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Megan Fox: Fresh Bites with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox: Fresh Bites with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green grab a meal together at Fresh Bites on Monday (April 25) in Los Angeles.

Last week, the 24-year-old actress and her 37-year-old husband were in NYC to attend the 50th Anniversary party for the Jaguar E-Type.

At the bash, Megan was photographed with a noticeably lighter tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm, prompting some websites to speculate she’s getting the ink removed.

“It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down,” she previously said about the tattoo of the Hollywood icon.

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  • aliens

    so pretty and exotic..much better than that new blonde chick who’s replacing her on Transformers.

  • A

    Brian is wearing an interesting tshirt…

  • Yo-landi

    If that’s not illuminati, don’t know what is!

  • Laura

    Love that she has integrity enough to confidently be able to wear clothes like that. She should, she looks great.

  • laverdadduele

    I love how Megan is always with her husband, instead of hanging out with stupid friends. That’s the way it should be.

  • Rachel()

    @A: Love the subtle mockery.
    I have this odd fascination w/ M-Fox. It’s strange. I don’t think she’s that pretty (after she got her new face), and I’ve never thought she could act. Yet for some reason I want her to do well and I want to watch her movies. It baffles me. I do think her marriage has some promise and I hope it’s for the long haul.

  • Andie

    Megan and Brian are the best. Love both of them always.

  • junior mint

    hope she ate

  • pigbearman

    bag looks like frankenstein’s monster

  • kidd

    ‘exotic’ is the wrong word.
    Megan Fox= a white trash chick with $50,000 in plastic surgery, who is only famous in the US
    Rosie Hunington-Whitley= The British beauty World Class Model with $0 in Plastic Surgery

  • ashley

    i know im in the minority but i actually LOVED that marilyn tattoo

  • Andie


    Kas Simply Amaazing hates EVERY celebrity on JustJared. Just look at other threads of other celebrities and that he is, bashing the celebrity. He’s the one who should go back to the hospital.

  • Andie

    And Rosie has botox all over her lips. So there’s no use for her PR to try to cover that up.

    With all the plastics, most people still prefer Megan over Rosie anytime. Just look over the internet, forums and etc.

  • Andie

    And Kidd, you live in a bubble. Megan is only famous in the US? hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! In your dreams.

    Then explain to me how she has fan sites dedicated to her in several countries (Brazil, Argentina, UK, France, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Italy), how her face and news is printed in every magazine and media around the world even more than your botox lips model.

    You may not like her and be a blind Rosie fan but you don’t need to prove you’re delusional. And face the facts. Rosie will never have the amunt of atenttion and success Megan has, to be in the news even when shes not working. Even now she’s known as “THE MEGAN FOX replacement”. The media will print her around the time Transformers 3 is being promoted and released. A few months after that, it’s going to be over. The media won’t care anymore about her and she will go back to the modeling world.

  • Vanessa

    Megan fox and brian Austin green are so cute together

  • Mick

    #17 Poster Andie,
    Prove it if she is so popular there must be links,afterall this is the internet. Show us this popular actress who is shown in mags all
    over the world in these different countries. With that kind of popularity it should be easy.

    We are waiting……………Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    you are the joke, but as i said prove it. lol

  • Mann

    Yeah I’m not buying the shirt Brian, you have to have talent before they let you in and your Vanilla Ice persona you played on tv a LONG time ago doesn’t cut it but nice couple though, they seem very happy.

  • kidd

    Firstly, the rest of the world only cares about people with real talent I know this because my mother is Swedish and my father is french and spend my summers and winters in Europe and NO ONE knows or cares abut miss foxy. Secondly, you do not inject botox into your lips dumbass it is called collagen and you can see it clearly at close ups of Megan. Rosie has been modeling since 14 and her lips have always been huge. The thing is, I dont even think RHW is that pretty but she is much more famous worldwide and has actually looks normal and natural

  • Alice

    Im from India…MEgan is BIG here…n yea…we prefer her for transformers..but watever!!

  • Alice

    RHW…got a bit known here becuz of transformers…dats all

  • zephon

    Oh Please the only one who mistreated her is herself. Nobody told her to pull the shit that she did and run her mouth wheveer there was a reporter around. Let alone screw around with her face and tell everyody that shes a natural beauty when THERE ARE PICTURES of her lips clearly not being what they are now, nose and freckles. She’s just pulling the same shit she always has – blaming everybody else but herself. Like she did when Jennifers Body and Jonah hex flopped at the box office. She flat out blamed every single other person but herself. Then she wonders why nobody wants her around or gives a crap if she drops dead tomorrow? Stupid has never been. She calls a jewish Director Adolf Hitler and expect Hollywood to treat her well? What a stuck up self absorbed mega farce.

  • zephon

    Seriously, she is just running her mouth again – somebody needs to shove a jaw breaker in her mouth.

    She said:
    War on drugs is propaganda
    That 13 year old girls don’t read fashion magazines
    Compared a Jewish Director to Adolf Hitler
    Lied about breaking up with her boyfriend during the TF2 promotion
    Said she was a cutter then no a cutter
    She was bi then bot bi
    That she has OCD then doesn’t
    That she loves being a sex symbol
    That she’s confident
    That men are intimidated by her
    Then she’s not so confident and she’s actually really shy
    That she hates being a sex symbol ) but does bad underwear ads)
    That her real hair color was jet black then her baby pics come out OOps not jet black at all but brown blonde
    That she is committed to having Monroe on her arm for the rest of her life ( NOW its fading away )
    That she leaves turds in peoples toilets ( Over sharing much ms farce?)
    That she was never beautiful in highschool and never popular then BOOM her highschool photos reveal she was anything BUT unpopular and was a cheerleader
    Had a nose job and denied it
    Lip enhancement and denied it
    Brow lift and denied it
    Skin enhancements and denied it ( no moles no acne scars no freckles anymore)
    An entire crew writing a letter assessing her behavior on set.
    Blaming every time a movie flops on everyone else but herself – she’s absolutely flawless I guess.
    Claimed she wasn’t a party girl and yet the pap pic prove otherwise.


    Now she’s blaming her god awful career on Hollywood – you are so done Ms Fox. You don’t like Hollywood well guess what the world of Hollywood doesn’t give a crap about you- move ON and get lost so that a real talented person can finally shine.

  • zephon

    Oh I forgot one really important one

    She insists she quit TF3 but in fact she saw Rosie and looked up at this REAL woman and was so intimidated by her she didnt want to have anything to do with the movie.

    Now she was SIGNED for THREE movies; if she had quit it would have been a breach in contract and she would have been SUED. So despite what she claims, SHE WAS FIRED.

  • Thanks for the laugh mate

    Beautiful Couple@zephon: WOW you remember a lot. You sound like someone has taken your girl away from you.

    Your extremely bitter for someone who doesn’t even know her and never will.

    They make a nice couple. I suggest you get a life and stop reading too much into things and go find a girl or boy.

    Your post so lame it’s unreal.

  • zephon

    @Thanks for the laugh mate:

    I’ll get a life when I’m back home. Until then I’m gonna call out on all BS in all forms; including yours. The world lame is just as pointless as a wave is to the seashore; get some new material- or do you suffer from a deplorable lack of personality like Ms farce? You didn’t like what i had to say – tough shit. I’d didn’t say it, all I did was repeat her words; and recap her garbage career. She wants to blame Hollywood and anybody else for her joke of a career that’s her problem. I don’t have to read about it. It definitely isn’t news and doesn’t have to be posted. As for knowing her, well she doesn’t even know herself by all those recounts so it doesn’t matter. No point in sharing anything about yourself if you can’t even digest your own BS.

  • Anon

    Illuminati tee…. interesting.

  • Thanks for the laugh mate

    @zephon: “I’ll get a life when I’m back home.”, get back home quickly and seek professional help.

    Seriously, your not doing yourself any favours and Megan Fox and any other sane person is not listening. They actually have a life hence your jealously. Concentrate on yourself, family and friends thus you wouldn’t care so much about Megan Fox and what she says.

    “recap her garbage career”, SO WHAT, that’s not your problem but hers. Why the f**k are you so worried? Clearly, she thinks she doing fine and happy.

    “She wants to blame Hollywood and anybody else for her joke of a career that’s her problem. I don’t have to read about it. It definitely isn’t news and doesn’t have to be posted.”, have you sat down with her on a 1:1 basis and she told you she wants to blame Hollywood? Nobody forcing you to read anything (IT’S YOUR CHOICE, I know it hurts you to see her happy BUT she’s not your girl and thank GOD for that) but you are clearly interested about every single thing concerning Megan Fox, so that’s extremely idiot comment.

    Why did you come on her post in the first place if your not interest, WHAT A TOOL.

    It’s so sad to see fans go to this extreme AND before you say you are not a fan you wouldn’t go to this extreme REGARDING hating so much. Did your opinion change of her once she got married hahahaha. Did she promise you a date or something what a TOTAL LOSER.


    Don’t take everything so seriously, opinions change even with Megan.

    My final message to you. Your not worth me going back and forth with it’s a COMPLETE WASTE of time.

  • Michelle

    @ zephon, has issues

    @ Thanks for the laugh mate, smart.

    There’s always insane posts about Megan Fox or Brian Austin Green clearly she gets under some people’s skin. That’s why she’s famous.

    I came for BAG he’s hot and a good actor. There should be more posts about him.

  • SupaDupaFly

    All-Seeing Eye t-shirt?

  • zephon

    @Thanks for the laugh mate:

    See I got to you; god you were so easy.

  • *Angieee*

    @zephon: Wow… obsessed much? Psycho