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Lady Gaga: HBO Special Sneak Peek!

Lady Gaga: HBO Special Sneak Peek!

Lady Gaga gets emotional in this sneak peek from her upcoming HBO special.

Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden was recorded during the 25-year-old pop star’s tour stop at the NYC venue.

“I just sometimes feel like a loser still, you know? It’s crazy cause we’re at the Garden but I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school,” she says in the clip.

“I just gotta pick my sh-t up, gotta pick myself up, and I have to tell myself I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be … I cannot be destroyed and I will not be destroyed,” she adds.

Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden premieres May 7 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

WILL YOU WATCH Lady Gaga’s HBO special?

Lady Gaga – HBO Special Sneak Peek
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  • gio

    even her backstage video is a copy of Madonna’s backstage!! she’s ridiculous !

  • Joanna

    aw everyone’s got those moments. stay strong girlfriend

  • Lynn

    I just don’t get the mean comments… doesn’t she have a right, like all of us, to break down? We are humans… not machines

  • milor

    Woow. ..bitch you make cry

  • BEAN

    Lady Gaga is awesome!!!!!

  • Mally V

    This really makes me sad how she feels this way. I absolutely know what she mean, cause i always feel like loser everyday in my school . But what i love about her, she really cares about people who’s been bullied, depress, hurt and all the bad stuff we suffered.

    So all we have to do is to just be strong and “not be destroyed”. I used to be the one who didn’t get her but now i do. I know some of you may think she’s weird, but she’s not!! Just look inside of her and you’ll know she’s amazing. Never judge a book by its cover :)

  • Lynn

    @Mally V: AMEN hun! Stay Strong :)!

  • cindymode

    She is as fake as her “horns” LOL..seriously she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth!! I cant totally see her saying “I didnt want the red mercedez..i wanted the PINK ONE!” Ugh hate how she exploits the gays and the outcasts!

  • cindymode


    I agree 100% she is trying WAY too hard she needs to take the road to Irrelevance this isnt 2009 anymore

  • Forverbeyonce

    your 25 years old girl….girl…you serious totally Madonna Truth or dare..haha she is hilarious

  • jeff

    Um Truth or Dare anyone? I guess she can trick all of the 12 year olds who have not seen a lot of Madonna’s earlier work but there’s plenty of us who are just losing respect from someone we thought at the beginning of her career she might be an original. Madonna did it first and did it better. Go back to being who you were at the beginning. This is getting embarrassing.

  • David

    God, she’s incredibly ridiculous! God, please save me from this new pop culture and bring this gurl and her cheap lyrics and sound to rest!

  • li

    and she thinks she´s famous as madonna was, but that´ll never happen

  • GG

    Ok…I really don’t like Gaga…but I feel for her and the tremendous amount of pressure she is under, I get it…but I DONT get you Gaga because of the wigs and makeup and copycat BS…I want to get her but I dont…and it seems ironic to pray to go and then she sings a song about loving Judas and swallows a crucifix in the Alejandro video…I don’t get it. Those things would be considered blasphemy which would make her a hypocrite. WHO is she then!?? She’s still not showing herself even though she thinks she is

  • gio

    @Lynn: excuse me but she’s a monster, she’s saying that she’s not human, human bones aren’t enough for her! monsters don’t cry, i mean they don’t make drama out of nothing!

  • GG

    and I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t get how hypocritical she is. I do feel for her and the pressure though

  • kc

    BREAKING NEWS: LADY GAGA IS NOW STUDYING KABBALAH. I feel that headline might be coming soon. Gaga ripping off Express Yourself was whatever but NOW THIS???? Truth or Dare??? Could you be anymore obvious. I can’t take this anymore Can she go away.

  • lilooo

    she knows something is wrong with the type of “fame” and “art” she’s promoting! she knows she’s playin a part!! that’s why she’s crying because it got bigger than what she expected and know she’s trapped!!

  • Jay Agudelo

    I do like gaga but she always seems so fake when she starts crying in her interviews I just don’t buy it

  • Donelle


    Yeah my niece who is 12 said she is the Madonna of today ! LOL I just wanted to drop to the floor that was hilarious, so pretty much mis lady xerox whole career will be based on Madonna! Thats iconic im sure

  • faizz

    Oh hey Madonna Truth or Dare/I’m Going To Tell You a Secret

  • Kat

    So sick of seeing her crocodile tears!

  • http://seriousbodoh seriousbodoh

    oh my god this is so annoying!!! seriously? such a drama queen. and another marketing tool for people to feel “sorry” for her and start supporting her. dear gaga fans, it has been proven that she had a normal life in high school, she was not bullied or anything like that. she had friends and she went to social events. what she’s doing is a marketing tool to sell. those are crocodile tears

  • http://seriousbodoh seriousbodoh

    that pic makes her look extremely …

  • http://seriousbodoh seriousbodoh

    that pic makes her look extremely …

  • Fake

    this chick makes me wanna vomit…not an original bone in her body..and she’s butt ugly too. Lady Gag Gag, go away.

  • Susan

    How can someone in her position feel like a loser?

  • multipass

    jeez what a drama queen, “dear God help me be strong blah blah blah” boohoo hoo. loves herself much.

  • mkhay

    seems a little overdramatic. didnt she go to school with Paris Hilton and worship her or something?

  • :)

    @gio: exactly its in bed with Madonna/truth or dare. she should rename herself Bizarro Madonna cause she’s turning out to be a whacked out version of her .

  • Tampon Jen

    madonna/truth or dare copycat and fake tears.
    gaga puts the con in contrived.

  • ashley

    let me start off by saying i know im the prettiest thing so what im about to say saying isnt coming off from “jealousy” or anything..

    .. but she is just so ugly. point blank.

  • Kiki

    No one is trying to destroy her, she’s doing all of it on her own. It upsets me when musicians make it seem as if they create music for their “fans”, and for the love of the art-form; if so donate all the millions of dollars and stop acting like a god damn victim…”if you perceive yourself as a loser, guess what…others will do as well”.

  • joe


    She wasnt rich, and has worked her ass off to get to where she is today. she didn’t have a career handed to her.

    and she doesn’t exploit the gays, i don’t get how its wrong for her to be passionate about helping them? her message of being comfortable with who you are is a big one, and its sad to see some people continue to be cruel about her.

    she’s human, just like us. she gets emotional just like everyone else, and its ridiculous to criticize her when every single one of you has broken down before too.

  • joe

    @cindymode: how is she irrelevant when she has just had a song go #1 for 6 weeks, another single shoot to #1 on iTunes with no promo, and a ridiculous amount of buzz for her next album?

  • joe

    @lilooo: she’s promoting fame as being internal, that’s how she has defined fame. just being confident, feeling “famous” in a way, and being yourself. She doesn’t care about fame in the traditional sense of the word. but she does love her fans and is trying to teach them to be “famous” in their own way.

  • :)

    @joe: um its well documented that Lady copy n paste graduated from the posh Manhattan high school Convent of the Sacred Heart. do u know what POSH means? it was so posh Paris Hilton went there. GAG’s life was so posh not only did she get piano lessons she was vocally trained by xtina’s vocal coach in HS. many can afford vocal lessons but how many can afford vocal lessons that trains huge pop stars? come on. the apartment she grew up in is worth millions. If u wanna call moving out of your posh house to pursue a career daddy didn’t get a struggle then call it that lol but I dont think she was to scared with that kind of cash flow. When she says she struggled she really meant she couldnt get famous fast enough.

  • :)

    @joe: if she loved her fans so much why release 500 remixes then the same albums with different pictures. you know y more $$$$. so monsTARDS will want to collect her albums with diff covers.

  • Ihatekatemkay

    Crocodile tears……

  • oy

    When your career boils down to copying Madonna, it’s like copying the great masters of black velvet paintings.

  • Drea

    It’s kind hypocritical how she’s an advocate for discrimination and human rights, but did an interview where she described those who didn’t understand her music are retarded. I used to like her back in her Just Dance days and loved Bad Romance, but after that she just became an egomaniac. I think she needs a break and come back to humility or something.

  • :O

    all i heard was charlie sheen’ #winning’ lmao then i thought of rick james ‘coke is a hell of drug’ lmao seriously girl stop sniffing crack

  • synnove

    hahaha imagine if this was the singer Björk. Who is a true artist! This a collapse of a big ego….. She was a babe in high school, not a neard, sorry…..

  • melissa asherman

    I love Lady Gaga. She is such a role model for me. I’m 24 now but I was bullied horribly in school. Till this day… I sometimes feel like that loser kid. She is an inspiration to me and those kids today who are being picked on.

  • wow

    @cindymode: “the” gays and “the” outcasts? Yuk
    its a shame she feels she must act like a superstar. even celebs are no more or less than humans.

  • Daan

    she is so fake. the marketing that she is building her carrier on is just annoying… and even more annoying that it is still working on so many people. Her new song are crap but still successfull… i just dont get the people, who actually beleive her…

  • anonym

    kinnda fake :/

  • brainy box


  • Friday


    Thats what gets me SO UPSET! SHE DID GO TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH PARIS YES PARIS HILTON!!! ms xerox should have shame! There ARE people with REAL PROBLEMS!

  • Friday

    @melissa asherman:

    Sorry don’t mean to burst the bubble.. please what ( :) ) has been writing she wasnt an outcast