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Rachel Bilson Bares Her Bikini Bod

Rachel Bilson Bares Her Bikini Bod

Rachel Bilson hits the beach in a maroon bikini as she relaxes on vacation with beau Hayden Christensen on Sunday (April 24) in Barbados.

The 29-year-old actress and Hayden, who just turned 30, have been spending time on the beach together since Friday.

Earlier in the week, Rachel wore Chanel Haute Couture as she premiered her new series of short films with Karl Lagerfeld at the Tribeca Film Festival!

The short films are for Magnum Ice Cream and feature Rachel as an art student, a ballerina and a model.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Tara Matthews bikini and an A.L.C. classic gray pocket tee.

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Credit: Islandpaps; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • amy

    When did they break up? and how long did it take for them to get back together?

  • Weber from Brazil

    Ok! I know she’s got a great body and stuff
    3 posts of her baring her bikini body r not enough?
    I’m surely done!

  • OMFG

    Please JJ can you just stop she made sure the press had green inspiration to hang all over them. It’s a stage show for the media plain and simple she would never get this much attention otherwise.

  • Danielle

    Looks like someone bought a vacation ticket for the paparazzi. Desperate much Rachel Bilson.

  • Whatever

    short legs, long torso.

  • brainy box


  • junior mint

    d-listers who’s careers peaked 5 years ago…you scraping the bottom of the barrel Jared

  • puppy

    F Listers! Who cares about these nobodies don’t even know who they are thought it was Mila Kunis!!
    She needs a tan she looks like she smells like bologna!!

  • JC

    They’ve been running these beach photos of these two love birds all weekend and I don’t think they’ve touched each other once. What kind of romantic getaway is this? The answer is a question that doesn’t need answering.

  • JC

    She has a cute little body and he couldn’t look any more disinterested in it.

  • jon

    this chick is HOT!

  • No PIC of….

    The Paid pap avoid to take a picture of on one those truely beautiful Island girls. All we have is big shots of Rachy sticking her tongue out (guess she thinks she looks “hot’ doing that). Rachel would be dwarfed and “uglified” next to those beauty bajan girls.

    She is cleary ware that the paps are there. She is an internet junkie and have posed along with hayden with Jared (HER sor THEIR friend).

    There’s s nothing sensual or sexy about this half brained untalented girl.

    Wait soon we will have a “kiss” shot and a bling bling on her ring finger.

    POOR HAYDEN, time to wake up or end up just like her. A fashion mop.

  • CCrider

    As far as ALL the pictures I see of them are concerned, they could easily be brother & sister…

  • Shannon

    Jared stop. Just stop. Enough Bilson. We do not need to see how she has a new bikini every day of her vacation

  • SammiSweetheat

    Why do people think just because they aren’t making out like a bunch of teenagers on the beach means they aren’t affectionate with each other? As you can tell they’re there with his family (well his sister) around a little girl as well. Also to note, in one of the pictures I saw on a rachel site it looks like they were leaning in for a kiss.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ it’s a COMMERCIAL NOT A SHORT FILM!!! Please JJ – this is so fake and staged!! That COMMERCIAL must have helped pay you well with all these photos!!
    And JJ NO ONE BELIEVES THE PAPS FOLLOWED THEM TO BARBADOS!! We’re NOT talking about Beyonce and JayZ or BrAngelina here – we’re talking about 2 Z-listers!!!

  • JC

    @SammiSweetheat: They don’t have to be all over each other but they aren’t showing the slightest bit of affection. Does anyone believe that these two are really attracted to one another? Their acting like a couple is almost as bad as their acting in their careers. He is gay. That isn’t meant to be insulting, but he is. I didn’t need for Clay Aiken to finally admit he was gay before knowing it already. Everyone knew. This is just another lame publicity stunt. What I don’t understand is what either one thinks they’re going to get out of it seeing how they’re both completely insignificant.

  • A matter of time


    Being not attracted to Bilson does not make him gay.
    He has dated cleverer chick so they don’t have much in common.
    Her silly laugh and smile will NOT save her or compensate her lack of brain and conversation!
    That might one of the reason he is not interested in her. She’s too plain naked without her designer clothes and bag and shoes…
    Do you think that hayden cares about the number of her shoes and purses??
    It’s a matter of time before he makes the big move….she’d better try to be knocked up before he dumps her for good. JHe has no interest in her and I don’t blame him.

    Rachel is an empty shell.

  • SammiSweetheat

    @JC: There are plenty of photos of them holding hands & kissing. Look at some where they are kissing in the car (once when he dropped Rachel off, then when she dropped him off at the airport). Or when they were onset of his lacost commerical. There have been certain times the paps photograph them being affectionate. They are at a beach having fun, most of the time you see them in the water they are holding or playing with his niece. You don’t have to hug and hold hands when you are just spending time together on the beach. Hayden just might not be the really affectionate type in public. They don’t have to prove anything to you guys. It’s clear they love one another, they’ve been together for so long, which is a big thing for Hayden. On our view he hasn’t had a relationship like this before that has lasted so long and has been so serious. I’m happy for them, think they’re a cute loving couple and it’s nice seeing a couple just hang out on the beach and be normal and have fun. You know, IMO the couples who aren’t always being lovey dovey in public and don’t seem like a couple are the ones who always stay together.

  • Soap Opera

    This is like a long running soap opera that is in need of cancellation. Issue here is how much are they paying the press to be there not that it matters really. Honestly how many A-listers are beach combing now and we get what 1 maybe 2 of their vacation. Now these two look directly into the camera (mostly her) and we see her take her mark with Lights, Camera,Action, signal and she turns on the smiles and play. Here’s the catch Bilson give the fool next to you no that you are filming the next segment of Beach Bimbo Bikini. B/C he is looking like some nerd waiting for his que. If this wasn’t so obviously staged ppl actually might give a damn. But b/c these two are never believable is could reason why it’s questioned, even by the professionals who take their picture.

  • Draco


    AGAIN, they knew the press were around taking their picture. HELLO it was arranged reason they kissed, hold hands etc. It’s the reason they do much of this, then they try to sell this as being private. Well the private is blown out of the water now b/c neither of them is private especially her. She needs the media to stay relevant in HW. If she doesn’t pay the printer she will shrivel up and be a commoner. And OMG she can’t have that now can she. Even the PDA pictures look cold as Ice. BUT now that ppl have mentioned this I’m sure she will make sure after reading comments will try to show PDA.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think they NEW the paps were there b/c they paid them to be there. Do you really think there are paps on these islands?? Again, we’re not talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z or Brad & Angie or even Sienna Miller (who ROCKS a bikini) and Jude Law. Celebs go away all the time and aren’t spotted – doesn’t HC own a place in the Bahamas? Why not go there?
    Rachel’s got a few bucks from her ice cream ADVERTISEMENT so she’s beefing up her PR campaign!!

  • @19

    Where did you get your information from on a loving couple not showing affection lasts longer? Because your misinformed, couples in love show love outwardly no they don’t have to fawn all over each other. It’s called Body Language and therapists spot this when helping couples in troubled relationships, These two have very bad chemistry between them and it so shows. One reason people question who is acting and who is the albatross.

  • SammiSweetheat

    @Draco: Omg, lol. Whatever honey. You just can’t accept the fact the two are together. If it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t even be here commenting. You guys can believe what-ever-you-want, nothing is going to change from them being together with your thoughts on the two. JJ is seriously just like high school, all people to do is start drama and bitch about things that have nothing to do with them. At this point, the two look happy and in love, and are STILL together. Good for them! Both Hayden and Rachel are hot and look amaaaazing together. Say all you want to me, say all you want about them. If saying lies and idiotic things make you feel better then whatever floats you boat I guess. Nothing is going to change, though.

  • Draco

    Why is this bothering you what ppl’s comments are? This is not a Fan board sweetheart, it’s a comment site and to each owns option. Now if you’re looking for kiss ass comments use google, or I suggest you find a fans board REALLY. Not everyone is buying their stage show romance but, seems that there are suckers like you around who do. It’s horrid how they have to stoop to this level just to get attention. If that is happy in love then damn looks like the love birds have crapped on them. And where is what said about these two a lie, its speculation really same as what you preach, you have no more proof then those who don’t agree with you. Besides you’re here just as much, to do what protect their interest then you go girl, protect the lower form of HW standards if you must. Know one will stop you, but don’t expect people to always agree with you which is something you desperately need like RB.

  • ATLQueen

    Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything but i guess it’s gone on long enough now. I am the one who is paying JJ to post everything on these to. Like I said, I look forward to seeing them. YOU HAPPY NOW? You guys got it out of me. Whew…. Now I can breathe freely.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Can’t you spend your money to get us some pics of some talented and popular actors…like Kate Winslet, Emma Stone or the Oscar-winning Natalie Portman. Better yet you could have used the money to buy yourself a ticket to Barbados to spy on them!

  • SammiSweetheat

    @lexy hates bilson: Wouldn’t be a “lexy hates bilson” comment without her precious Natalie “Hershlag” brought up.

  • Marie

    Those Magnum commercials must have paid pretty well to pad your account, Jared. Hourly updates surely are costing her a pretty penny.

  • ATLQueen

    No, Lexy. I’m team HC. DUH!

  • Levioa

    He was way more affectionate with his sister and her daughter than his so called girlfriend.

  • ATLQueen

    No, Lexy. I’m team HC. DUH!

  • Chubba

    @lexy hates bilson: LOL did you just follow Kate Winslet with Emma Stone? Yikes.

  • @31

    Now days HC is Henry Cavill I will say he is hotter looking, plus a working actor. More then I can say for this one.

  • whizbang

    Just “”Absolutely & Naturally”” dark skinned / tan…
    Please she’s so NOT naturally white (fair-skinned) & flawless.
    … but that “flat-tire tits” – thats the one that’s natural LOL

  • periwinkle

    Desperate & Despicable much?!
    We’ll lets see if this all-weekend-photo-ops could get Christonesen even 1 movie that would get materialize and… Bratchel’s as-easy-as-pie-to-get TV show could last a season or more like pass its pilot episode.

  • brad pitt

    Why the hell is she on vacation? It’s not like she has a job she needs to take a break from.

  • zoe

    There is no way the paps would bother to follow a d lister like Bilson all the way to Barbados without her calling them up. Then Jared pays for the pap photos to make it worth their while.

  • LOLZ

    OmG! Again? Seriously, it must be a very slow newsday for the rich and famous if the only stories available are OOO look Rachel is in a bikini again…geezus

  • Got them for free

    @lexy hates bilson:

    The pics of these 2 are ZERO value. JJ got them for free…I even think that Rachel’s PR team is begging JJ to post them in exchange of some free entries to “celebs” parties.

  • sterling

    Yeah just when did MIdget(t) became that “white”?!

    And/Coz this is one celeb who’s definitely “white & flawless by default”.

    So from “fake” talent, to fake nose, to fake bff, to fake haircolor and now to fake skin-tone – ya right & nice try!

  • amaranth

    And these 2 fools could stay a week long or so on a beach vacation yet they could not even spend even an hour on acting classes which they badly need much.
    And it’s just possible that JJ would try to release (as instructed) more & lots of pictures… (and that’s just bound to happen when they brought along their photographer/s w/ them)… right before the Royal Wedding would ocur on Friday as we’ll know, it would “topple” all those tabloid hypes & stories; either it’s for a real thing but mostly for those whom are just for “reel”.

  • Don’t Hate Appreciate!

    I like them much better as a couple then him and Sienna!! What is wrong with haters and picking people apart?!! They are cute together and seem happier then ever before. The bottom line Hayden is going to choose any woman he wants and he looks to be consistant with Rachel for so long. She may not be the best actress but, neither is he the best actor. They are cute and do well with their living and seem happy together and seem to be a good match. So WTF??!! WTF is wrong with that?? Let them live and be happy! Don’t hate and appreciate. Worry less about them and more about you! SMH!

  • MissBlonde

    She’s a stunning woman, but seriously why are the paps even bothering with her? She hasn’t stared in anything decent since The O.C, it seems to me like she’s searching for the paps now!



    the paps dont or would not bother her,

    only she or them tip and pay them to be there why elce would they bother with them.

  • sidony

    @44 -
    From a manwh*re, maneater, s-e-x addicted, exhibitionist, adulterer Sluttiena to this… microscopic, talentless, paparazzi-addicted, shallow airhead parasite Douchel… what a smelly type of these so-called hook-ups huh… so yap the latest one could be a better one than the previous – LMAOOOOOO!

  • Sophie

    Why bother to comment with hate? It’s just ridiculous and barbaric. Rachel looks lovely.

  • Valeria More Pictures will be added later this day!

  • Valeria

    more pics will be added later this day!

  • Valeria