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Reese Witherspoon: Easter Sunday with the Family!

Reese Witherspoon: Easter Sunday with the Family!

Reese Witherspoon heads into her church for Easter service with her husband Jim Toth and her children Ava and Deacon on Sunday (April 24) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actress (in Juicy Couture) bumped into her pal Camila Alves on her way in. Camila attended the service with her daughter Vida.

Reese‘s new film Water for Elephants performed better than expected at the weekend box office. While the film finished the weekend in third place, it grossed a respectable $17.5 million!

FYI: Reese is wearing Stuart Weitzman walnut “McChain” sandals.

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon going to Easter Sunday service…

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reese witherspoon easter sunday 01
reese witherspoon easter sunday 02
reese witherspoon easter sunday 03
reese witherspoon easter sunday 04
reese witherspoon easter sunday 05
reese witherspoon easter sunday 06
reese witherspoon easter sunday 07
reese witherspoon easter sunday 08
reese witherspoon easter sunday 09
reese witherspoon easter sunday 10
reese witherspoon easter sunday 11
reese witherspoon easter sunday 12
reese witherspoon easter sunday 13
reese witherspoon easter sunday 14
reese witherspoon easter sunday 15
reese witherspoon easter sunday 16
reese witherspoon easter sunday 17
reese witherspoon easter sunday 18
reese witherspoon easter sunday 19
reese witherspoon easter sunday 20
reese witherspoon easter sunday 21
reese witherspoon easter sunday 22

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  • Frozoid

    Why did you cut Reese’s husband out of the photo? TMZ has a photo with all of them together– very interesting body language. The kids look disconnected from him and Reese.

  • Kels

    Camila’s son Levi is there too. & Ava’s outfit is so adorable. Beautiful children.

  • Comical

    HAHAHAH. All those naysayers who said that Water for Elephants would bomb at the box office were wrong after all. Now they need to suck on it and not speak so soon. I hope their favorite movie bombs supremely.

  • BEAN

    OK I am tired of seeing Reese Witherspoon and her kids going to church.

  • Cindy

    Ava’s outfit is so cute. She’s beautiful!

  • OhMahGawh

    Cute family. I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

  • Mike

    Ava looks just like her mother.

  • Ali

    is Reese pregnant? her body has been looking a little rounder lately.

  • Yep

    i think the children don’t want to be photographed again! i am happy that they go to church on Sunday however we don’t have to have a picture every Sunday! beautiful children!

  • Cam

    A movie coming in 3RD place at only 17.5 didn’t do all that good to me. Considering all the money that had to going into advertisement. WFE has heavily promoted and still people choose to see something else. Congrats to RIO and Madea’s Big Happy Family they were the big winners.

  • Reese sucks

    Wedding, over!
    Movie, over!
    GO AWAY you boring a** egomaniac

  • Fla

    I’ve never seen a fatter nose with bigger, uglier nostrils in my life.
    FU withered poon.

  • jessemosslover

    Its nice to see there are some people in hollywood that believe in an ACTUAL religion and not that scientology crap.

  • ^^^cult


  • Loser

    It makes me sick even looking at this fake, ugly, 5’0″ tall liar.

  • Staci

    The menopausal women must have come out in droves this weekend for the 17 mil.
    Movie looks terrible.

  • Dried Up Reese

    More pics of grandma desert-crotch…pretending to be Carol Brady. What a dork.

  • Wendi

    Jim Toth definitely fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch…yuck!

  • Wendi

    And she dresses those kids like such weirdos!

  • Narnia

    Nah, 17.5 million is respectable for a romantic film of that genre. It’s not a cartoon aimed at kids like Rio or a franchise like Madea. The only thing going for it were the stars, Pattinson, Witherspoon and Tai. 17.5 million for just the Easter weekend is very respectable. Families like to go see family centered films, go to church and dinner, or stay at home with family during Easter weekend, not so much go to the cinema to watch a romantic movie. It hasn’t even opened globally, just the US. And we all know Pattinson and Witherspoon are famous globally; film stars are a bigger draw for the international box office, so I’m sure they will easily make back their budget and a bit extra with the DVD.

  • brainy box


  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ this is DISGUSTING!!! Paying for pics of this woman and her kids going to Church on Easter Sunday??? Come on – it’s one thing when you post these paid photo opps of the fame wh0res but stalking women & children at church and schools is another thing!!!

  • abs

    Reese used to be able to command much more box office success now she just settles for a “respectable” third place. So in response she drags her kids in front of the pappers every week, same time, same place to keep her fug face in the magazines. She doesn’t have to call to set up an appointment like Jennifer Garner or Jessica Alba.

  • mommy dearest

    There has to be a way for her not to parade the kids in front of the cameras every week. Didn’t their father just say how much the girl especially hates this and how much it upsets her. Sad that Reese is grinning ear to ear knowing that girl is so miserable.

  • Lexi

    Don’t likeher in white – her dyed blonde hair with a white outfit washes her out. The movie WFE neither bombed or succeded. It was mid range of lower expectations for the projections. After this week it will be pretty much gone. This movie has no potential for “legs” with a slew of much anticipated films coming out soon. Not unexpected for a middle aged woman of little talent.

  • American

    Matthew should call the Povitch show because that little girl his “lady friend” is carrying looks too mixed to be his child. And she is not cute.

  • Squeaky

    Squeaky Witherspoon is like cryptonite to films. I would avoid her like the plague. Nobody wants to see her anymore.

  • nnn

    Reese and Ava look exactly the same..! :D

  • ^^^^^

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Not good for Ava!
    5’0″, huge fat nose and nostrils, Jay Leno chin, no boobs, flat butt, chicken legs, flabby midsection…poor Ava.

  • worst

    I saw some pictures that she let her children sitting into her new husband’s two doors sport Benz car.I don’t believe any kind of good mom and family-oriented guy will let kids sitting into that car.Does they know how dangerous it is?Poor children.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Awww, marrying to boost ticket sales didn’t work. Poor Reese, you’re not the queen anymore…

  • Lily

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    Please click Lily

  • Lina

    Vida is such an ugly little thing just like her mother.

  • Love&Justice

    and to think she wants more kids with this ugly guy! i ask WHY WHY WHY????

  • InTheIndustry

    Sloth is laughing and thinking, “hook, line and sinker” and she is laughing, well cause “Jim makes her laugh”!!!
    Hey Mr. Witherspoon, WTF with not wearing socks? I dont know if its me but he is ALWAYS dressing frumpy!!!! and Im being sorta nice! LOL

  • ^^^^^

    guy’s a bozo.

  • Lynn

    Mommy dearest, she doesn’t parade in front of the cameras. Tha paps are the ones who parade in front of her. Grow some brain cells, witch!

  • really

    Camila and her daughter Vida are just drop dead gorgeous!!!!

  • Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!


    Why so nasty????

    This woman b^tches about her privacy all the stinking time but yet she throws herself out there for the attention! She is a media/fame wh^re and she COULD change things up to were the pap’s arent all up in her fugly face and knowing her daughter has begun to state that it is starting to bother her, as a parent, I WOULD DO WHATEVER it took to have my children feel secure and happy BUT this b^tch CHOOSES not to!!! and she wants to bring more children into this world with that fugly thug dude and she cant even respect the children she has now!!!

    She is NOT who she portrays to be to the world! Very VERY opposite!!

    Thumbs down….I dont really care!!!! :-)

  • Think about it folks….


    I didn’t realize that the Episcopal Church was a cult. Thanks for the info!