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Zac Efron Loves the Lakers & Kobe Bryant

Zac Efron Loves the Lakers & Kobe Bryant

Zac Efron makes his way into the Staples Center on Tuesday (April 26) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor watched the L.A. Lakers take on the New Orleans Hornets in Game 5 of the playoff series.

Zac proudly wore a yellow shirt with Lakers star Kobe Bryant‘s face on it, as well as a Stand Up to Cancer sweater.

Late last month, Zac got trampled on by Kobe when the NBA player tried to save a ball from going out of bounds.

10+ pictures of Zac Efron arriving at the Staples Center at

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zac efron lakers cancer 05

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  • pop86

    Let’s go Lakers(and Zac)

  • http://fanpopgirl zanessa for life

    Hawttt piece what an amazing body dude

  • http://fanpopgirl zac so ewwww

    douche bag ewww

  • http://fanpopgirl zac so ewww

    My friend zanessa for life u have got it wrong he is so not hawt he is ewwww..

  • http://fanpopgirl zanessa for life

    zac so ewww u are blind

  • http://fanpopgirl king of gay lord

    what a weirdo zac so ewww i’m with u btw nice name so perfectly matches him

  • Truth or Consequences

    He’s funny, everytime there is bad press about him , he goes into major damage control. The Cancer Sweatshirt Zac really? Quit trying so hard, your fans still think your a saint. Your not gonna change anyone’s mind who thinks your a d-bag now. I think we all have your M.O.about how you play the game. At least he learned his lesson and will keep dirty secrets on the down low, behind closed doors. Next step will be a girlfriend with a squeaky clean image, or his next leading lady more damage control and good PR.

  • tina

    Truth & C There are rumors he’s seeing the model Amy Dressel and she doesn’t have such a clean reputation. She Tweets about him all the time.

  • Jo

    @Truth or Consequences:

    His cousin Emily had cancer for a while but she beat cancer. Maybe that’s why he’s wearing the stand up for cancer hoodie….

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl

    If u cann’t talk good about some one why the hell are u wasting ur precious time writting useless crap grow up a little bit.Zac is a very down to earth nice person as so is vanessa

  • Nicky

    @Truth or Consequences: You’re talking a lot of crap like many people here. A cousin of Zac had cancer and he is one of the celebs who support the organisation. What kind of problem do you have with it? It would be better if you would support the organisation too instead of stupid talking about him.

    Zac’s cousin who had cancer:

    Also his cousin Emily:

  • chris

    He’s been supporting the Stand Up for Cancer organization among other many charity groups. No matter how many times the haters try to bash him, it won’t work because he is such a good person as attested by the people who had the pleasure to work with him.

  • Fat Ass

    he is a lil beach actually , from the streets i report the truth …

  • Nicky

    A little video where he was with Emily:

  • Amber

    @Truth or Consequences:
    What bad press are you talking about? Stupid Twitter rumors don’t count because no one takes them seriously. I love how those crazies use the word “truth” when they’re writing from their imaginations. Stop hating especially when he’s doing something for a good cause.

  • Sugar

    why would anyone wear the face of any man on their shirt ? gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

  • Fat Ass


    I’m a pap ive met him several times in the public streets and he is not gracious or even remotely noble . do you want me to lie and say he is cool and nice ? ….

  • Amber

    @Fat Ass:
    If you’re really a pap, I totally understand why he’d be not so nice to you. Not that I believe your words…

  • hudgens sucks-.-

    hottest guy ever<3

  • adriana

    i love you efron

    haters GO F*CK YOURSELF

  • take that

    @Truth or Consequences: exactly his fans know what he is and a bunch of idiotic posters with absolutely no life no work can never change that. And why the heck do you bother with zac if u don’t like him and bad press……oh pls nobody believes all those crap that u all sprout abt him except the haters. NOBODY has so much TIME to waste like u morons.His fans stand by him all the time and he doesn’t even know abt ur existence even why the heck would he bother or listen??? lol

  • yeah so what??

    haters AKA hudgens fans
    3 words
    KISS ZACS A$$(:
    he’s the best and you know it..


  • take that

    @Fat Ass: listen dude nobody cares what u say …u r simply jealous there are many people who have met him and they have nothing but good things to say abt him.

  • take that

    @tina: there are millions of girls who tweet abt him ……………and they come from all working class so????

  • http://fanpopgirl no one cares

    U guys are so damn fighting with each other.U knw what he’s not gonna see this and for the record no one gives a damn so will u all kids yet to be grow up Stop this nonsense…..Btw zac efrön is lookin Hawttttttttt Omg..u see wht i mean

  • http://fanpopgirl no one cares

    U guys are so dumb fighting with each other.U knw what he’s not gonna see this and for the record no one gives a damn so will u all kids yet to be grow up Stop this nonsense…..Btw zac efrön is lookin Hawttttttttt Omg..u see wht i mean

  • http://fanpopgirl zac sex pot

    damn boy u are fat

  • kerri

    Gosh i missed him. I love him so much. He is beautiful inside and out.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @zac sex pot: yeah that would be u….

  • SE

    Looking good Zac!!!!

  • Thai

    And he also loves the head that Candice Swanepoel gave him in front of a few ppl. Classy! Looks like he cant decide what loves most, men or women…

  • kerri

    He never was with Candice swanepoel. People believe any sh*t they read. She is dating someone she has been with for 4 years. Also they said that she hooked up with Kanye west which i highly doubt. The media comes up with such crap.

  • brainy box


  • lauren


  • lauren

    he looks sadish,
    to bad vanessa is being an evil bitch to him.


    adore him<3

  • peggy


    Go away Lauren

  • lauren

    it doesnt matter who he dates next or screws next, because his fans are going to give him shit,,, why cant the media report on what really happend with them (zac and vanessa) I’m sure their is more to there ”break up”

  • lauren

    its an opinion,
    if you dont like what i have to say, then dont read it.?

  • lauren

    @ fat ass
    if your a pap, how come zac doesnt talk to paps?
    does he think he’s hot shit?
    also same with vanessa, why doesnt she talk either?

  • kerri

    Haters are like crickets. Crickets make all that noise, you hear it but you can’t see them. Then right when you walk by them they’re quiet.

  • kerri

    Just because he isn’t with Vanessa that doesn’t mean he is a bad person now. He was a good person and always is he just needs time for himself. People shouldn’t bash him or Vanessa relationships are hard especially in Hollywood. What they had was 5 fantastic years together. Just remember that and not focus on all the lies the media says.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @lauren: his fans don’t give him whatever u said the haters do. His fans have absolutely no problem with whatever he does. Because he is isn’t commiting a henious crime that there is any reason to make a big deal out of it.

  • bingo

    Hot stylish guy!!!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • pigbearman

    he’s a supporter of a homophobic rapist?

  • kerri

    Haters go away!!!!! Go worship the devil.

  • let me breathe

    @Truth or Consequences: wow delusional aren’t u ? When has zac cared for a gf with squeaky clean image. If it had been so he wouldn’t have been dating a girl who is best know for her scandals. And he has been supporting charities for long. And don’t act as if u know what damage control is? Why would he go for a damage control when he hasn’t done anything inappropriate just rumors, for a handful of haters like you? I don’t think so of the world has too much on their minds to bother about baseless rumours. Now go and do your homework i am sure u must have plenty left since u seem to be obssessed in figuring out what happens next in zac efron’s life.

  • http://justjared mig345

    i love him STOP !!!!! saying hes GAY, your just jealous

  • Teddi

    What boring lives the haters must have.How bad it must make you feel being full of negativity all the time. And I’m sorry but being nasty to someone for supporting a worthwhile cause? That is plain evil.