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Megan Fox: 'Passion Play' Clip - EXCLUSIVE

Megan Fox: 'Passion Play' Clip - EXCLUSIVE

Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke have a heart-to-heart in this new clip from Passion Play, exclusively provided for readers.

The 24-year-old actress plays an angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster (Bill Murray) who is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck (Rourke). Kelly Lynch (Drugstore Cowboy) and Rhys Ifans also star.

Passion Play will hit theaters on May 6 in New York and L.A. For more from the film, follow it on Twitter or Like it on Facebook – exclusive new images have just been posted to the fan page!

Megan Fox in Passion Play – The Ocean
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  • Bryan Reynolds

    Megan is amazingly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • Karl wolf

    ما بعرف عنها كتير بس ألولي هي كتير بتعمل عمليه كل يوم

  • ina

    wow. get some self respect woman.

  • Christy

    Wow. That movie sounds like all kinds of bad.

  • Millie Followhore

    I don’t think it sounds awful. I love Micky Rourke. I’m not huge on Megan Fox but I do think it looks like the most promising thing to come out of her so far. Wait and see…

  • ohmy

    she should go into modeling instead. She’s gorgeous but can’t act to save her life. I love her personality and down to earth nature, she’s not into herself despite her gorgeous looks. This makes her unique.

  • Sun


  • Mary

    I love that song, I want it, makes me cry with Megan saying she doesn’t see the ocean.

  • thomas

    WOW. her acting is on par with One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl…how did she get a feature film opposite Mickey Rourke?
    And you can’t say, “Because she’s pretty”…has no one else noticed that she flares her nostrils every time she attempts to deliver a line? PAINFUL.

  • coop

    It sort of looks like her nose is collapsing from her nose job. I dunno, it used to look better I think.

    Wish she’d admit to plastic surgery, I think it would make her a lot more likable to admit she has insecurities too.

  • marq

    What a beautiful, touching, tender scene. That is Mickey Rourke at among his finest.

  • Karih

    They’re both botoxed

  • Sarah Cox

    I would do anything to see her in Transformers 4

  • SpeakindaTruth

    It’s hard to act out modesty and vulnerability. Megan does it pretty well. Wish I could say the same for Mickey. He sounds the same in all his movies.

    All you ugly jealous flabby losers should go back to your boyfriends, who are probably drooling all over Megan’s half-naked photos as I type this message. So what her nostrils flare, what is your nostrils doing? In fact what does your big ugly nose look like? What makes you think you looking all that because you couldn’t afford to have your face worked on? In fact how does that make you any better? You all should shut up and stop trying to judge her because she’s waaaay prettier than you’ll ever be in your lifetime. Lets put you in a movie and judge your brilliant performance and what your face is looking like in every second. “Oh in second 3 Megan’s nose is flaring.” “OMG in second 16 Megan’s face is frozen there” “Oh in that 20 second her you can see where they injected her lips” I know ya’ll some dumb underage ugly chicks, cause I can’t imagine nobody over the age of 20 with common sense and fully developed frontal lobes, trying to rag on how Megan is looking every second. If not you’re just old and jealous and ugly and wish you had Megan’s look, life and cash.

    B jealous ppl. Be very jealous! Her beauty is rare and her acting has been waaaaay improved, from the 1st Transformers movie.

  • Julie

    I can’t wait to watch this movie. Anyone hating on this movie before actually seeing it, should also remember that it stars Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, Kelly Lynch and Rhys Ifans.

    So hating on Megan Fox alone is kind of stupid. Watch the movie first before you judge.

    For the botox fans who go on and on about it. Get your own and leave Megan alone. It’s her face she can do what she likes. She still lots hotter than the new girl in Transformers.

    Handle your own sh*t.

    @ Sarah Cox, totally agree. I’m going to ignore 3rd and hope there’s a 4th with the original girl back. She’s part of that history and even if the 3rd makes more money than the other 2 put together no replacement will change that.

    Megan Fox is an original simple.

    I look forward to seeing everything she does.

  • S28

    You people do realize that this movie is going straight to DVD May 31, 2011 right? even Mickey knows its crap.

  • WTF

    @S28: All movies end up on DVD anyway. As long as Mickey knows that he helped make that crap (he can add it onto his long list) and everything doesn’t fall into Megan then that’s fine.

    Every actor/actress has made some questionable movies, I’m still watching to see for myself. Mickey might have been too drunk to remember.

  • Theo Alkiviades

    I think Megan’s an amazing versatile actress. She went from Jeniffer in “Jeniffer’s body’ to Lily in “Passion Play”, two unique characters that are in such great contrast to each other!

  • Lolwtf

    Megan beautiful? LOL please dont flatter her so much. She never really had BEAUTY but sex appeal. Now she doesn’t even have that. She lost her appeal..womp womp womp.

  • ohmickeyoursofine

    Saw this at a screening – it’s like a beautiful foreign movie from the 70′s. Loved the story, loved the acting, loved the casting. Megan Fox’s performance has a vulnerability and confidence like an old time movie star. Mickey Rourke’s great as leading man in an old school Bogart way and Bill Murray can do no wrong. He is always interesting, heartbreaking and original. Not sure if the 3D junior set will ‘get’ this (or want to) but who gives a sh#t about those boneheads?

  • Rex

    @Lolwtf: “womp womp womp”, sorry she still has it and always will.

  • clara

    this girl is not a good actress.. well, i didnt see a good acting .. yet. She is naturally beautiful, i know, she has plastic surgery. But she is a beauty with or without plastic surgery, with or without makeup. anyways. Thats real beauty

  • *Angieee*

    Seriously terrible actress…wow. She has no depth or emotion…very forced and fake. will this finally be the nail on the coffin of her career?

  • minnie swirl

    She looks very plastic. It’s sad that she has had so much done and she is only 25 or something. Where does she go from there? When she hits 30 she’ll be in Joan Rivers territory. Scary thought for someone who was naturally pretty. As far as her acting goes, I still haven’t seen her truly act in anything. She mainly gets hired to bend over things. In this scene she sounds like a Valley girl. The way she speaks is very limiting in terms of the kinds of roles she can play convincingly. This movie sounds like a mess, not just because of Megan–the whole thing seems off.

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    She sounds …. she can’t really …… she’s …….

  • Theo Alkiviades

    I think Megan’s an amazing versatile actress. She went from Jeniffer in “Jeniffer’s Body” to Lily in “Passion Play”, two unique characters that are in such great contrast to each other!

  • Theo Alkiviades

    @*Angieee*: Trying to give you a negative vote but its not letting me. -20 for you.

  • Theo Alkiviades

    @clara: Same to you -20.

  • Theo Alkiviades

    @minnie swirl: and you -20.

  • me

    She’s too plastic. Nothing attractive about a completely plastic manufactured beauty. yes I think she is beautiful (at least was up until June last year) but it’s all plastic surgery people.

  • me

    Just watched the clip – and im sorry but her acting really is terrible, i thought I would give her a chance in this movie but nope, she can’t act at all, it’s very forced and fake and it’s so sad she messed up her face because that was the only thing she had going for herself. Now that she’s ruined it with extensive plastic surgery she’s got nothing left going for her.

  • pigbearman

    her career is done

  • *Angieee*

    @Theo Alkiviades: uhh ok… who are you… megan or her agents? because anyone with eyes or eyes can see she’s awful

  • Clarie

    In MY very personal opinion, this is a good movie. I watched the trailer released like a month ago and loved it. Now, this scene makes me love it more.
    Remember: Megan plays an emotionally damaged girl, she´s supposed to look fragile and vulnerable to anybody and that´s exactly what Megan is doing, so why would it look awful or fake? I think she did pretty well.
    And not because you can´t stand one of the actors, doesn´t mean it´s not gonna be interesting. I cannot stand Adam Sandler and I´ve watched his movies (which by the way, had raised millions).

  • deadpool

    I could eat a box of cheerios and crap a better performance than Megan Fox. The more we see of this abomination of a movie the more right she makes every one of her critiques. She is no way an actress and has no right to be in Hollywood.

  • Isaac Daniel Shoff

    You two look great together, hope things work out for you two.

  • rab

    she look so beautiful

  • sock