake.
    She looks FANTASTIC.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise must love the anorexic looking models, and not a model that looks like a woman.

  • Mlllef

    I bet photographers sees more oftenly her maternity boobs then her

    Did she decided to be pregnant to have more contracts thanks to those new avantages ?!

  • Jime

    wow her breast grew so much just like in 2 weeks :O But she looks amazing, stop hating! I want to look like that ^^

  • Team Tinkerbell

    she’s so cute…I love her dimples and her pretty eyes.. her boobs look real nice now that she just had her adorable chubby baby… that is the cutest celeb baby out there right now…I just wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks and snuggle with him LOL

  • http://oooooo Neva
  • mimi

    She’s got an amazing body but a face of a chipmunk. I never found her face pretty.

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • @neva

    No, calling someone an idiot is NOT they same thing as using the ‘r’ word.
    That’s like you saying that describing someone as gay, is the same as using the ‘f’ word.
    Not the same at all.
    You really ARE an idiot if you believe that load of hogwash.

  • kelli

    she looks very pretty, especially considering she just had a baby! her body is kinda ‘soft’ though, like a cherub, not a very toned woman, although she never was. anyway, she looks great

  • http://oooooo Neva

    There was no place for name calling in the first place ok.There you go again saying idiot. Its an insult. I never said it was the same.I said it is an insult. The point is you did not understand my views. I don’t hate Amanda, the point I was making was that she looked soft as if she lose too much weight. She just need to tone up more. I just don’t like to see here in that photo that was all

  • Endrid

    Miranda looks gorgeous! Does anyone know how soon do ur breasts go back to previous appearance after u stop breastfeeding? How long did any of u Moms out there BF your babies?

  • WOW!

    She looks incredible!
    To Neva….
    natural breasts sag a bit when they are that large (and yes, you were talking about her breasts, because all other parts of her body are firm)
    I think that due to the media, some people think that breasts should not sag at all, no matter how big, because they see so many fake ones that stand straight out even if they are double D’s.
    It’s fine to have an opinion, but at least base that opinion on reality, and not on your dislike of the girl.
    IMO, and yes, I too am allowed an opinion, she looks fantastic. Not just for a woman who gave birth three months ago, but for any woman. She looks healthy and gorgeous.

  • jim

    She looks like a walrus.

  • @30

    You still used the ‘r’ word as an insult.
    That says everything we need to know about your character.
    Or lack, thereof.

  • YES!

    She looks gorgeous!!
    Orlando is one lucky SOB.

  • http://oooooo Neva

    Wow you should shut the hell up. I stand by my opionion. Her body is sagging that is what I said . Don’t give a damn. you too are sagging

  • http://oooooo Neva

    It doesn’t matter you still are a Retard

  • http://oooooo Neva


    you are still a re/ tard

  • anthony

    Fat faced heffer dough girls do not belong in swimsuits. Put your moo moo back on and sit down.

  • Rick

    Is she still pregnant?? I thought she squeezed that kid out months ago. Fat. Fat. Fat.

  • Will

    Thems boobs are made for floppin’! And that’s all they are really good for on such a fat fug.

  • @33-39-40-41

    Delphi tinhats are so funny.
    But funny.

  • @neva

    You are still using that word?
    I agree.
    You really ARE an idiot.

  • uhmm

    If you delphi girls are calling THAT a walrus, what do you call FatCamp?
    Humpback whale?

  • klmon

    I think she should have waited before going back to modeling. She’s just too chubby. She already had a fat face and now a body to match.

  • Andrew

    What the eff is a delphi? Are you high?

  • what?

    You guys are either delusional, or just talking cr@p because you don’t like her.
    She looks gorgeous and healthy.
    I bet that when she gets down to her old weight, you will be saying that she is too thin and that she looks like a skeleton.
    If you call women that look like her “fat”, it;s no wonder that there are so many young girls out there with body image issues.

  • @neva and other delphidiots

    You can write as many lies about Miranda as you like BUT we can all see from the photos that she’s stunningly beautiful with a killer body.

    She looks incredible considering she’s just had a baby and her breasts are full from breast feeding…… keep deluding yourself but we all know the truth!!!

  • toni

    It’s the women like MK who, before they ho around and get knocked up, are anorexic and are held up as the standards of beauty who give real woman their body issues. it’s woman like MK who race to get back into bikinis after giving birth who give real woman their body issues. She claims she wants young woman to “treasure themselves” and yet she is part of the problem, not the solution. The fashion industry and models like MK who drop trou and flash their boobs everytine a camera is in range are what makes real women feel bad about themselves. She is a hypocrite.

  • WTF

    She looks just nasty.

  • just me

    I never thought she was pretty….her boobs are like down to her waist now.

  • @49

    Being in a four year relationship is “ho-ing around”?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    She’s a model. She got back in shape quickly because it’s her job.
    Weren’t you delphites just laughing at her because it took her ‘soooo long’ to get back to modelling because it only took Doutzen two months? (even though Miranda was walking a HF runway two months after she had Flynn).
    Miranda lives a healthy lifestyle and encourages young women to take care of themselves. She never looked anorexic, just thin. And she ALWAYS looked healthy.